Marie Antoinette: An Austrian Princess's Diary, 1769

Marie Antoinette An Austrian Princess s Diary It s Austrian Archduchess Maria Antonia is preparing to leave her childhood home and travel alone to France There she will be at the centre of the suffocating French court where etiquette and gos

  • Title: Marie Antoinette: An Austrian Princess's Diary, 1769
  • Author: Kathryn Lasky
  • ISBN: 9781407116181
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s 1769 Austrian Archduchess Maria Antonia is preparing to leave her childhood home and travel alone to France There she will be at the centre of the suffocating French court where etiquette and gossip reign Where her every move will be watched and commented on And where she must transform herself into Marie Antoinette the future Queen of France

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      Kathryn Lasky is the American author of many critically acclaimed books, including several Dear America books, several Royal Diaries books, 1984 Newbery Honor winning Sugaring Time, The Night Journey, and the Guardians of Ga Hoole series She was born June 24, 1944, and grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is married to Christopher Knight, with whom she lives in Massachusetts.Book 15, The War of the Ember, is currently the last book in the Ga Hoole series The Rise of a Legend is the 16th book but is a prequel to the series Lasky has also written Guide Book To The Great Tree and Lost Tales Of Ga Hoole which are companion books.

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    1. This book was wonderful! I read an article about Marie Antoinette, in an Smithsonian, or other historical magazine about a year ago, but mainly heard about Marie through people talking to me about. The book is an account of Antonia- Marie Antoinette before her marriage to Louis XVI - up until a year after her marriage. Obviously, the book is based on her diary, if she had one. I thought Marie was simply a selfish, shallow, riches and jewels based woman, before I read the book. Now it's very clea [...]

    2. Aha, I loved this book when I was ten or eleven when it came out. I thought it was wonderful, and I loved the cover art (okay, so I still do- look at the detail on the back of the gown! Ahh!), and the golden pages and the historical details at the end. I was a history nut even then. And I went bonkers with the whole 'Pardon me, Monsieur, I did not mean to do it' line. I remember reading that to my dad, and him being quite unimpressed. I don't remember much about the actual story, but I loved the [...]

    3. 1. I did not realize this is not Marie Antoinette's actual diary. 2. I did not realize this was written for a youth/teen audience. 3. I am as dumb as little Maria Antonia, apparently. I'm unclear why little MA was so terribly undereducated for a future monarch. After all, her mother ruled the HRE benevolently and diplomatically for decades. Her stateswomanship was much admired: "While other kingdoms make war, Austria makes marriages." Smart woman. Nevertheless I'm glad to have read this evocativ [...]

    4. I read this book when I was younger and remember loving it! While I don't really "love" it anymore, I still enjoyed it. I would recommend this for more of a tween/ young teen age more so than others just because I think it would be most pleasing to that age but I think older can also enjoy this book if your into these type of historical fiction books. I did enjoy the epilogue a lot telling of the events that unfolded in history with our characters. I think the author did a good job at the end wi [...]

    5. this book was a wonderful book (spoiler) at the end it was really sad because well she dies and nobody wants a sad story

    6. I really, really enjoyed this book about Marie Antoinette! I’ve always been a little fascinated with Marie Antoinette, she has a rather interesting life story and of course, tragic as well. I’ve never been of the mindset that Marie Antoinette was an ignorant, frivolous queen who didn’t care for her subjects and peasants much, and I’m glad this book stresses the naivety of Marie Antoinette and how her upbringing shaped her. After all, being the 15th child, not many people would have expec [...]

    7. Our oldest picked this book out at the library because it was about a princess. But when she saw how long the book was and how few pictures there were, she didn't want me to read it to her. I have studied quite a bit about France and thought I'd check it out myself. It's a quick read - I read it in about half a day - and it's an interesting fictional account of Antonia's life in Austria leading up to her marriage to Louis Auguste and then into the first few months or so of her life in France. It [...]

    8. Probably one of my favourite books. I have read this book so many times, every time I read it hte book fills me with emotion. ONE of the very few books that actually made me cry. Marie Antionette is such a historical figure and this book is written so well with all the 18th Century facts included. Marie's Death in historical records of course was a tragic one, thanks to the French Revolution of 1789. But even so, this book has made me absolutly fascinated with 18th Century France and the French [...]

    9. When 14 year old Marie Antoniette arrives in France she is greeted by a stiff court with high expectations for the future queen. When Marie meets the dauphine, her future husband she is digusted by the monster she must marry. Throught the storry we see Marie struggle to become a friend to her new husband and to survive the lies of the french court. Will she survive? Can she truelly change from Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna to Marie Antoinette? Marie Antoinette: Princes of Versailles, Austria is a [...]

    10. UGH. I couldn't get sucked into this one. It dragged. Marie Antoinette was a pampered lady. Yes, it wasn't her fault she never had any real expectations and she had a stage mom who was constantly trying to secure marriages for all her kids and would ship them off to convents if they couldn't get married. She had no idea how to run a country, it's not her fault I know, I know. But GAH this novel was boring.

    11. Dear , please forgive me but lately I have the attention span of a gnat. This often happens when I have a lot going on in my life, this time around it happens to be packing/moving/decorating a new condo combined with library budget season. For the next month or two, I'll be reading kids fiction that does not take much concentration to follow. I find the Dear America and Royal Diaries series are perfect for this! I'll get back to grown up books eventually

    12. Haha. I read this when I was like 10 and thought it was really by Marie Antoinette. So disappointed when it wasn't, though I still kind of weirdly idolized her anyway.

    13. This book was not the best in the My Story series because I didn't really feel I was there in the story but it had some very funny rhymes that she makes up.

    14. I encountered this book serendipitously when my one year old pulled it off of a middle grade readers shelf while toddling around the library before story time. I was putting it back when I looked at it a minute and decided to check it out for myself. I enjoy biographical historical fiction, especially in memoir or diary form. This was particularly interesting because it deals with the part of Marie Antoinette's life that I really didn't learn about in school: before she became queen of France.Po [...]

    15. ★★★☆☆ (3/5)A selection of my favourite passages from the book • We lay siege not through weapons of destruction but through marriages • Remember, it is more important to become a Queen than remain a sister and a spinster. • I am not a person. I am not even yet a woman. I am a girl who also happens to be an empire. Empires do not have feelings. Empires do not have interests or hobbies like riding or dancing. Empires don’t go wading. Empires don’t make friends, just alliances  [...]

    16. Kathryn Lasky brings Marie Antoinette's world to life in this diary. Her tragic story really stops and makes you think about how history could have been different if she and her husband had just opened their eyes to the people's suffering and done something about it they might have been able to live longer. Because I was curious I did the math and she was only 19 years old when she was executed. This is part of why I never understood why royal children had to marry so young. I just don't think t [...]

    17. I loved this book when I was younger. Marie Antoinette was my favorite real life princess as a girl, because I loved the sparkle and glamour of her life. As I grew older, I came to realize that she wasn't quite the person this book made her out to be.This book manages to make a highly hated queen very likable, probably because she's a girl during this book. She has a strong personality and lots of wit. I didn't enjoy this book as much going back to it as an adult, but I still thought it was fun. [...]

    18. My daughter and I have read a few of The Royal Diaries and have very much enjoyed each one. Even though this is a work of historical fiction the author clearly did her research into the life and times of Marie Antoinette, a young girl growing up in Austria under the critical eye of her mother the queen and extensively schooled in etiquette and all things French to become wife of future King Louis XVI. Teens and even adults who love history will enjoy this series they are a wonderful addition to [...]

    19. I loved these books as an adolescent, I collected them all, I read and re-read them. I went on to be a history major and librarian and I think that it is in no small part due to books like these that made history feel alive to young women in a way that many/most of the books at the time did not. I always felt bad for her after reading this because this book made it clear to my teenage self that Marie Antoine was in no way prepared for the throne with the same rigorous of Elizabeth I for example, [...]

    20. This book had beautiful language, exotic foods, and funny comments. There was also a very true moral: There is a difference between public behavior and private behavior. Despite all the good points, my biggest disapprovals were the hypocrisy and Marie Antoinette's snobbish behavior. (I don't know whether that was her own fault or not.)

    21. This collection is great. Of course, it's a little bit childish, but it is adress to young readers, and I think it's a great way to discover lifes in other centuries. Marie-Antoinette is probably one of the most iconic French Queen,.

    22. Easy read, captivating, and surprisingly historically accurate. Recommend for ages 10+ and the entire royal diaries series is awesome. Kathryn Lasky has several good reads. Highly recommend you look her up.

    23. Great book about a person that everyone thinks is evil. After you read this, you might have a different opinion.

    24. I actually really liked her, which was sad because you knowe isn't a great queen and gets executed.:(But yeah, this book was good.

    25. This 'diary' is captivating. Marie Antionette is a fascinating figure in history. This book presents a fun relatable way to learn more about her. What her life was like before she became the Queen of France. Learn about her family; parents, siblings and lifestyle. The diary entries are written from her perspective and give an account of life starting in 1776 when she was 13.Grade 3-7Great book to get young students interested in history, because it is told in a modern way. I chose because I am f [...]

    26. Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles / 0-439-07666-8"Marie Antoinette" was the first Royal Diary I read and, as such, I have it to thank for hooking me on this wonderful series. Re-reading it again, years later, I have to confess that I still think that this is one of the best offerings in the series. Many, perhaps most, readers will have limited knowledge of Marie Antoinette past vague recollections of cake. I was surprised and pleased to come to know her as a girl over the course of this b [...]

    27. I didn't initially like the voice in this -- Marie Antoinette came across as completely sheltered and naive, which I guess is accurate but not exactly endearing -- but I gradually warmed to her. Her struggle to be a good queen was actually pretty moving, and I sympathised with her confusion and frustration at the rules and etiquette at Versailles. EVERYONE THERE WAS TOTALLY CRAY-CRAY. Like, there was no privacy AT ALL. There was a railing in her bedroom which was to hold back people from getting [...]

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