Dark Side of Dawn

Dark Side of Dawn Life can be a nightmare Literally On the surface it might seem like I Dawn Riley have it all I ve got a great job a boyfriend who loves me but my family life is a different story As the mortal dau

  • Title: Dark Side of Dawn
  • Author: Kathryn Smith
  • ISBN: 9780061632716
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life can be a nightmare Literally.On the surface, it might seem like I, Dawn Riley, have it all I ve got a great job, a boyfriend who loves me but my family life is a different story.As the mortal daughter of the King of Dreams, I have an ability to exist between both worlds which is terrifying to some Now the Nightmare Council claims I ve broken their lawsLife can be a nightmare Literally.On the surface, it might seem like I, Dawn Riley, have it all I ve got a great job, a boyfriend who loves me but my family life is a different story.As the mortal daughter of the King of Dreams, I have an ability to exist between both worlds which is terrifying to some Now the Nightmare Council claims I ve broken their laws and is threatening to have me unmade And if that s not bad enough, I need to track down a vicious criminal responsible for several savage attacks before he finds me.I m lucky enough to have Noah by my side, and he ll do whatever it takes so that we can have a future together In the end, though, this is my battle The fate of a world rests upon my shoulders, and it seems the best that I can hope for is not to die in my sleep

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      Kathryn Smith Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Side of Dawn book, this is one of the most wanted Kathryn Smith author readers around the world.

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    1. Dark Side of Dawn is the sequel to Before I Wake, the first book in Kathryn Smith's Nightmare Chronicles. I suggest reading Before I Wake first.I loved Dark Side of Dawn as much as Before I Wake. Kathryn Smith has a knack for making us believe these are real people, the characters come to life. She's building a world with this series that is very interesing and never ever boring just as the characters are enticing.

    2. A different story than I've read before. A half Deamkin and half human, Dawn is the daughter of Morpheus and can go between the two worlds.

    3. Dawn Riley ist die Tochter des Gottes Morpheus und einer Menschenfrau, was ihr erstaunlicherweise die Macht verleiht in beiden Welten zu Leben und nach belieben von der einen in die andere Sphäre zu wechseln. Dass das nicht jedem der Nachtmahre gefällt ist offensichtlich, denn schon bald muss Dawn sich den Ablehnenden Blicken und Stimmen anderer Bewohner des Traumreiches stellen. Ist es da verwunderlich, dass auch einige voller Hass sind? Wie bereits im ersten Band wird auch hier der Leser mit [...]

    4. Kathryn Smith did it for me again with this second installment of the Nightmare Chronicles. I couldn't put this book down. If you haven't read the first one, then it'd probably be a good idea to do so. There's not much back-tracking to explain what's going on and what has happened until this point. She gets right into it basically.In this story, Noah, Dawn's current squeeze gets some bad news about his ex-wife. Of course he asks Dawn to help the ex-wife, which brings up a lot of insecurities abo [...]

    5. Das Cover überzeugt nicht nur als Blickfang, sondern fühlt sich durch den Glanzdruck auch gut an. Der zweite Band der Reihe knüpft gut an den ersten Band an. Einiges wird auch wieder aufgergiffen. Dadurch viel mir der Einstieg in das Buch sehr leicht. Die Spannung wurde konstant aufrecht erhalten, was das Lesevergnügen erhöht. Vorallem auf den letzten 120 Seiten, hier konnte ich das Buch einfach nicht aus der Hand legen.Die Geschichte geht zum Teil um den Vergewaltiger Phil, dieser hat sich [...]

    6. Dawn and Noah are back in the newest installment of Kathryn Smith's Nightmare Chronicles series. Their relationship faces a new strain when Noah's ex-wife, Amanda, is raped and Noah, still listed as her next-of-kin, rushes to her side. Dawn knows that she shouldn't feel jealous of a woman who was just beaten, partially scalped, and raped, but she can't help feeling that Noah may still hold a torch for Amanda. Meanwhile, Dawn's problems in the Dreaming are coming to a head. She must face the Coun [...]

    7. Ok so I started reading this bookgot 90% of the way doneen life got hectic and honestly it just didnt grab me so i didnt even look at it for 2 weeks. Because i cant remember most of what happened (and have no desire to start over) I'm not going to rate this out of fairness and because i really cant remember how i felt about the first 90% of the book my review will be unusually short. Ok well one of the things i loved about the first book was that it grabbed me from the start and never let me go. [...]

    8. Zum Inhalt: Dawn Riley ist zur Hälfte Mensch und zur Hälfte Trauwesen, ein Nachtmahr. Dies scheint einigen Leuten in der Traumwelt ein Dorn im Auge zu sein und sie schaffen es, dass sie vom Rat der Nachtmahre des Verrates und Gesetzbruches angeklagt wird. Falls die Klage Erfolg hat droht Dawn in der Traumwelt die Auslöschung, was ihr Menschenleben für immer ändern würde. Und selbst ihr Vater Morpheus scheint machtlos zu sein, um seiner Tochter zu helfen, obwohl er ein Gott und der König d [...]

    9. This book closes follows Before I Wake but focuses on the Warden of the Nightmare Council, who hates Dawn with a passion and Noah, her human boyfriend who keeps getting attacked by nightmares. Padera, the Warden, fights dirty and uses all of her abilities including the one that allows her to convince a human to do terrible things Dawn. So while Dawn is fighting for her very life, Noah is dealing with his ex-wife's rape and brutal attack. Since they haven't been dating long, Dawn faces major inse [...]

    10. OMGOODNESS!!! This book was an excellent follow up to the first. The Villian, the chracters, Dawn's relationships with her Dad, Mom, and Noah were written superbly. The Dynamic and realism that comes with our conflicting emotions about right and wrong, trust, forgiveness, betrayal, love and hate were shown here with sincerity. The fact that the truth is not always easy to accept let alone confront.More explosive battles, love scenes, down right scary at times. And the surprise (sort of) developm [...]

    11. I was suprised when I picked up a copy of RT and found this under Urban Fantasy. I'm one thats not fond of UF because most seem to have different lovers I know its picky, but its just meI really liked both books. I like the ideal of dreaming its different and Smith gives you a little cilff hangers at the end so you can't wait for the next book I love Dawn in this book she finds herself trusting Noah more and what can you say Noah is awesomeAgain if you are a paranoraml HEA kind of person please [...]

    12. I didn't even read the first book. Wasn't aware it was a 2nd in a series until after purchasing it. I read it anyway. I'd really be giving this a 3.75 stars so I'm rounding up to 4. I'll have to find the others in this series. It took me a few tries to get this book started. This last time it was able to catch my interest. I think all other tries came during a reading funk where I just couldn't get interested in anything. My suggestion because of that is to not give up on it. Once it grabbed me [...]

    13. In this book Dawn is exploring her life as a Nightmare and struggling with her relationship with Noah her gorgeous artist boyfriend. Not to mention her family wanting to unplug mom. This book was very good however I am STILL waiting for book 3. It can't just be left hanging like that! No spoilers, you will have to read it for yourself.

    14. I loved it! It was very actioned packed. It drew me in very easily and kept me hooked until the last second, I hope she will write another book and keep the series going! Im excited to try some of her other stuff and see how I feel about them! Its an amazing read an will hook you the first second and keep you hooked until the very end

    15. this was a pretty good good second book in the series, Nightmare chronicles. It still had the attraction of the character froms the second book. it really didn't surprise that the god of dream has more children, other than dawn. the cliff hanger at the end is really killing me. i hope she write the next book in the series soon.

    16. I put this on the "that kind of chick lit" bookshelf, but that is rather unfair. It really isn't "that" kind of book, but it does a have a scene or two of that nature. Really though, it was well written, fast, light read that I enjoyed quite a lot.

    17. It was almost too simple a read; not many wordly descriptions, and the descriptions that were present were pretty repetitive. But, the setting and overall idea was so creative and unique that I overall enjoyed the book.

    18. Absolutely fantastic! I just knew it would be better than book 1, which I loved. The plot thickens as well as Noah's mysterious intentions, there's a cliff hanger but it's not an irritating one; it just makes me want to the next one RIGHT NOW.

    19. Awesome paranormal romance story. Very interesting characters and story regarding the dream world and crossing over into it. I really enjoyed this book which I read before I read the first one.

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