I Know Where I'm Going: A Personal Biography of Katharine Hepburn

I Know Where I m Going A Personal Biography of Katharine Hepburn Drawing on a series of recordings made over many years beginning in the mid s acclaimed biographer Charlotte Chandler has written the most intimate and personal biography ever published of Holly

  • Title: I Know Where I'm Going: A Personal Biography of Katharine Hepburn
  • Author: Charlotte Chandler
  • ISBN: 9781439149287
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Drawing on a series of recordings made over many years, beginning in the mid 1970s, acclaimed biographer Charlotte Chandler has written the most intimate and personal biography ever published of Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn Introduced by George Cukor, who directed Hepburn in such classic films as Little Women, The Philadelphia Story, and Adam s Rib, Chandler socialDrawing on a series of recordings made over many years, beginning in the mid 1970s, acclaimed biographer Charlotte Chandler has written the most intimate and personal biography ever published of Hollywood legend Katharine Hepburn Introduced by George Cukor, who directed Hepburn in such classic films as Little Women, The Philadelphia Story, and Adam s Rib, Chandler socialized with Hepburn at the Cukor estate, where the star was then living in a cottage on the grounds Hepburn agreed to allow Chandler to tape their conversations, during which she spoke candidly about her personal and professional lives She described finding the body of her adored older brother, an apparent suicide at fifteen, and assuming his birthday as her own She told Chandler intimate details of her marriage and divorce from Ludlow Ogden Smith, Luddy, who remained a friend, and of her affair with pilot Howard Hughes She said that she enjoyed diving nude off the wings of his seaplane when they went swimming together Her warmest recollections were of her twenty seven year affair with Spencer Tracy Chandler also interviewed others who knew and worked with Hepburn during her long career, from Cukor to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr Cary Grant, Christopher Reeve, and many others All of them described an actress who was supremely talented, professional, and confident, who always knew where she was going By the time she retired, Hepburn had won a record four Best Actress Academy Awards and had been nominated twelve times Her acting career spanned six decades, and she was universally acknowledged as one of the finest if not the finest actors in film history Her range was enormous She acted in serious drama and in screwball comedies with equal skill As she revealed to Chandler in their conversations, her family was a great influence on Hepburn Her mother was a suffragette and her beloved father a doctor She would eventually retire to the home where she grew up although it had been rebuilt after it was destroyed in a storm , symbolically affirming the family values that shaped her personality She was careful to distinguish her personal and professional lives, telling Chandler that she thought of herself as Kathy, a childhood name she had called herself Jimmy for a while in childhood , but regarded the public Katharine Hepburn as the creature I Know Where I m Going is a fascinating, delightful, and personal book that brings readers as close as possible to the real Katharine Hepburn.

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      Charlotte Chandler Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Know Where I'm Going: A Personal Biography of Katharine Hepburn book, this is one of the most wanted Charlotte Chandler author readers around the world.

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    1. A friend at the library set this book aside for me, but I confess my first thought was Another Katharine Hepburn biography? I've read both books by Hepburn and several biographies of her over the years, so I wasn't convinced I Know Where I'm Going would contain anything new to me. However, the cover is particularly awesome with its black & silver photos of Kate in her prime, and I felt obliged to at least give the book a cursory look before returning it. The book begins with Kate describing [...]

    2. This book fell short of my expectations. If recording conversations and various recollections with Hepburn equates to writing a biography, then I suppose Chandler succeeded. However, I felt the author simply touched the surface of this remarkable woman's life. I wanted to find out more about Hepburn's relationships with such people as Howard Hughes and Spencer Tracy, not the synopsis of every film she made. Chandler spent more time on the filmography of Hepburn's career than the relationships th [...]

    3. I didn't care for the writing voice used. It was difficult at times to distinguish who was speaking. Too many direct quotes, and not enough personal information, as opposed to professional information.

    4. IQ "I have the photographs of the people I love. I don't have any pictures of myself. I don't need pictures of me. I have me" Katharine Hepburn pg. 302 This was the first book I've read about Katharine Hepburn, or about any one movie star actually. I'm not sure what to make of it only because its hard to tell if its the real Kathy or Katharine Hepburn, the public persona Kathy nicknamed "the Creature". She seems very much like her on-screen image and it seemed like the book was entirely under he [...]

    5. This books starts off with the death of her brother.She even took his date of birth as her own Nov. 8th. Kate said she was a fake Scorpio. He lacked confidence and father’s competitive spirit. She taught her father had sadness, but shame that his eldest son would have that kind of weakness. A great deal of everything was a matter of will. There are a lot of quotes in this book!Don’t let fear control you. Panic destroys your rational ability.Her father made her take ice cold baths.He didn’t [...]

    6. Like other reviewers, this author has a very odd writing style. Chandler interviewed Hepburn over many years and used long rambling quotes to tell the story. Her writing style was difficult to follow and, oftentimes, I didn't know who was speaking - Chandler, Hepburn or another character. Chandler would repeat the same stories over and over yet fail to cover any new ground. Concerning her relationship with Spencer Tracy, it was clear that Hepburn was still very private and protective of their re [...]

    7. I don’t read many biographies. I’ve not read Katharine Hepburn’s autobiography or any other biographies of her, nor have I read any of Charlotte Chandler’s other books. At first I was put off by the odd writing style of this book – Chandler uses long quotes to tell the story, only rarely adding in her own statements for clarification. However, once I got used to it, I enjoyed the book. It felt like you were just following a series of conversations, which do tend to ramble at times. The [...]

    8. This was a really good book that was insightful and yet also not exactly revealing. It's told mostly through interviews with Hepburn the author conducted in the 70s and 80s. In starts with a pivotal and defining moment in her life - the suicide of her older brother at 15. She finds his body. After that it's fairly chronological, and she's very candid, almost deliberately so. You get the impression that she is always telling you what she wants to tell you, and that's not bad. It describes the tit [...]

    9. Katharine Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses; her intensity on screen is magnetic. She was just about that intense in real life. I really felt like I got to know her through this book. But, it left me wanting more. Her relationship with Spencer Tracy was alluded to often, but because she was so private about it and the book was in her own words for the most part I guess that's understandable. The woman who wrote this book really didn't have a good handle on transitioning from one piece to a [...]

    10. I am not one to read biographies, but I have always been in love with Kate's acting ability, intelligence, bravery and raw honesty. To have been able to sit down and have tea and conversation with one of our all time true celebrities, had to be remarkable. It's start out with the death of Kate's brother so I almost put it away in a box, but I urged myself to come back to it and was very fulfilled, enlightened and just found more respect and love for this human being. There are two other books ab [...]

    11. I went back and forth on this book. It was kinda of just a bunch of random quotes from Katherine Hepburn and people that knew here and at times it felt haphazard which annoyed me. I liked the personal details about her life, which seemed to be heavier in the beginning and in the end. Her relationship with her family and Spencer Tracy was interesting, although I would have definitely liked a few more details. The middle 3rd was a bit of a push to get through, but I'm glad I finished it because I [...]

    12. I've been a Katherine Hepburn fan since I was young, so I've waited for this supposed "authoritative" bio that would include details not found in any of the books Hepburn wrote about her own life, or others wrote. Only because I was home sick did I even finish this book, which is poorly written and edited, and often, hard to believe. There are so many inaccuracies and inconsistencies for even those who casually know about Hepburn that reader would be better off reading the movie star's own story [...]

    13. If you are as facinated by Katherine Hepburn as I am, read this book. It is a great supplement to her autobiography "Me: Stories of My Life". Read her book first then pickup "I know where I'm going". It picks up on stories that were left out from her book. There includes more intimate details of her relationship with Spencer Tracy and Howard Hughes, as well as oral interviews with people who have worked with her. The author, Chandler, was able to get her friends to open up about her. Chandler do [...]

    14. "She ain't got much meat on her, but what she's got is cherce."I picked this book up on a whim and I'm so happy I did. "I Know Where I'm Going" is a great overview of who Katharine Hepburn was--an accomplished actress, loving daughter and quirky/independent woman among other things. All in all, it was interesting to get the "inside scoop" on her relationships with Howard Hughes and Spencer Tracy as well as reading all about her extensive filmography. She strikes me as someone I would have gotten [...]

    15. I really liked learning about the Suffragists in the early 1920s - one of which being K Hepburns' mother - and how strong and defiant they were. How Katherine's whole life was an act at the start to 'be bigger than the world may have perceived her to be,' (should they had known about superflous details such as money and her somewhat humble beginnings) is wholly fascinating and inspiring.

    16. A fun look At Katherine Hepburn's life. She is one of my favorite actresses. She is quoted throughout the book, so this is an official biography, and you get her feel and a synopsis of every movie she made.enjoy

    17. Not perfect, but a rather good overview of the life and career of this remarkable actress. I like the filmography aspect and I liked the direct quotations from Miss Hepburn and others. I enjoyed reading this book.

    18. A very unique biography in that it is almost exclusively in Katharine Hepburn's words. The author used hours of interviews with her to map out her life, from the death of her beloved older brother to her relationship with Spencer Tracy. Interesting and informative.

    19. I thought it was very interesting and well written. My only issue was with the brief synopsis of every movie she was ever in, and that was quite a number. I felt that really broke up the narrative and the stories she had to tell.

    20. Not a lot of new material. Highly lacking on the Spencer Tracy front. Much of the material came from taped conversations with Hepburn which can be amusing, occasionally enlightening, but mostly filler.

    21. A fair bio of Katherine Hepburn. I much preferred one I read back in 1972.This book uses the plays and movies in which she performed to tell the story. The other book was much more about her as a person.

    22. This book gave insight to Katharine Hepburn's life, but I found it difficult to read because Hepburn's words were not distinguished from the author's words. It took some reading to decide who was speaking.

    23. The author based this biography on numerous interviews with Hepburn and those close to her overthe span of many years. Includes brief descriptions of most of Katharine Hepburn's movies. Ihad read other biographies on Hepburn, but this one is more personal.

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