Warstrider Dev Cameron was planning to join the Navy when he was drafted into the Guard groundpounders consigned to do the dirtiest work of interplanetary warfare But before the situation can be rectified the r

  • Title: Warstrider
  • Author: William H. Keith Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780380768790
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dev Cameron was planning to join the Navy when he was drafted into the Guard groundpounders consigned to do the dirtiest work of interplanetary warfare But before the situation can be rectified, the reluctant warrior s heavily ard unit is rocketing to the stars to do battle with the Xenos an inscrutable, illogical and terrifying race of alien monsters committedDev Cameron was planning to join the Navy when he was drafted into the Guard groundpounders consigned to do the dirtiest work of interplanetary warfare But before the situation can be rectified, the reluctant warrior s heavily ard unit is rocketing to the stars to do battle with the Xenos an inscrutable, illogical and terrifying race of alien monsters committed to the annihilation of all other galactic species.

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    About "William H. Keith Jr."

    1. William H. Keith Jr.

      Bill Keith was raised in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, and served in the Navy as a corpsman for many years In addition to writing fiction and non fiction works, he is an award winning illustrator artist.He has also published under the psuedonyms Ian Douglas SF series Heritage, Legacy, Inheritance, Star Carrier series H Jay Riker SEALS The Warrior Breed series Keith Douglass Carrier and Seal Team 7 series Bill KeithKeith William Andrews Freedom s Rangers series Robert Cain Cybernarc series

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    1. Wel.I like the book. I think the ending was a little weak (as we've all seen it before, several times if we've read much science fiction). Still we get a good story.This is another story where the young protagonist has some poor choices about his future and signs up for the military hoping for one thing, only to be slotted where the military wants him.I could say a lot about the way the military is portrayed here. I've noted before that while we're in we tend to bellyache, complain and in genera [...]

    2. ABR's full Warstrider audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Warstrider is an interesting twist on the alien invasion theme. Ian Douglas creates a much more realistic scenario about how strange aliens might be. So alien in fact, that we can’t communicate with them, have no idea why they’re attacking us, or what we can do to stop them. It is a horror story idea and one that sounds far more plausible than giant insects.The alien invaders are called Xenophobes (I kn [...]

    3. This is starting out to be a great series. I have previously read and reviewed another series by Ian Douglas (AKA: William Keith), Star Corpsman - Books 1 & 2, and I am enjoying the Warstrider series just as much.I will say that these are basically the same books in that they use almost the exact same writing formula. The characters and settings are different, the technology and service branches are different, and the bad guys and plot problems are different.However, both series start out wi [...]

    4. This is the 1st book in the Warstrider series by William H. Keith a.k.a. Ian Douglas. I only started reading books by William H. Keith a.k.a. Ian Douglas in the last couple of years. I read his newer material first and really liked it so I decided to go back and read this series which was written more than 20 years ago. I must say his older material is just as good as his newer material. This is a great example of Military Science Fiction which is his main forte. I like this one so much that I h [...]

    5. Mechwarriors is not my favorite subgenre of science fiction but I have enjoyed several of the authors books in the Heritage, Legacy, Inheritance and Star Carrier series of books so when I saw that this was a republishing of a book series that I had not read by this author I just I had to give it a try.I have to say that it is a good solid read. I cannot say that it makes me go totally wow or anything but I never lost interest and after having finished the book I felt no hesitation when I added t [...]

    6. Surprisingly good. I went into this with skepticism, mainly because I've been having a bad run of "unknown author kindle unlimited" books, but this was a surprise. Story was good, if not highly original, and the same with the characters. The most surprising part was the quality of writing, which was quite high. For an interesting enough story, I can force myself through some pretty sophomoric writing, and it was delightful not to have to.

    7. It was interesting to read this. I'm a fan of his later works like the Star Carriers and the Heritage Marine series. You can clearly see the seeds of those stories here. A little rough around the edges and not nearly as polished. Overall a fun quick read

    8. I was trying to give space opera (my #1 read genre) a break, then the first book in the Warstrider series came in the mail from Paperback Swap. I have wanted to read this series for many years, but they are difficult to find in used book stores.I have been aware of this series for quite some time, always had it in the “to read” pile if I ever got the chance. The Warstrider series is often derided as a Battletech rip off which itself is derided as a gaijin inspired rip off of the Japanese Rob [...]

    9. Great story, interesting characters, and throw in some mech-suits and you cannot go wrong. Join the journey of humanity to the stars as we encounter a seemingly hostile alien that is bent on our total destruction using technology beyond anything we have encountered before.

    10. Not the best military sci-fi, January 10, 2016This review is from: Warstrider (Warstrider Series, Book One) (Kindle Edition)This is a well written book but to my mind there are problems which prevent it from being a great book. Others have pointed out the lack of realism in the military relationships among the characters. One of those problems is the main characters' often openly rebellious attitude toward superiors. At the end, the main characters' conversation with the emperor is even worse. [...]

    11. Starving readersLet's face it, I was not impressed. I believe the book should have been reworked to make for a more exciting, action packed story. Less talk, more action. Who really cares about political details in a fictional universe, not me. I want Godzilla sized mechanisms, controlled by humans , fully armored and shielded with weapons of epic destruction to fly in, quake land right in the face of the bad guys, do the robot dance and say, COME GET SOME Nancy, COME on, don't a shy, there's pl [...]

    12. Summary: I quite enjoyed this book, good take on the aliens, good military SF, but I didn't think the characters were particularly strong, and although the revelations about the aliens was interesting it was not particularly believable and the plot didn't bear too much thinking. Nevertheless I look forward to the next in the seriesPlotline: Sort of works possibly could have been strengthened, a few things didn't quite work and a bit too linear.Premise: Generally good, but again some big weakesse [...]

    13. Good start, this novel introduces a lot of technology that is still thought provoking even though it was written in the 90s. Artificial intelligence, linking machines directly to our nervous system and nanotechnology used for medical purposes and tech engineering are all featured in this book. I recently saw The Edge of Tomorrow and many elements of the movie reminded me of this book. This authors style is engaging and I like the universe he has created I will continue to read the rest of this s [...]

    14. An amazingly unique premise and a great piece of writing.Starting this book was hard because like any sci-fi book terminology has to be provided and learned, this book had quite a bit of distinct terms to be learned. Once that hurdle has been passed though the book becomes easy to enjoy. The characters are well developed enough to make it easy to want to continue the adventure. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

    15. Throwback mech actionThrowback mech actionFor those that miss the old Battletech series with Michael Stackpole, this reissue of another mech series will be a welcome sight. When Dev's dream of flying starships is dashed he is stuck with the groundpounders in a mech.

    16. This was fun, and I want to read the rest of the series straight away, and anything else he's written.Entertaining, engaging and keeps moving I enjoy the narrator tooYou think you know where he's going with the plotbut nope, he didnt go with the usual! Went somewhere else. Thank You!

    17. Nice readNice readA very well written story with some well crafted characters. Took a bit for story to develop but once in was a nice read.

    18. Excellent!Love the possible future works in this series. Worth the immersion. Looking n forward to the next story in the series.

    19. Solid 3-stars. Interesting characters, a well conceived future universe and intriguing aliens. Battletech geeks will be in their element.

    20. Hjkkbedsheets ended in the toilet next to my weird sheet of diamond and steel and slipped to death yeah bye

    21. RebootIt seems to be a condensed version of the trilogy originally written under the name William Kieth in the 80's(?).

    22. Decent mechanized warfare sci-fi story. If you are a fan of anthropomorphic war machines then you will enjoy this one.

    23. Definitely not what I was expecting. I was immersed in the story and it's universe from the first page to the last.

    24. I started and rad 2/3 of the book in one day (Interesting plot) but after that dynamic of story is changed dramatically and put it down and not sure will be finishing

    25. I really wanted to like this book; but I just couldn't get into it. Can't put my finger on why either - may have been the writing style, perhaps?Not picking up any more from this series

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