The Estuary

The Estuary Journalist John Pender has returned to his home town of Whiteshead to rekindle his marriage Ex British Intelligence Officer Dave Johnson has arrived to isolate himself after his fiancee is murdered du

  • Title: The Estuary
  • Author: Derek Gunn
  • ISBN: 9781934861240
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Journalist John Pender has returned to his home town of Whiteshead to rekindle his marriage Ex British Intelligence Officer Dave Johnson has arrived to isolate himself after his fiancee is murdered during a mission that went terribly wrong But excavations for the new shopping centre unearth a mysterious contagion that threatens to throw their lives into chaos Now the reJournalist John Pender has returned to his home town of Whiteshead to rekindle his marriage Ex British Intelligence Officer Dave Johnson has arrived to isolate himself after his fiancee is murdered during a mission that went terribly wrong But excavations for the new shopping centre unearth a mysterious contagion that threatens to throw their lives into chaos Now the residents of Whiteshead are trapped within a quarantine zone with the military on one side and ravenous hordes on the other Escape is no longer an option Far out in the mouth of the estuary a small keep sits forlornly surrounded by an apron of jagged rocks This refuge has always been unassailable, a place of myth and legend that has grown in folklore through the years Now, it s the survivors only hope of sanctuary But there are thousands of flesh eating infected between them and the keep and time is running out

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      341 Derek Gunn
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    About "Derek Gunn"

    1. Derek Gunn

      Derek Gunn is the author of the critically acclaimed bestseller, Vampire Apocalypse A World Torn Asunder the eBook alone has had over 100,000 downloads and has been described as a Summer Blockbuster Gorezone, An incredibly original piece of fiction Horror Web, and a terrific tale Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest.Three books have been published in this series, Descent into Chaos and Fallout and a fourth instalment in April 2014, Vampire Apocalypse, Trail of Tears In August 2012, Derek self published in eBook editions two novellas The Diabolical Plan and The Island and a novel Crimson Seas in his historical naval horror fiction series, The HMS Swift Adventures These have been picked up by his publisher Permuted Press for reissue in 2014 as a single volume in print and eBook.Derek also has a number of other stand alone novels published, The Estuary Zombie fiction , The Gatekeeper Apocalyptic Irish mythology thriller and Gemini Espionage thriller.Derek s short stories have been included in many anthologies including, from Signet Classics, Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and Ghosts 25 Tales of the Supernatural The inclusion of his short story The Third Option fulfils a his childhood ambition to have a story of his included in an anthology with some of his literary heroes, as this collection also features works by Bram Stoker, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Ann Rice, Woody Allen, Charles Dickens, Henry James, Joe Hill, Yvonne Navarro, Rudyard Kipling, Angela Carter and many .Derek works as a specialist consultant for a global telecommunications company He holds a degree in Marketing He is a member of and a contributing editor for The International Thriller Writers Association and an active member of The Horror Writers Association.Derek Gunn was born in 1964 He is married with three children and lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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    1. Great zombie book with a very cool set-up. Long forgotten secret Nazi weapons, a trapped population and flesh-eating zombies. Great fun!

    2. "Zombie lit" is very big these days, and as a fan of the theme overall, I've actually been hesitant to spend too much time reading books from this genre. It's just too trendy, the market is glutted, and I've read a couple of pretty bad zombie books (I wouldn't count this book among the bad ones) - enough to put me off of them for a while, but I'm giving them another try. Overall, I liked the book (which is, I know, a purely subjective statement). The author chose a great location for the story: [...]

    3. A 65 year old Nazi plot, a selfish developer, and a little boy's accident combine to unleash a waking nightmare on a small Irish town. Trapped between the military the legions of the walking dead, the survivors only chance is a small, almost impossible to reach keep far out in mouth of the estuary. Journalist John Pender & Ex-British Intelligence OfficerDave Johnson attempt to lead the few remaining living to their only hope of refuge.Okey-Dokey. I LOVED the story, of course. Huge Romero fan [...]

    4. This is pretty good. I certainly felt, if not frightened then certainly uncomfortable reading parts of this. Like a lot of good movies, you can see what's coming, you know you don't want it to happen, you don't want to watch it happen, but you can't look away. Seriously, who doesn't like secret nazi zombies?All in all a good read. I know it shoudln't matter, but I'm not thrilled about the cover of this book though. It doesn't seems to be related to the book itself, just a random zombie picture.

    5. Awesome addition to the genre! Well worth checking out if you are a hardcore zombie-lit fan or if it's you're first foray into the world of zombie books.

    6. The Estuary takes place in a small Irish town, where we are introduced to quite a few different characters going through their normal lives, including a journalist who has moved away from the city to rekindle his relationship with both his wife and his writing, a ex-British secret agent with a haunted past, a doctor, a police officer, and a delivery driver. There are plenty of other characters we get introduced to as one of the sons of the journalist, playing out on the dried out estuary, stumbl [...]

    7. Vampire Apocalypse series' author Derek Gunn’s The Estuary is a novel that is both easy and difficult to describe. Effectively, if you were to say it was a Stephen King-esque novel set in Ireland with zombies you would have a fairly good estimate of what exactly the story is about. There’s a lot more to it but the fundamental premise is the same. Derek Gunn takes a bunch of small town residents, examine their lives in detail, insert a supernatural predator of some kind, and hit 'frape.' The [...]

    8. Picking up The Estuary, a 2009 novel from Irish author Derek Gunn, was a no-brainer for me. For those who are familiar with my love of the zombie sub-genre and all things apocalyptic, it surely came as no surprise that I'd enjoy this book!The synopsis provided is a fairly succinct assessment of the plot of The Estuary. However, it fails to take account of the first chapter which was the real baited hook for me: a secret Nazi mission in 1944 to turn the tide of the war in their favourThere's noth [...]

    9. This is a very well conceived and good story. However, it's in desperate need of a good proof-reader/editor given all the mistakes I came across which made the flow of the story stumble. I'm not talking about spelling since I realize that the author is writing in proper English rather than American English. And I'm not even referring to grammatical errors either. Just simple mistakes any writer can make when you're banging out a good piece of work and lose your train of thought. Ex: words or par [...]

    10. This is a good fast paced zombie story set in a small Irish village that becomes over-run by a Nazi made zombie plague released from a lost submarine left over from the War. The story begins innocently enough as the submarine is uncovered but things quickly escalate as a few local men disturb some of the canisters on board the sub. As the virus spreads through the village we follow various members of the community as they try and come to terms with events while trying not to get bitten, eaten or [...]

    11. This is a great, traditional zombie survivial story. Small town + zom,bie infection almost always equals an interesting, character driven story. The characters are interesting and when the military gets mixed up in the town's efforts to survive chaos ensues. I especially liked some of the imagery - one scene in which a group of survivors fights together to make it through the town square overrun with zombies really sticks in my head.

    12. Not a bad reada bit like a movie with a cheesy happy ending, but the action was non-stop and hell, it has zombies!

    13. He needs a much better copy editor. I didn’t care for the inner monologues and there is a super major plot hole about the timing of moving locations, but it wasn’t bad

    14. I've had a couple of terrific reader reviews for my latest release posted at and and but this is the first "official" review from [url:]horrornews/[/url:] A brief taster -" The Estuary is a complex tale that had me turning pages non-stop Mr. Gunn twists history in a believable and original wayThe scares here are realistic and human, so to me the feeling of terror is more prolonged never wavering till the last pageMr. Gunn uses science (Ala Michael Crichton) to explain the cause of the sudden [...]

    15. This example of zombie fiction is set in a small town in Ireland, where a recently discovered German submarine from World War II leads to a whole heap of trouble for the residents. The setting is interesting, but to be honest it could be a town pretty much anywhere.This is a pretty average zombie story in my opinion. It's certainly not the worst story as it's pretty well written, is exciting in parts and has some well described characters that I actually cared about. However, I found that there [...]

    16. I am a huge fan of the Vampire Apocalypse series, and I was curious to read what story Mr. Gunn created in the zombie genre.Unfortunately I found the Estuary not as inventive and original as the author's vampire books. The plot follows the usual scheme, where a handful of people tries to escape the arising zombie plague, some showing heroic action, others falling along the way. While the book is ok to read, it is not outstanding and will be forgotten soon after.Reading the Estuary I got the impr [...]

    17. Mildly entertaining light horror marred by some pretty ridiculous turns of phrase, and pretty thin characterization. I got very tired of the floods of bodies, surges of bodies, and people fighting against the tides of bodies. Also, the children. Lots of wearying blather about the children. At least it was a fast read.

    18. I enjoyed reading the book, however the book has many errors in it. I like when the zombies do not have any human attributes and it sticks with what zombies really are. I generally am not of fan of books from a different country but the visuals help. Although I can't imagine Ireland to be decimated by zombies it works well here.

    19. The story was pretty good, the typical zombie scenario with a old world war twist I guess. But to be completely honest it got hard to read at times because of all the typos and errors, this guy did not pick the best editor, or editing company that's for sure.

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