The Hideout

The Hideout In a moment of madness Jeremy Holland s parents were killed by a gunman in a Seattle mall Now he faces a new life with his uncle Ed a man with a vastly different lifestyle from the one Jeremy is use

  • Title: The Hideout
  • Author: Peg Kehret
  • ISBN: 9780671034214
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a moment of madness, Jeremy Holland s parents were killed by a gunman in a Seattle mall Now he faces a new life with his uncle Ed, a man with a vastly different lifestyle from the one Jeremy is used to As he sits on the train hurtling toward Chicago, he can barely believe the terrible truth He has no mother, no father, no home Suddenly the impossible happens agaIn a moment of madness, Jeremy Holland s parents were killed by a gunman in a Seattle mall Now he faces a new life with his uncle Ed, a man with a vastly different lifestyle from the one Jeremy is used to As he sits on the train hurtling toward Chicago, he can barely believe the terrible truth He has no mother, no father, no home Suddenly the impossible happens again as the train crashes in a blaze of fire, twisted metal, and screaming people Jeremy staggers off, wandering aimlessly He finds a deserted cabin in the woods, which seems to be just waiting for him He thinks he can hide out and escape form the grief of his past and his future with his uncle Instead, Jeremy faces danger than he bargained for when he discovers evidence of bear poachers When he hears gun shot at night, Jeremy decides to leave his refuge and put his own life at stake in a desperate race to unmask the villains and save the bears.

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    1. Peg Kehret

      Peg Kehret writes middle grade fiction and nonfiction She s won dozens of state children s choice awards, where kids vote for their favorite book.When she was twelve, Peg was paralyzed with polio Most of her protagonists are the age she was then.A volunteer with animal rescue groups, three of Peg s books are co authored by Pete the Cat.

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    1. The hideout, by Peg Kehret I disliked the book because it was about anti-hunting, for example Jeremy kept comlaining about how could people "shoot a beautiful creature like this just for fifthy dollars". This book was about people who hunted bear and Jeremy was talking about selling the paws. The thing is that most people don't and the people in this book that did were poachers.Also i didn't like the authors note that was in the back of the book. One said that she thinks "compassionate people do [...]

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    3. It was an ok book. This book was slow to begin, but by the end it was a pretty good book. This book talks about poaching. People that like to read about poaching and how the law works would enjoy this is a book. The book isn't all factual, although it has a good story line. The poachers would be treated the same in real life.

    4. unrealistic, deppressing, and every time the character comes running out of a problem he just slips into a new one crying. dead parents, crashes, poachers, homeless boys?!?!? Is this a children's book?!

    5. This was a good story but it was ruined by the preachy anti-hunting message that forgets that most hunters, like carnivorous animals, are just hunting for food.

    6. It is a great book. There are some sad parts in the book but all exepet for that it is a good book. I hope you will like the book. If you read it.

    7. How this book all started out is Jeremy Holland's parents were killed by a gunman in a Seattle mall. And now he thinks that he is going to face a whole new life. And now that his parents have died his uncle ed is going to take care of him and then. They were going to have someone else take care of him, but then no one else could handle him and his uncle is the only one that he will trust. How Jeremy and his uncle ed are the same is that they both say to each other we need to work together. And t [...]

    8. This is a wonderful book.It is about a young man who lost his parents in a car crash.He then starts to live with his grandma.She is sick so she cant take very good care of him.He then is forced to live with his uncle that lives in Chicago and is very wealthy.On his way to Chicago his train wrecks and then he finds a abandoned cabin in the woods.He lives there for a while.He meets a girl that lives in an area close to him.He hears gunshots when he is sleeping.In the morning he wakes up and finds [...]

    9. I think this story will appeal to its target audience, but I found it too didactic. Readers need to be able to figure some things out for themselves, and Kehret tells the reader that hunting is bad, poaching is bad, etch. The reader is smarter than that - especially young readers who love animals. I was mad at Jeremy for putting his family through another supposed death. That is something you just don't do. I would have been better if he had run away. Having experienced the death of a family mem [...]

    10. I read this as a read aloud to my fourth grade class and all the students really enjoyed it. The story has many sad points but also has a great theme of survival. The story begins with Jeremy tragically loosing his parents and being sent to live with his uncle in Chicago. He takes the train but when the train crashes, Jeremy decides to live in a cabin in the woods by himself for the summer. Excitement follows with bear poachers and Jeremy saving not only himself but also his new friend. Lots of [...]

    11. This is an awesome children's book but Peg Kehret. It will keep you reading and not let you put it down. In the classroom, this is one book that I would frequently recommend to my reluctant readers because I knew that they would enjoy it. Also because once they read The Hideout, I could get them to read other Kehret books. I found that kids that like Kehret also enjoyed Will Hobbs and Gary Paulsen's River series. This is a must have for upper elementary and middle school classroom libraries.

    12. Jeremy thought he could escape the nightmares. First his parents are killed in a random act of violence. Then, the train that is taking him away from his home toward his uncle in Chicago crashes. He walks away from the wreckage and into the woods. What could be the harm of spending some time alone? But even in the woods, not only do his problems follow him, but he encounters new ones which include wild animals, poachers and guns.

    13. One of my favorite authors and another great book. This book hits the read and gets you running in the first few pages you read about a senseless act of violence in the mall that leaves our main character without a family. The adventure doesn't stop there, keep right on reading through a train wreak, heald up in a rustic cabin in the woods, the realization your are not alone there are criminals about!

    14. One book I’ve recently finished reading is The Hideout by Peg Kehret. It’s about a boy who is running away into the wilderness to escape from his past. Jeremy faces bigger tasks in the wilderness like bear hunters! It’s his duty to save the bears, and to reveal the enemies. I would like to recommend this book to hunters.

    15. I read this book with my son's book group at school. The story is interesting, and it was fast-paced enough to keep a bunch of kids interested. I liked the main character and his side-kick, Bonnie. What I didn't like was the blatant animal-rights activism of the author. We can all have our opinion, but to me, hers was too out there.

    16. This was a fast and easy read, similar to Escaping the Giant Wave. The theme was "Hatchet Light" with a boy trying to make it in the kinda wilderness. I recommend this book for reluctant readers because it's very accessible. I just wish it had a little more depth with respect to motivations of characters, such as Jeremy, and how they grow through the book.

    17. Poor Jeremy is REALLY having a bad time. Not only are his parents shot and killed by a crazy mall shooter, he has to move to Chicago to live with his widower uncle, is in a train wreck on his way to Chicago, and he escapes a black bear only to tangle with bear poachers later. My 8yo daughter really liked all the adventure. It was easy to follow even though it was a bit over the top and preachy.

    18. This book is great for anyone who loves adventure. It’s about a boy names Jeremy whose parents die and he has to go to Chicago to live with his uncle and on the train ride there, the train hits a mud slide and crashes. He then goes on a journey into the woods and runs into several obstacles.

    19. Many more people can connect with this book due to the many kids who have lost parents in terrorist attacks. It is easy to relate too. Goes deep into a kids head that many people are feeling. It also gives you a good outlook on what life would be like if you were to run away

    20. A 6th grade student asked me to read this book as it's one of her favorites, so I couldn't say no. :) I can see how an upper elementary/early middle school student would enjoy this story.

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