The President's Assassin

The President s Assassin YOU CAN T STOP US THERE WILL BE OTHERS AND THE PRESIDENT WILL BE HISTORY IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS It s a mass execution six people shot and killed in a Virginia mansion one of them the White House Chief

  • Title: The President's Assassin
  • Author: Brian Haig
  • ISBN: 9780446617116
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • YOU CAN T STOP US THERE WILL BE OTHERS, AND THE PRESIDENT WILL BE HISTORY IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS It s a mass execution six people shot and killed in a Virginia mansion, one of them the White House Chief of Staff But that isn t the reason Sean Drummond is called in Newly enlisted in a CIA cell called the Office of Special Projects, the Army lawyer knows the bodies are j YOU CAN T STOP US THERE WILL BE OTHERS, AND THE PRESIDENT WILL BE HISTORY IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS It s a mass execution six people shot and killed in a Virginia mansion, one of them the White House Chief of Staff But that isn t the reason Sean Drummond is called in Newly enlisted in a CIA cell called the Office of Special Projects, the Army lawyer knows the bodies are just a warning Because the killer left a note.Now the hunt begins for the ultimate hitman brilliant, coldhearted, with an insider s knowledge of D.C If Drummond fails, the world will never be the same and someone will collect the 100 million bounty on the President s head.

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    1. Brian Haig

      Brian Haig is the son of former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig and has been born and bred in the American military.Since retiring from duty and has been a special advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now runs a large Helicopter company.Series Sean Drummond

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    1. Haig continues to outdo himself with this series! While moving away from official military law and investigating, the scene is still high-paced and full of intrigue as the CIA takes Major Sean Drummond under their wing and has him working in one of their super secret branches. When a couple appears murdered, Drummond in there to assist with the investigation. When it becomes apparent that this murder shakes things all the way up to the Oval Office, things kick into high gear and Drummond becomes [...]

    2. Sean Drummond did not seem to have much of his arrogant smart-ass attitude in tact this time around which made for a more serious read. This one was a great and complexed mystery crime to read about and quite plausible in some ways but not in others. Specifically with regard to the stealing of military weapons and the FBI profiling and testing before hired for the Bureau. I was also shocked that Drummond didn't figure it out sooner as I had a hunch and it proved dead on in the end. I'm beginning [...]

    3. Sometimes it's enough to simply dislike a book. But that wasn't enough for me. I, foolishly, looked up Brian Haig's bio before writing this review and now I feel ill. I don't even think I can stomach a review, but for you people who need to know about this atrocious, steaming pile of waste, I'll do it.In his world, everything is black and white and all people are valorous or inept. In his world the government is a terrible burden and pot shots at its incompetence is just matter of course where h [...]

    4. My favorite character and wiseass, Sean Drummond, is back. Someone has offered a $100 million bounty on the president's life and just to get everyone's attention, assassinates, in his home, the Chief of Staff and his family and the Secret Service detail assigned to their protection.Haig nicely integrates some -- what I think -- pertinent information regarding the real world. While interviewing the major general in charge of the Army CID to help locate some missing weapons (specifically a Bouncin [...]

    5. Hmm this book was a let down, compared to the high standards that I had for Brian Haig. This was more of a police procedural rather than anything to do with Sean Drummond. I agree with Freda about how the complexity and the intrigue level of the plot has gone down compared to the previous Sean Drummond books. Haig pulls the oldest sleight of the hand with this one. I think the author tries too hard to follow in the mold of James Patterson by trying to layer and multi-fold various plot points.I a [...]

    6. It is my 5th book from Brian Haig. I just loved his main cynical character - Sean Drummond All 5 books I marked as 5 Stars. No wander this one got a 5 star as well. In this book Sean is not acting as a lawyer but as a temporary CIA agent.For the life of me I could not understand the last chapter in the book. It looks so detached from the main ending, that it was confusing as what exactly Mr. Haig was trying to relate.

    7. It's a mass execution: six people shot and killed in a Virginia mansion, one of them the White House Chief of Staff. But that isn't the reason Sean Drummond is called in. Newly enlisted in a CIA cell called the Office of Special Projects, the Army lawyer knows the bodies are just a warning. Because the killer left a note.

    8. This book finds Drummond, paired with an FBI agent to try and find out who is killing top government officials and has threatened the President. They try to track down their top suspect a Secret Service agent while wondering how he got all this inside information and is haunting them at every turn. Good read.

    9. Great read with the required twists till the endA good political thriller showcasing the inner workings of the FBI and CIA and the daunting task they have and how they achieve this with such efficient methods.

    10. at first this was refreshingly different than your typical political thriller, but the novelty wore off. Still interested in who was behind it, but the ending was a little muted.

    11. *NOTE* review not finishedWhile this book reads like a *stand-alone, it is actually the latest in the Sean Drummond series by Brian Haig. Sean Drummond is simultaneously intrigued and disinterested when the CIA sends him to "consult" on a bizarre, uber secure FBI crime scene. If that sounds convoluted, it is, and Sean makes note of that with a perfect amount of wit and sarcasm. This is the most honestly-funny book I've ever read. It is also the best thriller I've read, in like, forever. I would [...]

    12. I nearly had to flip a coin to decide whether to rate this book as "liked it" or "really liked it." This was the first of Brian Haig's novels that I have read and it took me a while to get used to his technique of having so much of the story line being created in Sean Drummond's mind, while significantly less of the story was developed using discourse and author-described interactions among the various characters. For me, an avid reader of fiction, it was a little difficult, albeit not particula [...]

    13. It shouldn't work but it does. A description of this book would reveal a series of thriller set pieces/cliche taunting killer, ticking clock against the next kill, coniving official within organization how to torpedo the hero, a cat/mouse ransom drop, a Silence of the Lambs jailhouse interrogation with a brilliant sociopath. Other draw backs is that much of this requires a HUGE suspension of disbelief. For whatever reason, Haig does not really bring in his extensive military knowledge, there are [...]

    14. Ugh, I'm not doing well picking up unknown authors (to me) this year. Haig might be the worst so far, thoughI read some reviews that called his plots complex. Well, it takes all sorts, I suppose. It was so obvious that the smart girlie with the big boobies done it from so early on, it was laughable (well, not really).Worse than the plot itself, which showed some actual promise, was the attitude. I know you shouldn't judge an author on his creations, but this hopelessly crass, sexist jerk's (you' [...]

    15. This was an entertaining book. And I did not see the ending coming. All of which makes it a 'good' book. The author's politics and his read on the CIA, FBI, and feds in general reflect some love of the military that is not warranted (BTW: I am ex Air Force and loved the job). The main character is funny at first but goodness gracious becomes such a droll smart alec. I mean way over the top. It is tiresome to listen to over and over and over again this a$$ holes constant unrelenting series of one [...]

    16. With just three days to prevent the assassination of the President, Army lawyer Sean Drummond races the clock in the high-stakes countdown of his career. Army lawyer Sean Drummond*s new posting is to the Office of Special Projects, a CIA cell that handles the most dangerous threats. When the White House Chief of Staff is found brutally murdered, there*s a note beside him promising more victims--including the President. Sean leaps into action, teaming up with a beautiful colleague to try to stop [...]

    17. Brian Haig has rightfully been described as half Grisham and half DeMille. His military legal thrillers are one-of-a-kind, and his character, Sean Drummond (who narrates these books) is snarky, brilliant, and hilariously funny, is one of my favorite characters.Like the aforementioned DeMille's character John Corey, in Sean Drummond, Haig creates a character who we both identify with and love. This book itself is not only well-written, but following the character through the fast-paced, and excit [...]

    18. This story had a promising start for me. I liked the beginning and the humor knitted in the text. However as the book wore on, the endless meetings depicted and the constant reports of action that had already occurred began to wear on me. It would have been a better story if the narration had been brought to the action than more than three quarters of the book reflecting on it. It was almost like a series of flashbacks. As much as I love humor and sarcasm, even Haig’s leaning on it became to m [...]

    19. I tried this Brian Haig book because it popped up as a recommendation based on the Nelson DeMille books I was reading. I have always loved spy thrillers like those by Vince Flynn, but after DeMille I now require some humor to be mixed in even with action. I definitely did not expect to love a book about an Army lawyer assigned to work with CIA/Secret Service, but Sean Drummond now ranks up there with my favorite DeMille characters. I like that he is tough but still has a healthy aversion to gett [...]

    20. This is the fifth outing for Sean Drummond, ex-military, black ops lawyer and now seconded to the CIA. Drummond is street smart but has the street mouth to go with it, not a man that sits comfortably with authority. In this, high profile politicians are assassinated with the President the ultimate target unless a large sum is paid. Drummond is teamed up with a female agent and they are given the run around as Drummond seeks the truth and decides who he can trust.It’s a slightly convoluted stor [...]

    21. Whoa. Liked the twist at the end. Drummond is a brash cocky fool kind of a Sam Spade wannabe with a Starbucks habit but he’s a smart one thanks to his past occupation of being a criminal lawyer. The characters first line is "That's a lovely pistol you're carrying." Dude. The book had a great plot and it was very descriptive and informative. It even had some theatrical levity i.e. “bang, bang, Augh, Augh.” (… you know you just mentally made that face and that sound in your head!) and “I [...]

    22. A thrilling read right down to the final e-page. First I've read from this author and I will be seeking more.Excellent multi-dimensional characters, thoroughly believe-able plot, excellent action scenes, a gripping whodoneit and brilliant snark. I particularly loved the snark.The descriptive scenes where Airforce One expectantly plummeted into the Manhattan skyline whoops, SPOILER rry about thatwell had that happened I'd have liked it even more. But it didn't. I repeat no Airforce One was damage [...]

    23. Brian Haig remains one the the most humerous suspense writers out there. In this book, Major Sean Drmmond, on loan from the Army JAG Corps to the CIA is loaned out to the FBI in an attempt to catch a group of vicious murderers who claim they will kill the president within 48 hours. This announcement comes when it is discovered the the White House Chief of Staff, his wife, and their selective service body guards are all found brutally murdered. Thus begins the wild ride of trying to stop these cr [...]

    24. This is a very interesting read. It may even be fairly correct about the relationship of the Military, CIA, FBI and the White House. It seems quite plausible and is mixed in nicely with the plot. I did not find this as good as Haig's latest novel, The Private Sector, because the protagonist, Sean Drummond is a true wisenheimer of the highest order. It can range from funny to over the line and about 1/4 of the book is his supercilious wise cracks. The comings and goings of new ideas and unexpecte [...]

    25. Chekhov once said that if a gun appears in the first act, expect it to blow off in the fourth (act). This book reminded me to stop romanticising stories and stay with the plot. Man, I feel I was gutted out. I was rooting for the lead characters. I could have guessed how the story ended but I kept on overlooking. Son of a gun. I just want to mention how I liked how the ending was done. The final act -- where we all came to conclusion and how the it all ends. I hope there's a continuation though i [...]

    26. I love the Sean Drummond character series by Brian Haig. I think there are six of them. Sean is a JAG lawyer for "special circumstances" so he only handles special cases. His character is funny and stubborn, but usually does the right thing. He also has a way of making everybody he works with mad and is a major headache for his boss. His boss tends to lend him out to other agencies as much as possible just to get rid of him. If you love books about lawyers and their cases you will love these boo [...]

    27. Wisecracking, irreverent Sean Drummond is paired with FBI profiler Jennie Margold and tasked with stopping a group of assassins targeting the President of the United States. Before the President is kill they are taking out top level government officials and leaving a wide and blood path behind.This high energy tale is told with wit and a strong does of sarcasm that keeps you turning the pages to find out what is the next startling development. I wouldn’t want to be Sean’s boss, but I would d [...]

    28. Haig continues to get better and better with each new installment of Sean Drummond (But that is exactly what successful NY Times best-selling authors are expected to do.) The plot is his best yet. But what keeps me entralled is Haig's dialogue. You can actually hear Major Sean Drummond's wise-cracks in your mind's ear. I read this book in two days. (I would have completed it in one day but I actually had to get some work done during one of those days!). I suspect in a very short time that some n [...]

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