Private Sector

Private Sector In Sean Drummond s fourth outing the wisecracking bull in a china shop JAG lawyer gets loaned out to a white shoe law firm whose client a telecom giant may be vacuuming up intelligence for a for

  • Title: Private Sector
  • Author: Brian Haig
  • ISBN: 9780446613934
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Sean Drummond s fourth outing, the wisecracking, bull in a china shop JAG lawyer gets loaned out to a white shoe law firm whose 1 client, a telecom giant, may be vacuuming up intelligence for a foreign power.

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    1. Brian Haig

      Brian Haig is the son of former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig and has been born and bred in the American military.Since retiring from duty and has been a special advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now runs a large Helicopter company.Series Sean Drummond

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    1. I could swear that every book I’ve picked up in this series just gets more and more complex. Sean Drummond is hired out to a private law firm to gain some skills in corporate contracts, syndicates, audits, and telecoms. When his JAG rival and friend, Lisa ‘Moonbeam’ Morrow is murdered shortly after his arrival, there is no such thing as coincidences. Three more women are violently murdered and there is a connection, but to get some answers, Sean must go up against the most powerful client [...]

    2. Brain Haig is one of those writers that for me every book of his is a 5 star. This is the 4th book I read and sure enough it got my 5 stars. I love the witty of the main character -Sean Drummond. It is one of those few writers that although his genre is about legal drama he still make me laugh. This book has everything in it with just the right measure. Legal, Drama, FBI, CIA. And even a little bit of romance. I wish it was 700 pages and not “only” 500. The story has twists and surprises in [...]

    3. Brian Haig is like a fine wine. He's maturing with each subsequent Sean Drummond books. I swear I like Drummond a bit more every series. Every Drummond book is a just a little bit more complex than the last, its like trying to solve a Rubix cube. All the pieces are there in front of you but they have to be put into the right places. They have to be aligned to get to the solution.Sean Drummond as I said earlier is a wise ass true, but he's a nice wise ass. He's out of his comfort zone in this one [...]

    4. Wow! I'm in love with this character. Sean Drummond is my kind of wise ass. Brian Haig weaves a wonderful tale. Read them all!

    5. Haig is back with his latest bestseller, in which he straddles the line between criminal and corporate law. Main character Major Sean Drummond in front and centre, sarcasm still dripping from his every pore and ready to tackle a new assignment, no matter what is tossed his way. While the story shifts away from the military battlefields and into the boardroom, the story still pushes forward as an apparent minor storyline, a killer on the loose, begins to gain momentum. One of the victims is close [...]

    6. Let me just say this from the very start: Private Sector is a great mystery. Let me say this from the second start: Private Sector is NOT for those who are delicate to cuss words. I say this last part because for some reason I do a better job editing certain types of things when I read a book but when I listen, which I did with this one. Audiobooks, the curses just come right on through. For everyone to hear: grandparents, children, me. (Disclaimer over)This was a great thriller and there were s [...]

    7. Another good Drummond novel which finds him outside the military. Assigned to spend a year with a Washington DC corporate firm Drummond finds himself investigating the murder of a close friend. She recently spend a year at the same firm and somehow became the target of a serial killer. As he investigates will Drummond be targeted by the same person.

    8. Quick read. As usual a complicated plot with a collection of excellent characters. This one takes place largely in Washington DC and involves corporate law as opposed to the more common military law.

    9. This is actually the first Drummond story I read and it sold me on the others. I enjoyed rereading it very much. Drummond is sly and irreverent and Haig's storylines do not disappoint.

    10. I just love wise-cracking protagonists; they have a skill I've never been able to develop. Sean Drummond is the JAG attorney creation of Brian Haig, son of Alexander (you know, of "Don't worry, Alex is here. I'm in charge, so nothing to worry about" fame), but I won't hold that against him.Major Drummond has been asked to spend a year working for a private law firm - Culper, Hutch, and Westin - that represent some of the District of Columbia's most respectable institutions, as an experiment in a [...]

    11. From the moment he learns he's being loaned to a white-shoe D.C. law firm, Army attorney Sean Drummond smells trouble. His bull-headed manner and sarcastic wit are a bad fit. But how bad can it be? Worse than he ever imagined.A plush corner office and outrageous perks can't make up for the legion of uptight, Armani-suited lawyers he must contend with. Then fellow JAG officer Lisa Morrow, his predecessor in the loan-out program, is viciously murdered - and Drummond realizes that the corridors of [...]

    12. Brian Haig- Private Sector (Warner Books 2004) 4.25 StarsMajor Sean Drummond has been sent to a private law firm in a government program that allows JAG lawyers to be placed in a private firm for a year, which is supposed to help them understand more about law. Drummond knew he didn’t want to go, but he had no idea just what kind of trouble he was being sent into. His former girlfriend, the person who was part of the law firm and the exchange program before him, has been murdered. It appears t [...]

    13. In "Private Sector," Sean Drummond gets a taste of life as a corporate attorney and finds it initially interesting, then finds it can be downright deadly. Our man Sean is participating in the Working With Industry Program, a program designed to give Army JAG officers an experience of working in a civilian law firm. Sean is not too crazy about this assignment, but gets on with it. The firm he's working at seems decent enough, but he gets a bad feeling about the people he's working with. And when [...]

    14. If a good nights sleep is what you yearn for, do not under any circumstances begin reading this book in bed. You will find yourself drawn into Sean Drummonds fast-paced world, where witty sarcasm reigns supreme. His temporary foray into the "Private Sector" of a Washington law firm proves to be a fascinating thriller that is enormously satisfying. My only recommendation would be that you first read Secret Sanction in order to understand the connection/relationship between Sean and Lisa Morrow (t [...]

    15. The book was a thoroughly enjoyable read and would merit 4+ stars if not for certain inaccuracies, particularly as it relates to the external audit of Morris. For example, Morris would have already had a recurring external audit; the external auditor would be hired by the audit committee of the board, not outside legal counsel; corporate officers (eg CEO, CFO) would "sign-off" (provide written representations) on the audit. This is the first book I've read by this author, so I'm unaware of his r [...]

    16. I love the Sean Drummond character series by Brian Haig. I think there are six of them. Sean is a JAG lawyer for "special circumstances" so he only handles special cases. His character is funny and stubborn, but usually does the right thing. He also has a way of making everybody he works with mad and is a major headache for his boss. His boss tends to lend him out to other agencies as much as possible just to get rid of him. If you love books about lawyers and their cases you will love these boo [...]

    17. Another Sean Drummond winner from HaigDrummond becomes an "exchange student" with a "white shoe" private law firm in DCwhile in his 1st days on the new job, he becomes involved in the murder of a fellow JAG officer, who ironically serve in his current post, a serial murderer, fraudulent business practices and problems with national security that with his John Corey-like smart mouth, its a fun entertaining read!

    18. Brian Haig keeps getting better and better with his military legal/murder thillers featuring maveric attorney Major Sean Drummond. Clearly this is his best book yet. The villians are vile and the pace is as good as is gets in the genre of an action thriller. Having said that, Brian Haig should probably get a new picture for his dust jacket, since another reviewer thinks him to be GEN Alexander Haig's brother rather than Alexander Haig's son.

    19. Another page turner, another fantastic legal action thriller with all the required shades thrown in with a serial killer and domestic conspiracy to boot. One of those rare books where the episodic nature of the books actually works better than having an overarching narrativeSean Drummond actually gets a good deal of in-depth look on the kind of person he is underneath the external layer of snark and wise-assedness and is quite well done

    20. A military version of John Grisham. I love the main character - great dialogue! How often do you laugh out loud when reading a grizzly murder mystery? I'm on my second Haig book, Man in the Middle. I'm not in it for the details, just for a fun summer read and some fun dialogue. Maybe it's because I'm such a "nice" person, but really, I'd like to be an obnoxious, hard-boiled, ex-military lawyer, just for a day, so I could piss off everyone I meet.

    21. Judging by other reviews, I think I'm the only person who really didn't like the main character. I didn't entirely find the book a chore to read like some others, but I found myself wanting to slap Drummond more often than not. Overall the book did get better towards the end, but then certain areas became very predictable.

    22. Do use an old phrase of praise and respect, Brian Haig has it all going on. His writing is flawless and impactful, and "Private Sectors" lead character, Major Drummond, is so well drawn that you will find him lovable, humorous, and intelligent. You might even find yourself worried about his future and cheering him on. This is a must read.

    23. JAG attorney Major Sean Drummond's bad attitude is probably responsible for his assignment on loan for a year to a large corporate law firm. Just before he can get information hand off from the JAG attorney who did the stint before him, she was murdered. Other murders pile up and it's looking like they aren't random and they are connected to the firm. This is another good read from Haig.

    24. Fourth in the Sean Drummond series, this book takes my favorite JAG officer away from his Army duties on temporary loan to a large, corporate DC firm where he soon discovers a possible connection between the case of a powerful client and the serial murders of young professional women. Once again, this was a very entertaining read with lots of action, fun dialogue and many twists and turns.

    25. I like the Drummond series (although the last 2 I read had similar twists that were pretty predictable that disappointed me a bit)Sean Drummond is a fun lead recurring character.he is a sarcastic military man - not a common characteristic in what we generally see of military characters.Fast paced and an easy read

    26. Major Sean Drummond is loaned to a civilian law firm to replace a lawyer that he had recruited for the intelligence sector. Sean winds up in a murder case as well as having to deal with the civilian law firm. Drummond is not the typical uptight military officer but was former Special Forces before becoming a JAG lawyer.

    27. Because this wasn't going to be part of the military scene I didn't think this book would be as interesting as the ones before. I was wrong. There were plot twists galore only 1 that I figured out in advance.

    28. Brian Haig scores another hit. The character of Sean Drummond keeps you entertained with his wisecracking approach to pretty much everything until he has to backoff when the big brass of the United States Army step in. a very enjoyable read.

    29. I happen to love this author/series (the Sean Drummond series). I like the main character -- he's witty and sarcastic, which I find entertaining. The books are quick and smart. A bit of foul language, just FYI. I've bought most of them and am reading through them now. Love it!

    30. amazing book!!a compulsive read!very fact paced story. no apparent loose ends which may make you yawnst part is the lead character - Sean DrummondHats off to Haig. In this novel he almost matches wit and humor with Demille's John Corey.would definitely recommend.

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