Absolute Planetary Book Two

Absolute Planetary Book Two Collects issues of the original series as well as pages of additional content As the series hurtles towards its conclusion Snow initiates the second part of his comeback plan to stop The Fou

  • Title: Absolute Planetary Book Two
  • Author: Warren Ellis John Cassaday
  • ISBN: 9781401227012
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Collects issues 13 27 of the original series as well as 14 pages of additional content.As the series hurtles towards its conclusion, Snow initiates the second part of his comeback plan to stop The Four, makes a startling revelation about his past, and uncovers information on the world s first moon shot in 1851 Will Snow be able to draw the last of the Four out of hidiCollects issues 13 27 of the original series as well as 14 pages of additional content.As the series hurtles towards its conclusion, Snow initiates the second part of his comeback plan to stop The Four, makes a startling revelation about his past, and uncovers information on the world s first moon shot in 1851 Will Snow be able to draw the last of the Four out of hiding, and can he act before his teammates lose their faith in him

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    1. Warren Ellis John Cassaday

      Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the underground classic novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name, its sequel having been released in summer 2013 His graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is in development at Jerry Bruckheimer TV for the Fox network, and his GRAVEL books are in development for film at Legendary Pictures, with Tim Miller attached to direct IRON MAN 3 is based on his Marvel Comics graphic novel IRON MAN EXTREMIS He s also written extensively for VICE, WIRED UK and Reuters on technological and cultural matters, and is co writing a video project called WASTELANDERS with Joss Whedon that will appear some time before we both die He is serialising a new graphic novel, TREES, with artist Jason Howard, through Image Comics Warren Ellis is currently working on a non fiction book about the future of the city for Farrar Giroux Straus His newest publication is the digital short story single DEAD PIG COLLECTOR, from FSG Originals His next book will be the novella NORMAL, also from FSG.A documentary about his work, CAPTURED GHOSTS, was released in 2012.Recognitions include the NUIG Literary and Debating Society s President s Medal for service to freedom of speech, the EAGLE AWARDS Roll Of Honour for lifetime achievement in the field of comics graphic novels, the Grand Prix de l Imaginaire 2010, the Sidewise Award for Alternate History and the International Horror Guild Award for illustrated narrative He is a Patron of the British Humanist Association, an Associate of the Institute of Atemporal Studies, and the literary editor of EDICT magazine.Warren Ellis lives outside London, on the south east coast of England, in case he needs to make a quick getaway.

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    1. A lot of the magic from the first act of PLANETARY is lost as Ellis changes the narrative to the conflict between The Four and Snow. That's not to say that there aren't great "historical fiction" stories that are as good as the ones from the prior volume. Snow's adventure in tracking down Sherlock Holmes is just one of those. Ellis manages to continue his genre commentary even as he pushes the main narrative forward, having a laugh with the Lone Ranger and westerns even.As the main narrative pus [...]

    2. Planetary Vol. 1-4 written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by John CassadayEver since Allan Moore and Frank Miller re-suited up superheroes with Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns, comics and writers have been playing catch up. Some have done this well, but most have either drown in their basically soap opera ways or strangled themselves with the reality Moore and Miller brought. Not too many comics have matched what they did in the 80’s but Planetary is one of those comics that built someth [...]

    3. Impresionante. Magnífico. Una pasada cómo engancha este cómic y cómo se supera número a número. Eso sí, deja con la sensación de haber dejado algún pequeño cabo suelto, pero aún así, con lo disfrutable que es, se perdona.Uno de los mejores cómics americanos que haya leído, junto a The Authority o Rising Stars.

    4. Ellis and Cassaday conclude their amazing "archaeology of the weird" meta-mystery, continuing to mine comics and movies and pulp fiction tropes to astonishing effect, all the while framing it in an engaging struggle against a conspiracy of greed and hubris. Triffic work.

    5. Commento qui per entrambi i volumi, così da dare un giudizio complessivo della serie. Per quanto riguarda l'edizione, il grosso formato valorizza i disegni stupendi a scapito della comodità di lettura. Come da buona tradizione WildStorm, Ellis cerca di creare un mondo supereroistico 'grigio' dove anche i buoni fanno uso della violenza e della tortura. Il fine, sostanzialmente, giustifica i mezzi. Ciononostante, non è un fumetto che cede alla violenza gratuita: quando c'è ha sempre un senso. [...]

    6. This second half of the Planetary series becomes more purposeful than the first half. Where the first half journeyed through a landscape of the fantastic world (running in with versions of popular pulp and comic heroes, for example), the second half focuses on why they do those things. Some of the fun of the first half is traded in for a serious, deliberate motive of taking down the Four (an egotistical version of the Fantastic Four). What it still carries in it, however, is a love of comic book [...]

    7. El tomo 1 prometía un final apoteósico, y la verdad que lo consigue, contando el relajado epílogo y todo. Quizás sentí que le faltó un poco de batallas desaforadas, pero eso es más un problema mío, que estoy acostumbrado a que todo se resuelva a las piñas (en ficción, claro) en vez de con la cabeza. Pero eso de ningún modo es un defecto, sino otro motivo para sacarse el sombrero frente a Ellis. Y a Cassaday. Y a de Martin. Y a Riera, que sus traducciones siguen siendo bastante buenas, [...]

    8. Enjoyed this as much or maybe even more than the first half of the series. At first I was a little hesitant when they shifted from cool-story of the month to longer deeper story lines. However, the payoff was worth it. Have a few quibbles about some of the resoultions, but they are minor. Trying to avoid spoliers, but when The Drummer (that's right, the character'a name is: first name-The, second name-Drummer) talked about what it is that Elijah Snow does, I had a lump in my throat. It was great [...]

    9. Un final de lujo.Nuestros protagonistas han descubierto su procedencia. Ahora Elijah puede controlar la situación y ayudar a Jakita y a Drums a llegar al final.Sólo por la cantidad de personajes conocidos que aparecen y cómo se entrelazan sus realidades con los de Planetary merece la pena (Sherlock Holmes, Tarzán, el Llanero Solitario).No voy a aportar muchos mas datos pero creedme no dejéis escapar esta obra de arte.

    10. For the person who wants great storytelling, good art, and compelling characters Planetary is the one for you. With some stories the story ends and you forget many of the characters. In Planetary the characters are memorable because their familiar yet unique. It is high minded without being overbearing. For a fan of Watchmen or 1602 I recommend Planetary in any format.

    11. Absolutely in my top five comics. Planetary essentially fights an unbeatable Fantastic Four and it's tremendous. I felt a sense of urgency for Planetary throughout the whole book and I loved every minute of it.

    12. The only Absolute that I needed to own (along with Book 1) because Planetary is my personal favorite and what I do consider the best limited series in comics ever. Warren Ellis truly is my "can do no wrong" writer.

    13. Warren Ellis flawlessly concludes this epic story and somehow doesn't botch the ending. The payoff is glorious, and I can't wait to reread it all again! It's also a treat to see the evolution of John Cassaday's art go from great to outstanding.

    14. Glad to finally get to finish this series, and glad it wasn't a let down. It really did feel like Ellis had the entire thing charted out from the get-go over ten years ago, it's just that it took ten years for all 27 issues to come out!

    15. Warren Ellis has a great love of comics and pulp stories and Planetary shows that. It's a strange world. Let's keep it that way.

    16. The last issue seems more for the benefit of the creators than the readers, but honestly, another issue of the Cassaday/Martin team is worth reading what is essentially a victory lap.

    17. I don't think I understood 100% of it, but the stuff I did understand was awesome. The first volume had an issue or 2 that I thought was out of place, but not this volume. Every issue was a home run.

    18. While I think the series loses steam, it's wonderful to have the whole story in one oversized collection. It's the kind of thing I'll re-read often.

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