La grande fabrique de mots

La grande fabrique de mots Il existe un pays o les gens ne parlent presque pas Dans cet trange pays il faut acheter les mots et les avaler pour pouvoir les prononcer Le petit Phil as a besoin de mots pour ouvrir son c ur la jo

  • Title: La grande fabrique de mots
  • Author: Agnès de Lestrade Valeria Docampo
  • ISBN: 9782874261015
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Il existe un pays o les gens ne parlent presque pas Dans cet trange pays, il faut acheter les mots et les avaler pour pouvoir les prononcer Le petit Phil as a besoin de mots pour ouvrir son c ur la jolie Cybelle Mais comment faire Car, pour tout ce qu il a envie de dire Cybelle, il y en a pour une fortune

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      400 Agnès de Lestrade Valeria Docampo
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    1. Agnès de Lestrade Valeria Docampo

      Agn s de Lestrade is a French journalist, musician, and author of children s books.

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    2. Powerful, touching, warm-hearted story! Phileas lives in a world where words are made at a factory. Only the rich can afford the valuable, creative, descriptive words. Phileas is not rich, people like him must hunt for words in trash cans, gutters, and if they are lucky, floating in the wind. Phileas has a special friend, Cybele. Her birthday is coming up, so Phileas saves up for three words to share with her. If he was rich, he would buy the words: I love you and happy birthdaybut he is not, so [...]

    3. This is a little, adorable book.Aside from the stunning illustrations, its greatest power lies in the message.In a word where people have to buy words from shops (the longest, elaborated the word, the highest the price), Phileas takes the few, wrong, humble words he has and gives them a greater, deeper meaning, making Cybele understand what he feels for her. Because when love is real, it goes beyond words.**********************************************~Recensione in italiano~Oltre alle meraviglio [...]

    4. Thw whole time I'm reading this book, I'm thinking that it is a great concept and sweetly done, but something is just off. Yeah, the subtitle is insipid. Okay, the illustrations are about words, and the words are largely in French, but that's just a quirk of translation. Then the end wow what a horrid little lecture from the American Psychological Association. Now I get it. Thanks to other reviewers on I learn a little history of the book and how the American edition is skewed by the APA and no [...]

    5. God, this was a gorgeous book! The title, here in Norwegian, means "The Word Factory", and tells the short, but incredibly satisfying story of a young boy in a country where words have to be bought to be said. The rich have many, big, important words, but this little boy only has a few, stray words, which he's been able to catch with his butterfly net. He so wants to tell the little girl in his building "I love you", but only has the words "dust", "chair" and "cherry". What's really moving about [...]

    6. Wow! Not only is the story beautiful, about the worth of speech and about the fact that having much is not always better than having little. But the most beautiful thing in this book are the illustrations. To me, the only other artist who is that good and works in children's books today is Saun Tan - and that's saying something, he is awesome! Actually, the comparison to Tan works on more levels than 'just' quality, it's actually a similar approach: Valeria Docampo uses the same kind of clear li [...]

    7. Lovely. Brilliant concept, gorgeous illustrations. I do have one complaint, however: The translated title and subtitle are uninspired. This book was not originally written in English and has been translated in several languages I wish I could read those versions. In my opinion, "Phileas's Fortune" isn't powerful enough to lend credence to the concept of the book. And the subtitle reads like self-help, which is a shame. The subtitle alone would have discouraged me from buying it had it not been [...]

    8. This is the best of the magination press books we've got lately, and it would be even better if it hadn't had the stupid afterword and the subtitle "a story about self expression." Because it has beautiful illustrations, and actually tells a really sweet story, but then you get to the end and they tell you what you should have learned from this story. Just so you know you couldn't learn a variety of things, because this is just about one thing. Which I thought was ridiculous, because the book wi [...]

    9. I loved this book. I loved the illustrations, and the concept of a city where you have to buy all your words to use them. The rich can buy many and expensive words, while the poor look in dumpsters or catch theirs with butterfly nets.This is a story about love, expression, class and money (at the very least). And it is beautifully done.------------------------------------Denne boken er fantastisk. Illustrasjonene er nydelige, og verdenen med en by der du må kjøpe alle ordene du skal si er spen [...]

    10. Prachtig! Ik vind dit boek zelf ontzettend mooi, en ook mijn dochter (4) geniet er echt van. Een van de mooiste kinderboeken die we in huis hebben. Ik heb het destijds eerlijk gezegd een beetje voor mezelf gekocht: mijn dochter was toen 3 en ik dacht dat ze er te jong voor zou zijn, maar ze heeft er van in het begin even veel plezier aan als ik. Een echte aanrader!

    11. In un mondo in cui sono eloquenza e carisma a vincere, questa lettura sa di poesia. Perché immaginare un mondo in cui le parole costano, e più sono complesse e/o significative più costano caro, il povero Philèas vince comunque sul ricco Oscar, perché le emozioni, almeno quelle, non si possono comprare E le immagini di questo libricino sono perfette per trasmetterci questo messaggio :)

    12. Qué libro tan tiernoLas palabras son una herramienta poderosísima, la más sencilla de ellas puede representar el más profundo de los sentimientos, si se dice con sinceridad.4 estrellas porque es un libro infantil, para chicos de 6, 7, 8 años y metieron palabras re contra complejas (solo como ejemplos, pero pueden llegar a confundirlos).Las ilustraciones son adorables.

    13. Un récit tout simplement magique où les mots se mélangent aux illustrations comme les mélodies nous bercent dans nos souvenirs. J'ai réellement adoré l'intrigue et l'analogie qui s'opérait entre cet album et notre monde réel. Je vous le conseille fortement!

    14. Un livre magnifique pour les grands comme pour les petits sur la valeur des mots, l'importance des gestes Tout est magnifiquement bien écrit, une vraie mélodie, une douceur à consommer sans modération 😉

    15. This book was originally written in French (the version of which I have not read). The first version I read was in Chinese and is titled "The Word Factory" (the Chinese version is not an option on GoodReads). The pictures are beautiful with contrasting colors like dark browns and greys (the colors of most printed words) with bright reds that portray all the subtleties, ominousness and brightness that a world economy based on the cost of words would create. In the meantime, the narrative focuse [...]

    16. Dit was echt een super prachtig en magisch boek. Het land zelf, ik vond het best wel onderdrukkend, alsof het een oorlogsland betrof, maar nee, hier heerst een woordenfabriek, een fabriek die woorden uitspuugd, en ook de enige is die dat mag doen.Als je wilt praten kun je woorden kopen, of je kunt ze vangen of goedkoop vinden, maar dat zijn over het algemeen toch niet echt goede worden. Appelsapmakerij of dromedariszadel, daar kan je toch niks mee?Onze hoofdpersoon heeft een oogje op een meisje. [...]

    17. Phileas’s Fortune: A Story About Self-Expression by Agnes de Lestrade and illustrated by Valeria Docampo addresses the importance of self-expression over showing off or bullying. Where Phileas lives there is an old factory that spits out words. People must buy, catch, or hunt for the words then swallow those words they wish to speak. Some words are expensive and Phileas is poor, but he catches three words and saves them to say to a girl, Cybele. A bully, Oscar, is able to afford very expensive [...]

    18. Phileas lives in a town where a factory produces all of the words. You cannot speak a word until you have bought it (or found it) and have eaten it. Of course all of the fancy and important words are very expensive. How will he ever get the right words to say to the girl he loves?In the first pages I had flashes of Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth. This was a very sweet story with slightly dark images for a kids' book. The only objection I have is the subtitle and the "parents' note" at the [...]

    19. Kitabın başlığına ve cıvıltılı kırpırtılı çizimlerine sadık kalarak! (puanı buradan veriyoruz) kendi hikayemizi yazdık kızımla fakat duygular "daha kötü uydurulamazdı!"Bir de şurdan bakınız dilerseniz: kitapedebiyatelestirileri

    20. Phileas’s Fortune – a story about self-expression by Agnes de Lestrade, Valeria Docampo – Picture book – Interesting book that can be carefully interpreted and shared with children for discussion on appreciation of what you have even if it isn’t wealth… I personally loved the idea of a community that cannot speak a word that hasn’t been eaten… and then the words that are quality actually cost too much for the average person. What a quiet community it might be! I’ll be thinking [...]

    21. Love this book. The illustrations were gorgeous and the story has such a great message without being all preachy. A big machine makes words that people then have to buy from shops (grr consumerism and capitalism) but it's the way Phileas uses the few words he's got that gets so much more meaning across. It's a very cute story full of nudges for thinking outside the box and that more can be less- both ideas that are very much against the societal push for what's popular and going big or going hom [...]

    22. Original Title La grande fabrique de mots.I loved the concept of this book and envision using this as a discussion point with children in our international school. The children are multi-lingual and often arrive without any experience in the language of instruction. I see possible connections for discussions on friendship, love, awareness of body language and how we communicate with each other as well as on the difficulty of not having the words you need to express yourself. I haven't yet checke [...]

    23. "Existe un país donde la gente casi no habla, donde hay que comprar las palabras para poder pronunciarlas" Así comienza esta historia: ilustrada, cortita y puede que catalogada como infantil, pero con una fuerza sorprendente y capaz de llegar al corazón. No dejen de darle una oportunidad, vale muchísimo la pena <3

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