Strange Attractions

Strange Attractions Determined not to repeat her mother s mistakes high school dropout and unrepentant heartbreaker Charity Wills jumps at the chance to attend college for free There s just one little catchShe must trav

  • Title: Strange Attractions
  • Author: Emma Holly
  • ISBN: 9780425205037
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Determined not to repeat her mother s mistakes, high school dropout and unrepentant heartbreaker Charity Wills jumps at the chance to attend college for free There s just one little catchShe must travel to the estate of reclusive physicist B.G Grantham, who likes to play sex games as exotic as the particles he studies and is obsessed with the thrill of being refused tDetermined not to repeat her mother s mistakes, high school dropout and unrepentant heartbreaker Charity Wills jumps at the chance to attend college for free There s just one little catchShe must travel to the estate of reclusive physicist B.G Grantham, who likes to play sex games as exotic as the particles he studies and is obsessed with the thrill of being refused the one thing he craves But Charity is than up to the challenge especially when Eric Berne, her sexy keeper, lends a hand Behind the locked doors of Grantham s isolated mansion, the games begin So does the education of Charity Wills who s about to discover that the possibilities for sensual indulgence are beyond anything her wildest dreams ever allowed

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    1. To say this book is full ofwould be a total understatemnt. Sexual tension is all part of the sex games they play at B.G. Grantham's estate. This story has a very dark and unique plot with lots of twists, turns and mystery. The sexual dynamic between Charity, Eric and B.G. is one of the best I've ever read.

    2. This is a weird book. The premise is peculiar but I can go along with it: a reclusive genius physicist, BG Grantham, and his best friend and lover, Eric, put together a game whereby they carefully screen a couple of candidates, choose one, proposition them and invite them to BG's mansion for a month of sexual games, after which the candidate will be fully funded to go to university. Eric chooses lovely Charity, who turns their games on their head and falls for both men, while learning about phys [...]

    3. Dear god this is dull. It's got a fabulously awful plot premise, sex on every other page and it is dreadful. Once again, Schroedinger's poor cat is hauled out of its box to show that the heroine (Charity Wills!) has the ability to learn things. Is there no other science topic available? I stopped reading when one of our heroes--the Bill Gates-type recluse with his own little Harrad Experiment as a diversion--realizes that Charity is special because she is a "natural student". No, really. It's no [...]

    4. *looks around slowly*so, umah, I kind of read that was quite educational, I would say, and I loved the interaction between the characters. I also liked that all physics thing, and theories (some of which I learned of). it is well written and all, realy, and it was interesting enough that I kept reading even after I realized what it was about. butas for the whole three of them loving each other, it was still clear she had better chemistry with one of them. and, I know it is erotic romance but rea [...]

    5. I had a 'strange attraction' of my own to this book - my first full-length Emma Holly tale. I don't want to give anything away, but it's not too much of a secret that this is a menage story, pretty much from start to finish, though more is going on than just that. Now, I wouldn't consciously choose a M/M or F/F book to read, and I'm not into sharing partners,especialy simultaneously, but it was the characters that made this enjoyable for me. You just couldn't help but like the heroine, the hero, [...]

    6. An aptly named book. A reclusive physicist, sex games, and intrigue. A little quantum physics, some freaky happenings with a lot of sex and love thrown in. Emma Holly rocks in the erotic genre.

    7. Read this for my book club to fill the romance category, but found it to be surprisingly entertaining. Yes, it's erotic fiction, but the author is as focused on the emotional component as the sex.

    8. Damned good! Not just good, but damned good!While I have never read Holly's works before, I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful a writer this new-to-me author turned out to be. Erotica is a fascinating genre all to itself, and it can be equally amazing to witness true good writers of such in action. Being such a controversial type of fiction is tough enough, especially considering the fact that so many erotica authors either write in purple prose, or turn their works into one endless sex scen [...]

    9. This is an erotica novel, so if that's not your thing, stop reading now.Like all erotica novels, it's based on an entirely impossible romantic scenario, but with much more creative sex scenes. Emma Holly, the writer, is especially gifted at mixing a happily-ever-after sappy romance with very hot sex scenes. In this novel, a genius reclusive rich physicist named B.G. runs his own version of Fantasy Island on a wooded, Northwestern estate. His best friend and lover Eric helps him. Together they ch [...]

    10. I like Emma Holly's books she does a great job writing erotica and what is nice about this book is that you have a story that is more than porn.Now about that story, well the character development was a little off. I wanted her to flush out Eric and BG more. The female character, Charity I never really got into her story. In my opinion the love stories involving her were shallow and not much emotion. However, the two male characters, had a really sweet love story. The M/M love story I totally br [...]

    11. [Addendum to my review two years after first written: for those to whom I've been saying there is much better out there than the Fifty Shades books, I really should be giving them this title as an alternative.]Emma Holly has made a wonderful achievement in this book. She has written an erotic romance so good that I will read it again and again, without the use of any suspense or paranormal elements. This talent of hers deserves recognition, I enjoyed this book as much as any I've read by Jayne A [...]

    12. As part of our RA work at the library, we are reading through different genres. December's genre? Erotic fiction. I struggled to find something that was ridiculous (Storm Watch) or pseudo-intellectual bs (Sexual Life of Catherine M). Many web resources mentioned Emma Holly as an author that is a good writer and measures high on the spicy factor. The plot of Strange Attractions was a little kooky and involved a brilliant and hot physics genius, his best friend/lover/employee and Charity. They end [...]

    13. Wow. I've read this book many times now and everytime I do I seem to like it even more. Emma Holly goes above and beyond her usual strengths and the result is a very satisfying read. If you are going to read only one of Emma Holly's erotic novels, make it this one.I especially like the relationship between the two men in this novel. It is well developed, believable (almost more so to me than the hetero dynamics), steamy and, in its own way, quite romantic. This is the first book that I ever read [...]

    14. I do love Emma Holly's writing because I find her characters just so darn likeable. They get on with it and don't have all this tortured miscommunication and angst driven, repetitive inner dialogue which is more often than not very off putting, painful and intelligence insulting. Charity is down to earth, has a moment of contemplation about being with 2 strong, smart men but doesn't get bogged down, she is strong without being unbelievable and hey she takes those 2 guys on (plus a little more) a [...]

    15. "From one of the best writers of erotic fiction around comes the hot novel of a young woman's sensual education at the hands of a reclusive professor who's adept at erotic mind games."Mildly entertaining. My first foray into oficially labelled erotic fiction -- not taking into consideration the books my parents hid from me in the second row on our bookshelf, when I was a teenager. All things considered I might have enjoyed Fanny Hill, Henry Miller or Charles Bukowski more. My interest started fa [...]

    16. This was much more than I expected. I thought this would be a story similar to In the Flesh, with two complicated men in a relationship, and they (unsuccessfully) add a female. In the Flesh was not a romance with a satisfying HEA. I read Strange Attractions regardless because the excerpt intrigued me. It is a really good story - the two men are interesting and complicated, especially the genius physicist. The lead female is great too. The quantum theory added into the plot is just on this side o [...]

    17. La narración de la autora me gusta, pero la traducción mal hecha en la versión que tengo me hizo quedarme un poco fría.La historia de Charity es bastante interesante, desde un puesto poco deseado de trabajo a una situación de ménage con experimentos incluídos, aunque después esta situación se vuelva bastante real. Y los especimenes masculinos que acompañan no pierdan la oportunidad de hacer a Charity feliz. Eric es un amor, demasiado romántico y a la vez indeciso para su propio bien, [...]

    18. 2,5 stars, this is a geeky book. this is a special story about a smartass scientist and domineering personality BG, who is doing a top secret experiment. He recruits Charity, knowing very well his friend and long time partner has a thing for her as He made him choose her. It was a really confusing read for me , but in the end, i think BG was afraid to loose Eric, but he also wanted to make Eric happy. So can Eric have it all, Charity and still keep BG by the side? i am not into menages, but the [...]

    19. Emma Holly is my fave erotica authord although I still rank Top of her Game as my number one (because it feeds my cowboy fetish a bit), this book is a really close second. There are some very hot scenes. Be forewarnedif you are turned off by a little male on male action, you may not love this book. The male action in this book is very sensual and well-written so I thought it was a great addition! Especially since I think that is sexy and you can't find that much of anywhere!

    20. Points for originality! And science. This one certainly takes off in an interesting direction, adding a (rare) almost sff element to the story. Nothing about this one is remotely real-world, but that actually works out to its benefit. Holly creates three interesting characters and actually draws believable, real feeling from them in the midst of a somewhat ridiculous backdrop. It's a rare sexy book that makes me think, but this one did.

    21. I read this the first time a few years ago as a paperback. I loved it then. This time I purchased the Kindle Edition and re-read it. Alright, it is still a great book, I enjoyed the heck out of it, but even this time there's only so much quantum anything I can handle. If you have a mind that can wrap around science AND lots of kinky, smexy times, then this is a book for you!

    22. HOT!!! The story was a littleh! It dragged a lot for me. But the relationships were intriguing and the sex was WOW! This was my first book by Emma HollyI will be looking for more of hers. WARNING!!! If you are squeamish about m/m scenes, I wouldn't suggest this one. If notenjoy!

    23. I enjoyed this story even though it was unusual for a romance. The main character was very open and easy to like. All three voices of the main characters came through. The descriptions of the scientific world were a distraction from the story, but otherwise this was a unique tale of love and acceptance.

    24. Woah pr0n! And woah really good and interesting pr0n. The ending was really good, except for the part where Eric proposes. That might make BG feel like a third wheel in their relationship in the future. It was surprisingly good and there was a pretty okay plot to go along with it. Some of it was pretty silly (romance room, wtf), but an enjoyable read.

    25. An erotic tale of a woman who will get whatever she wants if she lives in a house where sexual experiments are conducted. There is hardly any privacy, and she must do what they ask or leave. She ends up in love with two guys, who also love each other, but other science experiments are happening, adding a scientific coat to this already bizarre story.

    26. Two and a Half stars.Upbeat woman in her early twenties gets hired by eccentric professor and his lover/right hand man. In exchange for getting to please her sexually in situations she'd never have experienced otherwise, they'd set her up for life and pay for her Ivy League education.The storyline was a little odd?But the sex was hot.

    27. Whew, this was one steamy book. It is a love story, of sorts, between two pretty men and one soon-to-be-exhausted woman. In Holly's hands, this different love triangle works. If you're looking for something edgy and different from the same-old stale romance you can't go wrong with this book.

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