The Sword of Maiden's Tears

The Sword of Maiden s Tears MAGIC GONE ASTRAY It was Beltane Eve and student librarian Ruth Marlowe s thirtieth birthday when she stumbled over New York City s latest mugging victim He was tall with long silvery hair catlike e

  • Title: The Sword of Maiden's Tears
  • Author: Rosemary Edghill
  • ISBN: 9780886776220
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • MAGIC GONE ASTRAY It was Beltane Eve and student librarian Ruth Marlowe s thirtieth birthday when she stumbled over New York City s latest mugging victim He was tall, with long silvery hair, catlike eyes, pointed ears, and he was garbed in the finest of hand sewn medieval wear His name he told Ruth and her firends, Naomi, Michael, Jane, and Philip, when they gatherMAGIC GONE ASTRAY It was Beltane Eve and student librarian Ruth Marlowe s thirtieth birthday when she stumbled over New York City s latest mugging victim He was tall, with long silvery hair, catlike eyes, pointed ears, and he was garbed in the finest of hand sewn medieval wear His name he told Ruth and her firends, Naomi, Michael, Jane, and Philip, when they gatherd to hear his tale was Rohannan Melior of the House of Silver Silences in Elphame.How he had come to the mortal World of Iron, Melior himself was not certain But he was positive that he must reclaim the priceless magical item the muggers had stolen from him the Sword of Maiden s Tears For the Sword, one of the Twelve Treasures of Elphame, had been given into his care, and if he could not produce it at the High King s crowning, his entire line would face permanent exile.And humans, too, would suffer for the Sword s loss For the curse on this magic blade was that any moratl who wielded it would be transformed into a grendel, and almost indestructible monster which preyed only upon humans But in a city with as many hiding places and pitfalls as New York, what hope did one elf lord and five mere mortals have of finding and slaying the unstoppable force of evil that had stolen Melior s treasure

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    • Free Read [Science Book] Ò The Sword of Maiden's Tears - by Rosemary Edghill ✓
      483 Rosemary Edghill
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    1. Rosemary Edghill

      Rosemary Edghill is a pen name of Eluki Bes Shahar She was born long enough ago to have seen Classic Trek on its first outing and to remember that she once thought Spock Must Die to be great literature As she aged, she put aside her fond dreams of taking over for Batman when he retired, and returned to her first love, writing Her first SF sale as eluki bes shahar was the Hellflower series, in which Damon Runyon meets Doc Smith over at the old Bester place Between books and short stories in every genre but the Western several dozen so far , she s held the usual selection of odd and part time writer jobs, including bookstore clerk, secretary, beta tester for computer software, graphic designer, book illustrator, library clerk, and administrative assistant for a non profit arts organization She can truthfully state that she once killed vampires for a living, and that without any knowledge of medicine has illustrated half a dozen medical textbooks.Her last name despite the efforts of editors, reviewers, publishing houses, her webmaster, and occasionally her own fingers is not spelled Edgehill.Also writes under the name Eluki Bes Shahar.

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    1. From the flap:Sensible student librarian Ruth Marlowe was ready for a change. So when she stumbled over New York City's latest mugging victim--a tall guy with long silvery hair, cat-like eyes, and pointed ears-- her first thought (besides Good makeup, but not period costume) was how to help. It only made sense to take him home. His name, he told Ruth and her friends, was Rohannan Melior of the House of the Silver Silences. How he came to the mortal World of Iron he didn't know, but he did know h [...]

    2. Loved this book as a kid. The story is cohesive and smooth and compelling, and I loved both the New York crowd's struggle to accept Melior for who and what he is and Melior's struggle to understand what's going on around him and to be understood. His relationship with Ruth is understated, but I always enjoyed it - when I was younger I had the page number for their 'necking' scene memorized.The writing is lovely and works well. My only real complaint about this story (series, really) is that ever [...]

    3. This is the book that started my love for Urban Fantasy!It's the first book of a trilogy (although this one can be read on it's own too) and the best of the three I think.Ruth is a likeable character and she's faced with some very though choices throughout the story that makes you really feel for her. Edghill's writing style is a treat in itself, add a really engaging story to that and you got me hooked.The one negative thing I can say is that the viewpoint switches between Ruth and one other pe [...]

    4. I notice people refer to this as book one of a trilogy. It is actually book one of what was supposed to be a twelve book series. Unfortunately, Ms. Edghill (pen name) couldn't find a publisher willing to take the rest of the books so the series will remain unfinished.

    5. So an Elven librarianumince comes to Earth to track down his magic sword that turns people intonstersd while here gains the help of a bunch ofbrarians. Sureok.

    6. I very much enjoyed this read. I finished it quickly, in about 3 days. I do not read much Fantasy, but this was only minimally Fantasy. Yes, there is an Elflord, an enchanted sword and a monster of legend, but after all it is set in the New York City of a few years ago and no one believes in magic.I believe the most entertaining stories are Mary Sue stories. The main character, Ruth, is a library science graduate student, and the author has library science degrees. I found the trivial details ab [...]

    7. I read this back in the 1990's when it first came out, and enjoyed it at the time. And I didn't dislike it this time around, but it was more dismal than I remembered. (view spoiler)[(Naomi's death made the story darker; the dismalness was more the book's overall tone.) (hide spoiler)]Although I didn't like the book as much this time, I don't regret reading it. It's hard to find a fantasy book with a protagonist older than her teens or twenties, and Ruth is 30. And I have a soft spot for reading [...]

    8. I wanted to love this more than I did. I can't quite describe the problem; it just seemed like it was trying too hard. The setting was a little bit Emma Bull, the language and style a little Pamela Dean, but it didn't come near in quality to either. I suspect I really responded to this as a pre-teen, but now it's just meh. Time to sell that omnibus edition of the trilogy. Any takers?

    9. Welll, it started out great. Then it slowed down. The major problem was the character development. I wanted to slap most of the characters. By and large they didn't behave like anyone I've ever met. I didn't believe them and mostly didn't like them. Well written with an interesting plot but the characters stunk!

    10. It was not the best book I have ever read and though it is a first part, I wont be reading anymore. I did not find the characters all that captivating. The book was a good idea but it was not just my cup of tea.

    11. I love this book. I loved it the first time as a twenty-something lawyer in upstate New York, and I love it now 20 plus years later, and all the times in between.The only problem with this series is that the author reneged on her implicit promise to the Reader and stopped after book 3.

    12. One of the most godawful abominations of cliched fantasy I've ever had the displeasure to read. I've got nothing else to say, that about sums it up.

    13. Found the reading experience to be uneven and the series to be a bit strange. I actually think I finished this book because it was in a trilogy set and I was waiting for it to pick up.

    14. Early urban fantasy from Edghill about a search for a stolen magical sword on Earth. The searchers are an elf and a human librarian.

    15. poor Kevin Shelby. His life was very unfortunate. great book, now I need the sequel. if there had been a sex scene it would have gotten 5 stars

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