Operation Yes

Operation Yes No one in her sixth grade class knows quite what to make of Ms Loupe with her short hair her taped square stage on the floor and the interest in improvisational theatre After all their school is o

  • Title: Operation Yes
  • Author: Sara Lewis Holmes
  • ISBN: 9780545107952
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No one in her sixth grade class knows quite what to make of Ms Loupe, with her short hair, her taped square stage on the floor, and the interest in improvisational theatre After all, their school is on an Air Force base a place that values discipline than improv But her students soon come to love her fresh approach and when her dear brother goes missing in AfghNo one in her sixth grade class knows quite what to make of Ms Loupe, with her short hair, her taped square stage on the floor, and the interest in improvisational theatre After all, their school is on an Air Force base a place that values discipline than improv But her students soon come to love her fresh approach and when her dear brother goes missing in Afghanistan, and Ms Loupe herself breaks down, they band together to support their teacher What starts as a class fundraiser expands into a nationwide effort for all injured troops, and an amazing vision of community and hope.

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    1. Sara Lewis Holmes

      Sara Lewis Holmes is the author of The Wolf Hour, which brings together a wolf, three pigs, a witch, and a headstrong girl in a story, and Stories, you ve never seen before but will recognize deep within It s gorgeously written, fiendishly clever, and full of heart to balance out its brain a perfect middle grade read for fans of fairy tales and fierce storytelling.Sara is also the author of Operation Yes, which ALA s Booklist called purest stagecraft quick, funny, sad, full of heart, and irresistibly absorbing It was also named as one of Booklist s Top Ten Arts Books for Kids 2009 Operation Yes was a Cybils finalist in the Middle Grade Fiction category and the audio version won a 2010 Audie award for the best audiobook for kids, ages 8 12 Listen to an excerpt here The Provo Library Review says Operation Yes is filled with riches caring, loving parents, a multileveled portrait of what it is like to live in a military family, sympathetic and well developed characters, sorrows, laughter, growing up, and thousands of LGMs you ll see Contemporary realistic juvenile fiction of the highest order.Sara is also the author of Letters From Rapunzel HarperCollins which won the Ursula Nordstrom Fiction prize Author photo by Sonya Sones, 2010

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    1. This was a challenge to read aloud as the dialogue goes back and forth so quickly. My son often asked, "who said that?" Regardless it is a nice story but more importantly shines a light on a group that I've never read a book about before: active duty military kids growing up on military bases.

    2. I’m not really sure what I expected from this book when I got it but I definitely loved it. I could relate to this on some levels. I have had three nephews and a brother in Iraq. I had a student whose mother was sent to Korea and she was sent to live with her grandmother for a year and attended my school. Last year one of our teachers was called back up and deployed to Iraq. I have had students who seemed excited they were going to another country and some who were upset because they were movi [...]

    3. I sWEAR books about military kids are my weakness! GUESS WHO CRIED IN THIS BOOK??It doesn't top The Green Glass Sea but STILL. I love these books.

    4. My Fifth grader and I tackled this book together. He had started to read it for an assignment. In fact, he was supposed to read it for an oral book report. He made it half way through and wanted to give up. The book is 250 pages long and he had not even made it to the main conflict. I stepped in and began reading aloud to him. Suddenly he was reinterested. The plot began to evolve and after I filled my son with lot's of guilt for not giving the poor book or author a chance, he realized that he w [...]

    5. Oh to teach like Ms. Loupe; this is my goal. I want to inspire reluctant learners in the same fashion. This story is phenomenally encouraging and brings together meaningful elements of life; education and military.

    6. I didnt like the story that well, but I felt a very strong connection to the characters. Espically Mrs. Loupe. She reminded me of my 3rd and 6th grade teachers.

    7. I loved the aspect of including improv theater in teaching. I would have loved to have a teacher like Miss Loupe, with a taped-rectangle "stage" and a funky couch as a prop in her classroom, who used theater in her teaching. (I remember my sixth-grade teacher had a box of plays in our room that we could rehearse in our free time. A group of us even performed one of those plays, complete with tons of miniature pancakes topped with Karo syrup found in the teachers' lounge, as a last-minute substit [...]

    8. **Spoiler Alert!!**Bo: He is a teacher's pet and is Gari's cousin.Gari: She's Bo's cousin, who has to move to live with Bo.Mrs. Loupe: The new sixth grade teacher that is a fun teacher.Trey: Bo's best friend.Melissa: Bo's classmate that helps with the rebellion.In the beginning, Mrs. Loupe is introduced. The class is wondering why she is putting tape on the floor. She tells them it is a stage, and starts teaching them improv. Gari finds out that she has to go live with her cousin because her mom [...]

    9. I thought this book was amazing in my opinion it really made me want to be grateful that my parent and I aren't in the army because then I would have to find new friends. Also this book seems very real at times because of how well the story was composed an example of this was when Gari was in the stinky bathroom setting up army guys and painting stripes of fake blood. It also had a great theme and the theme was to me know matter what if you like someone or if you don't like someone you should st [...]

    10. I rated this book a 2 because although it is kinda relatable to what kids do , it doesn’t really all happen at once. I would recommend this book to a 6th grader so they can see how they act. It shows that a kid is going through family problems and is also managing school. I like that they come together at the end to help each other .

    11. It is almost like this book is missing something. I don't feel like it came into completion. However, I did enjoy the parts that were there. I especially liked the characters.

    12. I thought the book was a great representation for some of the things that children of people who are in the army and what not have to go through. I was in tears when Ms. Loupe's brother, Marc, went missing though.

    13. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooOPERATION YES by Sara Lewis Holmes is one of a number of new books just out that focus on issues relating to war in the Middle East. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are touching more and more lives here in the U.S and many authors have taken on the challenge of including these current events in their new novels.OPERATION YES takes place here in the States on an Air Force base. Bo's father is one of the commanding officers at the b [...]

    14. Ms. Loupe, the new sixth grade teacher, is unconventional and quirky. Her students, many of whom are the children of military personnel stationed at the nearby air force base, are accustomed to change with students moving in and out as their parents are deployed but they find Ms. Loupe an unexpected and, for once, refreshing change. She hopes to convince her students that a) art needs a frame; b) art is arranging objects to create beauty; and c) theater is the art of saying yes. Of course this i [...]

    15. Everyone you know is fighting a great battle.Time to step up. Time to step in. Time to say yes.Bo's dad is the commander of the Air Force Base they live on. Bo is in sixth grade and has a new teacher this year. Ms. Loupe is an Air Force brat so she knows all about life on the base. Her entire family is in the military including her brother Marc who is stationed in Afghanistan. Ms. Loupe is unlike any teacher the class has had before. She comes from a theater background and starts teaching them i [...]

    16. This is a story of plan A turning into a need for plan B, which then discovers it needs a plan C. Miss Loupe is the new sixth grade teacher at Young Oaks on the Air Force base in North Carolina and loves theater. As the year progresses, the class begins to look forward to the daily bouts of improv that take place on the Ugly, Ugly Couch that resides in their classroom. Bo is the son of the commander of the base and, for the first time in his life, is enjoying school, thanks to being in Miss Loup [...]

    17. Operation YesSara Lewis HolmesRealistic FictionThis is a story about kids that live on a military base and attend school there. Bo’s Dad is the commander on the base where Bo’s family lives. The base is in the US, so for now, Bo doesn’t have to worry about his Dad. But Bo lives with the reality that this could change, his Dad could be deployed to Afghanistan at any moment. Bo’s cousin Gari is also a military kid. Gari’s mom is a military nurse and has been sent to Iraq, so for the time [...]

    18. Operation yes is about a bunch of 6th graders who live on a Air Force base which values discipline more than improv. They didn't know what to make for Mis. Loupe, there school teacher, with her short short hair, her taped square “stage” on the floor, and her love for improvisational theatre. Mis. Loupes brother goes missing in Afghanistan and she breaks down, all the students band together to support their teacher. they started with foundation for her but it expanded into more than that it b [...]

    19. Bo (Bogart) didn't have a very successful year in fifth grade. So, he isn't looking forward to sixth grade too much. He isn't looking forward to continued visits with Mrs. Heard,the principal. All that changes when Miss Loupe enters the pictures and introduces students to "the taped space" and the art of improvisation. Miss Loupe also introduces students to her brother Marc who is serving in Afghanistan. This creates a special bond for the students in room 208 because most of them (including Bo) [...]

    20. One sixth grade class tries to help their teacher and finds out just what can happen when you say "Yes". Miss Loupe isn't a normal teacher. She has an ugly, ugly couch in the taped space and almost every day, her class does improv, until her brother goes missing. Now the students of Room 208 must band together and try to bring back Miss Loupe's fun side and help her brother.This story succeeds as a tale of generosity and community, but it falls short as a character story. Some chapters moved aro [...]

    21. I want to be in Miss Loupe's class! And I have just spent wonderful time with interesting characters: Bo, Gari, Trey and Melissa. And it is 1:30am. Couldn't put it down and helped pass my sleepless battle with poison ivy or whatever these itchy blisters are. I think this book has read aloud potential, with lots of inspiration potential and theatrical improv as well.Booktalk: “Be Kind. Everyone you know is fighting a great battle.” Bo’s battle is with school and his military father. Gari’ [...]

    22. Bo, the energetic son of a military commander, has always hated school. He has a hard time sitting still, and every time he gets in trouble at school (which is often), he also gets in trouble at home. When he first meets Miss Loupe, a brand new sixth grade teacher, he is just not sure what to make of her. Sometimes she acts like any old teacher, but other times, when she puts on her stealthy black slippers and steps into the Taped Space, unexpected things happen. Soon, Miss Loupe's students are [...]

    23. I grabbed this book along with a few others from our school book fair with the purpose of being familiar with what my students were reading. From the cover image (this edition was from ) I thought it was going to be another silly, cartoonish story. Was I wrong!The story is dead serious, but grabs the reader right away with a very unusual first-year teacher who knows just how to keep the students guessing and balancing 'fun' with the usual boring classroom instruction . I like that the author did [...]

    24. For all intents and purposes, this book about a 6th grader whose mom is deployed as a nurse to Afghanistan, should have been one that I loved. It's well-written, has a terrific message, and the characters were likable. For me, though, the book dragged quite a bit. The story was slow in the beginning and then I thought the story line lost some momentum again towards the end. I also felt like the author could have done more to connect us to the emotions of a child who is separated from a parent th [...]

    25. Operation Yes intrigues the reader with the toy army men on the cover. I personally never read the back cover. I liked the army men and figured that the story would be about army men coming to life and saving their owners. Yes, it would be a novel like Toy Story the movie.I was wrong. After listening to the first track I questioned if I should continue. The story was about Bo, Bo's mom and Bo's cousin Gari. They all worked for the various divisions in the military. I am not too familiar with mil [...]

    26. This book was very thought-provoking, about what it would be like to be in the army, as a kid. Bo, a sixth grade trouble maker, has to live on the army base and go to school there. The worst part is that he dad is the commander of the base, so when Bo gets in trouble he knows right away. Things get turned upside down when he has a new sixth grade teacher, Miss Loupe, who has a tattoo of a bird; multiply ear piercing and the interest in Impov Theater. But when he learns to “say yes” to the [...]

    27. Who wouldn't want Miss Loupe for a teacher? Sure, she makes you study all the regular 5th grade topics, like math, history and spelling. But she has something no other teacher has: an Ugly, Ugly green couch. Around that couch is a square of tape, and in that square, anything can happen. This is not going to be an ordinary school year for Bo, or any of the kids in his classroom on base. "Bo left Room 208, but he felt the possibilities bouncing around his brain, like golf balls launched off chunks [...]

    28. Living on an air force base with a star general for a dad is not easy for Bo, especially when he finds it hard to stay out of trouble at school. But when a new teacher, Miss Loupe, arrives and shakes things up with a whole curriculum based on improv and theater games, Bo realizes that he might be excited about school for once. His cousin Gari, on the other hand, who came to live with Bo's family when her mom got shipped out to Iraq, is not at all excited. As Gari schemes a way to get sent back t [...]

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