The Dark Game: True Spy Stories from Invisible Ink to CIA Moles

The Dark Game True Spy Stories from Invisible Ink to CIA Moles From clothesline codes to surveillance satellites and cyber espionage Paul B Janeczko uncovers two centuries worth of true spy stories in U S history Ever since George Washington used them to help to

  • Title: The Dark Game: True Spy Stories from Invisible Ink to CIA Moles
  • Author: Paul B. Janeczko
  • ISBN: 9780763629151
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From clothesline codes to surveillance satellites and cyber espionage, Paul B Janeczko uncovers two centuries worth of true spy stories in U.S history.Ever since George Washington used them to help topple the British, spies and their networks have helped and hurt America at key moments in history In this fascinating collection, Paul B Janeczko probes such stories as tFrom clothesline codes to surveillance satellites and cyber espionage, Paul B Janeczko uncovers two centuries worth of true spy stories in U.S history.Ever since George Washington used them to help topple the British, spies and their networks have helped and hurt America at key moments in history In this fascinating collection, Paul B Janeczko probes such stories as that of Elizabeth Van Lew, an aristocrat whose hatred of slavery drove her to be one of the most successful spies in the Civil War the Choctaw code talkers, Native Americans who were instrumental in sending secret messages during World War I the staggering engineering behind a Cold War tunnel into East Berlin to tap Soviet phones only to be compromised by a Soviet mole and many famous and less known examples Colorful personalities, daring missions, the feats of the loyal, and the damage of traitors are interspersed with a look at the technological advances that continue to change the rules of gathering intelligence.

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    1. Paul B. Janeczko

      Paul B Janeczko is a poet and teacher and has edited than twenty award winning poetry anthologies for young people, including STONE BENCH IN AN EMPTY PARK, LOOKING FOR YOUR NAME, SEEING THE BLUE BETWEEN, and A POKE IN THE I, which was an American Library Association Notable Book.

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    1. This is by no means a complete history of espionage, but it doesn't try to be. It's a brief overview of some very cool spy stories, almost entirely American. Janeczko is at his best when he's writing the specific stories of individuals and small groups. And honestly, that's when the espionage gets the most interesting. Take the story of enpedia/wiki/Joan_Pujol_Garcia>Joan Pujol Garcia, a World War II double agent so convincing that he got an Iron Cross. To my mind, Janeczko was writing at the [...]

    2. Kelly GarwoodJaneczko, P. B. (2010). The dark game: True spy stories from invisible ink to CIA moles. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.Genre: InformationalAward(s): YALSA-ALA Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction finalistFormat: bookSelection process: McGorray, K. (2010, August 1). Review [Review of the book The dark game: True spy stories from invisible ink to CIA moles by P. B. Janeczko]. School Library Journal.Review:From George Washington and the Culper spy ring to the Soviet Union and the Co [...]

    3. To me, espionage is an especially intriguing aspect of history that certainly did not get a lot of play in my HS history classes. While the author presents different stories involving different spies coupled with details of gadgets and training methods in a way that feels slightly disjointed, nevertheless, the material is fascinating and sure to pull readers in.

    4. Teenage spy thrillers like the Alex Rider and Cherub series are always popular -- everyone loves the action, danger and derring-do in those stories! Paul Janeczko has researched and collected the stories of American spies through history, from the Revolutionary War days up to modern times. Did you know that George Washington, First President, was also our First Spymaster? It was his ability to recruit and use spies that gave him the information he needed to win battles, and eventually the war! D [...]

    5. The Dark Game by Paul Janeczko is a non-fiction novel about espionage and intelligence in the history of The United States. This book is very informative and the author has a style that really makes you captivated to the information. The author really strives to tell the truth which can be hard to come by in the murky and dangerous game of espionage. Some of the stories he tells are especially captivating because they are recent and the ideas of spy's in our nation even today can be unsettling, [...]

    6. I haven’t read a Young Adult book since, well, since I was a young adult. After a lifetime of reading “adult” books, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book, meant for a young audience, readily held my attention.What was particularly satisfying was the amount of historical background provided for each spy. Their life and times are described in enough detail to give a well-rounded view without overdoing it and perhaps losing the interest of someone who is not familiar with the his [...]

    7. The Dark Game by Paul Janeczko is a compilation of many stories of espionage throughout the course of history, all of them connecting to the US even if the war was not completely centered around the United States. It describes the intricate internal design work of the Berlin tunnel along with stories of great spies such as Benedict Arnold. I had no idea that it took so much work to create a spy network, they spent hours and hours at desks just planning so the operation could go smoothly. For exa [...]

    8. The book is fine but very sparse (it even looks longer than it is, the font is on the large side). But the rating is low because the book is less 'true spy stories' and more a history of espionage told through true spy stories. Each war/conflict has its own chapter that focuses on the progress being made. That's fine, chronological order is great, but this means the golden age of espionage, The Cold War, is limited to one chapter. And each chapter only has two quick stories and two articles (inf [...]

    9. This book was mostly about war and spy's. George Washington sent .I think this book was pretty good because I fell like they could of wrote it better. Yes I would recommend to teens because thy would understand the book better. I think in the first three chapters talk about the claim that I put on top. I rated it 3 because the book was some parts where hard to understand in the book.

    10. This book is about spy stories. It goes from George Washington helping the British to a tunnel in the Cold War. This talks about stories where people cracked codes and found out some ruff investigations. So if you ever wanted to be a investigator, part of the FBI, SWAT, or just a spy. This book will tell you about what happens behind the scenes.

    11. World War 1 is happening and George Washington is sending spies to figure out on how to stop the British. They use secret codes to communicate to each other and say what is going on and what the British are up to. It tells different stories about different spies and how they work to find the information they need. The spies struggle to not get caught. The spies want to find information to beat the British on the other hand they have to be careful not to get caught. The theme is to always be care [...]

    12. I picked this book because it was the last book that looked good in class, I didn't even want to read but I was forced to. This book is full of spy stories from all different wars some interesting some boring. If I had to pick a favorite it part of the book it would be the spy story from chapter 1 witch I didn't even like that much but compared to the other ones it was the best. The author definitely knew what he was writing you could tell he did a lot of research. The reason I rated this book a [...]

    13. Grade range: 5-8Six self-contained chapters tell intriguing stories of spies and their craft, from the American Revolution through the Cold War. Janeczko makes the point that often, marginalized groups: women, African Americans, Native Americans and even one handicapped individual, made excellent spies, as bias prevented them from being perceived as either a threat or a resource.While the chronological chapters are self-contained there are some overarching themes. Taken together the chapters tel [...]

    14. In the book, The Dark Game: True Spy Stories, real spy stories throughout history are told. This book is not only intriguing, but also fundamentally exhilarating as you read about interesting spy stories all the way back to the American Revolution. As you start with simple invisible ink and spies infiltrating the enemy way back in the 1700s, you progress to the modern era where is there is an abundance of new technology just making the spy game more complex. Spies start to use recon drones to fl [...]

    15. Paul Janeczko’s purpose in writingThe Dark Gameis to educate, as it is a nonfiction book about spying. This is proven when Janeczko says in the intro: “I wrote this book because I wanted to make available to young readers something of a history of spying as it affected the United States from the Revolutionary War through the Cold War and into the end of the twentieth century” (3). This book is also told in a third person point of view because the author is telling stories of others and no [...]

    16. Paul's purpose was to educate the reader about unknown, but interesting, spy tales. The stories start at the beginning of the spy era, with civil war and invisible ink to the 1980's Soviet moles. Also, he puts the reader into the shoes of a spy and what they have to go through. Turns out spies have a very rough life, unlike what 007 wants Americans to believe. Paul opens the reader’s eyes and explains things that many people have never heard of, making it very interesting.The thing I definitel [...]

    17. Who has ever dreamed of being a spy? Clandestine operations, exploding cigars, world travel, and outsmarting some of the world's major power players. The lure of the spy game is strong. Paul B. Janeczko's The Dark Game is a collection of true accounts of spying throughout American history. As a middle school teacher, I would heartily recommend it for middle school students. It is filled with action and subterfuge, and this reader caught herself exclaiming several times, "They did that? How cleve [...]

    18. 1. BIBLIOGRAPHYJaneczko, Paul B. The Dark Game: True Spy Stories. Somerville, MA: Candlewick, 2010. Print. 256p.2. PLOT SUMMARYPaul Janeczko’s book, The Dark Game: True Spy Stories, takes the reader through the United States’ history of spying, espionage, intelligence gathering, and the formation of the first intelligence gathering agencies. Starting with the American Revolution and a spy ring founded by George Washington, continuing through WWII and the formation of the Coordinator of Infor [...]

    19. I'm not a nonfiction lover, but was immediately drawn to this book because of the topic. Janeckzo does a nice job of writing at the perfect pitch for teens--his chapters are just the right length, with a good, but not overwhelming, amount of information; his style is clear and organized, and never feels too simple or condescending. The book is organized chronologically, with each chapter focusing on a major war or conflict--the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Cold War, and present-day [...]

    20. Good book, the writing overall is strong, but some sections are stronger than others. Six chapters cover the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Cold War and domestic moles. In Chapter 3, I was amazed by the section "Sabotage on U.S. Soil." There were details about World War I here that I had never read about before, like the blasts at Black Tom Island. The World War II story of double agent Juan Pujol (in Chapter 4) was similarly amazing. It was great to read abou [...]

    21. Paul Janeczko's purpose of writing this book is to inform you on how spies have played a major history in the world.You learn about spies from the American Revolution, to my favorite, the U-2 Spy Plane. Paul doesn't put his opinion into this story which I like. When authors don't put their opinions into a story, like this, you get facts not someones opinion. There really is no theme for this story, it contains many smaller stories what makes up this book. Janeczko explains how spying has been go [...]

    22. Summary: Janeczko gives teen readers a peek inside United States espionage history, starting with George Washington and his spies during the Revolution. After that, Janeczko hops his way through history, hitting the major wars and tense times with Russia, before concluding with two very recent cases of treason in both the CIA and FBI. Chapters conclude with a special section focusing on various side matters of interest (technology, a famous male or female spy, the role of black spies in the Civi [...]

    23. According to Merriam Webster dictionary spy means: “to try secretly to get information about a country, organization, etc.” A spy can face death every day. They find out secrets of countries and can find out their plan. Spy’s will go through a massive amount of training time. The non fiction book The Dark Game True Spy Stories by Paul B. Janeczko shows that any one can be disloyal. Robert Hanssen worked for the FBI and the Soviet Union. He wanted to make more money and so he turned over g [...]

    24. This is a book about spies through the ages, mostly American. The stories are short and don't go into a lot of detail, but they are still interesting.Product DescriptionFrom clothesline codes to surveillance satellites and cyber espionage, Paul B. Janeczko uncovers two centuries’ worth of true spy stories in U.S. history.Ever since George Washington used them to help topple the British, spies and their networks have helped and hurt America at key moments in history. In this fascinating collect [...]

    25. You’ve probably watched some spy movies and, you may have even read some spy books but, have you ever thought about the history of spies? Like who are these people? How did they become spies? And, what happens to them afterwards?Did you know that George Washington established the first spy network in this country? It helped him win the Revolutionary War!So, think about those spy movies you’ve watched or books you’ve read. Have you noticed? Sometimes it’s not easy telling who the bad guy [...]

    26. The Dark Game is a non-fiction book wrote for teenagers but interesting enough to hold the attention of adults. It presents true stories of espionage from the Revolutionary War up through the 20th Century. There are many historical facts told and just enough information given to whet the appetite of the reader, inspiring further research of specific persons. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it at the request of my twelve year old son. We were both intrigued by the tidbits of information s [...]

    27. Without any narrative thread in the writing, or much of a visual narrative, this book is a mere rearrangement of material (seriously, I checked). Boo. This is my number one problem in informational book publishing right now. The title did not lead me to understand that Janeczko intended the book to be a review of US spies in the US (including some important surrounding characters and events), although he clearly stated this in the introduction. It would be better to know the angle on the topic. [...]

    28. The book “The Dark Game” is a book about espionage throughout the ages from the civil war to current times. I found the book to be more of a list of people who were engaged in espionage activities and less of a story of how espionage came to be in this present day. Although the book was informative it was a read that I never enjoyed to read it and it never had me hanging on each word at any point, which was disappointing because whenever I picture spying or espionage I think of a very suspen [...]

    29. brief summary:the dark game is a non-fiction novel about espionage and intelligence of the whole of american history, from the revolutionary war to the end of the 20th century. the book offers a brief overview of famous spies, traitors and spying activities in the US.what i have learnt from the book:spy business is one that is very risky and classified. we always hear about the spy stories that succeeded, but in this book it also explains to the reader that not all plans work outcommendations:th [...]

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