Murder Past Due

Murder Past Due There s a cat in the stacks d he makes the purr fect partner for a librarian turned sleuth Everyone in Athena Mississippi knows librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine coon cat named Diesel that he w

  • Title: Murder Past Due
  • Author: Miranda James
  • ISBN: 9780425236031
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • There s a cat in the stacks d he makes the purr fect partner for a librarian turned sleuth Everyone in Athena, Mississippi, knows librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine coon cat named Diesel that he walks on a leash They also know his former classmate turned famous bestselling novelist, Godfrey Priest But someone in Athena took Godfrey off the bestseller lisThere s a cat in the stacks d he makes the purr fect partner for a librarian turned sleuth Everyone in Athena, Mississippi, knows librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine coon cat named Diesel that he walks on a leash They also know his former classmate turned famous bestselling novelist, Godfrey Priest But someone in Athena took Godfrey off the bestseller lists permanently, and with extreme prejudice Now, Charlie and Diesel must browse through the history section of the town s past to find a killer.

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    1. I chose this one because it takes place in the south and in a library setting. I was curious where the author would go with it given I read another series with a main character who is a cat (Lilian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who Books") and another one with a library setting (Jenn MCKinlay's "Library Lovers cozy series") fits right in. I like the main character but I'm not overly fond of him where I feel the need to continue reading the next book in the series immediately. I would read more of the [...]

    2. Well, I enjoyed this one, too, being in the mood for a cozy mystery, which this very much is.Written first person from the POV of a gentlemanly 50-something small Southern town college librarian (widowed male with adult kids). It was very much the same headspace and tone as the much more over-the-top gentlemanly Southern gay vampire in small-town England series by the same author (under a different name), except without the vampire, gay, and England parts, and adding a cat. ( /book/show/2 ) I've [...]

    3. A fun cozy mystery with a good ending. I read this book in only two sittings. Not a real brain-teaser, but a perfect curl-up-and-read mystery. A few things bored or frustrated me enough to consider putting the book down (though obviously I didn't, so they weren't too bad still a good read)In the third quarter of the book (between the halfway point and the climax), the novel hits a dead spot. The plot moved very slowly. There are pages about the main character gardening (which has nothing to do [...]

    4. DNF 35% and as is my personal policy I don't rate books unless I have read at least 50%. Everyone in this book is too stupid to live. Except the cat.

    5. I've been waiting for awhile to finally read this and I'm so glad I did, actually thanks to a book club I'm in. This book definitely didn't disappoint. I just love Charlie and his cat Diesel, such a great team. Diesel is probably the most interactive cat of any series I've read so far. He doesn't really help with the mystery but I love how he senses when people need him. The mystery had my interest from the get go, the twists had me definitely not sure who the killer was, although I did guess an [...]

    6. WOW!! What an amazing first read of a series for me. WOW.I have had this book for quite some time and with all the other series that I read, I had just not gotten around to it. I think I have started 6 new series this year alone and 2 were really complete duds, one I enjoyed immensely and three I have loved completely from the beginning sentences; this was one of those three. What I love about this book/series: 1. The main character is a man. 2. The main character is not a willy-nilly school boy [...]

    7. Murder Past Due is a reasonably fun but unremarkable cosy mystery. The main draws would be the cat, Diesel, who is a main character, and the fact that it’s set partially in a library. But the cat isn’t the detective and isn’t the main character, and the library is just where the main character works, so it’s not that niche. I didn’t find any of the characters or their relationships particularly compelling, though the small-town USA atmosphere was kind of interesting — I kept being su [...]

    8. I tried. I was only 11 pages in when I realized I really didn't like the protagonist, Charlie. He comes across as a fussy old coot. When his college freshman border leaves the kitchen a mess, he takes that and a few days of moodiness to assume that something is wrong and that the kid may have turned to drugs. Because God knows, when I was messy and in a bad mood for a few days my freshman year it was because I turned to drugs. Or something. When Justin, his border, returns, Charlie deals with th [...]

    9. This was my bedtime reading for the past week. I made it to page 172 before I started skimming. I found both the writing style and the (human) protagonist extremely annoying.Just 3 pages in we get an exposé of what a Maine coon cat is. Furthermore, every. single. action is described in minute and often redundant detail. Some examples:After logging in to the cataloging module of our integrated library system (or ILS, in library parlance), I began to examine the book. (…)I turned to the compute [...]

    10. Charlie Harris is a part time collage librarian in Mississippi. He's a recent widower with a pet Maine Coon Cat named, Diesel, who walks on a leash everywhere with Charlie. Charlie also boards a couple of students from the college. When a former classmate, Godfrey Priest, comes to town to promote his latest bestselling book, not everyone is pleased with his visit. Godfrey is a bit of an arrogant bastard who has hurt and angered a number of people. He's also coming to claim a son who is rooming w [...]

    11. What started out as simply a search for a book cover featuring a cat on it in an attempt to fulfill a Book Cover Bingo "stamp" requirement has instead introduced me to a fun series! This book is part of A Cat in the Stacks Mystery and is the first of the series.The book is told from the perspective of Charlie, who works with rare books at the local college. He inherited a house and always has a couple of college boarders living there. He is also the friend and provider for a wonderful Maine Coo [...]

    12. A Cat In The Stacks, Miranda James' debut in the Cat in the Stacks Mysteries, combines a kind-hearted librarian hero, family secrets in a sleepy southern town, and a gentle giant of a cat that will steal your heart. A great beginning to a promising new cozy series.

    13. I picked this book up at one of my library's book sales and it turned out to be one of my online book club's books. I'm glad it worked out that way, because I really enjoyed it! Unlike every other cozy mystery I've read, the main character in this series is a man. It's a nice change to have a different point of view about some things and see how other characters interact with him. Charlie is his name and I found him to be very smart, kind, wise, thoughtful, and not too unpredictable or daring al [...]

    14. What an unusual cozy! A Male protagonist! And Charlie Harris is a librarian who has a Maine Coon cat named Diesel who chirps and loves attention especially when he is on his leash walking with Charlie everywhere in Athena, MS. Charlie has returned home after his wife's death, and he and Diesel have become permanent fixtures about town. Diesel is even allowed in the library where Charlie works.An old friend of Charlie's is also back in Athena. Godfrey Priest is a bestselling author and is remembe [...]

    15. This wasn't a bad book, but it just wasn't my cup of tea either. A cozy mystery set in a small Mississippi town: a local man, disliked by many, has made it big as a writer and gets murdered when he comes back to town. Charlie Harris, a widowed librarian, and his cat Diesel set out to help the authorities solve the crime. If you enjoy books where you get to read about the many mundane details of daily life: who pets the cat, who accepts or decline refreshments, when someone changes clothes, the c [...]

    16. Charlie Harris is a librarian at Athena College, working in the rare books archives. He’s well known in the town, especially because he walks his Maine Coon cat, Deisel, on a leash. An old school acquaintance, Godfrey Priest, has made it big as an author of thrillers, and he’s in town for a reception and book launching. He may be famous, but Godfrey is basically an arrogant, manipulative jerk. He seems bent on picking fights and upsetting everyone. By lunch he’s sent one man to the hospita [...]

    17. I found one of the books in this series in my library's book sale, and I was all like: "A mystery about librarians AND cats?!? GET IT." so then of course I had to order the rest of the series from . I think there are three so far, and this is the first one. It was cute! I was actually surprised by the ending - it was nice not being able to spot the culprit from a mile away. And I loved the little details about library life, and of course I loved the fact that the main character walks his cat aro [...]

    18. Books and cats what's not to like? Apparently the main character! I just did not like Charlie Harris. He was almost fifty but acted much older - fussy and was too condescending to 18 year old Justin, his boarder. Come to think of it, I didn't much like Justin either. Maybe because he didn't act like an eighteen year old guy. He was very deferential and polite which is so not my impression of a teenage boy. The mystery itself was well done with quite a few red herrings. I figured out who but not [...]

    19. If there was ever such a thing as a 'feel good' murder story, this is it. A little like an American based Midsomer Murders? Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys? Being a cat person myself, the only reason I picked this up was James showing it to me when we were in Barnes and Noble in Florida. it was a quick read and I did enjoy it, but don't expect any literary piece of art here. The star of the show is a Maine Coon cat called Diesel, but he's unlike any cat I've ever knownhe seems to do what he's told [...]

    20. I wanted to like this book a lot. Instead I only liked it a little. The mystery was pretty good, but the cat in the book was boring. It was a nice cat who gave comfort to the victims, but that's it. It had a cat on the cover so I was tricked! First in a series, I am committed to read the second with my cozy reading buddy, but it wanted more of the cat! I guess I am used to the talking, mystery solving cat, more than the calm, collected cat. He did walk on a lease and went everywhere with his own [...]

    21. This is the first book in Miranda James' Cat in the Stacks series, reprinted. Let me say first that I loved the interaction between Diesel, a rescued Maine Coon cat, and the other characters in the story. So much so, that I want a Maine Coon cat! The book is well-written and characters fully formed, not always found in the first book of a series. There appears to be a good balance among the characters.The storyline was full of suspense and twists right to the end. When best-selling author Godfre [...]

    22. I had high hopes for this book after reading this author's other series, but I was disappointed. Though this book was good, it also lacked in some areas with inconsistencies popping up every so often.First of all Justin. He was flat, to say the least. He was supposed to be an eighteen year old man but he acted like a twelve year old boy. The other characters didn't help any by calling him a boy, and he honestly annoyed me every time he said Mama or called Charlie sir, which he did in almost ever [...]

    23. I'm a sucker for books with libraries or librarians and this has both. Plus a Maine Coon cat. Charlie Harris, part time archivist, finds himself at the center of a murder investigation when a famous author offers his alma mater all his papers and is promptly murdered. The problem is the author wasn't very likable so the list of potential murderers is long. Charlie is especially involved because his young boarder has recently discovered that he is the author's son. Their first meeting didn't go w [...]

    24. Over all, I liked this book. I spent most of my afternoon curled up with my Maine Coon cat reading this book.Sometimes I found it hard to believe Justin as a character, but as he received some pretty hefty shocks in the book, I'm willing to overlook that.Several male characters, and female characters, called out certain characters as misogynists, for which I was eternally grateful. Which is a thing I tend to look at in books.Diesel was probably my favorite by far, but that's because he was a cat [...]

    25. This cozy mystery has an irresistibly attractive cover, and I'm happy to report that the story inside is just as good! I liked the characters, including the good-natured, compassionate librarian Charlie Harris, the delightful small-town Southern setting, the way all the supporting characters were so well portrayed, and the clever whodunit plot. Most of all, I loved Diesel, Charlie's friendly Maine coon cat, who loves attention, walks on a leash, and chirps and warbles rather than meowing. A fun [...]

    26. I could only read 4 chapters. I agree with the other reviewers on here stating the protagonist is a whiner. He has too much self pity. It was so annoying that it made me stop reading the book. Also the cat in the book doesn't really "do much" as the series is described. Cat in the Stack series. :(

    27. An easy, light read. I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to the rest of the series. It was a simply written murder mystery, set in a small town, with the typical crowd of suspects as you constantly ask yourself, "Whodunit??" I enjoyed Diesel's presence as a character; he garnered so much respect within the story he may as well have been a human!

    28. #1 in the Cat in the Stacks series. The debut entry in a cute series idea. Charlie Harris, 50ish, has returned to his home town where he is a part-time cataloguer and archivist at the college library. He also volunteers at the town library. He has a rescue cat, an attention-grabbing Maine Coon. Unfortunately, the book's editing is not up to the concept. There are two glaring contradictions of fact (the DNA test and the number of boxes) and the time line of the murder/alibis is muddled. I'll try [...]

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