Honour And The Sword

Honour And The Sword It is the height of the Thirty Years War one of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts Europe has ever seen As the campaigning season begins the Spanish armies swell out of the Artois reg

  • Title: Honour And The Sword
  • Author: A.L. Berridge
  • ISBN: 9780718155469
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1636 the height of the Thirty Years War, one of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts Europe has ever seen As the campaigning season begins, the Spanish armies swell out of the Artois region of the Netherlands flooding into King Louis XIII s France.The sleepy border village of Dax en roi stands in their way Facing the overwhelming might of the Spanish foIt is 1636 the height of the Thirty Years War, one of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts Europe has ever seen As the campaigning season begins, the Spanish armies swell out of the Artois region of the Netherlands flooding into King Louis XIII s France.The sleepy border village of Dax en roi stands in their way Facing the overwhelming might of the Spanish forces, the Chevalier de Roland rallies a valiant defence, but in vain his household guard no match for the invaders There is only one survivor as the Roland estate is razed to the ground, one soul who escapes the Spanish brutality the lone heir to the Roland name, the son, a young boy by the name of Andr de Roland, the new Sieur of Dax .Upon this young nobleman s shoulders all hope lies He alone must bear the honour of the Roland name and, with it, the fate of his people.

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    1. A.L. Berridge

      A L Berridge worked as a teacher, a script editor, and a television producer before finally settling down as a full time novelist She inherited her love of history from her father, writer and Victorian specialist David Newsome, but her own passion is for military adventure, and the character and relationships of men at war She is published by Penguin.Her first novel, the epic HONOUR AND THE SWORD, was published in April 2010 and became an instant Sunday Times Bestseller Set during the Thirty Years War, it follows the adventures of Andr , the young Chevalier de Roland, as he fights to survive the 1636 Spanish invasion of Picardy.Its sequel, IN THE NAME OF THE KING, is the second in the Chevalier series and came out in August 2011 This time the idealistic de Roland is caught in the crossfire of political intrigue, and has to deal with the 1642 conspiracy of Cinq Mars before a final bloody showdown at the Battle of Rocroi.Her latest novel, INTO THE VALLEY OF DEATH , is set in the Crimean War, and is the first in a new series featuring Victorian military hero Harry Ryder The book follows the adventures of four friends through the horrors of Alma and Inkerman as well as exploring the real life mystery behind the Charge of the Light Brigade It was published in May 2012, and its sequel is expected in 2013.

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    1. One of the great joys of having set up the Historical Writers' Association is that I am being sent a lot of books I wouldn't otherwise read. A great many recently have been entrants for the HWA/Goldsboro Prize for Debut Historical Fiction and for obvious reasons, I can't review them here yet (when the winner has been announced, I may well do). And then there are the books that are simply sent by thoughtful publicists who want to bring their authors to my attention. Such was the package that arri [...]

    2. A really good read! Well written and characters well developed. Only drawback for me was the book was narrated by several characters and I found it difficult to engage in the story through the eyes of the main character because of this. This was a compelling read however and I look forward to reading more of the authors work.

    3. Honour and the Sword had a lot of potential, but it never really pulled it off. The constant jumping between points of views (every couple of pages, if not faster, especially in fight scenes) made it really difficult to get into the story - first you get one point of view, then the POV is switched and another person goes back in time a bit, tells their point of view and then continues from where the other left off and then the POV is switched again. Basically, even though the choice to tell the [...]

    4. What could I possibly say about this book, besides the fact that this is one of the best books I've read in a long time? It was wonderfully written, masterful even. The characters were unique and their personalities remained true throughout the story. They had such depth to them! The book is written with several characters narrating their accounts, each told in first person POV. I loved the way this was done because it gave me a better understanding of each of the characters. I loved each of the [...]

    5. The title of the book - Honour and the Sword - is the shortest summary you can get which includes all you get.In the tradition of Alxandre Dumas, Honour and the Sword offers with André de Roland the French answer to Robin Hood. Enter a time where honour was something completely different and the rapier the weapon of the nobleman.Remember the time when you read first Robin Hood and The Three Musketeers. You can't turn back the time but instead you can read Honour and the Sword and feel young aga [...]

    6. Very occasionally, as a reader, you have the wonderful sensation of finding a book that might have been written especially for you. It feels as though the author has looked into your head, seen all your favourite things and put pen to paper with an indulgent sigh of, ‘Oh, go on then’. And this book did that for me. It’s a rip-roaring old-fashioned adventure story set in France in the early 17th century, full of courage, loyalty, duels, romance, dastardly Spaniards, impossible odds, hair’ [...]

    7. One of my beefs with publishers is that in their efforts to put authors and their novels into boxes with a distinct label they can sell they actually deceive readers. Fatal really as readers buying a book in the expectation that it is a particular genre style read, but find it is not like the blurb at all, tend to bin the book and vow never to read that author again. A.L. Berridge’s book ‘Honour and the Sword’ has a title, cover and blurb which led readers to expect a jolly, all chaps toge [...]

    8. Jeez, where to start. I enjoyed this -- it's a long book and poorly typset but I read it in maybe a day and it was a pretty good time. Well-paced, interesting characters, and the action scenes are great. It's hard to write a good swordfight, and Berridge manages a bunch. BUT. But. I have some problems. It's set during the Thirty Years' War; there's a province on the French border that is occupied by the Spanish army, and the book is ostensibly about the local lord and his rebel army. All right, [...]

    9. I fucking worship this book. Absolutely mindblowing. I'm an exclusive fantasy reader but I picked this up in the library and couldn't pry my fingers off it. That means it's really, REALLY good. I bought a copy just to have it there. It's amazing.The multiple viewpoints helped to give it the feel of a real historical manuscript. It was amazing how well Berridge did with their voices - you can always tell which person is narrating. The main character, Andre de Roland, is so impossible to not love [...]

    10. The novel is written as a series of interviews or memoirs from France during the time of the 30 years war and so includes a number of different voices put together by a fictional professor - Edward Morton. Sounds complicated? Perhaps, but it works brilliantly. Like a patchwork this method gradually builds up the picture of events from all the partisan points of view. Told in the first person present tense, some of it is written in very modern-sounding English but this has the effect of drawing t [...]

    11. This book actually works a lot better than you think. The idea of using different characters to provide what appears to be different points of view isn't at all its actually a very good way of giving the writer and the reader different viewpoints of the story and AL Berridge really uses this writing tool or device to draw the reader into the world that the characters live in so your reading an "historical novel" set in France in 16 something or other but that doesn't matter because that is just [...]

    12. The story and characters drew me instantly into the drama and carried me away in this epic historical fiction. Funny but I didn't know until halfway into the book that Honour and the Sword was written by a woman! My hat is off to her in taking on such a subject matter that probably only men attempt, though, I am no authority on historical fiction and those who write them. I am looking forward to more of her novels. I am usually not drawn to such books about sword play, battles and honour but the [...]

    13. Presented as a series of transcripted interviews and extracts from memoirs or diaries rather than as a straight narrated story, and set in France during the time of the 30 years war (so, roughly the same timeas 'The Three Musketeers'), I can see why this novel has been described as a mix of Alexandre Dumas and Bernard Cornwell.An enjoyable enough read, but not really a pick-up-and-read type of book: this one, I found, could be quite heavy going at times, mainly as it does require some serious co [...]

    14. "Sprawling" and "Epic" come immediately to mind -- but overall a very enjoyable read, with plenty of people getting skewered by swords and having their faces blown off -- more than enough to keep the pages turning, and the main character (the young, newly orphaned Sieur of Dax) is one pretty cool dude -- and the relationship that develops between him and his stable-boy aide, as they battle the nasty spaniards who invaded their town in the middle of the 30 Years War, is pretty engaging At moment [...]

    15. I was hoping for much more from this book but it didn't manage to deliver. I expected a story of adventure and history but instead got a bromance where they get in trouble that could easily be avoided if honour didn't have to be satisfied all the time. It made the characters unrelatable, not sympathetic and often annoying. Neither the story or the characters had enough depth to overcome these issues.The choppy writing style wasn't conducive to a smooth reading experience, with many narrators and [...]

    16. Thanks to people for this recommendation. When I read that the novel is told from the rotating perspectives of different people close to the action plus some letters and diary entries I must admit it nearly put me off. How glad I am that it didn't, this is hugely enjoyable, the tone is spot on, and the use of modern idiom just works. Dumas updated to the current day, and yes I do mean it as a compliment. Romantic historical fiction done as it be, but rarely is. I look forward to reading all Ms [...]

    17. Good book. I'm not a great fan of this era. A bit Three Musketeerish. After the first few pages I felt a bit bored but the author was just setting the scene and the story of comradeship against the odds could be as relevant today as it was in 16th century Europe. Ended up being a certainly good story and near the end I ended up reading over 100 pages a night.

    18. This book has completely surprised me, I cannot believe it is based around a real character, but indeed it is! This book has had me in tears, made my heart beat faster and has made me reflect on what it means to be human. This book was beautifully written and at no point boring, cannot wait to read book 2. Loved it!

    19. I only did buy that book with the intention of improving my English vocabulary skills as English is not my mother tongue.but both the compelling story and the adorable creativity of the author - providing the book with everything that might be expected from a bestseller and even more, turned out to reveal me the real beauty of "Honour and the Sword". Definitely a Must Read !

    20. I must admit that it took me sometime to get used to the style of a multi narrative, but it was worth it and I'm looking forward to reading more of the authors work. Good story based on fact. Excellent characters.

    21. Didn't finish this one. Got about five chapters in and found myself too bored too continue. Didn't get the feel for different characters through the narration and it just didn't work for me. Oh well.

    22. A story of the French resistance, but this is the 30 years war, not WW2. Nicely told as quasi oral history, but approximately 300 pages longer than my interest in it.

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