Qur’an and Cricket: Travels Through the Madrasahs of Asia and Other Stories

Qur an and Cricket Travels Through the Madrasahs of Asia and Other Stories Farish A Noor visits lives and interviews students and others in jihad factory madrasahs from Patani to Pakistan and from Indonesia to India and comes away dazed and confused In attempting to make se

  • Title: Qur’an and Cricket: Travels Through the Madrasahs of Asia and Other Stories
  • Author: Farish A. Noor
  • ISBN: 9789833221257
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Farish A Noor visits, lives and interviews students and others in jihad factory madrasahs from Patani to Pakistan and from Indonesia to India and comes away dazed and confused In attempting to make sense of it all, he ends up confronting his own demons and nightmares He visits locations where most traditional media cannot and will not go, and most of us would like toFarish A Noor visits, lives and interviews students and others in jihad factory madrasahs from Patani to Pakistan and from Indonesia to India and comes away dazed and confused In attempting to make sense of it all, he ends up confronting his own demons and nightmares He visits locations where most traditional media cannot and will not go, and most of us would like to avoid even in our worst nightmares Although he writes with his sense of humour firmly in place throughout, that does not obscure the seriousness of the subject Quite scary.

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    About "Farish A. Noor"

    1. Farish A. Noor

      Dr Farish Ahmad Noor born 15 May 1967 in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia is a Malaysian political scientist and historian and is presently a Senior Fellow at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore At the NTU he is part of the research cluster on the contemporary development of trans national religio political networks across South and Southeast Asia, where he is studying the phenomenon of Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist religio political mobilisation in the public domain.He was formerly attached to Zentrum Moderner Orient Centre for Modern Oriental Studies in Berlin, Germany, Sciences Po Paris, the Institute for the Study of Muslim Society ISIMM, Ecole des haute etudes et sciences sociale, EHESS , Paris and the International Institute for the Study of the Muslim World ISIM , Leiden, Netherlands Dr Noor s teaching credits include the Centre for Civilisational Dialogue, University of Malaya, the Institute for Islamic Studies, Free University Berlin, Sunan Kalijaga Islamic University Jogjakarta , Muhamadiyah University Surakarta and Nanyang Technological University presently.At NTU RSIS he teaches two courses 1 History, Society and Politics of Malaysia and 2 Introduction to Discourse Analysis The first is part of the RSIS area studies curricula which also covers Indonesia while the second is a foundational course in Philosophy of Language, Linguistics and Semiotics with a heavy emphasis on Critical Theory as developed by the Essex School of Discourse Analysis.He received his BA in Philosophy Literature from the University of Sussex in 1989, before studying for an MA in Philosophy at the same University in 1990, an MA in South East Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, before completing his PhD at the University of Essex in 1997 in the field of governance and politics.Dr Noor also runs a research site othermalaysia along with Dr Yusseri Yusoff, which looks at the history of Malaysia from an alternative, deconstructive angle and which attempts to demonstrate the constructiveness and contingency behind historical development, particularly of nation states from the pre colonial to post colonial era.Over the past ten years he has also been researching the phenomenon of transnational and translocal religio political movements, including missionary movements such as the Tablighi Jama at and its networks from South to Southeast Asia as well as the development of religio politics in South and Southeast Asia, looking at the rise of Muslim, Christian and Hindu political religious revivalism in particular.His other interests include antiques and material history, and he has written about the plastic arts of Southeast Asia, focusing on things such as the Indonesian Malaysian keris to the development of woodcarving and architecture.Farish has also appeared in the semi documentary film The Big Durian film , directed by Amir Muhammad.

    647 thoughts on “Qur’an and Cricket: Travels Through the Madrasahs of Asia and Other Stories”

    1. Farish A Noor mungkin tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi kepada khalayak di Malaysia. Tokoh pemikir politik dan sosial ini juga dikenali sebagai seorang ahli akademik pengkaji sejarah dan budaya.Farish A Noor juga merupakan seorang tokoh yang agak kontroversial kerana tulisannya yang kadang-kadang dilihat terlalu berterus-terang. Saya melihat Farish sebagi seorang anak muda yang ingin tahu dan gigih mencari jawaban kepada pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang sering datang dalam hidup. Dalam ketergesaan menuli [...]

    2. Ini ialah catatan kembara – travelog – semasa beliau sedang menyiapkan kajian di beberapa negara seperti Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Indonesia dan selatan Thailand. Turut terselit catatan peribadi dalam kunjungannya ke Sri Lanka dan padang pasir Sahara. Qur’an and Cricket bukan sekadar memjejerkan bangunan atau tempat tumpuan pelancong, sebaliknya mendekati denyut nadi masyarakat setempat dengan analisis sejarah ataupun renungannya yang mendalam.Teras catatan kembara beliau seputar kajianny [...]

    3. This is one of the books which makes me want to meet with the writer and shake his hands. Dr Farish travels as a free man, and writes as a free man. I am overwhelmingly jealous with the wonders of his travels; well probably not all of them. Not many people has the will to scourge this terrible planet in search of himself. This is like a collection of notes on the road, as you would write during quite journeys on the train or a plane, complete with the poems and illustration. Therefore he does no [...]

    4. Alhamdulillah. Finally, i ended my reading. The title of the book is the main point I bought this book. Due to my high curiosity, now I understood the symbolic meaning behind the chosen title, even though there is no direct discussion about that. I like the way of the author describes his journey to many interesting places throughout this book. Although it is not explained in a very detail, but the reader can enjoy all the places he visited because of his humor descriptions. In addition to him a [...]

    5. V few writers have actually delved into madrasahs and put down their experiences in such analytical and eloquent form. The more Noor delves, the more questions are raised.

    6. Buku ini memberi inspirasi kepada aku untuk keluar daripada "comfort zone" dan melihat bagaimana keadaan dunia Islam yang sedang ditindas. Di dalam buku ini jugak aku tertarik dgn satu sub-tajuk "The hell of everyday life"." Hell occurs as leitmotif in all religions. Perhaps it stems from our collective fear of the unknown and the probability for an ultimate reckoning for our misdeeds on this earth. But in almost all of the iconographic and pictorial accounts of hell, one common image stands dom [...]

    7. Buku Farish Noor kegemaran saya. Pengamatannya terhadap dunia penuh lucu, kritis, hangat, dan kadang-kala menakutkan. Dalam buku ini Farish mengembara ke madrasah-madrasah sekitar Dunia Islam untuk mencari jejak ekstremisme dalam pendidikan-pendidikan islam pasca 11 September. Kita akan rasakan betapa dekatnya dunia-dunia ini dengan kita; serta peri pentingnya dialog dalam mencantumkan peradaban yang dibangunkan atas weltanschaaung yang berbeza (ya aku senagaja nak kedengaran pretentious di sini [...]

    8. Exciting, witty and insightful.In this travelogue, Dr. Farish writes as an academic, a traveller, and most often and importantly, as a man who is always on the never ending quest of seeking happiness and find meaning.Going through the pages, one would be surprised with the turn of events, and the humour he has to (and believe me, he can) offer.He pours out his feelings through words, gets personal, and tells them as if you're his comrade, his friend.One would get a better idea, and a much cleare [...]

    9. Another fine book by Farish A. Noor. It is obvious that he is in love with his work. His words are profoundly deep, with insight that can only come from years and years of hard traveling. Here, he writes about his travels all around Asia while doing his research. Although he may not have meant to write it as a guide, I think this is one heck of a guide for those who are planning to travel the less traveled road, away from the kitschy tourist traps and the garish neon signs. A good read.

    10. Noor is at his best in the essays on Jogya and Kelantan. Especially memorable for someone who has struggled with the location of home and has waded progressively into Asia's deep pools.

    11. Every journey made to Madrasahs across the world was described eloquently in this book, although at various points, I became slightly annoyed at the constant reminders of his profession as an “academic, historian, etc”. Despite the fascinating encounters with jihadists, ulama’, journalists, and many more, this book does not really shed light on more pressing questions that I have in mind, such as “Why do Madrasahs have always been linked with poverty, what are the cultural norms that are [...]

    12. In a style that is witty, intelligent and refreshingly frank, this author manages to capture the emotions and thoughts of the voices of those who have been silenced (at least in the first half of the book). I wish he had written MORE. I mean, come on, he has spent several weeks in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Have pity on us cowardly, poor, deprived souls who would never be able to step foot on these places and who have to depend on stories by lucky, restless academics to get a gl [...]

    13. Buku “qur’an and cricket” merupakan satu buku travelog yang mempunyai kelainan tersendiri.Ini merupakan buku karya Farish A. Noor yang pertama saya baca.Seperti tajuk kecil yang ada pada muka hadapan buku tersebut, “Travels through the madrasahs of Asia and other stories”, kebanyakan penceritaan di dalam travelog ini adalah mengenai penceritaan pengalaman Dr. Farish berada di madrasah2 di dunia Islam. Madrasah2 yang dilawati Dr. Farish adalah sekitar di negara India-Pakistan, Indonesia [...]

    14. Trying to understand the world inside Asia’s madrasahs? Read Farish A Noor’s Qur’an and Cricket. RM40 at Silverfish Books.I read Qur'an and Cricket: Travels Through the Madrasahs of Asia and Other Stories book when it was first published in October 2009. I then bought the second edition in December 2009 and read it again. It was good the first time and better the second time around.Almost a decade after 9/11, the media is still wrapped up in the good Muslim-bad Muslim cliche, and we are no [...]

    15. A splendid read. A travelogue that mainly focuses on the author's experience of being an outsider observing the many facades of Muslim life. Mostly set against the background of the traditional madrasahs of Central and South Asia, it explores the unseen world behind these closed doors, one that many Muslims, myself included, have never encountered before. These stories show the diversity and variety of Muslim life as well as the similar if not singular problem they face, a struggle for their ide [...]

    16. This book has scattered charms; intelligent, yet doesn’t insult its readers’ knowledge. Qur'an and Cricket is a travelogue of a journey through Madrasahs in Asia taken on by Farish A Noor, an academic studying the socio-political state of affairs of countries. He moves through countries in a Jane Goodall-esque approach, residing with the locals and learning about them from grassroots level amidst the bedlam.The author’s journey is a harsh one through afflicted lands; some are torn by war a [...]

    17. a beautifully written book from Malaysia's own political scientist and historian. great attempts at understanding the psyche of jihadists and offering alternative solutions in tackling the all out War On Terror. although mostly an impartial portrayal of his travels and experiences within the heart of fundamental islamist countries, there is however a hint of american foreign policy critique - just too bad! all in all - highly recommended to understand how the seeds of islamic terrorism grew from [...]

    18. Bagi seorang yang mempunyai impian untuk mengembara ke setiap pelusuk dunia satu hari nanti, sudah tentulah buku sebegini sangat menarik minat saya. Tambahan pula, gaya pengembaraan Farish juga cocok dengan apa yang saya impikan selama ini. Iaitu berkeliaran di tempat-tempat marhaen dan bukan di kawasan elit yang sering dilakukan orang. Buku ini sangat menarik dengan gaya bahasa yang tidak membosankan, bersama catatan pengembaraan yang hebat kerana tidak ditambah-tambah. Tahniah!

    19. Farish Noor is hands down my favourite Malaysian intellectual. This book is more of a laid back travelogue than a serious discourse on religion. His views may be controversial for some, but to me, he presents a rational and balanced opinions about the places that he travels to, from the madrasahs in Pakistan, pesantren in Indonesia, to the highly volatile Southern Thailand. Overall, a highly recommended read.

    20. Catatan-catatan peribadi dan kembara yang jujur dan lihai, pada saya. Dalam mengupas isu semasa mengenai keganasan di peringkat antarabangsa khususnya, penulis tak segan menampilkan soft spot serta mengakui kelemahan-kelemahannya. Seni mentertawakan diri sendiri - malang, tak ramai yang menguasainya.

    21. A travel book detailing the author's (sometimes hellish) visits to some very out-of-the-way places, this is a book Americans really ought to read. I loved most of it. A couple of the pieces dragged a bit, and there were passages in Malay and Indonesian that I couldn't follow, but these are small complaints. It's a fascinating and sometimes wrenching book. Highly recommended.

    22. The writer has a remarkable ability to make the reader relate to the situation. Uniquely relevant to the modern day context on the role that religion plays in the lives of people living in Asia. Very little about cricket though! Good read.

    23. Don't let the title fool you - it's such a super fun read! The author makes use of his wry sense of humour to not poke fun at the issues but rather to educate and reveal a closed world (of madrasahs & pesentrens) marred by misconceptions and false information.

    24. Finally done! After too long in my beg, accompanied me everywhere I gohaiya, sungguh menyakitkan hati bila membaca terhenti - henti. Hilang mood at the end. Sigh

    25. This books is about lives and interviews students(locals) in 'jihad factory' madrasahs from Patani to Pakistan. The book is an amazing read. Thumbs up.

    26. Superb.Jujur.Kebetulan ada tajuk yang bersangkut paut dengan pilihan raya yang akan tiba.Jatuh cinta dengan karya Farish A. Noor

    27. Aptly desribed how i imagined travelling should be like. A very inspiring journey,told with wits and sincere tone.

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