Meanwhile Chocolate or Vanilla This simple choice is all it takes to get started with Meanwhile the wildly inventive creation of comics mastermind Jason Shiga of whom Scott McCloud said Crazy Genius Shiga Jim

  • Title: Meanwhile
  • Author: Jason Shiga
  • ISBN: 9780810984233
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chocolate or Vanilla This simple choice is all it takes to get started with Meanwhile, the wildly inventive creation of comics mastermind Jason Shiga, of whom Scott McCloud said Crazy Genius Shiga Jimmy, whose every move is under your control, finds himself in a mad scientist s lab, where he s given a choice between three amazing objects a mind reading device, a tChocolate or Vanilla This simple choice is all it takes to get started with Meanwhile, the wildly inventive creation of comics mastermind Jason Shiga, of whom Scott McCloud said Crazy Genius Shiga Jimmy, whose every move is under your control, finds himself in a mad scientist s lab, where he s given a choice between three amazing objects a mind reading device, a time travel machine, or the Killitron 3000 which is as ominous as it sounds Down each of these paths there are puzzles, mysterious clues, and shocking revelations It s up to the reader to lead Jimmy to success or disaster.Meanwhile is a wholly original story of invention, discovery, and saving the world, told through a system of tabs that take you forward, backward, upside down, and right side up again Each read creates a new adventure Awards and praise for Jason Shiga 2004 Eisner Award2003 Ignatz Award2007 Stumpton Trophy Award1999 Xeric Grant Recipient Crazy Genius Shiga Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics If humankind ever finds itself at the brink of its own destruction and I am given the task to fill a small, space bound time capsule with a collection of ten graphic novels that would present to alien eyes the best that the cartoonists of Earth had to offer the universe, Jason Shiga s Meanwhile would surely be among my picks Gene Luen Yang, author of American Born Chinese A creator of comix that can be at once funny, disturbing, thoughtful, deconstructed, and cleverly put together Time online Meanwhile is a wallop of a book graphic novel It delivers action, choices, problem solving, and engagement And it reminds me of my own efforts in writing Choose Your Own Adventure, which I take as a great compliment coming from Jason Shiga I wish I had written this book Run, don t walk, to your favorite bookseller and pick up a copy R A Montgomery, Choose Your Own Adventure author Ingenious Edward Packard, Choose Your Own Adventure author

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    About "Jason Shiga"

    1. Jason Shiga

      Jason Shiga is an award winning Asian American cartoonist from Oakland, California Mr Shiga s comics are known for their intricate, often interactive plots and occasionally random, unexpected violence A mathematics major from the University of California at Berkeley, Mr Shiga shares his love of logic and problem solving with his readers through puzzles, mysteries and unconventional narrative techniques.Jason Shiga s life has been shrouded in mystery and speculation According to his book jacket, he was a reclusive math genius who had died on the verge of his greatest discovery in June 1967 However, upon winning a 2003 Eisner award for talent deserving of wider recognition, a man claiming to be Jason Shiga appeared in front of an audience alive and well only to tell them that he had been living on an island in the South China Seas for the past 40 years The man who accepted his award was Chris Brandt also known as F.C Brandt , who had disguised himself as Jason Shiga, and accepted the award at the behest of Jason s publisher Dylan Williams of Sparkplug Comic Books and Jason himself.At the age of 12, Shiga was the 7th highest ranked child go player in Oakland citation needed Jason Shiga makes a cameo appearance in the Derek Kirk Kim comic, Ungrateful Appreciation as a Rubik s Cube solving nerd Shiga is credited as the Maze Specialist for Issue 18 Winter 2005 2006 of the literary journal McSweeney s Quarterly, which features a solved maze on the front cover and a slightly different unsolved maze on the back The title page of each story in the journal is headed by a maze segment labeled with numbers leading to the first pages of other stories.Jason Shiga s father, Seiji Shiga, was an animator who worked on the 1964 Rankin Bass production Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

    234 thoughts on “Meanwhile”

    1. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Jason Shiga is a genius cartoonist. Meanwhile is a choose your own adventure puzzle comic that took years to make and he literally needed to write a computer algorithm to put it all together in book form! It starts with his regular character Jimmy Yee going to get ice cream but must decide: vanilla or chocolate? The choice sends the reader on a complex journey where you’ll be flicking back and forth between pages guiding Jimmy hopefully through hi [...]

    2. Quantum physics, parallel worlds, probability, entropy. Yes it's all in a day's work for your average everyday choose your own adventure book. Now just substitute the words "average" and "everyday" in that previous sentence for "extraordinary" and "twisted" and you've got yourself a pretty good description of Jason Shiga's graphic title Meanwhile. Simple enough in its concept and art that a ten-year-old would feel confident picking it up, yet jam packed with an insane degree of whimsy and darkne [...]

    3. When I first glanced at this in the library, I had a nerd-attack at the sheer genius of it. I mean, choose your own adventure COMIC?!?! However, after the first maybe, five endings, I got bored. I'm sorry! The thing about this book is that it's actually quite tricky to read the panels and follow the order of the story, and once you do get the hang of it, you have to start from page one to start over because virtually every single time because, unlike Choose Your Own Adventure books, the page tab [...]

    4. This visual variation on the old Choose Your Own Adventure books gets props for originality. The amount of work the author put in is staggering, and the story is fun. However, it is so difficult to follows the path from one panel to another that I couldn't really get into the story and enjoy it -- I was spending twice as much time finding the right place as actually "reading" since there isn't much text to slow one down. This might be better for a kid who is a slow reader. And maybe the techniqu [...]

    5. Great gimmick and it's executed very well. It's a choose-your-own-adventure comic, and it works a lot better than expected. Unfortunately Shiga didn't find time to write an interesting story or interesting scenarios. I read it a few different ways and found myself repeating the same passages, some times multiple times in one 'play through'. I kind of hope there's another attempt at this. The branching paths are executed very well, and there's some pretty clever time travel and multiple-universes [...]

    6. Holy awesome. I always felt kind of meh about choose your own adventure books (there are only so many storylines that end in certain death and still keep me interested), but this is way. way. cooler. Ever read a choose your own adventure comic book? Especially one with 3,856 possible path possibilities? With multiple storylines that run on the same page and secret hidden pages that can only be accessed with a code? In fact, I feel kind of weird saying that I've "read" this book, seeing as I prob [...]

    7. ¿Helado de chocolate o helado de vainilla?Lo que parece una decisión fácil desencadena una historia con 3,856 posibilidades de resolución.Jason Shiga ha creado con Meanwhile una pieza bastante original e inolvidable. Un proyecto que pareció consumir tiempo y, ¿porqué no?, neuronas.Jimmy es un chiquillo normal: curioso, travieso y que gusta del helado, por supuesto. Pero Jimmy no es el protagonista per se. Uno mismo se encargará de seguir las andanzas del niño y tomar decisiones por él. [...]

    8. THIS IS THE CRAZIEST CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-WHATEVER YOU WILL EVER READ.Jason Shiga is a genius and a madman. Branching-plot comics have been done before from time to time, but never to any great success and with no real innovation. Here, the innovation is in the reading experience itself: Instead of reading one page, then turning to a different page - as in most CYOA-type books - it's the comics panels themselves that twist and turn, with the reader's direction of flow guided by a series of pipes. Whe [...]

    9. This is a bizarre new format (at least to me) of choose your-own-adventure. WOW. It had my 10-year-old, who loves "manga" (I still don't really know what this is), drawing, and comics, unable to come up for air. It was written with exactly the same kind of humor, drawing, and topics that my son lovesuncanny. I also had a lot of fun figuring out how it works with him. I'd give it 5 stars but I was quickly frustrated with having to go through the whole story repeatedly in order to make different c [...]

    10. Pretty cool choose-your-own adventure-style book. This looks like it couldn't have been easy to create and I'm easily impressed by things that look like they wouldn't be easy.

    11. A sort of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure graphic novel with a hint of Chutes & Ladders fun. Brilliant and wacky and non-stop fun.

    12. Every once in a while a book is found that is worth reading again and again. With each reading, something new is encountered and the experience of the reader grows. Normally, books with this quality treat heavy emotional themes, or carry a profound commentary on life. However, Jason Shiga’s graphic novel Meanwhile manages to pull its audience through multiple readings while lacking a serious tone or a deep commentary on human existence. His book is just fun to read. It is a graphic variant of [...]

    13. This book get's a 5 just for sheer effort it took to make it. However, it's also a really neat examination of the nature of time, choice, and chance. Please go through it at least once, but realize you need to discover at least 2 codes within your travels to get to the "happy" ending. "Once the outline of the story was structured, a computer algorithm was written to determine the most efficient method to transfer it to a book form. However, the problem proved to be NP-complete. With the use of a [...]

    14. The possibilities of this book are insane. Sometimes Id get glances of other options and would go out of my way to figure out how to get to them. I was upset at what happened when you chose vanilla though.

    15. Reason for Reading: This is a Cybils '10 nominee and required reading for me as a graphic novels panelist.Well, this *is* a book but a very unique one. You've never seen anything like this before: plastic pages with tabs all along the edges and tubes that run up, down, right, left and all over the place. In fact, this is more like playing a game than reading a book. You start out with the choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream and from there on every choice you make changes the story and the p [...]

    16. Interestingly laid out choose your own adventure book / graphic novel. It's a simple story initially, but at many points the comic box presents with two choices. Rather than 'turning to page x,' you follow the line representing your choice to the edge of the text, where it matches one of numerous vertically spaced differently colored tabs. The mechanism is elegant, though following the comic boxes can be a bit difficult. (They're not left to right; you have to always look for where the next conn [...]

    17. I have a lot of nostalgic good will for "choose your own adventure" type of books and I am always drawn to books that try to do something a little bit different so I was understandably drawn to Meanwhile which is the only choose your own adventure style of graphic novel I am aware of.Meanwhile is very clever. The way the choose your own adventure works within the story is very well thought out and is a visually appealing follow the string/paths which are utilized together with tabs at the ends o [...]

    18. OK, so I didn't read it all. But give this visual Choose Your Own Adventure to anyone who loves math, mazes, and/or comics. The choice between chocolate and vanilla spins out into 3,856 story possibilities, many of which end in doom. This will keep you occupied for a while. I don't even understand this note in the front: "Once the outline of the story was structured, a computer algorithm was written to determine the most efficient method to transfer it to book form. However, the problem proved t [...]

    19. Why did I read it?It was suggested to me at a reader's advisory workshop last year, and I happened to see it on the shelf yesterday. What happened?Jimmy walks into an ice cream shop and has the choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Sounds like the beginning of a normal book, right? Wrong! Have you ever read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel? Well, this one is just like thatjust on steroids and in graphic novel form.Shiga pretty much gives you complete control of what happens in this novel. I [...]

    20. This book is incredibly trippy - in a good way. It's kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure in graphic novel format featuring time travel, entropy, quantam physics, and a doomsday device. It starts out innocently enough - do you want chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Choose which path you want to take and follow the tubes to the correct tab, which takes you to another page where the story continues. Various other choices along the way cause the story to split yet again, revealing a story that grows s [...]

    21. My experience with Meanwhile was sort of an inverted parabola. I entered into it with a great deal of excitement (having been swept to great heights by FLEEP and Bookhunter. So what is that? A parabola that starts high on the Y axis? Screw it, we'll just leave that analogy behind all together). Anyway, I was excited. Then I entered and beheld the lay out--the ingenious pipe system that not only defied all comic layout background knowledge but also utilized a tab system that doesn't allow you to [...]

    22. It is very rare that a book comes along with a completely different way of telling a story. This book does that and does so largely successfully. The linear nature of time is cleverly looped back on itself, as is time's potentially branching nature. And, the story is hard to imagine being told in any other way than the way it is (by following a maze of lines through cells of comic book art). I also greatly enjoyed the stories exploration of entropy and the "best of all possible worlds paradox" ( [...]

    23. Quick and dirty review:I had great fun poring over this choose-your-own-adventure style graphic novel for the couple hours it took me to reach every permutation of the story (and there are thousands and thousands of different stories to discover). The art and the storytelling is kooky but smart, and I've managed to successfully booktalk the hell out of this one, especially to middle-schoolers. All I have to say is that you, as the main character, start out buying ice cream and end up in a mad sc [...]

    24. This book. So like, I'm not smart enough for this book. It's completely deceptive. I actually ended up throwing it on a librarians desk because the science behind it fucking MYSTIFIED me. I'm just too dense to notice that the front page comes with instructions. :/So enter my hero, who patiently guided my hand (and eyes) so I was fully able to enjoy this book. Thank you, Jesus. You always got my back. And thank you hubs. For totally passing out early on a Saturday night so I could putter around o [...]

    25. I loved the concept, being a fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure series from forever ago, but the reality was a little less satisfying. I appreciated the work that went into this, but it was a challenge to read and follow the story paths. Someone who loves puzzles, riddles and challenges will probably really get into this. As i read, I kept seeing story lines that looked more interesting than mine, but couldn't figure out how to get there, and so I ended up reading the same handful of possibili [...]

    26. I think in theory it's a great idea and thought it would sort of be like some of the first chapter books I read as a kid, I loved seeing where my choices took me. This however, was not that! It was actually pretty difficult to follow your story and it wasn't terribly clear when a choice needed to be made. For those seasoned in graphic novel reading it might be a good choice. For a novice like me- not so much.

    27. Oh my gosh! This book drove me crazy! I am continuously going in circles over and over. I don't think I even actually reached the end of one version of the story. It is so confusing and addicting. The reason it isn't a one is because I physically could not put it down. I was determined to see it out to the end, and failed epically. *shakes head* I warn you, if you pick up this book, you will be driven to insanity.

    28. Once again, another terrible graphic novel. This one is hard to follow, boring, and never works out how you want it to. I hated everything about it, save perhaps the illustrations which were somewhat cute in a odd sort of way. Other than that it was just plain BAD!

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