Dark Prophecy

Dark Prophecy Steve Dark ist Experte im Aufsp ren von Serienkillern Seit kurzem hat er den Dienst wegen psychischer Probleme quittiert Doch nun treibt ein neuer T ter sein Unwesen im Land Er t tet die Opfer nach be

  • Title: Dark Prophecy
  • Author: Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski
  • ISBN: 9780525951858
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Steve Dark ist Experte im Aufsp ren von Serienkillern Seit kurzem hat er den Dienst wegen psychischer Probleme quittiert Doch nun treibt ein neuer T ter sein Unwesen im Land Er t tet die Opfer nach bekannten Tarot Motiven Dark erkennt, dass die offiziellen Ermittler dem Killer nicht gewachsen sind, und will selbst eingreifen Da tritt eine mysteri se Frau an ihn heran.Steve Dark ist Experte im Aufsp ren von Serienkillern Seit kurzem hat er den Dienst wegen psychischer Probleme quittiert Doch nun treibt ein neuer T ter sein Unwesen im Land Er t tet die Opfer nach bekannten Tarot Motiven Dark erkennt, dass die offiziellen Ermittler dem Killer nicht gewachsen sind, und will selbst eingreifen Da tritt eine mysteri se Frau an ihn heran Ihr Angebot Unbegrenzte Mittel, solange Dark exklusiv f r sie Serienkiller jagt Ohne die Grenzen von Justiz und Moral

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    • Best Read [Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski] ↠ Dark Prophecy || [Memoir Book] PDF ✓
      499 Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski
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    About "Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski"

    1. Anthony E. Zuiker Duane Swierczynski

      Anthony E Zuiker is the creator and executive producer of the American television show CSI Crime Scene Investigation He produced all three editions of the CSI franchise CSI Crime Scene Investigation, CSI Miami and CSI NY Besides his work on CSI, he also founded the murder mystery show Whodunnit He also assisted in the writing of Terminator Salvation He is currently involved in Blackbox TV, a YouTube series and is the executive producer and writer of the web series Cybergeddon.On September 8, 2009, Zuiker released Level 26 Dark Origins, a book with associated web based motion picture and interactive elements which he termed a digi novel Zuiker produced 20 cinematic cyber bridges, which readers are prompted to view online using special codes embedded in the book s text every 20 pages or so On October 14, 2010, Level 26 Dark Prophecy was released and the third installment, Level 26 Dark Revelations was released in 2011.

    724 thoughts on “Dark Prophecy”

    1. This is the second instalment for the Level 26 novelsWhen I bought the first Level 26 I had no idea that this was going to become a 3 part (so far) series. What to say.I enjoyed this novelIt's still got at thriller/crime theme going on but I didn't feel the spookiness of the first novelThat one had me seriously creeped out!! This felt like it was more written for the TV screen whereas the last novel belonged only in your head where you're imagination could taunt you.At one point I was reading th [...]

    2. Not as good as the first one, but still enough suspense to keep me interested. Took a while also to get things going in this second book of the triology. Hoping the third is better.

    3. The second book follows Dark's saga after 5 years.Now with a daughter and been a professor we think he is calm and don't wanna do anything with FBI.Well, think again.Dark is more obsessed with murders, assassins and serial killers. And now given a new propose that gives him absolute power as to kill the assassins he is more than willing to do it the job himself 'cause he knows he is the best.The storyline was more enigmatic and most of the book there is no action. Just Steve following the places [...]

    4. Decent escapist crime thriller. Nothing amazing, but good entertainment ideal for when you don't feel like taxing the brain cells too much.

    5. Much better than the first book, but the cyber-bridges really annoyed me, especially the fact that the final one finished before the book did.The second book of the trilogy is set 5 years after the reign of Squeeqie was brutally ended by Steve Dark and an axe. In those five years Dark has tracked many killers for Special Circs, his daughter being raised by Sibbys parents. But even he has a limit and for the second time he quits, buys a nice house owned by a serial killer which has a hidden basem [...]

    6. This was my first Level 26 book. I really enjoyed it. I'm usually not into this kind of book, mystery involving government agency stuff. But, it was very compelling, you gain real sympathy for Steve Dark and are able to see his growth from the beginning to end. It was quite difficult to put the book down, and was frustrating to have to stop reading because my break at work was over. I would recommend it. It may have made more sense had I read the first book, however, I do plan to do that soon an [...]

    7. 8/10on the overall the book was amazing. Anthony Zuiker is a phenomenal writer. very captivating and interesting. you just want to stay up all night to finish it. i was however disappointed about the ending. there has to be a third book. i would recommend this novel to anyone that loves a good thriller/ mystery

    8. Interesting turn this one took. I loved the twist at the end of the first book and how they slowly introduce it into this one. I can't wait til dark finds out about it! Definitely keeps you on your toes and is a page turner, once more!

    9. This one did not creep me out like the first one, but I still stayed glued to the story. I am so glad we got a chance to learn more about Steve's past. I want to learn more about Lisa Graysmith. I guess that will come in the next book. Another great thriller in the series!

    10. Great book. Couldn't put it down. Steve Dark is the hero who puts it all together and gets the job done. Certainly did not see the ending coming. Two down one more to go.

    11. Spre deosebire de prima parte in care ne intalnim cu obisnuitul criminal in serie ce isi hacuieste victimele si duce politia de nas, in partea a doua avem parte de un ucigas mai rafinat si cu o agenda politica.Din cauza organizatiei careia i s-a alaturat Dark, cartea seamana si mai tare cu seria Millenium. Acel nivel 26, pe care se baza prima carte, nu prea isi mai are rostul. Personajul negativ e un amestec de terorist si activist politic.Apoi apare si cliseul cu "Luke, i am your father". Dar f [...]

    12. This books reveal much more about Steve Dark. No doubt the first book gives me creep while reading the first few chapters but this book elaborates the mind of Steve Dark. Along with the videos it helps to understand the anger and the frustration Dark is facing.It's only a bit disappointing on the murders scale. So many people had to die. I kind of do not like the idea that many had to sacrifice their life till the very end. And these people are not really serial killers but just some anguish par [...]

    13. I bought this book at a thrift store. I didn't realize it was the 2nd in the series. I will definitely be reading the other two. Great writing, great suspense, and I love Dark's character. You just can't help but root for the guy.

    14. It was not as good as the first one. But I could expect that, it is usually the problem of the first really successful book and our expectations are too high for the second one. But it was still really good and videos were again excellent.

    15. Harte Fakten:Level 26: Dunkle Prophezeiung – Anthony E. Zuiker – Duane SwierczynskiISBN: 978-3-7857-6035-2Verlag: Bastei LübbeSeiten: 444Veröffentlicht: August 2011Klappentext:Steve Dark kann sich in jeden Killer hineinversetzen. Doch diese Fähigkeit hat ihren Preis: Bei seinem letzten Fall hat Dark die Beherrschung verloren und den Killer brutal hingerichtet, anstatt ihn festzunehmen. Die Tat nagt so sehr an ihm, dass er den Dienst quittiert. Kurz darauf treibt ein neuer Killer sein Unwe [...]

    16. Après la fin du tome 1, qui est, euh… ce qu’elle est, je me demandais un peu quelle direction allait prendre le tome 2. On retrouve Dark 5 ans après la fin du premier tome, qui se remet en chasse d’un tueur horrible, qui a laissé à Rome, sur les lieux du crime, une tenue tout en latex, comme celle de Squeegel, mais noire. Étrange tout de même… À Rome en plus… Un copycat ? Ou est-il de retour ? Mais ce n’est pas possible, Dark ne peut y croire, il sait que c’est impossible, e [...]

    17. *This review is for the book only. Unlike DARK ORIGINS, I choose not to watch the cyber bridges of DARK PROPHECY in order to streamline the text. DARK PROPHECY is James Patterson like, almost two-dimensional cardboard characters slightly balanced by high octane thrills and hard hitting action sequences. This book felt very much like a TV episode (perhaps due to Zuiker’s CSI?) with condensed characterisation and an emphasis on the quick thrill. In DARK ORIGINS, the authors (Zuiker and Swierczyn [...]

    18. This is the second installment of Zuiker's diginovels, and it was good, but not perfect. I have read the first Level 26 book and I was totally horrified! What sickminded person could come up with such twisted murder scenes?! This book thought too shocking. And not very Level 26 either. Which is why it did not completely blow me away.The concept of the diginovel is original: you read a number of pages and than you enter a code online to watch a movie that enhances your reading experience. While t [...]

    19. Da fand man den ersten Teil der Trilogie so genial und freut sich extrem auf den nächsten Teil, die Erwartungen sind hoch, denn die Idee war super, da konnte doch im zweiten Band gar nichts schief gehen und dann… kam das hier.Alles, was im ersten Teil noch so extrem toll war, was mich total vom Hocker gehauen hat und mich von diesem Buch so begeistert hat, wurde hier leider total in den Sand gesetzt.Anthony Zuikers Idee, in ein Buch kleine Filme zur Unterstützung einzubauen fand ich genial. [...]

    20. Although I like a good entertaining mystery, I usually shy away from books that seem to focus on the evil side of humanity without any depth or redeeming aspects. So I debated whether or not to read this book, since the writing wasn't anything special and it's a bit too much on the dark and heavy side for my tastes in mindless reading. The one thing that did draw me to this book is that it calls itself a digi-novel, "an experience" that includes "digital cyber-bridges" (short motion picture scen [...]

    21. After reading half of Dark Prophecy, I was convinced that it was far and away better than its predecessor, Dark Origins. That feeling unfortunately fell by the wayside as the plot disintegrated into an unsatisfactory explanation of the antagonists, their motives, and their means to accomplish their actions. The protagonist Steve Dark is back, still struggling from the fallout from the first book, still unable to stop his urge to bring justice to killers. The formulaic structure and stereotypical [...]

    22. Zuiker is the creator of "CSI", & this second entry in the "Level 26" series is an exciting game of cat-&-mouse between a serial killer & the world's greatest manhunter. The first book tied into the "Sqweegel" episode of "CSI", whereas this book stands alone several years after the events of the first story.This book (and its predecessor) are very un-"CSI" - it is more about the pursuit & anticipation than the analysis. Steve Dark is analytical, but not written to be overwhelming [...]

    23. This book is by the creator of the CSI franchise, and it's fairly obvious. Like CSI, this book is heavyhanded with its use of metaphor and awful puns, and it has loopholes that anyone with a vague knowledge of law will throw their hands up after reading. But the darndest thing is - they're actually kind of fun. There's a reason CSI has high viewership: it's just interesting enough to keep you coming back, just vaguely plausible enough that you don't change the channel. These books are kind of li [...]

    24. I just finished reading Dark Prophecy and I loved it. I wound up picking the book up randomly from the small swapping library my co-workers keep. At first the cover art attracted me, it seemed like a suspense/crime kind of novel which is what i was looking for. As soon as i started reading, i couldn't stop. I know nothing about the first novel and only found out this is a series of books after reading some of the reviews here on . Regardless, you don't need to read the first novel to understand [...]

    25. Une légère pointe de déception à la lecture de ce second tome. Difficile en effet de retrouver la magie du premier, avec son tueur particulièrement cintré et imprévisible, et l'angoisse que celui-ci nous procure. Dark Prophecy reste cependant un bon thriller, dans lequel on retrouve les enquêteurs du premier opus, de cinq ans plus âgés, plus alourdis. La mise en scène des meurtres est impressionnante, visuelle, et révèle sous le macabre une certaine poésie. Steve Dark reste un pers [...]

    26. This is a series that I really don't want to end. The internal struggles of Steve Dark and his balance of going over the edge is interesting to read.As with the last one, there are video "bridges" that you can go watch that have been written and directed by Anthony E Zuiker (CSI Creator). While it takes away a little bit from the book to go and watch, they add a whole level of immersion into the story. This books' series added Justine Bateman as Hilda, the Tarot Card reader.The killers in this b [...]

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