The Can Man

The Can Man To earn money a young boy decides to collect and redeem empty soft drink cans but ends up giving away his money to help a local homeless man

  • Title: The Can Man
  • Author: Laura E. Williams Craig Orback
  • ISBN: 9781600602665
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • To earn money, a young boy decides to collect and redeem empty soft drink cans, but ends up giving away his money to help a local homeless man.

    The Can Man by Laura E Williams The Can Man By The Can Man is a realistic fiction book about a boy named Tim who wants a new skateboard for his birthday When Tim finds out that Joe also known as The Can Man collects cans to earn money, Tim decides he would do the same so he could get some money to buy himself a the can man eBay Find great deals on eBay for the can man Shop with confidence. The Can Man by Roger Letson on Music Check out The Can Man by Roger Letson on Music Stream ad free or purchase CD s and MPs now on . THE CAN MAN UK LIMITED Free Company Check THE CAN MAN UK LIMITED Learn about THE CAN MAN UK LIMITED Check the company s details for free and view the Companies House information, company documents and list of directors. The Can Man Home Facebook The Can Man, Swansea, United Kingdom likes h Premier alcohol delivery service covering Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot areas Now also available on Jump to Sections of this page The Can Man Recycling Center Johnson City, New York The Can Man Olive St, Johnson City, New York Rated . based on Reviews Guy closed the door in our face min Early We only had one

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    1. Laura E. Williams Craig Orback

      Laura E. Williams Craig Orback Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Can Man book, this is one of the most wanted Laura E. Williams Craig Orback author readers around the world.

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    1. Audience: PrimaryAppeal: The book has awesome pictures which will appeal to the primary age group. I recommend the upper primary because it would be easier to relate to their lives. Because of the economy today, many students may be able to relate to this book and the storyline. State: Pennsylvania

    2. I really enjoyed the story, the message behind this book that is timeless. I wish the ending was a bit different, but to say how or why would give it away.

    3. This story is about a boy who really wants a skateboard but doesn't have the money for one. He figures out how to earn the money and goes full-hearted toward his goal. But he realizes the way he is earning his money is actually hurting someone else, so he has to make a choice.It's a good story about compassion.

    4. I must say that this book is a realistic fiction story. This is a great read. It teaches children about social economic status, honesty and integrity all in one. The little boy, Tim, learns a great lesson about being kind and fair. I also like that the little boy was very ambitious, he wanted to gain his skateboard. This book will be very interesting to students. It includes realistic characters themes and setting. The illustrations look very realistic and help illustrate each characters feeling [...]

    5. Laura MuellerApril 2, 2015EDL53500 Library Materials for Children and YouthTitle: The Can ManAuthor: Laura E. WilliamsPlot: Mr. Peters, also known as "The Can Man", collects cans around the town in order to make money now that he's been out of work for a while. Tim really wants a skateboard but his parents say they don't have the money for one so he gets an idea to collect cans and turn them in for money, like Mr. Peters does. He goes through the streets in the opposite direction of Mr. Peters i [...]

    6. Williams, L. E & Orback, C. (2010). The can man. New York: Lee & Low Books.Tim wants a skateboard so that he can hang out with his friends and not have to borrow anymore. He decides to collect cans in order to raise money. He does this in competition with the homeless man Mr. Peterson who always collects the cans by his house. As the days grow colder, he realizes that there are some things that are more important than his own entertainment, therefore he gives his collected cans to the Ca [...]

    7. "The Can Man" is a book that involves poverty as a critical issue. The can man is a man who once lived in a house, but ended up having to be homeless. There is a boy and family who lived in the same neighborhood as the can man. The homeless man collects cans for a living. The boy knows the homeless man because his family informed him about the man's past. The boy wants a skateboard for his birthday, but his family is unable to afford it. The boy notices the man collects cans for money. He begins [...]

    8. This book is about a young boy who comes from a poverty family. Tim wished for a skateboard for his birthday but money was tight so he took matters into his own hands. After seeing a homeless man which everyone called Can Man collecting cans and making money that way he decides to do the same thing. Everyday he gets up early and looks for cans, he even starts strategizing by taking the same way as the can man but gets there before he does. When he finally cashes in all the cans and collects his [...]

    9. Overall:4.5 - 5Lee & Low books seems to publish many ethnic, cultural and educational books. This one doesn't disappoint. This is a story of a young man, Tim, who, even know he knows the homeless man collecting cans, only thinks of himself and his own wants. After setting on his own to collect cans, knowing that he is taking them from someone who really needs them, he realizes there are more important things in life than himself.This was well written. It tells a story that has a very explici [...]

    10. This book is about a boy named Tim who knows is not going to get a skateboard for his birthday so he decides to collect cans just like the can man. Mikes collects enough money, but he decides to give the money to the can man so he can buy himself a new coat. I like the fact that this book gives a story about poverty out in the streets rather than in a school setting. A lot of children assume homeless people are different, but they also had a life before the streets. The can man used to live in t [...]

    11. This book is about a boy, Tim, who wants a skateboard for his birthday but money is running tight in the family. When he hears about the can man down the street, he gets the idea of collecting cans also and redeeming them for cash. Although, by the time he gets a decent amount of money, his views change about getting a skateboard for his birthday.I like the theme in this book because it shows that there are more important things in life other than just novelty things.I would use this in my class [...]

    12. From the front steps of his home, Tim watches as Mr. Peters, known as the "Can Man" in the neighbourhood, rummages through trash cans looking for cans. Tim remembers his parents saying that Mr. Peters used to live in their building before he lost his job. From watching Mr. Peters, Tim gets an idea of how to raise enough money to buy himself the skateboard he has been wanting. What Tim didn't think about was that for each can he collects, Mr. Peters loses one can.I picked this book up as I was ca [...]

    13. The Can Man is a story about a young boy whose family doesn't have enough money to buy him a skateboard. He notices a homeless man who searches the city for aluminum cans and trees them for money so he can eat. When the young boys sees the opportunity to make some money and buy himself a skateboard he starts to collect cans before the Can Man has the opportunity to get to them ultimately causing the can man to go hungry for a few nights. The young boy sees this and gives his cans away to the man [...]

    14. The writing is clear and easy to understand. This book is about a boy who wants a skateboard and recycles cans to make enough money to buy one. Pretty simple growing up storyeverere's a homeless guy in the neighborhood who has been collecting cans for years and people seem to think that every can in the neighborhood belongs to him. The boy works hard collecting enough, but then feels compelled to give the man everything he's earned. Good news, though, he gets a board for his birthday!It's nice t [...]

    15. Tim and his family live in an apartment complex that used to have a man named Mr. Peters who lived there also. He is now known as the can man. He is now homeless and collects cans to get by. When Tim's family doesn't have enough money to buy him a skateboard he wants, he decides to collect cans himself and buy it with the money he earns. He has a change of heart, and gives Mr. Peters the hope he needs. The media looks like water color and ink although I couldn't find out for sure. The pictures a [...]

    16. The Can Man is about a young boy who desperately wants a new skateboard. He decides to find a way to figure out how to buy this skateboard on his own. There is a homeless man they call the "Can Man" who collects can around the community. Tim begins to race the can man to collect the most cans. Tim ultimately collects the most and he realizes that he finally has enough to buy skateboard. However the Can Man does not have any cans. Tim realizes that his skateboard is nothing compared to the "Can M [...]

    17. Tim badly wants a skateboard for his birthday, so he decides to collect cans to earn money for it, despite the fact that by doing so he'll be depriving "The Can Man," a local homeless man who also collects cans, of money he needs to survive. This is an excellent story about doing the right thing and being rewarded for it, or, as Fran once said in the sitcom "The Nanny," "You did the right thing, and God smiled on you." Used in a classroom setting, the story should generate a nice discussion on w [...]

    18. Summary: Tim, a young boy who really wants a skateboard, tries to earn money by collecting cans. He meets the local "Can Man", who he finds out is collecting cans to buy a winter coat. Even though Tim really wants his skateboard, he realizes that The Can Man needs a winter coat to stay warm, and he gives him the money he collected.Review: This is a fantastic book. It really shows childrens needs versus wants, and compassion for others. This is a heartfelt, touching story, that I feel will inspir [...]

    19. This story is something that kids can often relate to as we've all wanted something that we can't have. In this case a young boy is eyeing a skateboard that his family can't afford. He comes up with an idea to collect cans around his neighborhood so that he can pay for the skateboard, however his fundraising is taking the cans from a homeless man that they call the Can Man. In this story a young boy is faced with a decision to either think of himself or to think of doing something good for other [...]

    20. Grades 3-6. The can man used to live in apartment 3-B. That was a long time ago. He lost his job and now spends his days searching the town for aluminum cans he can turn in for money. A boy, Tim, watches him and gets an idea. He's been wanting a skateboard but can't afford it. He will collect cans and get money to buy it. But now they are competing for cans. It isn't quite stealing but the man could really use a coat. An older title, but excellent for discussions about scarcity, needs and wants. [...]

    21. This is a great picture book for older kids. A young boy named Tim wants a skateboard for his birthday but his parents tell him money is tight. He decides to collect cans to redeem for cash and buy his own. The only trouble is, every can he collects is one less can for the homeless man known as the can man. When Tim learns the can man is in need of a winter coat, he makes a decision that will affect them both. Children will relate to this story, especially in light of this economy where collecti [...]

    22. The cover of this book made me not want to read it but after reading it, I liked it better than I thought I would. It was a more interesting story and less predictible than i thought it would be. A former neighbor is now homeless and lives off collecting cans throughout the town. A young boy wants a skateboard for his birthday but knows his family can't afford it. He gets the idea from watching the can man to collect cans and turn them in for cash to be able to buy the skateboard. This infringes [...]

    23. This is a nice story about Tim learning a lesson about thinking of others before himself. He really wants a skateboard for his birthday and gets the idea to collect cans for the homeless "Can Man" who collects in his neighborhood. However, he soon comes to the realization that its selfish to take away the chance of a winter coat from the Can Man for a skateboard. I think the message here is a good one. Tim learns responsibility, generosity and charity and he is ultimately rewarded for it. 2012-1 [...]

    24. When a picture book almost makes you cry - in a good way - and catches you by surprise, that's a good sign it's a good book. This one did that, for me. I didn't see the ending coming. It's kind of a story like the Gift of the Magi, but not as sad or wrenching. (Which writing that made me go look up that short story again, and read it quickly through - 'cause it's that short, and online - and be flabbergasted by IT, in a new way. Making me want to read it through more slowly, again!) Picture book [...]

    25. Tim needs money to buy himself a skateboard, and when he sees the local "can man" earning money by collecting cans, he decides to beat him at his own game. At the end, Tim realizes the can man needs the money more than him, and so gives him what he has earned- but is rewarded with a special gift.This story has a good lesson on empathy and compassion. The illustrations are captivating and life-like.I would use this as a read-aloud for upper primary students or early intermediate, as it could be t [...]

    26. I used this book in my read aloud lesson and it provided a lot of thoughtful discussion. This book portrays a realistic view of poverty and the relationships that are formed between people helping each other. The students asked questions throughout the book like "Why did the boy give him the money" and "Is he going to get a new jacket?". I would definitely use this book in the upper elementary levels when discussing compassion, generosity, poverty.c.

    27. Focusing on a very real, and very current social concern, The Can Man is about a boy who wants a skateboard for his birthday, but money in his family is too tight. He then decides to raise money for himself, and then interacts with the The Can Man. The illustrations are quite complex, and range from a half a page to three quarters of a page, until page 8 where one illustrations takes up the entire two pages. Ill: paint

    28. The story is formulaic and predictable, but still worth sharing. With the high rate of unemployment and the number of people who've lost homes and their livelihood due to the economy, this story of respecting people no matter their circumstances and thinking of others' needs ahead of your wants is especially timely.

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