Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are

Start Here Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are The now twenty year old authors of Do Hard Things offer practical advice for how to begin a personal rebelution

  • Title: Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are
  • Author: AlexHarris Brett Harris Elisa Stanford Eric Stanford
  • ISBN: 9781601422705
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • The now twenty year old authors of Do Hard Things offer practical advice for how to begin a personal rebelution.

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    1. AlexHarris Brett Harris Elisa Stanford Eric Stanford

      AlexHarris Brett Harris Elisa Stanford Eric Stanford Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are book, this is one of the most wanted AlexHarris Brett Harris Elisa Stanford Eric Stanford author readers around the world.

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    1. You'd think I'd be more excited about this book, I've been almost fanatically waiting for it to come outbut every time I start reading it, I am awashed in feeling guilty because I'm not studying for my ACT xD5 years later.Well, that took me a lot longer to finish than I expected! A helpful, wise book that I definitely recommend for teenagers looking to do more. The Rebelution shaped my life as a high schooler and it is definitely still relevant today.

    2. Actual rating: 4.5Teetering on the cusp of being just as good and amazing as Do Hard Things - and definitely as inspiring. <3

    3. Even though I really appreciate the ministry of Alex and Brett and the incredible impact they are making on this generation, I didn’t have any particular plans to read this latest book of theirs. It didn’t seem like it would be relevant to where I’m at in life right now. I should have known better. Several others in my family were reading it, so I picked it up one day just to take a closer look. Several hours later I had finished reading the whole thing! The book is a short 160 pages, but [...]

    4. This book was amazingly encouraging to me! Start Here is a follow up to Do Hard Things, and both books are definitely worth reading. The message that the Harris brothers are trying to get across, is that our teen years are an incredibly valuable season of life, and we should make the most of them. They are the launching pad of life, so why would we waste them doing nothing? We as teenagers, should rebel against the low expectations placed on us and do hard things for God’s glory. Start Here co [...]

    5. Wooot! I finally got it in the mail! Unfortunatly, I have to finish some other books before I can pick up this one :(Finished: After the last book, Do Hard Things, I was fired up but needed a direction. This book showed me the things I could start changing in my life, and reminded me that there are those "little hard things" that I still need to constantly work at everyday. A good follow-up ^.^

    6. I really, really appreciate this book's emphasis on "rebelling against low expectations" and doing hard things for the glory of God, but what gets me is that the authors seem to believe hard things are always these huge projects involving other people. For example, some headers within the chapters were: What should I do when people want to interview me? How can I get my friends involved in a group effort? What are some ideas for getting my church to participate? I'm not big on bake sales. How ca [...]

    7. I can't rave enough about this book. A few years ago, my husband and I did a book club for the summer for our junior high Sunday School class with "Do Hard Things." I can't wait to discuss "Start Here" this summer! Really well done and very comprehensive. Answers so many questions students may have and gives practical examples and steps.

    8. Fairly motivating, but really just a lesser "Do Hard Things" in a smaller book. It's message is great, it's delivery OK. Probably better off just reading "Do Hard Things".

    9. I felt like this book was saying the exact same things as the first one. I wished that it had been more different and given more advice and information.

    10. This was a great companion to Do Hard Things. I love the practical advice and steps given. Will be reading again! 👍

    11. Title: Start Here: Doing Hard Right Where You Are.Author: Alex and Brett Harris.Genre: Nonfiction, Christian, Teens, Sequel, Handbook/Guidelines.Plot: Written in the summer between their freshman and sophomore years at Patrick Henry College, Alex and Brett Harris put together a handy manual containing answers to many of the questions Rebelutionaries have been asking, as well as some inspiring and amazing stories of real teens breaking the chains of society's low expectations and doing hard thing [...]

    12. In their first book Do Hard Things, Alex & Brett Harris challenged young people to break out of the stereotypical teenage mold of low expectations and do something noteworthy. They challenged their readers "to do hard things for the glory of God and, in the process, turn the world's idea of what teens are capable of upside down." (p.1) In their follow up book, Start Here, they seek to provide some guidance and suggestions for just exactly where to start doing hard things.One of the most diff [...]

    13. BOOK OVERVIEW:At the age of eighteen, Alex and Brett Harris wrote Do Hard Things—and launched a movement that would change a generation. Young people around the world were ready to be inspired, ready to move beyond complacency, ready to rebel against society’s low expectations.Now the highly anticipated companion book, Start Here, answers the questions Alex and Brett have received from thousands of teens on their worldwide conference tour and popular online community: How do I get started? W [...]

    14. Alex and Brett Harris are back at it again with their follow up on Do Hard Things. I read Do Hard Things over a year ago, and I loved it. Essentially, the book was a call for teenagers to put off the myth of adolescence in their lives, and live a meaningful life for the glory of God. This was done by "doing hard things". Start Here serves a more practical purpose in educating youth on how to do hard things right where they are.The Harris twins lay out the basic model for what doing a hard thing [...]

    15. I found Start Here to be very inspirational. The Harris’ get down to the point quickly and concisely. Start Here is a light easy read, but then how can a Christian living book be light? They talk about pride and sin and giving glory to God, they talk about peer pressure and stress and fears and the Father of Lies. But they also encourage teenagers to get out of the box that our society has put them in. It’s light and easy in that it’s an easily understood page-turner. The Harris’ first b [...]

    16. Start Here Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are by Alex and Brett Harris reads like a manual for their previous book, Do Hard Things. Where the first book inspires teens to be more than society expects, Start Here continues the talk by examining ways to start doing hard things. The book discusses some of the hurdles that one may face to get an idea going.I was astounded and blessed by the wisdom that these young men share.I’m no teenager, (I’m 30 in fact!), yet this book has inspired and co [...]

    17. Start Here is an excellent follow-up to the Harris twins' first book, Do Hard Things. Both of these titles are definitely recommendable to any teen on the planet. Although the motto of "do hard things" is targeted towards Christians, I could see it being implemented into the daily lives of other teens as well.This book features many stories of regular teens who decided to do something hard. It really helps to illustrate that whether your task at hand is big or small, as long as you're doing a "h [...]

    18. This is the second book written by brothers Alex & Brett Harris. The first one, "Do Hard Things", was a collection of true stories about teens that really want to help their community by doing what God wants them to. "Start Here" is also about young people working for the Lord.I really enjoyed reading all these stories about different people fulfilling tasks that they are led to do. It was amazing to read about how something that at first might seem impossible, but then slowly comes together [...]

    19. This is a great (and short) read for teenagers interested in making a difference or for youth leaders, teachers, parents, or anyone else who wants to encourage young adults. The book is easy to read and is clearly intended for high school and possibly college students. One thing I appreciated about the book, as a person who works with and knows many students who don't like to read or can't read well, was the format of the book. The type isn't huge, but the font isn't so small that it's intimidat [...]

    20. They have done it again--given me plenty to think on in a book less than 200 pages long. I'm going to put a few more favorite quotes here, since I couldn't as I passed them earlier."Along the way, you might discover secret rebelutionaries. These are the young people around you whose hearts are silently crying out, God has bigger plans for me than this. There's more to me than what this culture expects. Your mission: find these people!" (p. 44-45)"While you might think everyone should care about [...]

    21. This book was amazing! I loved the practicality. It really helped me guide me through doing hard things. Right now I am just doing "little" hard things, but I was really encouraged. I enjoyed the personal stories, hearing how other people did hard things. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to any Rebelutionist and even non-Rebelutionists. At the end of the book it gives a list of hard things that people have done, so that was pretty helpful for getting an idea for what I could do. My goal is to [...]

    22. Picking right up where Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations left off, Alex and Brett, along with the dozens of other rebulutionary teens, gave a clear idea of where to start doing hard things. The chapters went over questions that others have had, they told stories of other's successes, and encouraged teenagers to stick with it. I wish that I owned this book instead of borrowing it. If you ever get the chance to pick it up, do it. You will not regret it. If you follow wha [...]

    23. The main thing I walked away from after reading this book is to be faithful in the small things that I do everyday. In my life there are a lot of little, insignificant things that I spend time on everyday: exercising, practicing the piano, spending time with God, keeping a good attitude, spending time on what I need to be doing. They don't seem to make a difference in the world as a whole. That doesn't matter. God notices. God knows. God cares. God uses those little, everyday things in my life t [...]

    24. For those of you who have read Do Hard Things, this book is a companion book with some more practical ideas for starting those hard things in your life. I appreciated the authors' practical approach and examples, as well as the list in the back of the book of 100 hard things that people have done, ranging from raising money for a non-profit organization to spending time with younger brothers and sisters.The point is simple: everyone's "hard things" are different. Figure out what your hard thing [...]

    25. Start Here is the perfect follow-up book to Do Hard Things. Where Do Hard Things inspired and challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone, Start Here showed me through the power of stories just how possible that actually is. And just because it's shorter and has a slightly different focus doesn't mean it's any less inspiring in and of itself! From the stories of Ana Zimmerman and John Moore to the 100 Hard Things Challenge, Start Here leaves readers equipped with a clear understanding of wh [...]

    26. The book contains sound wisdom for youths, considering that the authors were just 21 years old when they wrote it. The truth I liked most is that they said youth is a 'season of preparation. Our main focus during this season is to prepare for mature, effective adulthood: work, marriage, family, service to others, leadership, and ministry.' This preparation for adulthood unlikely involves the futile activities that a majority of today's youth indulge in.'Life is tough, but it's tougher if you're [...]

    27. This book did what the subtitle suggested it would do: followed up on the authors' first book by helping young people do hard things right where you are. Was this book as good as Do Hard Things? Well, no, but it's not really meant to be. It followed Do Hard Things Well by informing a generation of Rebelutionaries on how to persevere in doing hard things. A great book for youth and the adults who work with them.

    28. It's very practical and the stories of these teenagers were really inspirational. :) A generation that can do hard things will do national transformation. All because of Jesus. It's amazing how these teens did everything for Jesus and with Jesus. Because really, apart from Him, we can't do any hard thing.

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