Decision at Thunder Rift

Decision at Thunder Rift Battletech is the exciting and innovative role playing game of a future world that combines non stop action with state of the art technology To claim the title of MechWarrior all Grayson Death Carlyl

  • Title: Decision at Thunder Rift
  • Author: William H. Keith Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780451451842
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Battletech is the exciting and innovative role playing game of a future world that combines non stop action with state of the art technology To claim the title of MechWarrior, all Grayson Death Carlyle has to do is capture a giant killing machine a BattleMech by himself That is, if it doesn t kill him first.

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      363 William H. Keith Jr.
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    1. William H. Keith Jr.

      Bill Keith was raised in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, and served in the Navy as a corpsman for many years In addition to writing fiction and non fiction works, he is an award winning illustrator artist.He has also published under the psuedonyms Ian Douglas SF series Heritage, Legacy, Inheritance, Star Carrier series H Jay Riker SEALS The Warrior Breed series Keith Douglass Carrier and Seal Team 7 series Bill KeithKeith William Andrews Freedom s Rangers series Robert Cain Cybernarc series

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    1. Abgebrochen auf S. 150 von 400. Eigentlich viel besser als durch das alberne Cover und die mangahaften Zeichnungen zu erwarten war. Die politische Handlung ist erstaunlich gut und lebensnah. Die doch eher lachhafte Geschichte mit den Battle-Mechs störte mich aber. Außerdem ist das ganze doch recht actionlastig, was mich langweilt. Military SF ist einfach nicht mein Lieblings-Sub-Genre

    2. Decision at Thunder Rift takes place in the Battletech game universe, where soldiers fight wars in giant robots called Mechs. I heard about this book on a podcast in which the hosts are Battletech players. Battletech has a huge backstory and I appreciated this book in that it focused on a small corner of that universe. All of the action takes place on a backwater planet. The battles are small and personal. The politics of the Battletech universe made sense and did not overwhelm me. I would recom [...]

    3. The beginning of the Gray Death Legion is one of the first novels to expand on the Battletech role playing game. The great thing about the novels is that they stand apart from the tabletop game. No knowledge of the game is required. As one of the first, it's also one of the best jumping on points for new readers. There is a lot of game-established jargon here, but Keith Jr. does a wonderful job of explaining each term and providing just enough description to not read like a dictionary.The novel [...]

    4. This is a great primer for the Battletech Universe. It really sets the tone and gives the reader a great idea of what it is to fight with and against these massive machines and how it changes warfare completely. The concepts of fighting these incredible weapons is well drawn out here - from infantry tactics to vehicle and even Mech on Mech combat! This is truly where this book excels.The story itself is rather cliche, but it provides a nice launch point for a new universe. Grayson Carlyle is lik [...]

    5. I remember specifically when I found out that the Mechwarrior games I loved as a kid were part of a larger universe. It blew my mind. I never got to experience any of it, not even the tabletop game until much later. Now, reading the first Battletech novel, it feels nostalgic. It was written in the late 80's and you can tell. It's decent military Sci-Fi. the planet has a weird ecosystem that seems just plausible enough to be interesting. Like in 40k, a lot of tech is irreplaceable, and war ravage [...]

    6. I first read the Battletech series around 20 years ago when I was playing the boardgame that the series is based upon. Now much later I am reading them again and it is going to be interesting to see how they stand up.Decision at Thunder Rift the first in the 7 book series about the Grey Death Legion. Grayson Death Carlyle is training to be a Mechwarrior in his father's regiment. They are garrisoned on the world of Trellwan a world of extremes where the year is 45 standard days long, and the day [...]

    7. A Battlemech pilot's father is killed (not a spoiler, because the book practically begins with the event), and he must take revenge while engaging in neo-feudal power plays typical of the Battletech universe. Said power plays are, unfortunately, rather uninteresting and confusing while still ostensibly relevant, and the revenge story is bog-standard. The peripheral characters feel similarly irrelevant and two-dimensional, making it difficult to care about their fates, and all the setting exposit [...]

    8. Classic book butThe book is great as it ever was, with a heart-thumping plot, compelling characters integral to the Battletech universe, and an incredibly satisfying conclusion. The quality of the eBook, however, is very low: it seems to be a simple OCR scan with very little error-checking.So if you don't mind countless typographical and innumerable punctuational errors, or if you just can't find this book anywhere else, then pull on your neurohelmet and strap yourself in for an exciting, unforg [...]

    9. As a fan of the setting, I've got to say I enjoyed the book. The story is an exciting one, there's some far future, giant robot swashbuckling going on and the imagery put me in mind of my younger days of playing battletech for long hours late into the night, piloting some of the very same mechs detailed in the book.The characters are generic hero types, bent on revenge, not much really of interest going on with them. The prose repeats itself a lot, describing thing over and over again using the [...]

    10. Decent read, but I could definitely tell this was written 25 years ago, much earlier in Keith's career. I devoured this book back in 1992, and I can only call it a bit painful to read today. Of course, I'd still recommend it for Battletech/Mechwarrior universe fans, as it sets the stage for the Gray Death Legion.I would also say, if someone at Catalyst Game Labs is listening, is that they need a good copy editor. Tons of typos and formatting errors came across their conversion of print to digita [...]

    11. I wasn't sure what to expect from an old Battletech novel, but I remember Frank telling me this was a great book back in our high school days. Good lord was he right. I loved the characters, the combat was interesting, and the politics weren't overbearing, as I've seen in some of the later Battletech novels. I loved this one, both as historical background for Battletech and as a just-plain-fun action/adventure novel. Highly recommended if you can find a copy.

    12. The first Battletech novel I've read and a great entry into the world. The world, combat, and mechs did not disappoint. The setting is interesting and the plot engaging, but not remarkable. I enjoyed it more than enough to pick up the 2nd book. Kindle version was a scan with a significant amount of typos.

    13. A novel set in the early days of the Battletech Universe, showing how the Gray Death mercenary legion came into being.Grayson Death Carlyle is thrown in at the deep end of managing people, mechs and supplies as Kurita forces land on Trellwan in a staged coup, and he finds himself cut off and alone on an enemy held planet.There's plenty of action and it moves along at a good pace.

    14. Good, took a while to draw me in though. Excelled on the action scenes I thought, but it lacked a little when it came to character depth and development. It took longer than average for me to get through because it just didn't suck me in and make me want to read it until the book was over half finished.

    15. It's Battletech Old School - and the Marauder is still the coolest looking mech around (even if the cover picture doesn't do it justice). As a straight piece of military sci fi this book does ok, but it's the Battlemech's themselves that are the stars, more so than the characters - had to give 4 stars just for nostalgia value.

    16. Classic Battletech story. Reminds me so much of high school days gathered with friends pretending to battle with machines of destruction on a hex grid game board. Lovely action, drama, and explosive action. Definitely a keeper! =)

    17. OK, I gave up on this one as well. Not as horrible as "Sword & the Dagger," but still fairly dull. The next (in chronological order) trilogy is by Michael Stackpole, so that'll be my do or die series. If I can't stand it also, I guess Battletech is dead to me.

    18. Good to get the history of the Gray Death Legion- though the writing style is a bit clunky at times. It feels like every female character he introduces must be dated by the third act. Still an enjoyable read, though.

    19. Following the exploits of a young mech-warrior who witnessed the virtual destruction of his mercenary unit, and the murder of his father, Decision at Thunder Rift introduces us to Grayson Death Carlyle and illustrates how simply doing what it takes to survive can turn an ordinary man into a hero.

    20. War of the Roses intrigue reimagined in a science fiction setting exploring the depths of the human condition in a way only possible throught he use of 30m tall Bipedal War Machines. Stuff blows up

    21. This is the first Battletech book that I read that used the Inner Sphere. While it starts off a bit slow, the book ends with a bang.

    22. Set before the clan invasion and the first trilogy in the greatest shared universe of all time. And featuring the greatest merc unit in knownspace :) a must read for all military sci fi fans.

    23. Mein erstes Battletech-Buch das ich mir damals auf Sylt gekauft habe - es hat mir unheimlich gut gefallen. Letztendlich bin ich dadurch auf das Tischspiel gekommen.

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