Pool Hall Green

Pool Hall Green Drew Harris is a master when it comes to the game of pool but family is always a crap shoot and Drew rolled snake eyes His parents want little to do with him The only time they call him is when they

  • Title: Pool Hall Green
  • Author: Sara Bell
  • ISBN: 9781603709774
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • Drew Harris is a master when it comes to the game of pool, but family is always a crap shoot and Drew rolled snake eyes His parents want little to do with him The only time they call him is when they need money, or when they want him to bail his gambling addict brother, Vic, out of a jam So when Drew s mother calls in a panic to let Drew know that Vic owes a local casinDrew Harris is a master when it comes to the game of pool, but family is always a crap shoot and Drew rolled snake eyes His parents want little to do with him The only time they call him is when they need money, or when they want him to bail his gambling addict brother, Vic, out of a jam So when Drew s mother calls in a panic to let Drew know that Vic owes a local casino owner two hundred and fifty grand, Drew s not exactly shocked Not shocked, that is, until he learns that the guy Vic owes doesn t want the money he wants Drew.Casino mogul Evan Stacie never thought he was the kind of man to resort to blackmail, but the death of his brother two years ago changed a lot of things He needs Drew s skill with a stick to ruin the man who sent Evan s brother to an early grave, and if Evan has to fight dirty to make that happen, so be it Nothing, not his growing attraction to Drew or the soft spot Evan feels for the guy, is going to stand in his way.

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    About "Sara Bell"

    1. Sara Bell

      Sara Bell lives in North Alabama with the world s sexiest, most supportive husband, the two most beautiful, gifted daughters on the planet, and two of the most neurotic but loveable dogs ever created She s a full time author who writes stories about never ending love for all kinds of characters gay, straight, and somewhere in between Sara still can t believe she gets paid to do something she loves so much, and she s darned grateful to her incredible readers for making her dream a reality.

    224 thoughts on “Pool Hall Green”

    1. This short story by Sara Bell centres round our hero Drew who owns his own business and is quite happily getting on with his life as far away from his family as possible. A phone call from his mother, who he hasn't spoken to for 3 years, changes that when Drew is called back home to help bail his brother out of yet another gambling debt. This time, however, instead of expecting Drew to pay the debt, the man owed the money, local businessman, Evan, wants Drew to play in a pool tournament. If he w [...]

    2. 3.5 starsSurprisingly this book is not all about playing pool. In fact there is hardly any pool playing in it. The choices Drew makes early on are not choices I understand or the path I would have followed, at all. However, it was interesting watching him get to where he needed to be to move into a healthier stage of his life, both mentally and emotionally. That his emotional growth pulls Evan and Victor into better, stronger lives just shows how connected we all are even when we think all ties [...]

    3. I really liked the MC, hated how he let his family use him the whole book. This wasn't a romance really but I liked the story and the MC enough probably would have given it a 5 star but the MC was pretty weak and never made any decisions for himself it was always what someone told him to do

    4. Drew used to be a pool player. Evan needs someone to play pool. Vic, Drew's brother, is a screw-up and Evan takes advantage of that to get Drew to play a tournament for him. For such a short story this has an incredible amount of heart. I really loved it. Drew's parents are horrible and treat him like dirt yet continually ask him to bail out either themselves or his brother. Evan, for all his wheeling and dealing, is not what I expected at all. Drew isn't the only one who was surprised when the [...]

    5. I can always count on Sara Bell to give me a good story about family -- and this one is no exception. I think the heart of this story is not even the love relationship between Drew and Evan, but the love between Drew and his brother, Vic. It's about accepting that sometimes your family is not the one you are born into but the extended family or friends that love you no matter what. It's a very, VERY good story evolving love of family, worthy of a Hallmark movie :). My only wish that it's more th [...]

    6. This was a fun, light read about some heavy topics (homophobia, blackmail, addiction, violence). Luckily, it never became dramatic and the problems were dealt with unexpectantly. But I just didn't feel the attraction between Drew and Evan. I didn't believe they were meant for each other. The story was more focused on Drew and Evan dealing with their family and their problems than on them falling in love. The family story lines were interesting though.

    7. Sara Bell has a way to writing romance that is almost “sweet”, using sweet in that meaning of the old rules of romance, when sweet meant a lot of romance, some kisses and no sex. The no sex part is not part of the pact for Sara Bell, but all the rest is there, and plus also a light undertone, even when the story has a drama plot. Pool Hall Green is a novella, so the drama is not fully developed but only hinted, but this doesn’t make it less good. Drew is a former pool hustler of an Alabama [...]

    8. Ah. Yes.This was unlike what I think of as the author’s usual style, except for certain elements such as super-supportive friends or chosen-family members, and of course the happy ending. It was terse in a way, featured a strong narrative voice. The first person really worked here, too. The whole thing carried a sense of real-ness, even if the outcome still remained happier than reality tends to be.The romance plot as such got started extremely late in the game, which is maybe why I am not sho [...]

    9. Pool Hall Green is a short story about blackmail, hustling, and addiction. There was a lot packed into a few pages. I enjoy Sara Bell's stories and this was no exception. Drew is trying to make a life for himself after his parents kicked him out of the house at 16. His younger brother, Vic, however, has a gambling problem and they call Drew whenever they need help bailing Vic out of his latest fiasco. While Drew kept allowing his family to take advantage of him, I couldn't help but feel a connec [...]

    10. Another great short story from this author. This novel focus on addiction and how even the best intention can pave the road to hell. *Hoping I got that idiom right*I MC has to learn how to stand up for himself and not be used by the people who should love him. He basically bails out his family time and time again after they abandoned him. Aiding his brother addiction by never letting him face consequences.Our other MC has to let go of revenge. Like they say hating takes more out of you than the [...]

    11. Damn, I liked this one. The story revolves about family drama, therefore there is a lot of tragedy and heavy emotions. Still, I liked it and didn't find it annoying. Revenge, blackmail, addiction, family bonds, sexuality, personal happiness and emotional manipulations are some of the themes, quite the heavy stuff. I could relate to all the characters (except for the parents, maybe), all having their weaknesses and burdens, but at the end giving their best to overcome them and be happy.

    12. Drew's parents effectively threw him out when they learned he was gay. Still, they rely on him to come running whenever they need something from him, particularly when his younger brother Vic, a gambling addict, is once again in over his ears. And, although he should know better - and swears every time this is the last time - Drew helps his brother and parents out again and again. But this time, Vic has gone too far. He's in for two-hundred fifty thousand dollars to a man called Evan Shaye. But [...]

    13. Drew is a former pool shark who gets a call from his estranged family. His gambling addict brother got himself $250K in debt and as usual they call on Drew to fix it. But they guy he owes doesn't want money, he wants Drew. He threatens to call in the debt, bankrupting Drew's parents if Drew won't play in a pool tournament for him to get revenge against another player. Drew reluctantly agrees but on the condition his brother goes to rehab. When his brother checks out and threatens suicide Drew's [...]

    14. Main Characters: Drew Harris & Evan StacieKey Themes: Homophobia, Family Drama, Enemies to Lovers, Revenge, BlackmailLocation: Arizona and AlabamaWitty story of a blackmail that turns into a romance between a mechanic (Drew) and a trust fund baby (Evan).Despite its uninspiring cover, this is a really good story and it has a nice pace to it. The characters are well developed and the story is fast moving but straightforward. There is not much angst…thank goodness!

    15. MiniReview: My kinda style for a short contemporary: Not too sweet. Interesting conflict. Unpredictable.The writing style is fast paced: Echos of stream of consciousness with super short sentences and occasional bouts of beautiful phrasing.Accolades to Ms. Bell for cracking my heart a little in such a short span of pages.Visit Sweet Vernal Zephyr for my long winded reviews.

    16. I'd read this years ago, when I first started reading m/m, but all I remembered was that I loved it. So it was almost like reading it for the first time. It's short, but wow does it pack a punch! (Literally, in one case ;). Like Amy Lane's books, it focuses a lot on family-of-choice over family-of-birth. And on making hard choices in ways you can live with. I think Ollie was my favorite character, I'd love to read his story at some point.

    17. Omg, what kind of parents throw their older son out, because he is gay, but do seek him out, when they need money and help, for their younger son, in this case, Vic. I mean really? I'm really not sure, if I could be so forgiving as Drew was in this story. I would probably send them all to hell. Some parents are lover then dirt on the street.

    18. Very good m/m romance about a former pool player whose white trash family kicked him out when he came out, yet keeps calling him to clean up their expensive messes and he does.

    19. This gets 4 stars in my book just because it made me laugh really hard in several places. Very well written and completely entertaining.

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