A Lion Called Christian

A Lion Called Christian In a YouTube clip became an internet phenomenon It showed the emotional reunion of two young men and their pet lion Christian after they had left him in Africa to be introduced into his rightf

  • Title: A Lion Called Christian
  • Author: Anthony Bourke John Rendall
  • ISBN: 9780553820607
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 2008, a YouTube clip became an internet phenomenon It showed the emotional reunion of two young men and their pet lion, Christian, after they had left him in Africa to be introduced into his rightful home in the wild.Anthony Ace Bourke and John Rendall visited London from Australia in 1969 and bought a boisterous lion cub in Harrods But Christian soon grew from cuddIn 2008, a YouTube clip became an internet phenomenon It showed the emotional reunion of two young men and their pet lion, Christian, after they had left him in Africa to be introduced into his rightful home in the wild.Anthony Ace Bourke and John Rendall visited London from Australia in 1969 and bought a boisterous lion cub in Harrods But Christian soon grew from cuddly cub to King of the Kings Road in London, and the only way to avoid him being incarcerated in a zoo was to place him under the expert care of George Adamson in Kenya Ace and John did not return to see their lion for a year.A Lion Called Christian tells their touching story, accompanied by stunning photographs It s a unique and extraordinary tale of its time that resonates again today with a worldwide audience, thanks to the internet age, and is destined to become one of the great classics of animal literature.

    A Lion Called Christian Official Website Ace BourkeA In Ace Bourke and John Rendall were two young Australian travellers who had just arrived in London when they bought a lion cub from Harrods department store. What is a baby lion called Quora Lion is a lion A female lion is a lioness What comes from a lion and lioness is a baby which has a name and the name is a cub Therefore, lion babies are called cubs, lion cubs regardless of whether they are in the wild, in sanctuaries, in reserves or are kept caged as in zoos. Food Lion Food Lion LLC is a grocery store company headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina, that operates , supermarkets in states of the Southeastern United States under the Food Lion banner. Christian s Story A Lion Called ChristianA Lion Called Christian in London Christian the lion was born on August in the Ilfracombe Zoo in Devon, UK His mother Mary rejected the cubs who were then hand reared by staff A few months later he and his sister were sold to the prestigious Harrods department store in Christian the lion Christian the lion was a lion born in captivity and purchased by Australian John Rendall and Anthony Ace Bourke from Harrods department store in London in . What is a female lion called Fun Trivia Quizzes A female lion is called a lioness Lionesses do most of the hunting for their pride They are effective hunters, as they are smaller, swifter, and agile than the males and unencumbered by the heavy and conspicuous mane, which causes overheating during exertion. OTHER LION TIGER HYBRIDS MESSYBEAST TI TIGON, TI LIGER TIG LIGER , LI TIGON, LI LIGER Female tigons and ligers are often fertile and can mate with a lion, tiger or in theory with another species such as leopard or jaguar. Bonbons Lion Brand Yarn Meet Bonbons Indulge in color with Bonbons, our collections of miniature balls of yarn Each collection includes shades, perfect for any project requiring multiple colors, such as amigurumi, colorwork, embroidery, and embellishments. Homespun at Lion Brand Yarn Lion Brand Yarn Homespun Soft, silky and beautiful A uniquely textured yarn that works up quickly and easily From shawls to sweaters to throws, this yarn can t be beat for softness and sheer touch ability With solids, heathers, and beautiful self striping painterl Essex lion was my pet cat Teddy Bear owner BBC News We think we ve found the cat which started the Essex lion hunt He s called Teddy Bear and he s a Maine Coon cat, which are bigger than your average cat.

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      It has been a busy year for Ace Bourke, co author of A Lion Called Christian, who graduated with a Masters of Arts from the University of Wollongong this week.His MA R , titled Family Footprints Tracing the Past in the Present through Curatorial Autobiographical Practice, examines a new form of autobiographical curatorship that evolved from three major museum exhibitions he has staged over the last few years which have synthesised, to various degrees, Australian foundational narratives, an Aboriginal perspective, and his own family colonial history, which includes Governors Bourke and King.

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    1. The memoir A Lion Called Christian, tells the real life story of the lion cub purchased by two men from the window of Harrod’s department store in London. That’s right, bought from the store like a puppy. This was 1969. Obviously things were different then. Not to say that this sort of thing doesn’t occur in the world today, but from a downtown store?!I’m not downing the two men, Ace & John, for purchasing him because they did right by this lion. After realizing they could no longer [...]

    2. Bu kitabı yıllar önce tatilde kitapsızlıktan kırıldığım bir sırada süpermarketten almıştım, çok fazla seçeneğim yoktu ve iyi çıkması için dua ediyordum. Çok iyi çıktı.Christian egzotik hayvan sevdalılarına satılmak üzere vitrine konmuş bir meta iken iki hayvansever arkadaş tarafından sahiplenilmek üzere satın alınır. Kitap, başlayan bu arkadaşlığı ve birlikte yaşama hikayelerini fotoğraflarla anlatmaktadır. Kitap ilerlerken Christian'ın ergenliğini, [...]

    3. I apologize for generalizations in this review; I read the book a while ago and I have no interest in picking it up again to get quotes. This is one of the very few books I've read that I both could not put down and wanted frequently to throw against the wall. I couldn't stop reading because it's exactly the kind of story I enjoy: a unique non-fiction animal story. I saw the YouTube video of Christian and wanted to know more, and the book works very well when it's about Christian and his story. [...]

    4. This is to become another treasured book, as I got the used, first printing copy. And I was fortunate to obtain it for a cheap price from a not-so-popular website, only US$ 26 plus shipping from the UK. Had I ordered it from e, the precisely similar copy would've cost me not less than US$ 78, not included shipment. I knew about Christian the lion firstly from YouTube. Later on I learned about the fascinating life his previous owners had with him, before he became too large for them to keep in a [...]

    5. Not quite what I was expecting. This book was originally published in 1971, which I didn't discover until after I started listening to it. This tells the tale leading up to the infamous YouTube video of a lion embracing the men who raised him when they are reunited in Africa. I had thought this reunion came after quite some time, since the video just surfaced. I was quite disappointed to discover that Ace and John had gone to see Christian only a year after leaving him in Africa. For a true stor [...]

    6. Nothing can top the extraordinary footage available on YouTube. I mean, it comes with Whitney Houston's tearjerker "I'll always love you" ;-p. However, the filmed reunion between a gigantic lion and two Aussie guys piqued my curiosity. So it was nice to read the entire story, which comes with a satisfying amount of pictures. Nothing grandiloquent: just funny, simply-written, heartfelt and warm.

    7. Inspiring true story about a lion, raised from a kitten to adulthood by 2 men, then taught how to be wild in Africa.

    8. This is a wonderful story about two men who saved a lion cub from a probable life of circuses and spectatorship and returned him to his natural habitat, one he had never seen.

    9. The book was very nice i really liked it. The two friends did everything to give christian a better life.

    10. Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" A Lion Called Christian is a wonderful, almost serendipitous true story of how two friends from Australia purchased a lion cub from Harrod's Department Store in London in 1969, and about a year later were able to return him to the wild in Africa. Christian seemed like the most gentle, even-tempered lion one could ever hope to encounter. He also had a very big personality. From the moment the authors, Anthony “Ace” Bourke and John Rendall met Christian at H [...]

    11. This is an endearing book on the improbable story of a couple of long-haired, bell-bottom-wearing Australians in the late 1960s, buying a three-month old lion cub from the departmental store 'Harrods' in London and the subsequent life of the three of them till they successfully rehabilitate the grown up cub in the northern plains of Kenya. I saw the superb one-hour Documentary under the same title about a year ago and was so captivated by it that I watched it again and again many times. Then, a [...]

    12. Christian was captivating and touching. In the late '60's, these two gentlemen from Australia found him and couldn't pass him up so they bought him at Harrods Department Store in London on a whim, a very expensive one. I was moved to read thier experiences of how they took care of him, and what they went through to help him maintain good health, keep him safe and try to provide some sense of happiness for thier lion friend. It really is remarkable the love and bond this lion had with Anthony(Ace [...]

    13. Many months ago I found myself inextricably bawling over the video of Christian the lion. I had heard about it, and just figured it was another viral email until I saw a clip of it on TV. I had no idea why I was crying was just one of those moments that seemed so huge- so far beyond what we're able to experience in society, that it HAD to move you to tears.It didn't help that I was already deeply interested in unique human-animal interactions. The story of Timothy Treadwell ("Grizzly Man") had a [...]

    14. Nearly everyone has seen that beautiful you tube video from the 70's of a wild lion running up to greet and cuddle two Australian men. - That lion was Christian, the men were John and Ace, who in their 20's went to London England and bought a lion cub from the worlds most famous department store Harrods. (Which had a pet/shop/zoo in it back then.)This is the story of how John and Ace met Christian, how they prepared a house in London for him with the knowledge that they would have to find him a [...]

    15. I was utterly taken with this true story of Christian, a lion purchased as a cub in London, who as he grew too large for his surroundings, was then shipped to Africa for a chance at freedom in the wild. Animal lovers, after they rid themselves of the question "why would any city dweller buy a lion cub in the first place?" will become enthralled with the actual story as it happened. This all took place in the early 1970's, and this book has been re-released and updated in response to the large nu [...]

    16. I'll write this from a slightly different perspective. Everyone who has seen and enjoyed the video (but didn't cry or weep or have some other strange reaction) is probably wondering: ok, but is the book any good?The answer is yes. It is well organized, fun, interesting and wonderfully written. Rendall and Rourke are also surprisingly self-aware. They admit numerous times that owning a lion was a dangerous, one-in-a-lifetime decision that they were lucky to escape positively.Their story is one th [...]

    17. If you love animals, you will love this book. If you have watched the reunion story on YouTube, you will love this book. Christian was a remarkable lion. For being born in captivity from generations of zoo lions the delightful cub was raised with love until he was able to be sent to Kenya to spend his life as a "wild" lion. The fact that he was able to act and react to other lions appropriately shows how much instinct there is and the fact that he was able to act and react to humans appropriatel [...]

    18. This wasn't a remarkably well written book, but I enjoyed it for the simple fact that I have always loved animal books. As a kid I remember going through a whole string of equally as unimaginatively named true animal stories such as A Seal Called Andre, Rascal, and That Quail, Robert. There is just something amazing to me about human relationships with wild animals. As an adult, some of my recent other animal reads include Modoc (Elephant) and Zamba (Lion). A Lion Called Christian was originally [...]

    19. Who would believe that at one time Herrod's store housed exotic animals, and sold them to the public? As sad as that is to believe, it is probably even harder to believe that people bought them! This story unfolds when John and Ace fell in love with a young, male lion cub named Christian, bought him at Herrod's, and took him to the furniture store, aptly named Sophistocat, where they both work.Both men knew that Christian, the young, adorable lion cub, would soon grow to be Christian, the full-g [...]

    20. Two young Australian men vacationing in London buy a lion from Harrods. They decide to name him Christian, as lions ate Christians for amusement in Rome. Although these young men had no knowledge how to rear a lion, they did an amazing job. Times were very different in the early 70's, Christian would play in the shop with his owners or customers, he also was allowed to exercise in a local park. Fortunately, when he became too large and powerful, he was sent to Africa for rehabilitation to surviv [...]

    21. I still have not seen the youtube video of this reunion, but this was a pretty intersting read. It was quick and easy to get through. Oddly enough, it was just what I was in the mood for, without even realizing it. It certainly does seem as if fate had a special purpose for this animal. It is a touching and uncanny story about the love between man and beast; definately worth a look.

    22. I was disappointed with this bookI thought for sure a book about an animal and it's attachment to humans would have me hooked, but the writing was just too plain and boring. The authors have a great idea but failed to make it come to life. I would have liked to use it in my classroom as an informational read aloud, but not sure if I will.

    23. This book and story is incredible. It's the story of Christian the lion, the story behind the Youtube reunion. Christian is bought by two young men in London, England and form an inseparable bond. Through the struggles they face raising and caring for a lion, the reward is priceless. An amazing tale of the love and affection animals can have on humans and themselves.

    24. This book was really interesting and I found it fascinating to read about how Christian the lion was raised and then rehabilitated into the wild. It was quite short and to the point, but I would recommend it if you are at all interested in animals! And if you don't read it, at least watch the YouTube video of Christian's reunion with his owners!

    25. I just can't keep reading about how this animal was deprived of a normal, natural life and how stupid these guys were to endanger themselves and countless others by having a LION as a pet.Have to quit reading this one.

    26. Beautiful history of Christian the Lion. I loved the story of the camp and their ongoing conservation efforts. A must-read for all animal lovers!

    27. The writing was quite dry, and I found that I enjoyed the pictures more than anything. At times I had to convince myself to pick up the book, and only finished it because I love the true storyline.

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