Secret Sanction

Secret Sanction Sean Drummond is a cocky Army lawyer with a long history in the secret world of special operations When the legal maverick is assigned by the top brass to investigate a Bosnian massacre in which a Gre

  • Title: Secret Sanction
  • Author: Brian Haig
  • ISBN: 9780752848280
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sean Drummond is a cocky Army lawyer with a long history in the secret world of special operations When the legal maverick is assigned by the top brass to investigate a Bosnian massacre in which a Green Beret A team and the Kosovo Liberation Army detachment they were advising got trapped behind Serbian lines, he gets the subtext that s part of his orders What the ArmySean Drummond is a cocky Army lawyer with a long history in the secret world of special operations When the legal maverick is assigned by the top brass to investigate a Bosnian massacre in which a Green Beret A team and the Kosovo Liberation Army detachment they were advising got trapped behind Serbian lines, he gets the subtext that s part of his orders What the Army doesn t need are headlines about the cold blooded execution of 35 Serbian soldiers, and they re counting on Drummond to clean things up fast, before a public scandal blows dirt all over their medals Drummond is provided with two associates to help with the investigation an attractive young woman captain who s a Harvard Law School graduate, and an equally illustrious Judge Army General s Corps lawyer whose reputation precedes him.Once Drummond and his team get to Bosnia, it s clear that the accused Green Berets have their own cover up going, and they re not going to make it easy for the lawyers to figure out what happened Drummond has a few tricks up his own sleeve, and when he finds out that his CO has put a spy on his team, he s even determined to get to the bottom of what really went on, even if he has to bully his way out of a murder frame up to do it The moral dilemma Drummond faces when he learns the real story and understands why the Army is so desperate to keep the cover up going reveals the man behind the maverick, and lifts Brian Haig s novel a cut above the genre Haig might have spent time making his secondary characters as interesting as his protagonist and tightened up his narrative Still, fans of military thrillers will find this a good enough read.

    Secret Sanction Sean Drummond, by Brian Haig Jun , Secret Sanction Sean Drummond Sean Drummond is a cocky Army lawyer with a long history in the secret world of special operations When the legal maverick is assigned by the top brass to investigate a Bosnian massacre in which a Green Beret A team and the Kosovo Liberation Army detachment they were advising got trapped behind Serbian lines, Secret Sanction Sean Drummond Brian Haig, Joe Barrett Sep , Secret Sanction Sean Drummond Brian Haig, Joe Barrett on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A battalion of Serbs has been senselessly murdered in Kosovo, and the Green Berets stand accused. Secret Sanction A Novel Sep , Secret Sanction A Novel Hardcover May , by Brian Haig Author etymology How did sanction come to have two opposite A sanction is only negative when it is against something so sanction does not have two opposite meanings, it s just that sanctions against is the usual term Sanction can be a verb or a noun When it is a verb, e.g I sanction this action then sanction is positive, giving approval of an action. Secret Sanction by Brian Haig , Hardcover for sale Secret Sanction was his first and it is evident his background for such genre is outstanding What else can I say He s terrific and I anxiously await his next book My condolences to Brian Haig on the recent loss of his father. Trump Administration Made Secret Efforts To Ease Russia Jun , Trump Administration Made Secret Efforts To Ease Russia Sanctions That happened on February , when that legislation was introduced And then six days later, February , Michael Flynn, the White House national security adviser, is forced to resign over his conversations with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak,

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    1. Brian Haig

      Brian Haig is the son of former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig and has been born and bred in the American military.Since retiring from duty and has been a special advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and now runs a large Helicopter company.Series Sean Drummond

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    1. Doing what is right is not always the right thing to do. I was hooked on this book even before I picked it up. Having been a military brat for some years, I often watched JAG and fell in love with the whole casting crew. I gravitated toward crime mysteries and court stories most of my life because the process is so tense and can often put to the test, the foundation of your morals and ethics. This book does just that. Sean Drummond, a JAG lawyer is an excellent character to start with. I enjoy h [...]

    2. To be honest, I've had this for a while. A debut thriller from the son of General Alexander Haig, ex-Secretary of State in the US, who is also an ex-army officer? It felt a bit like it would be your standard attempt at a thriller based on who you are rather than what you have written. But I was wrong and this is rather good.A massacre in during the Bosnian crisis looks like it was the responsibility of a US special forces team and a JAG type lawyer is sent in to uncover the truth. Or rather unco [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book! I would have given it 5 stars,except that I didn't like the gruesome details of the combat scences. This book is not for squeamish readers.

    4. I'm not much for military thrillers but I do try to read things outside my tastes and interests once in awhile. This ended up being a surprisingly good legal mystery and thriller set in the years when the U.S. was bombing Serbian forces in the recently-divided Yugoslavia. The book was originally published in 2002 when the conflict in Kosovo was a fresh memory for Americans.The book introduces Major Sean Drummond, a member of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. He is assigned to investigate a [...]

    5. A great series debut by Haig that kept my interest from the opening sentence. This military legal drama will keep the reader wondering what is coming in the following pages and does not disappoint. Peppered with excellent sarcasm and dry wit, Haig breaks the tension from time to time with some well inserted humour. I was left wondering if he was once a fan of Nelson DeMille, for I see humour parallels.Set during the War in Kosovo, Haig presents the main character as a JAG lawyer commissioned to [...]

    6. This was the first book in this series that I read and I went into it not knowing anything about it. I really like the main character, he is such a smart ass, but he is usually one step ahead of everyone else. He's not a big, tough, macho military guy and that's another thing I like about him. Also enjoyed how this book leaves his past somewhat obfuscated so you focus on the story at hand and not the backstory of the main character. Good military judicial book, not stuffed full of courtroom anti [...]

    7. I started reading this because its Brian Haig's first book (and I thoroughly enjoyed The Capitol Game). I would say his writing style is a bit more polished in the newer books, but this is still definitely enjoyable.

    8. Brian Haig- Secret Sanction (Warner Books 2002) 4.25 StarsWhen a mass murder happens overseas and a group of green berets are being accused of the murder Major Sean Drummond is brought in to get to the bottom of the case. Right off the bat he is warned that he can’t win the case, but losing is not something Major Sean Drummond is accustomed to. He must team up with a couple of young lawyers at the peaks of their careers and work with them to find the truth, even if the truth may not be as cut [...]

    9. Yeah, that's right. I'm giving 5 Stars to a book im only 80% sure I'm clear on the outcome. Man I wish I'd read this before enlisting in the military myself. The voices given to these characters were brutally honest as seen through the first person POV of the narrator Major Sean Drummond.I think the mesh of extremely realistic characters, accurate landscapes, precise military protocol (less a few patches of unnecessary reactions to common dialouge), the fast pacing and the mystery of What Really [...]

    10. I love the Sean Drummond character series by Brian Haig. I think there are six of them, this is the second one in the series. Sean is a JAG lawyer for "special circumstances" so he only handles special cases. His character is funny and stubborn, but usually does the right thing. He also has a way of making everybody he works with mad and is a major headache for his boss. His boss tends to lend him out to other agencies as much as possible just to get rid of him. If you love books about lawyers a [...]

    11. Sean Drummond is a character that I probably would not like if I had to be around him, but he is a great character to read. This book had great plot, character development and dialog, and humor as well as some very serious questions to ponder. It held my interest from the beginning--I didn't feel there was a word wasted in it. I'll be checking out the next book in the series.

    12. Oh My ! I LOVED this book - and Sean Drummond is a character that is amazing. Sean is a JAG lawyer- with a wise cracking mouth and I loved the snappy dialog between all the characters. He's smart, sarcastic and just a blast to read.-A battalion of Serbs has been senselessly murdered in Kosovo and the Green Berets stand accused. Once Drummond and his team get to Bosnia, it's clear that the accused Green Berets have their own cover-up going, and they're not going to make it easy for the lawyers to [...]

    13. When an army lawyer is handed a case concerning war crimes against a green beret team, he is sure that the men are all lying to him. He feels they are guilty but also thinks that the evidence may not be legitimate. An excellent book.

    14. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; MAY 24, 2016Narrator: Scott BrickI was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, especially when I had dnf'd it a few months ago - not the book's fault, obviously. I couldn't focus on it and needed something different. I'm so glad I chose this to retry as it kept me riveted to the end. I wouldn't call this a thriller, it's a police procedural with a JAG officer conducting the investigation. There were several times when I was confused about what actually happened, but [...]

    15. Sean Drummond is a wise ass. I picked up the first book in the Sean Drummond series on a lark. I was interested in reading something different than the usual action/adventure thriller for a change. Legal stories have always interested me and A Time to Kill by John Grisham remains my favorite. The book was a very easy read. The humor in the book is a combination of situational, sarcastic and even personality based. But the book was very well written. It had the right amount of bluster, investigat [...]

    16. Word of Honor meets A Few Good Men in a stunning thriller that pits the Green Berets, C.I.A and White House against a top Army lawyer in an Investigation that could put the U.S. military on trial. A battalion of Serbs has been senselessly murdered in Kosovo and the Green Berets stand accused. Now, Major Sean Drummond, a top Army lawyer, is assigned to investigate this unspeakable atrocity. But of course, no one saw anything. Drummond gets consistently suspicious depositions from all of the Green [...]

    17. Downloaded from AudibleNarrator: John RubinsteinPublisher: Hachette Audio, 2001Length: 6 hours (abridged)Publisher's SummarySean Drummond is a maverick attorney who cloaks his expertise with smart-mouthed self-deprecation and cynicism. One of the Army's most brilliant lawyers, he's also seen his share of infantry fighting, and when a military scandal causes a global outcry, the brass pick Drummond to head the investigation.In a remote war at Europe's center, somebody has committed a cold-blooded [...]

    18. It's been a long time since I've read a military/lawyer suspense mystery and I guess this was the one to start with! I read it while Mr. Dragon was in the hospital and it kept me entertained and the time went quickly. I've found that I really like Sean Drummond and will have to go looking for more. "Major Sean Drummond rufuses to lose. Even when the brass pick him to investigate a mass murder "committed" by Green Berets. Even when his vow of duty, honor, and country clashes with his search for t [...]

    19. It was the worst military scandal since My Lai an elite US army special forces team positioned behind enemy lines had violated standing orders and butchered a patrol of 25 Serbian soldiers in cold blood. There were no survivors, half of them were shot in the back of the head, and their leader had been decapitated. There was no explanation, and no obvious motive, but the repercussions were already global. Now Major Sean Drummond has to got to Kosovo and find out just what happened and somehow cle [...]

    20. I categorized this as politics, although it's fictionI think Terry will like this one, with his fondness for military history. It is a bit heavy on the military part, with the protagonist being a JAG attorney, etc. but the guy reminds me of Spenser who has been enjoyable for so many years for so many of us mystery readersyway, this one held my interest, had something to say about the wars of the 90s (ugh) which are still going in in many waysI heard about this series from Linda P and I really th [...]

    21. This is the first of Haig's Sean Drummond series. Drummond is an Army lawyer and is reminiscent of De Mille's sarcastic leading men. This book involves wartime atrocities possibly committed by U.S. soldiers involving Serbs and Kosovars. What really happened and what do we do about it? That's Drummond's problem. As he and his small team try to sort out this mess, they are guided/hindered simultaneously along the way by some high-ranking folks who have their own feelings about where the investigat [...]

    22. Wonderful! I adore that Sean Drummond veryry much! He's real and witty. I love the characterization.And the story was told in detail; you could play the scene in your mind very clear. And it was full of witty remarks. Actually the issue in the story was quite dark - it's about what could happen in a war and what happen to everyone who involved in it; but again, the way it was told, it's very interesting! It was light and humorous but at the same time, very serious. It's worth to read.

    23. I have read all the Sean Drummond series and enjoyed them. I first listened to this book about five years ago and I just listened to it for the second time. Fortunately, except for a few really outstanding books, after a reasonable interval I am usually able to read (or listen to) a book a second time, only remembering its details as I am reading. Secret Sanction was a great read both first and second time.

    24. This is my new favorite author. I like to read books in the order the author writes them, and we finally got all the books in this series. I got nothing accomplished the week I read Haig's series. I LOVED them. The first 130 pages of this book I was laughing hysterically. Highly recommend anything by him.

    25. I'm not sure who recommended Haig to me, but I've been reading and enjoying his books from the beginning. Everyone I've shared them with has enjoyed them [both guys and gals]. Sean Drummond is a great character and the books are hard to put down. I'm always sorry when I finish one that there is not another to pick up.

    26. It is the 1st book of Haig that I read.I sure like it. The hero seems like one of Vince Flynn heroes, and the story it selfis like a Grishem book. Since I love both, I liked this one, and intend to read allhis other books as well.

    27. Thanks to the friend who introduced me to Brian Haig! This is the first of the Sean Drummond series and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    28. The author understand the craft and he weaves the tale superbly,i like Drummond,Morrow,Imelda. Brian Haig got my full attention from the first page to the last page and I enjoy every page.

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