Chandlefort: In the Shadow of the Bear

Chandlefort In the Shadow of the Bear Clovermead must journey to a distant abbey to save her mother Chandlefort and the bears enslaved by the evil Lord Ursus in this powerful sequel to Clovermead

  • Title: Chandlefort: In the Shadow of the Bear
  • Author: David Randall
  • ISBN: 9780689878701
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Clovermead must journey to a distant abbey to save her mother, Chandlefort, and the bears enslaved by the evil Lord Ursus in this powerful sequel to Clovermead.

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      the link above has some information While still a graduate student, David Randall wrote Clovermead In the Shadow of the Bear, a fantasy adventure novel The story tells of Clovermead Wickward, a twelve year old tomboy, as she attempts to assist the innkeeper Waxmelt, a man who has raised her as if she were his own daughter Clovermead s journey leads her into a battle between good and evil that allows her to see past society s many deceptions and find her own place in the adult world.Jennifer Mattson, in a review of Clovermead for Booklist, commented on Randall s decision to add a dark side to his young heroine s personality, noting that it puts an intriguing spin on the otherwise archetypal fantasy plot A Kirkus Reviews contributor called Clovermead vivacious, loquacious, precocious, and a delightful heroine, while in School Library Journal, Jane G Conner deemed the novel a challenging high fantasy for those who can keep straight many details and forces, and who don t mind a good bit of violence Dubbing Randall a writer to watch, a Publishers Weekly contributor concluded that Clovermead will attract fantasy buffs due to its fast paced plotting and the turn of events at the end In discussing his novel and its influences, Randall explained Clovermead looks with admiration to L.N Montgomery, Lloyd Alexander, Ursula K LeGuin, C.S Lewis, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien Unlike my heroine, I am not twelve years old, blonde, or female, but I have been known to fence, and I am told we talk alike an interview with David Randall mistysmess 2010 0

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    1. Warning - this review contains minor spoilers.In my opinion, Chandlefort far surpasses the previous book in the Shadow of the Bear series - Clovermead. Perhaps my favorite thing about it is that though there is an antagonist and a protagonist, the antagonist, Mallow, is so well written, we get to know him so well, that I find it impossible to hate him even though Clovermead does at times. We spend so much of our time while reading the other books in the series, feeling hatred for one character o [...]

    2. Clovermead is one of my favourite characters - I love that she isn't perfect, and that in her imperfections she is intriguing, as she grows and develops in new directions.It's a well told adventure story, and a really enjoyable set of imperfect characters.

    3. When I bought this book, I didn't realise it was No. 3 in a series, so I found it a bit confronting. The way so many of the characters switched so quickly from innocent aimiability to raging viciousness and back made me think they were children to start with, but these are no children. Perhaps if I had started at the beginning of the series, I might have got into this, but it was not to my taste.

    4. Reviewed by K. Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadTooCHANDLEFORT is the sequel to the young adult fantasy novel, CLOVERMEAD: IN THE SHADOW OF THE BEAR. It continues the tale of 13-year-old Clovermead, who discovers that she is not actually a commoner, but instead is royalty and next in line to rule Chandlefort. The discovery complicates the simple life she once led. She must learn how to be a ruler from her iron-willed mother, while training herself to act like a proper young lady. Being a shape shift [...]

    5. Chandlefort begins a few months after the end of Clovermead. Clovermead is still adjusting to life as the daughter of Lady Cindertallow, who she hasn't really warmed up to. The refined expectations of a noblewoman don't fit with her tomboyish personality to say the least. But when her mother is severely injured, Clovermead must take a perilous journey through territory controlled by the enemy forces of Lord Ursus.Chandlefort also continues Clovermead's inner moral struggle as well as exploring h [...]

    6. Enjoying this series as a read aloud with my daughter. Clovermead, the heroine, is fleshed out intricately and is very likable even with her flaws. Very moving and intense story line.

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