Behind the Bedroom Wall

Behind the Bedroom Wall For use in schools and libraries only Thirteen year old Korinna must decide whether to report her parents to her Hitler youth group when she discovers that they are hiding Jews in a secret space behin

  • Title: Behind the Bedroom Wall
  • Author: Laura E. Williams A. Nancy Goldstein
  • ISBN: 9781417771158
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For use in schools and libraries only Thirteen year old Korinna must decide whether to report her parents to her Hitler youth group when she discovers that they are hiding Jews in a secret space behind Korinna s bedroom wall.

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      182 Laura E. Williams A. Nancy Goldstein
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    1. Laura E. Williams A. Nancy Goldstein

      Laura E. Williams A. Nancy Goldstein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Behind the Bedroom Wall book, this is one of the most wanted Laura E. Williams A. Nancy Goldstein author readers around the world.

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    1. What could possibly be more important than love? Freedom, perhaps? What if everything is taken away from us? These are questions explored in this excellent YA (could easily be read by middle grades) story about the Hitler youth. 1942. Korinna Rehme, very active in her local Jungmadel, a Nazi Youth group, learns her parents are THE ENEMY, i.e they are hiding Jews. So begins a struggle of conscience, decision-making and growing up for this 13 year old German girl.Includes brief afterword by the au [...]

    2. So far I ahveread a few chapters and it's getting very interesting and it is making me think about it when I am forced to stop reading. So far Katherine is at a difficult choice she can either tell her Germany group that her parents and hiding Jews or she can continue and risk being titled as a betrayer of the mother land.

    3. Plot Summary:The setting of this story is in Nazi Germany at the beginning of the Holocaust. Korrina is a proud German who is a member of the Fungmadel, which is a youth group for Nazi youth. She and her friends had been taught to make sweet buns, go on nature hikes, and spy on people that seemed un-German in any way. Korrina had recently told her Father that she thought she heard mice behind her bedroom wall. Her father reassured her that he would put out traps and even bought her a cat. To her [...]

    4. Behind The Bedroom Wall by Laura E. Williams is an historical fiction book that tells a story about a young girl named Korinna living during World War II. In this exciting book Korinna was a strong believer to her fatherland. Things changed when she figured that her parents were hiding Jews behind her dresser, which she thought were mice. She was faced with a hard decision. Should she report her parents of not being a loyal German or not? I really enjoyed this book! I love learning about the his [...]

    5. This was a very unique book. It is about a girl named korianna and her family are all loyal germans. During WW2, she finds out her parents are hiding Jews behind her bedroom wall. She has to decide weither to turn them in, or keep quiet. It was very well writen and was not too long or too short. Overall, i enjoyed it!!!

    6. This book is about a little girl whose parents are protecting a family of Jews during Nazi Germany. The girl has no idea that behind the closet in her room is a secret room where a family is living. She was confused and conflicted on what to do because in school she was being taught that the Jews are the enemy and anyone helping them are breaking the law. Korinna becomes friends with Rachel the young Jewish girl being hidden in her house. When the Nazis become suspicious of Korinna's family they [...]

    7. "Freedom is greater than Love" Without Freedom, you can't choose who or what to love!"Good look at indoctrination of a people and the youth.Control of the Press.Friends remain friends forever, right?Drawing helps one remember those who have past and helps us look to the future."number the stars" "The Devils Arithmetic" The Hiding Place" and many others.

    8. How would it feel to have your entire religious group persecuted for crimes they had not committed? In the novel Behind the Bedroom Wall, by Laura Williams, this is exactly what happened. All of the events in this story revolve around a German family living in Nazi Germany during World War Two. The novel points out that the beliefs of society are not always correct, and one should not always follow them. In this story, a girl named Korrina adapts to the society’s views on Jews, but later reali [...]

    9. I loved this book. Korinna is the main character. Korinna's dad get's her a cat because he say's there's mice in the walls. Korinna looks under a dresser to see if she can find a hole where the mice are climbing through. She see's some hatches. It's a secret door hidden behind the dresser. She open's the door and see's two people. There is an adult and a child. At first she is confused because she thought that her family worshiped and loved Adolf Hitler. Whenever her parent's try to do anything [...]

    10. Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura E. Williams is about a 13-year-old German girl named Korianna, and it's set during World War 2. She is very loyal to Hitler and her local Jungmadel, a Nazi youth group. However, everything changes when Korianna finds out that her parents are hiding Jews and helping them escape from Germany. She has to decide who she is loyal to and reconsider everything she has always been told. I really enjoyed this book because it had a great message and a very exciting plot. I [...]

    11. Nazi Germany from the perspective of a family who tries to hide a Jewish mother and daughter and whose own daughter is a member of one of Hitler's youth groups and sees her parents as traitors. A quick and easy read that reminds us that not all Germans were Nazis and not everyone was afraid to take a stand against them.

    12. The main character is kinda bratty, but not as bad as some of her friends. I like the way the ages are portrayed rather realistically in terms of mood, and overall the book was enjoyable, but it lacked that something that books like Number the Stars have.

    13. i thought it was wonderful!Laura really knew how to make the Holocaust a touching and heartwarming story! in the beginning i hated how much the jewish kids were bullied so harshly, but Korinna stepped up and took a risk.

    14. Just finished reading this with my daughters. The main character is close to their age. Great insights into what it was like to live in Nazi Germany during WW II and to be a child in Hilter's youth army.

    15. This book is older, but actually does not read that way. It is a really well done middle grade book about the experience of a young girl in Nazi Germany. She is torn between a fierce sense of nationalism (that has been instilled in her from her experiences with Nazi youth groups) and an understanding of what it means to be persecuted. I really (and surprisingly) liked it a lot. The ending is for sure a cliff hanger!!We are doing a reciprocal teaching unit on the Holocaust in Grade 8 and this boo [...]

    16. I really liked this book, it always kept me on my toes. I also liked the main character she was always changing throughout the story. I really like historical fiction, so this book really grabbed my attention. At some points I just couldn't stop reading. Rachel was one of my favorite characters because, she was so innocent and even though at first Korinna didn't like Jews Rachel always admired her. My favorite part by far was the ending, I was so happy when Eva was a good friend and told Korinna [...]

    17. This book has been around for a long time, but I only heard about it after one of my sixth graders was so moved by it she insisted I read it. Given the current climate in our country, there are some eerie reflections of Nazi Germany: "Don't worry, Mother. The Fuhrer says it's only a matter of weeks, months, at the most, before Germany will be great again and we will win the war." This book illustrates, at a super-accessible reading level, the dangers is blindly following ideologies, and the fear [...]

    18. I think the story was okay. The character changed throughout the book and I liked that. The ending was not that great. It wasn't what I was expecting which can sometimes be good but not this time. Rachel was Very nice to Korrina which I liked but the was Korrina treated her was really mean. I think the real jerk in this book was Rita. She probably told Hans to search Korrina's house after what she read in Korrina's journal. Eva was the nicest of Korrina's friends because she told Korrina that he [...]

    19. Behind the bedroom wall is a fictional book about a 13 year old girl named Korinna Rehme who believes that Hitler is doing a good thing by getting rid of all the Jews. When Korinna finds out that her parents have been hiding Jews behind her wall she has to choose if she is g0ing to turn them in or not. For someone who doesn't like reading books I liked it, It was an interesting book about the holocaust with lots of details.

    20. overall this book was good but there were some things i didn't like. one of them being when korinna went back to school and everyone was mad at her i would have liked a little more detail about that. also at the end it would be better if there was an extra chapter because the ending didn't make any sense but other than that this book was wonderful.

    21. Read this in one sitting. So, so much to think about and talk about namely this: what's more important? Freedom, or love? What an amazing addition to the collection of awesome novels out there that bring to light a horrendous time full of Hitler & Nazis & cruelty, but also of bravery & loyalty.Also, freakin Rita!!!

    22. 2.5 Stars. The parts that showed instead of told were good. I found it unrealistic that Korinna’s parents would have told her so much about Rachel’s father and sister. Some transitions were awkward. Some adverbs should have been removed to make the story stronger.

    23. I really liked it but it was really good and sad. The worst part of the book was when korinna was supporting hitler. The theme of the book is dont put something out that you dont want people to see. I would recommend this book to someone who likes history.

    24. This book was very well-written and I enjoyed the plot very much; however, the MC bothered me a little. Overall, a good, middle-grade, book!

    25. This book is a great book I would totally recommend it to 12+year old girls who are looking for a good book that they can't put down.

    26. I loved this story, it was about hard to fully understand events, but this was easy to comprehend. I loved this book.

    27. Subject and historical perspective riveting. Construction and characters thin. Read younger than its target audience imo.

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