Life Support

Life Support Control was the word Dr Toby Harper lived by She strove to keep her life in order her ER in order But no one could have been prepared for the man she admits one quiet night to the Springer Hospital D

  • Title: Life Support
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen
  • ISBN: 9780553817737
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Control was the word Dr Toby Harper lived by She strove to keep her life in order, her ER in order But no one could have been prepared for the man she admits one quiet night to the Springer Hospital Delirious and in critical condition, he barely responds to treatment And then he disappears without trace.The subsequent search leads Toby to a second patient with the sameControl was the word Dr Toby Harper lived by She strove to keep her life in order, her ER in order But no one could have been prepared for the man she admits one quiet night to the Springer Hospital Delirious and in critical condition, he barely responds to treatment And then he disappears without trace.The subsequent search leads Toby to a second patient with the same infection And it reveals an unsettling twist the infection can only be spread through direct tissue exchange Soon Toby s on a trail that winds from a pregnant sixteen year old prostitute to an unexpected tragedy in her own home.Only then does she discover the unthinkable a terrifying and deadly epidemic is about to be unleashed

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    1. Tess Gerritsen

      Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career A graduate of Stanford University, Tess went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where she was awarded her M.D.While on maternity leave from her work as a physician, she began to write fiction In 1987, her first novel was published Call After Midnight, a romantic thriller, was followed by eight romantic suspense novels She also wrote a screenplay, Adrift , which aired as a 1993 CBS Movie of the Week starring Kate Jackson.Tess s first medical thriller, Harvest, was released in hardcover in 1996, and it marked her debut on the New York Times bestseller list Her suspense novels since then have been Life Support 1997 , Bloodstream 1998 , Gravity 1999 , The Surgeon 2001 , The Apprentice 2002 , The Sinner 2003 , Body Double 2004 , Vanish 2005 , The Mephisto Club 2006 , and The Bone Garden 2007 Her books have been translated into 31 languages, and than 15 million copies have been sold around the world.As well as being a New York Times bestselling author, she has also been a 1 bestseller in both Germany and the UK She has won both the Nero Wolfe Award for Vanish and the Rita Award for The Surgeon Critics around the world have praised her novels as Pulse pounding fun Philadelphia Inquirer , Scary and brilliant Toronto Globe and Mail , and Polished, riveting prose Chicago Tribune Publisher Weekly has dubbed her the medical suspense queen.Now retired from medicine, she writes full time She lives in Maine.

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    1. Dr Toby Harper was exhausted when the police brought in the old man who’d been found confused and wandering, naked, through the nearby streets. Springer Hospital where Toby spent her nights working the ER was generally quiet at that time of night, but the disoriented man was thrashing and jerking, delirious and completely out of it. And when he vanished from the hospital not long after admission, Toby was hit with resounding guilt.When Toby’s attention was drawn to another elderly patient a [...]

    2. Initial thoughts: In typical Gerritsen fashion, she kept me on my toes until the very last page. Review to come. Review:Actual rating: 4 Solid-Good-Mystery stars. No spoilers. Gerritsen always manages to keep me on my toes. I've read quite a few books by her, and she never lets me down. When I'm in the mood for a mystery, she's one person I turn to. Her previous career as a doctor does amazing things for her medically based stories!! Being a Registered Nurse, I love reading medical thrillers!! S [...]

    3. I've read 3 books so far by Gerritsen. Her other stand-alone 'Harvest' and the first of her Rizzoli & Isles series 'The surgeon' and can honestly say this book is not on par with them at all in terms of enjoyability/ likeable characters/ plot. I hasten to add, it is a good book and deserving of 3 stars but just that. A 'good' book only. Nothing as gripping or fabulous as the other 2 I have read which I rated much higher (both 5 stars).The plot has rather a far fetch sci- fi ish element which [...]

    4. Leest weer heerlijk weg. Ik hou van medische thrillers. Vond wel dat Toby wel erg veel te verduren kreeg.

    5. This was horrible for me. I understand that this was a stand alone and was quite different from the Rizzoli & Isles series, but this was by far the worst I've read by her.If I would have read this first and not the other series, I would have never picked any of her books up!I hated the plot, the story itself, the characters were flat and dull, the ending was horrible, and just everything altogether for me was total yuck!Prostitutes, non human babies/tumors thingies, ER night shift, everyone [...]

    6. Ne zaman Tess okusam, kurgunun gerçek olabilme ihtimali yüzünden içim ürperiyor. Kesinlikle çok ürkütücü bir romandı, diğer Tess romanlarında olduğu gibi. Tabi bir o kadar da sürükleyiciydi. Ne diyebilirim ki, klasik Tess işte. =)

    7. Tess'in konu seçimine bayılıyorum Yaşlılar(bitiş-ölüm) ve yeni doğmuş bebekler(doğum-başlangıç) arasında güzel bir bağ kurmuş. İlginç fikirlerini gerçekleştirmeye çalışan doktorlar ve çirkin deneylerini okurken ürpermemek elde değil

    8. Δεν ξέρω αν σας αρέσουν τα ιατρικά θρίλερ, εμένα πάντως πολύ. Αυτό το βιβλίο το είχα χρόνια αδιαβαστο και αποφάσισα να το διαβάσω. Μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ. Έχει αγωνία, ανατριχιλα και κοινωνικό ενδιαφέρον αφού ασχολείται με παράνομα ιατρικά πειράματα σε ασθενείς που δεν έχουν ι [...]

    9. I always appreciate medical thrillers written by real MD's. The medical references and scenarios are accurate. Toby Harper is an overworked MD. Her personal life includes a solitary existence with the exception of her mother with Alzheimers living in her home. Toby's world begins to unravel when she treats an elderly man admitted with strange symptoms. The patient mysteriously disappears while under Toby's care and she feels her life beginning to spiral out of her control as she fights her guilt [...]

    10. I just finished Life Support and Tess Gerritsen has impressed me again with her knowledge of yet another aspect of medicine; geriatrics. She is a master at making the elevated world of medicine and doctors understandable to the masses. Her ability to create new characters and bring them to life is equaled with few and bettered by none. If I could voice one criticism it would be that she leaves her characters with their lives unresolved (no happily-ever-after endings) and leave it to the reader [...]

    11. 2,5.Bu aralar kendimi notu kit ogretmenler gibi hissediyorum. Ama harika bir Tess Gerritsen romani gibi baslayan kitabin donustugu seyden cok hoslanmadim. Tek bir kisinin ruh durumu betimlemesi icin dokuz sayfa ayirirken tum olay orgusunu uc sayfada cozmeye calismak da nedir? Ayrica kitabin editoryali korkunc. Kelimelerin harflerinin arasina sayilar girmis, vs. Tip terimlerinin Turkcelestirilmesiyle ilgili de sorunlarim var. Durumu tam olarak degerlendirmek icin sanirim biraz daha dusunmem gerek [...]

    12. Kitap hakkında ne düşüneceğimi tam olarak bilemiyorum şuan.Karakterleri hiç sevmedim,olay akışı çok yavaştı,gerilim yoktu,bazı yerler fazla uzatılmıştı.AmaKURGU YİNE MUHTEŞEMDİ.Bu kadın Nasıl yazıyor böyle şeyler aklım almıyor gerçekten.Bu Nasıl bir hayal gücü? Nasıl bir bilgi? Tess tüm tıp bilgisini bu kitaba dökmüş.İyi bir kitaptı ama benim beklentilerim daha farklıydı kitaba başlarken.Rizzoli&Isles serisini okuduğunuzda Tess'den okuyacağınız [...]

    13. Actually, I didn't read it. I started it, but I couldn't finish it. I'm going to have to write to the people and ask them to make a new shelf for books like this one. I tried. I did. Usually, I like Tess Gerritsen books. But this one had too many things in it that I couldn't stand: graphic descriptions (too graphic) of things such as surgeries, a rape, and human genitalia; weird/unnatural science; I could go on. But I won't. The long and short of it is that I won't try this book again because I [...]

    14. Ir dar viena Tess knyga! Ir su kiekviena vis tas pats, aš įsitikinu – man jos niekada nebus gana! O, kad Gerritsen knygų skaitymas tikrai užkrečiamas galiu net įrodyti. Mano ne itin knygas skaitantis sužadėtinis Tess detektyvus skaito vieną po kito. Pradėjęs nuo „Chirurgo“ iškart ėmė „Mefisto klubą“, tuomet greit perskaitė „Šėlą“, o dabar draugauja su „Dvynėmis“. Po jų seks „Užkratas“, mat jis matė kokią įsitempus skaičiau romaną! Kaip net nereaga [...]

    15. Antra mano skaityta Gerritsen knyga ir turbūt viena mažiau žinomų ir giriamų jos knygų. Tačiau aš stengiuosi laikytis savo eksperimento jos knygas, neskaitant ankstyvųjų romantinių trilerių, skaityti iš eilės parašymo eilės tvarka ir „Užkratas“ yra antras jos medicininių trilerių romanas. Jau pradedu pajusti Gerritsen kūrybos ritmą ir jis man patinka, bet iki tobulumo kažko dar tikrai trūksta. Istorija turbūt ta pati kaip su „Donoru“. Įdomu, puikiai susukta, gera [...]

    16. I had the Large print version of this book and found it to be a very fast read. I enjoyed the story and the medical mystery even if some of it was very rushed at times. The parts of the book that felt a little rushed were the relationship between Dvorak and Toby and the ending. The ending felt like the Author had come to her page allotment for the book and just needed to sum it up. Rarely do I say I think a book needs to be longer but I think if she took 10-15 more pages she could have summed th [...]

    17. The book starts out well, with good character development and several plot lines. And if you can get past the disturbing images the author creates, you are in for a nail-biting ending. But the mental image is quite disturbing - borderline sci-fi, but disgusting. Also, the medical terminology and jargon get a bit tiresome. Finally, the way the author deals with a family member's death is not authentic.My biggest complaint with this author is that I don't like her protagonists. They generally star [...]

    18. This book ended up as a decent read, although it was far from my favorite Gerritsen book. It started out very slow, and for a while I just couldn't figure out where it was going. The ending brought everything together even though the climax was a bit lackluster. All in all, I did like the book and I thought the characters were well flushed out. A good medical thriller with a plot that left me wondering if it could indeed actually happen. Not my favorite from Gerritsen, but certainly worth the re [...]

    19. Not totally perfect but I stayed up until 2.30am last night reading this1 I just had to finish. Wow, but this has a creepy factor that glued me to the page! It reminded me of Brain by Robin Cook. I also admire the way the author humanizes her protagonists.Gerritsen is truly one of the very best ever in the genre!

    20. After reading every other book Tess Gerritsen had read a while ago I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed her novels. This medical thriller is a classic page turner and I couldn't wait to read more. All the way through this book I felt I had either read it before or seen a film of the book but I don't think I have. Can't wait for the next book.

    21. This book dealt with medical research suspense -- specifically hormone/gene therapy. Tess is an interesting author, and I can only imagine how much research goes into each novel she writes.

    22. Das Buch hätte mir noch besser gefallen, wenn ich nicht von den vielen medizinischen Begriffen erschlagen worden wäre.

    23. This was a good read, almost a perfect novel as far as having all the elements that make a great medical thriller -- even some disturbing and graphically sacrilegious ones. But and this is probably a reflection on me, I found the story lulled me midway through, which made me put it down. I suppose it started with such an incredible opening scene and followed with a terrific mysterious set-up, and seemed to gradually work toward slowing down. I eventually finished it, however.I liked the main ch [...]

    24. Roter Engel von Tess Gerritsen aus dem Jahr 1997 handelt von der Ärztin Tony Harper. In ihrer Nachtschicht im Krankenhaus taucht ein verwirrter alter Mann auf mit merkwürdigen, anfallartigen Symptomen auf, doch bevor er noch adequat untersucht und behandelt werden kann, verschwindet er wieder. Als ein weiterer Patient mit ähnlichen Symptomen verstirbt, ordnet Tony eine Obduktion an und der Pathologe Daniel Dvorak vermutet eine hochansteckende Krankheit. Zusammen verfolgen die beiden die Spure [...]

    25. I was looking for a fast paced thriller and found it in Life Support. It is one of Tess Gerritsen's early medical mysteries. It met my need and I enjoyed meeting the various characters and the plotting. Once I started reading, I most certainly did not want to stop until the last page. I still have a few pre 2000 Gerritsen books that I haven't read, but the list is getting shorter. I just found a few more at my library.

    26. Milly Picker was living on the streets of Boston after her parents had kicked her out. Her pimp, Romy, had sent her to an address where she was told to like down on a medical table to prepare for his fantasy event. She was injected with something that knocked her out instead. She woke up back at the house where she was living. A few months later, she discovered that she was pregnant. She went to a clinic to abort it before Romy found out and received a lecture on murder instead. She went next to [...]

    27. Gerritsen tells a captivating and thrilling story about an ER doctor caught in the middle of an experiment gone wrong in her novel Life Support. Toby Harper's life revolves around her late night ER shifts and looking after her mother after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. While her life may not be going exactly to plan, she is on a clear pathuntil a patient is brought naked into her ER, confused and having isolated tremorsa patient that was completely lucid only a few weeks before. Unable to [...]

    28. This was a fast paced medical thriller which I enjoyed. When I first started reading it I wasn't sure because it seemed as if the author was just showing off their knowledge of medical procedures, but this doesn't carry on and the thriller aspect kicks in.Basically there are very rich, elderly residents of a retirement home volunteering for experiments to prolong their lives, and at first this seems to be working, until they start dying of strange symptoms. It turns out that the doctors giving t [...]

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