The Fox

The Fox The Romans path of destruction jeopardizes a Caledonian clan unless they are able to strike a bargain with the Gods which ultimately means a human sacrifice Jahna is a member of this first century tr

  • Title: The Fox
  • Author: Arlene Radasky
  • ISBN: 9781439211755
  • Page: 317
  • Format: ebook
  • The Romans path of destruction jeopardizes a Caledonian clan unless they are able to strike a bargain with the Gods, which ultimately means a human sacrifice Jahna is a member of this first century tribe She has the power to merge minds, which she chooses to do with a twenty first century woman, Aine MacRae and her contemporary, a young man Lovern, to whom she was hand The Romans path of destruction jeopardizes a Caledonian clan unless they are able to strike a bargain with the Gods, which ultimately means a human sacrifice Jahna is a member of this first century tribe She has the power to merge minds, which she chooses to do with a twenty first century woman, Aine MacRae and her contemporary, a young man Lovern, to whom she was hand fasted in her time and of whom she shared a child, in order to save her people In the name of the gods, Lovern was killed Druids place his body in the sacred Black Lake, but through a visit from his ghost, Jahna sends their child away thus securing their bloodline In the midst of madness, Jahna lives just long enough to reveal to Aine, her grief Two thousand years later, in the year 2005, Aine is hoping to reestablish her career as an archaeologist and assists in the excavation in the Highlands of Scotland of a first century Caledonian chieftain s tomb with fellow archaeologist, Marc Hunt As the fates align, Jahna, guides Aine to one bronze bowl, then another, and when she is led by a ghost, Aine uncovers a two thousand year old man encased in a bog As the circle goes unbroken, a heart s chains are loosened and it is understood that Aine and Marc are able to rediscover their past love.

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      You can get my book, The Fox, free, or on , Kindle or App on iPhone and itouch Visit my website My twitter name is aradasky and I would love to talk to you I was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1949 but spent my early life in Albuquerque, New Mexico My father was an electrician and then an air traffic controller My mother had many different jobs I attended two years of the University of New Mexico, met the man who became my husband, and married William Radasky, Ph.D on June 14, 1969 in Albuquerque, New Mexico My first child, Christine, was born three years later, in 1972 and the second, another girl, Kendy, was born in 1975 I stayed at home to raise my girls and watch over their schooling Both now have Master s degrees in science and engineering My husband and I moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1973 and have been in the same house for all these years I had visited Santa Barbara as a child and knew I would live here one day I feel as if I should be here I was active in the PTA, becoming the President of the Mountain View PTS and Council President while the girls were in elementary school Paid staff and volunteer with the American Red Cross for 15 years First as a Health and Safety Instructor becoming a certified EMT in order to train in Advance First Aid , then as an Instructor Trainer I also taught Basic First Aid to many K 6 children for 7 years I was selected as Goleta Woman of the Year for my Red Cross work in 1991 I started working in Disaster Services in 1991 and became a Nationally ranked Instructor and Instructor Trainer as well as working in many national disasters Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer for 18 months and worked a very difficult case to its end Santa Barbara Channel Island Marine Sanctuary volunteer for three years and taught others about our Channel Islands and sea lifePresent Volunteer Activities Volunteer for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, winning the Volunteer of the year award for 2004 Volunteer for Hospice of Santa Barbara I have trained to work with Hospice clients and Cottage Hospital Compassionate Care.Personal Interests I walked in two Avon 3Day, 60 mile Breast Cancer walks, walked a marathon and completed a sprint triathlon I have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively and garnered an intense interest in history Ancients have stories to be told I hope I can tell a few I have always been fascinated with ancient history and think about the people who have walked the same paths we walk today I have seen two bog bodies, one in Denmark and one in London My imagination led to my telling The Fox, to tell their story My heart is with my family and now two grandsons, Drew and Ian.

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    1. Excellent story. Actually two excellent stories intertwined. The first century tale is actually better developed and told than the twenty-first century tale, but hopping back and forth provides context and suspense for both. Great fun and creativity, if a bit predictable. Had a little trouble deciding whether it was historical fiction or fantasy, decided: both. Great emotional range, too.Why not five stars? I'm no expert on Pictish history or Druidic beliefs, but I do know a bit about the histor [...]

    2. WOW what a book. Carefully blended time tale/travel that leaves you crying both sad and happy. LOVED This book. The setting was perfect you could really see what they were trying to tell you. I loved the easy transistions between the time its taking place. There are many view points presented and it flows well not disjointed at all. Found it by accident on my Nook and am looking forward to more from this writer!

    3. My favorite book of the year. Such a beautiful written story that has deeply touched my soul. Can't keep the tears back; but loved, loved every page up to and especially the ending. Just amazing how the author breaths life into the characters and their environment in this extraordinary historical fiction. All 'Outlander' fans are going to surly love this as a MUST read.

    4. I’ve read a lot of Celtic historical fiction from Jules Watson and Diana Gibaldon to Juliet Marillier and Bernard Cornwell. Coming from blended Celtic roots, I have also read dozens upon dozens of nonfiction books. The one thing I will say about The Fox is that Radasky pays very close attention to historical details. On the other hand, sometimes the routine and ritual of those details overshadowed the immediate characters, making it difficult to get close to and fall in love with them.And I wa [...]

    5. The Fox by Arlene Radasky is a captivating, fascinating historical romance, a story of ancient people, there traditions, beliefs, customs, and culture. The author paints a word picture rich in breath-taking scenery and unique characters It's a powerful love story full of passion, courage, and tragedy. The Fox is a tale not unlike Jean Auel's "The Clan of The Cave Bear." Jahna, the heroin of this epic story, like Ayla, the heroin from the Cave Bear series, is a strong, courageous and passionate y [...]

    6. I lived a life long dream through this book. As a genealogist I've always wanted to meet my ancestors and uncover my heritage. I was able to do this through Jahan and Aine!

    7. Synopsis: Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were? How did they live? How did they die? Most of us do.Genealogy is a huge business. Curiosity about our bloodlines, our past, makes us want to go back as far as possible.But, genealogy can only go back as far as there are written records. What if you had a chance to find a connection to ancient roots? To someone who lived two thousand years ago? Proof you could touch and hold in your hand?Aine Macrea has that chance. She is the archaeologist [...]

    8. An epic tale of deep love, ancient history, and modern archaeology. This book may have taken me a long time to read at one hundred and thirteen thousand some words, but it was well worth it and it seemed much shorter. This book is worth your time and money, but lucky for you it's free so you owe it to yourself to download this story and enjoy it for a good long while. I really liked the back and forth between the ancient and modern times. The characters were well done and believable in both time [...]

    9. I listened to this story as an audiobook, but I am purchasing print copies because it is a story that absolutely needs to be shared with some of my favourite people. I stumbled across The Fox while looking for some light entertainment, and by the time that I realized that this wasn’t it, I had been irrevocably sucked in. I’ve never fallen in love with characters the way I fell in love with Jahna, and especially, because the reader gets to view him through Jahna’s eyes, with Lovern. This is [...]

    10. Arlene Radasky's "The Fox" is a fascinating crossover between historical fiction and fantasy. Her heroine, Aine, is an archaeologist who is visited by Jahna, an ancient Pictish Druid who lived at the site Aine is exploring.Radasky has clearly researched not only bog archaeology but Celtic mythology, Druidic practices and life in the ancient British Isles. Her facts are spot-on (this is an area of interest for me).On top of that, she has created interesting characters in both the modern and ancie [...]

    11. Still scratching my head trying to figure out all the 5 star reviews. While this isn't the worst story I have ever read it's certainly not above mediocre. I appreciated certain parts where the author clearly took the time to create a developed scene with full characters, which is why I even finished reading it, but overall it has the feel of a high school student dipping into a college level writing workshop for the first time. Too much predictability, very contrived. Had the author played her c [...]

    12. I couldn't get into this at all. The writing felt really stilted and stiff to me. Grammar and capitalization was really hit or miss. The capitalization bothered me in particular - names would only be capitalized every other time.Most importantly, I didn't care about the characters at all. I didn't find the switching between the two time periods/characters to be done well. I gave up when I realized I had no interest in finding out what was going to happen.

    13. Eh, I went back and forth between two and three stars for this because two stars seems sort of miserly but I am trying to adhere to the star standards and, really, I feel more strongly about "it was okay" than saying I actually *liked* it.I did like all the "in the past" segments and I found myself interested in Jahne and the characters of that time period but the "present" characters didn't interest me at all. Aine was totally flat to me and I found I couldn't care less about her which, given [...]

    14. Having read Kate Mosse's "Sepulchre", the theme in Radasky's novel was familiar. The descriptions of early Scottish life (wherein we know them as "Picts") were perfectly visual, with light introductions to druid practices and habits. The characters in this time period were fleshed out wonderfully, with depth and detail. The only thing keeping me from rating this book higher was the lack of believability in the present day foil, Aine. She just didn't act her age, seemed grossly immature, and one [...]

    15. I started reading The Fox because I was going to interview the author along with my good friend Rhonda Carpenter. When I had the time to really dig into the story, I was amazed. I could relate to the characters so easily, even when shifting through the centuries. The story grabbed me, and I loved every minute of the book. Great job, Arlene!

    16. This book kept me spellbound. At first I wasn't sure I was liking the book because of its switching from one century to the other. The ending was not predictable. I enjoyed this very much as the archaeologist began her journey in Scotland in many ways. Great Read.

    17. I have read, and re-read. Soon a hard copy will be on my shelf, and I can't wait for her next book to come out.

    18. Recently a friend mentioned this to me, saying that she thought I'd enjoy it a lot. It happened to be free for Kindle that day and I snagged it with only a brief glance at the synopsis since I was in a hurry; the picture of a fox was good enough for me. Today, on forced bed rest with a nasty ankle mishap I was randomly scrolling through my books looking for something, anything, to distract me from my self pity. Again the fox caught my attention and I picked it without absolutely any recollection [...]

    19. This was my second experience of listening to an audio book downloaded in podcast format. My first experience had been wonderful and I had high hopes for The Fox. It started well: the story alternating between modern day Scotland and the people of Scotland at the time the Romans occupied Britain, i.e. my present and an area in which I have a lot of interest. Although I had issues with the way the text was read by the author, the storyline created enough curiosity for me to continue listening on [...]

    20. What have we here? This book has two stories intertwined. The first one is Jahna's story. A Celtic Pict woman, living in 80AD. It describes her life, her love and her death. The second story is that of Aine, a 20th century Archaeologist, digging in Scotland and getting over a divorce and death in her family. The two stories intertwine because of Jahna's awake dreams, where she travels in her mind and shows Aine impressions of her life/ I will not go any deeper into the hows and whys of this. Rea [...]

    21. is book found me. When you move through this book you join Aine as she begins a quest to find herself after a bad marriage. As she searches for that place where Jahna once lived she finds her family, and rediscovers her soul mate Marc. With us in tow Aine discovers the life of Jahna and her true love the Druid Lovern. Their life is ours to know and share, Jahna reaches out to Aine because she wants the future to know the story of her life with Lovern and never to forget the sacrifice that was ma [...]

    22. I really don't understand all the 5-star reviews. The idea of the plot is decent but it's executed very poorly. It's something I would expect to have been written by a High School student. There are many grammar errors and spelling mistakes. On at least one occasion, "loosing" is used when "losing" was meant. I doubt that this book was edited and proof-read before it was released. The characters are stiff and poorly written. Dozens of names are tossed at you with little to no personality behind [...]

    23. The Fox jumps back and forth between a woman in the late 1st century and a woman in the early 21st century. They share a telepathic link due to be related, and occasionally see through each other’s eyes. Both are in Scotland. Jahna the druid has a loving family and community that is doing well but worried about the encroaching threat of the Roman army. Aine the archeologist is digging up the remains of an ancient family and community, trying to learn about life in Scotland right before the Rom [...]

    24. I do not normally review books. I read them, enjoy them or not and then move on. if someone asks I'll say yea read it or not. That is a far as my reviewing interests go. Some I re-read others are forgotten. It will be quite a while before I can reread this one. I seldom cry over books, less than the fingers on one hand in my 68 years. The last 5% of this book took hours to read when I could see through the tears. I finally had to put it down, take a break and go out and walk the dog. Maybe it wa [...]

    25. I enjoyed reading The Fox, but was left feeling dissapointed in it. The author fell short on bringing this story to it's potential. There were many scenes that should have powerfully moving due to the subject matter but were executed poorly-she didn't build the reader's emotions up where they needed to be. The "present day" segments of the book were hokey and a lot of the coincidences and parallels between the ancient and the current main characters were obvious and contrived.Most of the time I [...]

    26. This book should be way more popular. I picked it up for free on the Kindle but would have gladly paid for it. I'm surprised it doesn't have thousands of reviews. The story completely hooked me. The character development is great and the world building made it all come to life. It switches between 2 eras nicely, roughly 70-85AD and 2005. The modern day archaeologist will find something and then it tells the story of how the discovery came to rest in that spot. There is a splash of supernatural b [...]

    27. This book is worth the read, despite a 3 star rating. Conceptually the story is strong, just felt like it could have gone through a major edit/minor rewrite to make it that much stronger.Note, this isn't a time travel book, but a book that switches between times with unique characters. This helps cut down on cheesiness and makes it an interesting historical novel about an ancient civilization. Be prepared to skim some parts in the middle, and be ready for a fairly abrupt ending.but it is a quick [...]

    28. "The Fox" is both love story and archeology/anthropology drama. The way Ms Radasky handled the storyline, jumping forward and backward in time with a gap of 1900 years, was creative. I liked the way the main characters were connected in such an unique way even though almost 2000 years separated their lives. She presented a beautiful picture of the culture and lives of 1st Century Picts and I enjoyed the book immensely. It read at a gentle pace and it allowed the reader to develop an intimate rel [...]

    29. A story within a story . . . two sets of characters connected in Scotland. Jahna and her clan face the hardships of first century A. D./C. E.* in a hill fort. Archaeologist Aine MacRae has had visions of an ancient woman since childhood. In 2005 she explores an area that she "feels" is related and finds a new purpose in her own life and guided by Jahna's spirit she discovers the ancient site she saw in her visions. *Biblical scholars define time using this systemB. C. = BCE (before common eraA. [...]

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