No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home In a riveting new thriller from America s Queen of Suspense a young woman is ensnared into returning to a place she had wanted to leave behind forever her childhood home There at the age of ten Liz

  • Title: No Place Like Home
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a riveting new thriller from America s Queen of Suspense, a young woman is ensnared into returning to a place she had wanted to leave behind forever her childhood home There, at the age of ten, Liza Barton had shot her mother, trying desperately to protect her from her estranged step father, Ted Cartwright Despite his claim that the shooting was a deliberate act, tIn a riveting new thriller from America s Queen of Suspense, a young woman is ensnared into returning to a place she had wanted to leave behind forever her childhood home There, at the age of ten, Liza Barton had shot her mother, trying desperately to protect her from her estranged step father, Ted Cartwright Despite his claim that the shooting was a deliberate act, the Juvenile Court ruled the death an accident Many people, however, agreed with Cartwright, and the tabloids compared her to the infamous murderess Lizzie Borden, pointing even to the similarity of their names To erase Liza s past, her adoptive parents change her name to Celia At age twenty eight, a successful interior designer in Manhattan, she marries a childless sixty year old widower, Laurence Foster, and they have a son Before their marriage, she reveals to him her true identity Two years later, on his deathbed, he makes her swear never to tell anyone so that their son, Jack, will not carry the stigma of her past Two years later, Celia is happily remarried Her peace of mind is shattered when her new husband, Alex Nolan, surprises her with a gift the house in Mendham, New Jersey, where she killed her mother On the day they move in, they find the words little lizzie s place beware painted on the lawn, splotches of red paint all over the house, and a skull and crossbones carved into the door More and , there are signs that someone in the community knows Celia s true identity When Georgette Grove, the real estate agent who sold the house to Alex, is brutally murdered and Celia is the first on the crime scene, she becomes a suspect As Celia fights to prove her innocence, she is not aware that she and her son, Jack, are now the targets of a killer.

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    1. Mary Higgins Clark

      Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.

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    1. Ten-year-old Liza Barton accidentally shot and killed her mother while trying to protect her from Liza’s violent stepfather. The stepfather was also shot, but lived, and he claimed that Liza killed her mother on purpose. Liza is found innocent of the crime, but the tabloids have labeled her Little Lizzie Borden because of the name similarity, and many people believe that Liza is really an evil little girl. Relatives of Liza adopt her, take her far away from her hometown, and change her name to [...]

    2. There is no one like Mary Higgins Clark There is a reason why Mary Higgins Clark have millions of devout readers . i was late to join the bandwagon, but now that i have finally joined i have started to see the magic she weaves on her audience. So far i have read two books from her works and what i have noticed is that, she brings forward all these characters that you know for sure are the culprits from the get go, but as soon as you reach the end,you realize that the author had been playing with [...]

    3. Didn't like it. Guessed who it was from the first couple of chapters. Didn't like Celia Nolan. And why did the book have to end in a marriage? So this lady was married three times in the space of like 6 years. Why did she have to marry the DA? I wouldv'e been like "No, man I gotta focus on myself and my little boy for awhile. Just be me. Ask me again in a few years." I felt like she just jumped from one marriage to another. Also the 4 year old boy - I've never heard a 4 year old talk as well as [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsLittle Liza Barton accidentally killed her mother at age 10 when her stepfather threw her mother at her as Liza was holding a gun. She was trying to protect her mother from harm but it went terribly wrong. She was acquitted of murder but was adopted, legally changed her name, and attempted to live a normal life. 24 years later, her husband buys her a home as a birthday present. This would be a great gift, if the house wasn't her childhood home where she murdered her mother. Suddenly, pe [...]

    5. No place like home is an incredible, mind-blowing and an awesome thriller that I wholly recommend.It’s the first time I discover Higgins Clark’s pen, and one thing I’m sure of; it won’t be my last.No place like home is a thriller full of suspense, surprises and secrets, and I admit, that even if I’d suspected all the characters, I could never ever imagine that unexpected and marvelous ending.The story is about a little girl named Liza Barton that incidentally killed her mother, and sho [...]

    6. EXPERIMENTAL READ OF THE MONTH: APRIL 2016Every month my friends and I go out of our comfort zones and embrace the world outside historical and contemporary romance. Thanks for accompanying me on this wild ride, sraxe!24 April 2016Dear Diary,Today, my good pal sraxe and I found our true calling. As much as we enjoyed being drop-dead gorgeous reviewers with amazing hair, we thought it was time that we pursued our lifelong dream. No, it's not becoming Justin Trudeau's concubines, though that was [...]

    7. I'm a truly big fan of Mary Higgins Clark because I love how she creates mystery, because of that, I couldn't stop myself from reading this book:-Plot/Development: The book talks about Celia Nolan, who supposedly committed a crime when she was a child, but at the end, it was discovered that everything was planned. With all this, a development is created when the actual husband of Nolan bought the house where she used to live and a series of strange events happened.I liked that it was really a cr [...]

    8. Leave it to Mary Higgins Clark, known by her steadfast readers as the “Queen of Suspense,” to craft an intricate mystery, chock-full of shady murder suspects, lies and deceit.The fast-pace story takes off when Clark paints a vivid portrait of Liza Barton’s picture-perfect childhood. At the beginning, Liza had it all: loving parents and a dream home in New Jersey, complete with scenic pastures and horse stables. Little Liza’s seemingly flawless life was ripped out from under her after her [...]

    9. The Genre which made me to start this crazy adventure of reading . Yes, i started out with Nancy Drew and loved all her mysteries . As i was browsing through my 2016 Reading Challenge , i found out that i had not read a single book based on Mystery .I couldn't read a lot this year due to some commitments .But its really sad not to read a book under a genre for which i was crazy about once upon a time Moving onto this book , Celia is gifted with her childhood home by her husband Alex. The home , [...]

    10. This is definitely not going to be like my regular reviews. I generally tend to end up writing more critique-style reviews than regular reviews, but it's hard to do that with this because it's difficult to talk about it without writing about literally every single character, what they did, and how they fit into the story. And by that point, I might as well include a buying or library link for everyone because it's just easier (and more satisfying) to just go read it!I think what really made this [...]

    11. Since Mary Higgins Clark is another of the more prevalent mystery writers, I thought that I would give one of her books a try. It sounded interesting, and the first few pages were, but then as the book progressed, it was agonizing. There were so many unneccessary descriptions and random characters that just made the story complicated. Several chapters opened by introducing new characters, like a different news reporter or someone's assistant, who were really not mentioned in the rest of the book [...]

    12. DNF @ 38% because this book is ridiculous and it's getting on my nerves. A boring, unbelievable mash-up of flat characters and irrelevant information. Do I care how the main character prepared her lunch, and what her husband's favourite food is? Not particularly.What was described in the description of the novel, the murder of the real estate agent, should have happened within the first few chapters. Instead, 100 pages passed with absolutely nothing (except, you know, learning her husband's favo [...]

    13. I feel as though the Mary Higgins Clark books are good for quick reads.For me all her books seem to be three point five star books. They’re good if you want something quick to read and yet I never seem to enjoy them as much as I love other authors. They’re sort of just there for when I want something quick to read.I think my main problem is that they all seem to be a lot of the same, in my opinion. Whether it is simply due to the selection of her books I have read or whether such is the case [...]

    14. There are some books that totally justify Mary Higgins Clark being called the Queen of suspense. Sadly, this was not one such book. There is a certain predictability to some of her books. You don't need any sleuthing skills to guess who the killer is within the first few chapters itself, because the antagonists in her books almost always have the same characteristics. The motive was revealed hurriedly in the last chapter and was unconvincing. (view spoiler)[ Oh, and the main character just jumps [...]

    15. Great bookwhen you just want to read a good book and not think about anythingis is a good one for that. It hooks you from the beginning and you have to read ityou have no choice :)

    16. It wasn't the edge-of-my-seat read that I thought it was going to be. True, it had its moments, but I thought it would have been more of a page turner. The content was surprisingly clean. There were hardly any cuss words or sexual desires/moments/jokes etc. The premise was pretty freaky and traumatizing. A child killing her own mother (by accident or no) is a deeply disturbing thought. The fact that Liza was blamed for what she didn't do in purpose made it even worse. The whole story surrounding [...]

    17. In a spellbinding whodunit from the Mary Higgins Clark, a young woman involuntary returns to the childhood home she cerebrally sought to erase from her life -- and where her secreted past appears with a novel and noxious development. While attempting to protect her mother from Ted’s violence, ten-year-old Liza Barton inadvertently discharges her father’s firearm, killing her mother and maiming Ted, her vehement stepfather. With the death ruled accidental, the tabloids brutishly branded littl [...]

    18. Another Mary Higgins Clark book, and another enjoyable read! This is the story of Celia Nolan, born Liza Barton. As a child, Liza accidentally killed her mother when her stepfather was threatening them both. However, even though Liza was found not guilty, everyone in the community felt she had done it on purpose, and they have nicknamed the family home "Little Lizzie's Place," referencing Lizzie Borden.Years later, as an adult who was adopted by relatives and going by the name Celia Nolan, she f [...]

    19. Mary Higgins Clark does it again with another page-turner that kept me reading late into the night and finishing the book in the span of just a few days.In No Place Like Home, Celia Nolan's new husband has just purchased her a new home as a birthday gift. The house has a tragic past - a little girl named Liza Barton accidentally shot and killed her mother while trying to protect her from an angry boyfriend. The surprise is that Celia is Liza Barton - she had changed her name and moved away, tryi [...]

    20. It's been a while since I picked up a Mary Higgins Clark book, and I am so glad that I came across this one. It's a great mystery with a surprising twist at the end. A woman with a tragic past has returned to her home town in a surprising way. Her current husband unknowingly bought her childhood home as a birthday present! Celia, who's real name is, Liza Barton, had wanted to keep her past hidden, but this unexpected turn in her life will bring it all rushing back. When murders start popping up, [...]

    21. This books take too long to give us a reason to care about the characters. The identity of the culprit is obvious from the get-go, but the motivation is from left-field and lame. The climax is about a page long, and everything gets wrapped up in a "Oh by the way, they confessed!" Epilogue. Lame.This is not worth reading and the only reason I finished it was pride. I couldn't let this book beat me!SPOILERS!I knew Alex was in on it, but his money-grubbing motivation was stupid. I thought Alex was [...]

    22. Celia's new husband of six months surprises her with a new house Too bad it is the one that she grew up in as a girl, under another name. As a 10 year old, Liza Barton tried to protect her mom from her stepfather, and ended up shooting and killing her mother. Now she is back, 24 years later, and a series of murders occur, all seeming to point right towards her. Will Liza/Celia be able to find the real culprit and fix her life?

    23. A husband buys a house for his wife as a birthday gift; her childhood home in which she shot her parents. An interesting idea and very polished writing. But the story just didn't come alive for me. The characters were one dimensional and the plot at times seemed cliched.

    24. I liked the intricate storyline but didn't really enjoy the style of writing. There are lots of tiny chapters each told from a different character's perspective. I didn't feel that I "got to know" any of them. Don't think I will read any more from Mary Higgins Clark.

    25. Story was a good read but then she very quickly wrapped up the whole who did it in the last 20 pages or so. Wish she would have dedicated a little more to the ending. Up to that point it was a good read but it seems like she gave up and just wanted to finish it wham, bam!

    26. this book will keep ypou on the edge of your seat the wholle book and tell you it will very hard to put down!!!

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