Bzyk. Pasjonujące zespolenie nauki i seksu

Bzyk Pasjonuj ce zespolenie nauki i seksu Mary Roach zn w w ciubia nos tam gdzie wszyscy by chcieli zajrze ale si wstydz Szeroko otwiera zazwyczaj zamkni te drzwi za kt rymi s prowadzone fascynuj ce badania nad seksem Gdzie tylko mog a o

  • Title: Bzyk. Pasjonujące zespolenie nauki i seksu
  • Author: Mary Roach
  • ISBN: 9788324013197
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mary Roach zn w w ciubia nos tam, gdzie wszyscy by chcieli zajrze , ale si wstydz Szeroko otwiera zazwyczaj zamkni te drzwi, za kt rymi s prowadzone fascynuj ce badania nad seksem Gdzie tylko mog a, osobi cie pakowa a si naukowcom i lekarzom do gabinet w, laboratori w i na sale operacyjne raz jako obserwatorka i sprawozdawca, kiedy indziej jako aktywna uczestniczkaMary Roach zn w w ciubia nos tam, gdzie wszyscy by chcieli zajrze , ale si wstydz Szeroko otwiera zazwyczaj zamkni te drzwi, za kt rymi s prowadzone fascynuj ce badania nad seksem Gdzie tylko mog a, osobi cie pakowa a si naukowcom i lekarzom do gabinet w, laboratori w i na sale operacyjne raz jako obserwatorka i sprawozdawca, kiedy indziej jako aktywna uczestniczka ich przedsi wzi Nie zawaha a si odwiedzi fabryki zabawek dla doros ych ani nawet kocha si z m em podpi ta do ultrasonografu Dzi ki jej niepoprawnemu i pe nemu humoru podej ciu do tematu poznamy najskrytsze tajemnice naszej seksualno ci dowiemy si , czy kobiety maj wytrysk, jaki wp yw na p odno ma orgazm, czy masturbacja mo e leczy i do czego s u y penis kamera Bzyk przyniesie wiele rozrywki i ciekawych informacji tym czytelnikom, kt rzy b d mieli odwag ci gn j z p ki w ksi garni.

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    1. Mary Roach

      Mary Roach is the author of the New York Times bestsellers STIFF The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers GULP Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, PACKING FOR MARS The Curious Science of Life in the Void and BONK The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex Her most recent book, GRUNT The Curious Science of Humans at War, is out in June 2016 Mary has written for National Geographic, Wired, Discover, New Scientist, the Journal of Clinical Anatomy, and Outside, among others She serves as a member of the Mars Institute s Advisory Board and the Usage Panel of American Heritage Dictionary Her 2009 TED talk made the organization s 2011 Twenty Most Watched To Date list She was the guest editor of the 2011 Best American Science and Nature Writing, a finalist for the 2014 Royal Society Winton Prize, and a winner of the American Engineering Societies Engineering Journalism Award, in a category for which, let s be honest, she was the sole entrant.

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    1. (Joint review with JORDAN, who's actually finished the book)- George?- Mmm?- Don't go to sleep.- Mmm.- You are going to sleep!- Mm-mm.- George, tell me something you did today.- Um I read a book.- That's better! Move around a bit. Yes, that's right, put your hand there. Good. What book?- Bonk. By Mary Roach.- That silly book about sex?- It's not silly! She's really got a lot of interesting things to say!- Like?- Ah I liked the bit about women's orgasms.- Guess you don't know much about that. OW! [...]

    2. I’ve never had internet sex – there must be another word for it, cybersex, obviously, but I’m thinking more along the lines of keyboard sex. All the same, a couple of years ago (and purely as a community service, you understand) I started working on a series of words that could be typed using only the left hand. It was another of those projects that I started and fairly quickly lost interest in. If this book is about anything I think it would be fair to say that it is about the absurdity o [...]

    3. This book review has received a strong 'R' rating for disturbing sexual content. If you are eating, you might not wanna read this review right now. DON'T go into this book thinking it'll get you in the mood. In fact, it may disturb the mood right out of you.Did you know? Before Viagra, guys who couldn't maintain a good stiffy would often have "stilts" of some sort inserted inside of their penis skin, and they would essentially wander through life with a half-boner that never went away so they co [...]

    4. 3.5 stars.This was like cup of cocoa sex. Sex is always good but sometimes you can't help hoping it will be over soon and you can have a cup of cocoa, maybe with cream. Marshmallows even. Maybe a sprinkle of cinnamom and some grated chocolate curls. Oh there I go, mind drifted off.Read 13 Dec. 2013 and forgotten about until now. Now what was it reminded me. Friday night. Hopeful. And if not there is always cocoa.

    5. I really wanted to like Bonk. Mary Roach seems joyous in her celebration of the science of sex. It's clear she's spent (and thoroughly enjoyed) her time researching the subject, unfortunately the book never really comes together. Mary Roach's 'signature wit' comes of more as juvenile as she seems lost in her perspective on her subject. Is Bonk a personal essay about her journey through the world of sex research? A portrait of the history of sex and the science surrounding it? Roach never settles [...]

    6. i audiobook'd this, the third feature-length scientific expedition of mary roach. i love! love! love! mary roach. i have bought multiple copies of her first book, stiff, and have managed to permanently "lend" every one of them out. audiobooking the curious couplings of science and sex, however, was a very strange experience. picture this: i am walking around downtown pittsburgh, just like every morning, and there are strangers passing me left and right with serious or sleepy looks, briefcases an [...]

    7. Mary Roach is always on her game. She is funny, and her subjects are all so interesting. The narrator of this audiobook was also on point. But while I enjoyed this book, I think my 3 star rating is mostly my own fault.Because I apparently already knew all the freaky weird details about sex like almost all of them covered in this book. In this case, I guess my love of sexual oddities and all things weird conspired against me because parts of this book felt, dare I say it, boring. I still love you [...]

    8. One of my favorite parts in Fifty Shades of Grey -- by which I mean, one of the parts that gave me the greatest WTF glee -- is the part where Ana, still a virgin, is watching Christian Grey become aroused and is wondering how it's going to fit, and he says to her, "Don't worry. You expand too."My first reaction: Sexay! My second reaction: sadness for the fact that for whatever reason, there are other girls and women who also lack the knowledge of basic sexual biology because, as I lamented in my [...]

    9. First she did death and now she does sex. Bonk is a perfect successor to the tour-de-force of Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. She is brilliant in her ability to present to the average readers the triumphs and the twisted in the progression of scientific and medical approaches to these subjects. Roach represents a veritable cross between the styles of Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Bryson. I learned a lot, I laughed a lot. The latter helps with the squeamish and embarrassing bits. For exam [...]

    10. Mary Roach takes her practially-patented whirlwind tour through the world of sex research. And for the most part, it's very fun. And occasionally cringe-inducing. But less so than Stiff, which had me avoiding that book any time I was eating. Bonk never gave me the same problems.Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

    11. I didn't think she could write a better book than Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, but I was wrong. "Bonk" is fantastic. I read it because I love Roach's style, especially on tough subjects. I'm over 50, grew up on a farm, had an active sexual life before & after I got married almost 30 years ago & have raised 3 kids to adulthood. I'm a sysadmin & there isn't much I haven't seen on the Internet. So, how much new material could there be? Plenty, but that wasn't what shocked [...]

    12. This is definitely an entertaining book. Mary Roach did a lot of personal investigations; she visited sex researchers to find out what they are up to, how they do research, what are their findings. She describes the early researchers, like Kinsey and Masters and Johnson. She even volunteers herself and her husband as subjects for some of their experiments. She visits scientists who put willing couples into an MRI to take images of the proceedings. She visits sex toy factories to find out how emp [...]

    13. A book about sex. You might not want to read on.My uncle and I have read all of Mary Roach's books together. We had stomach churning conversations about cadavers at dinner parties and discussed the after life at meant-to-be light-hearted gatherings. He approached me with red in his cheeks after he finished this. "It's raw. But good." And that was the end of our conversation.This was the kind of book that kept me laughing so hard people around me had to ask, "What, what?" and then I would reitera [...]

    14. In a few words, this book is poorly written and less than informative. The information, IF YOU CAN FIND ANY, in this book is mostly trivial and/or useless. (The actual amount of info in the book might have made a long magazine article in Cosmo.) The book is shamelessly padded with jokes and cutesy side remarks, found both in the text and in anecdotes in textual footnotes. Since they often have nothing to do either with the book's subject or the material on the page at hand, they quickly become f [...]

    15. Shocking news: It's really difficult to get funding for sex research even in these enlightened times. I know. A real travesty, right? What strikes me is that there's still a lot we don't know about sex. The female orgasm is harder to figure out than quantum physics because the experience is so subjective, and the various remedies for erectile dysfunction are varied and disputed. In Bonk, Mary Roach, with her customary wit and fearless approach to asking TMI questions, details the relationship be [...]

    16. Mary Roach, as usual, is drawn to the weird and the wonderful. I love her sense of humour about whatever her current obsession happens to be. A book about sex research could be dry and boring, but not with Ms. Roach at the helm. Male readers may cringe at several of the chapters regarding surgery on the family jewels—it made me a little queasy. I am also amazed that she managed to drag her husband along to participate in research projects with her. He is obviously a guy with a sense of adventu [...]

    17. This is another great book by Mary Roach. I have to hand it to this lady, she leaves no stone unturned in her mission to shed some light on our favourite topic. Mary travelled great distances to watch foreplay between inseminators and sows, voyeuristically spied on mating monkeys, and even went so far as to offer to put a gent's new penile implant to the squeeze test. Heck, she even recruited her husband to do (it) under observation, becoming a research subject in the process.Her research is exh [...]

    18. Not as raunchy as I'd hoped for, but then the subtitle doesn't exactly set you up for raunch. It was my own fault, my own fervid expectation, based on my enjoyment of reading Roach's other books. That said, Roach is never a disappointment.

    19. Bonk. Bang. Scrump. Everyone has a different word for it. Sometimes there aren't even words; a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and an eyebrow lift or two can be enough. But what's behind it? The science of it? And hasn't everyone wondered about what happens if a guy loses a ball (or two) and needs another? Where to go? What to do? It's all in this book. That written, this book is not as interesting as Roach's book on cadavers. But before I'm called a prude, I want to make sure that all have the opportun [...]

    20. Mary Roach is always entertaining - possibly our best living author just for "shit that might be fun to talk about at a party" - but this isn't her best work.The thing that's fun about her is that she gets hands-on with her research. She visits corpse farms and goes into low-earth orbit. And there just wasn't as much of that here. I'm all "I just want to read about Mary Roach fucking things," I know, and why am I complaining? She nails her husband in an MRI tube! - but that's sortof about it, an [...]

    21. (Review starts with a recent blog post, written mid-book, then my conclusion)Well, maybe it is, just a little bit.As I've often stated here, I read very little non-fiction. Too dry, too dull, too fact-intensive. Just too. A couple of months ago, I read Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. Roach's good-natured obsession with researching anything and everything that interests her is infectious. Plus, I'm fairly morbid, so the topic appealed to me. Seriously, I can watch surger [...]

    22. Roach strikes a nice balance between science, history and humor to keep the book interesting and readable.I think that the best of this book – like Stiff – is acknowledging that life, death and sex are all a bit absurd and for that we really should be very grateful. if you're looking for a forthright and humorous scientific break-down of erotic encounters, the clit, the g-spot, the erection. well, this may not be the book for youach focuses her special, special attentions on the sex research [...]

    23. If ever there were a book about sex that were less sexy than Bonk, it would have to have been written specifically for that purpose. A veritable calliope of penis especially, vaginas, engorged everythings and extremely graphic, medical detail, this is not for the faint of heart. Yes, you'll need to gird your loins for this one. (Sorry).If you're interested in a scientific look at sex and how it works (or doesn't work, as is often so lamentably the case), then this is probably the book for you. I [...]

    24. ~3.5~There's nothing here I didn't already know. Should I be alarmed? Take heed: you can learn a lot about the science of sex from smutty books. Roach is a very engaging writer. She does an incredible amount of research for her books and makes science approachable and FUN. One tidbit; if you need a penis reattached, Thailand is the place to go:Two of the wives flushed the penises down the toilet, forcing their husbands to grope for their lost manhood inside the septic tank. (Incredibly, both wer [...]

    25. One in every 5000 women is born without a vaginal canal.who knew?this is the kind of fact mary roach loves to ferret out of medical journals and research papers--and then, she loves to create puns and laugh out loud smarty-pants remarks about the sexologists and their crazy ideas and inventions. she's a science writer for the masses who footnotes like a fiend.but hey, it's not all penis cameras, pyrex tubes and statistics about ER visits for 'object retrieval'. Roach visits implant surgeons in t [...]

    26. As I recently noted on Twitter, there is an uncomfortable amount of talk about inserting stuff into bodily orifices that shouldn’t be inserted there. This is not a book for the faint of heart.Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex is the third book in the #bangingbookclub, run by Hannah Witton, Leena Norms, and Lucy Moon. Check out the Twitter feed to see what everyone else is saying about Bonk and the other reads (last month’s was The Vagina Monologues). This book club focuses on boo [...]

    27. Well thank god that's over. (That's what she said.) This book had lots of interesting studies and facts and tidbits about sex and how our body parts work and what turns people on and off, but after a while I just started to get bored with it so it took me forever to finish. There's only so much discussion about vajayjays and penii functions that a girl can take before she feels like she's reading a medical journal. Or some kind of really weird, specific porn. This is definitely way more entertai [...]

    28. Unlike any science book I've ever read--enlightening and hilarious! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much with a book. (OK, I don't really read a lot of funny stuff. Occupational hazard?) Almost every footnote made me LOL and want to mark the page so I could post it on GR somewhere, but there were just too many good ones. But you know what stuck with me most about this book? How revolutionary it is for women to have control of their bodies, sexually, reproductively, to be intellectual [...]

    29. Me: Are you really planning to write a review about this book?Myself: Yes, of courseMe: Not only you announced that you want to read it, then announced that you read it, now you plan to describe your experience??Myself: Sure , why not, the public wants to know my opinion.Me: Sure……. The public is waiting to hear about a 55 year old man who reads a book about sex……Myself: Of course, this book is a fine representative of the erotic humorous descriptive popular science genre.Me: You just ma [...]

    30. Bonk is a look into the history and study of sexual physiology. Mary Roach takes an interesting and humorous look into the world of sex research, exploring the weird methods used and the evolution of the field of study. Mary Roach has a unique style that has turned her into a household name. From a book about cadavers (Stiff), to more recently a look into the digestive track (Gulp).This is my first Mary Roach book and I was immediately drawn to her writing style. I have never read her before, bu [...]

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