Simply Sara

Simply Sara Sara who left her Amish family to live with Jayne discovers that the English world is a bit challenging than she expected She begins a journey to becoming the person she might have been had she not

  • Title: Simply Sara
  • Author: Hillary Manton Lodge
  • ISBN: 9780736926997
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sara, who left her Amish family to live with Jayne, discovers that the English world is a bit challenging than she expected She begins a journey to becoming the person she might have been had she not been born into an Amish family.

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      Hillary Manton Lodge Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Simply Sara book, this is one of the most wanted Hillary Manton Lodge author readers around the world.

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    1. I'd read the first book in the series years ago, and didn't bother to go back and re-read it late last month before reading this one. Having said that, I have to say that it was not hard to follow the characters in this one at all! For me, that is a major feat and kudos to the author for writing that way!This book starts practically where the first left off, but the difference is that the focus is on Sara's experiences, and not Jayne's. The author gives us plenty of context so we get a good impr [...]

    2. This is the second book in the series. Sara Burkholder was born and raised Amish. Her brother Levi left the faith and went to college and built a good life in the English world. Sara loves to draw and wants to be a clothing designer. At age 18, Sara decides to leave her roots and go into the English world to pursue her dream.This book picks up where Plain Jayne leaves off. This is a story about Sara's adventures adapting to the English world. It is easy to get into this book. It was a light read [...]

    3. So it took me awhile to love the characters as much as I loved them in book 1, but by the end it was perfect

    4. For the majority of the book I felt this was more a 3 star story. Mostly for reading preference reasons, I prefer a book that kicks off the chemistry between the main characters, well before the 230 page mark. Also I'm not a fan of one dimensional first person accounts. I felt like I was reading a journal/diary, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's more personal preference to read books that are told from the perspective of at least 2 people. I am fully aware that as the plot line fo [...]

    5. Title: SIMPLY SARAAuthor: Hillary Manton LodgePublisher: Harvest HouseSeptember 2010ISBN: 978-0736926997Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romanceSara Burkholder has made a new life for herself after running away from her Amish home in the trunk of a friend’s car. She has passed her GED test, enrolled in a school of design and gotten a job working at a bookstore. Except her new supervisor, William Blythe seems to be a bit unfriendly toward her, treating her with contempt and hesitating to teach [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so anticipated enjoying this sequel, but it wasn't up to par. I finished and it was okay, but I wouldn't even classify this as Amish Lit. The author is very skilled at bringing characters alive, using rich description of the setting, and the details make it a fun, easy read. The main romance really sizzles. But I was really disappointed to discover the lack of genuine conflict with other characters, which was repeatedly sidestepped and glossed over. [...]

    7. This was another fun read by Hillary Manton Lodge! I came across the book Plain Jayne while browsing in the library one day and thought it sounded like some light, enjoyable reading. I loved the book and noticed that it was the first book in a series, so I started doing some checking to find the second book, Simply Sara. This book continued on where Plain Jayne left off. I loved being able to revisit the story of Jayne and her new boyfriend Levi. They are such a great couple, and I really enjoye [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. It was an enjoyable story, I really liked Sara. I was a little disappointed when the story was finished. I really enjoyed the story and the struggle that Sara went through with her faith. Here is the story as broken down on the back of the book:Following up on Plain Jayne, a fun new look at Amish life from the outside in, author Hillary Manton Lodge continues with young Sara Burkholder’s perspective on English life and romance in Simply Sara.Sara, who left her Amish [...]

    9. I loved this one *almost* as much as I loved the first book, Plain Jayne. Sara's character was well-written, and I also loved Will -- he was multi-faceted and not easily pigeonholed, unlike most romance-novel type main guy characters. I do have a couple of complaints, though. I thought Sara's inner conflict about having left her Amish family could have been a bit more developed. It was sprinkled sort-of here and there throughout the story, but it didn't really come to a head until toward the end [...]

    10. This is the first time that I have read any Amish literature. I really enjoyed it. I immediately was hooked on the story and liked the main character, Sarah Burkholder. I identified with her too. We both had very protected childhoods and were maybe too trusting. She was raised in an Amish community and since her passion was fashion design, she decided to leave and become English. As the story goes on, all the differences between Amish living and English living become apparent, a few are no mirro [...]

    11. Simple Sara is the continuation of Plain Jayne.Sara is 18 years old and an Amish girl who has always loved fashion. She hides fashion magazines in her floor boards in her room. She longs for patterned fabrics and dresses that are more complex than the simple designs. Sara decides to hide in the back of Jayne's trunk and rides to Portland to get away. Jayne and Levi, Sara's brother who left the Amish life years before are there to help her make the transition, along with a large group of their fr [...]

    12. I thought Sara was one of the most interesting characters from the first book, so I was interested in seeing her story continued. The book wasn't bad overall, but it certainly seemed like Jayne and her friends had a lot of time to sit around and watch movies. I thought it was lazy for the author to drop in references to all the movies they watched with Sara but not really show much about her reaction to them and the ways that she was changing. I also felt like the characters surrounding Sara saw [...]

    13. This novel continues the story that Hillary Lodge began with "Plain Jayne", and tracks the life of Sara, an Amish runaway who follows her dream of being a fashion designer (obviously not something that would happen in her Amish community). I found it very revealing as far as the differences between the "English" and Amish cultures, particularly those related to pop culture and relationships. Really enjoyed both works by this author, and hope to find other books that she has written appear in the [...]

    14. I really enjoyed the first book of this series, 'Plain Jayne', and so was excited to read this next book. As much as I liked Jayne's story, I think I liked Sara's more!I loved that Sara was so willing to do what she needed to succeed as an 'Englisher', and how she found freedom in finding friends who had similar thoughts and ideas to her. And then, how she saw something she could do to improve a situation and then took steps to improve it. I really liked Sara's personality, and especially loved [...]

    15. This is a sequel to Plain Jayne, which I liked. This story was different as it follows one of the Amish girls who left the community to become English and follow a career in fashion design. The story started off well but got slow in the middle and I didn't pick it up for a week or so. But once I got going again, the story finally picked up and ended nicely. Again, super clean and highly enjoyable!

    16. Another sweet and intriguing story by Hillary Manton Lodge. A sequel to Plain Jayne it did not disappoint and introduced new, interesting characters. I love the fun twist at the end and, no, I won't even hint or it would spoil it for you. Imagining a different life than the one you were born into is hard enough to fathom but Lodge tells it well with enough conflict to make it believable bringing smiles and even sweet tears to my eyes. I hope she keeps writing because I will be reading.

    17. Sara runs away from her Amish family to join her brother who also left the faith. The author uses the relationships and situations to explore the conflict between tradition, faith, and family. There is conflict between Sara’s nativity and secluded upbringing that conflicts with the level of education portrayed. However, the anguish she suffers from breaking family ties is very believable.

    18. A very inspirational novel. Sarah leaves her Amish home and all she knows to try the English life.Only getting downtrodden and confused she returns and stays a short time with her sister, only to find herself more miserable. I have learned sometimes you have to leave what is comfortable and familiar to truely find yourself and find your peace with God and place in this world.

    19. This is the second book of a series written by Hillary. The first being Plain Jayne. Sara is an amish raised girl who decides she wants to try being non amish as she loves fashion. This is her story and is written so that you will fall in love with Sara as she struggles in the non amish world. A great read.

    20. This is a sweet, uncomplicated quick read. It's great for a light read between more challenging novels. I really enjoyed reading about Sara's growth as an Englisher and Will reminded me of a person and a time from years ago.I'd read thus author again.

    21. I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read and a tad predictable but good. It's about an Amish girl who loves fashion and goes to fashion designer college. It's fun to see her being pulled the English way and the Amish way.

    22. This was my first experience with Amish fiction, and I liked the simplicity of the story. A good quality, quick read. Now I need to go back and read the 1st book in the series. :) I hope there will be a third (and fourth.)

    23. I like the book the only thing is i did find it slow at times. Its like I wanted to what the end was going to be already. but all in all i did like the book great ending also.

    24. I thought this was a sweet book about a girl trying to figure out who she was. It's not too deep, just a nice simple book about a nice, simple girl.

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