101 Designer One-Skein Wonders

Designer One Skein Wonders For every lonely skein there is a perfect small pattern In this compilation by Judith Durant knitwear designers from across the United States offer their favorite little projects each designed to use

  • Title: 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders
  • Author: Judith Durant
  • ISBN: 9781580176880
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • For every lonely skein there is a perfect small pattern In this compilation by Judith Durant, knitwear designers from across the United States offer their favorite little projects each designed to use just one ball of yarn Hats, scarves, bags, shawls, mittens, pillows, and other One Skein Wonders make fun and portable weekend projects All 101 designs are pictured inFor every lonely skein there is a perfect small pattern In this compilation by Judith Durant, knitwear designers from across the United States offer their favorite little projects each designed to use just one ball of yarn Hats, scarves, bags, shawls, mittens, pillows, and other One Skein Wonders make fun and portable weekend projects All 101 designs are pictured in a full color project gallery, while clear instructions make it easy for knitters of every skill level to tie up some loose ends.

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    About "Judith Durant"

    1. Judith Durant

      Judith Durant is a knitter and beadworker as well as author and editor of several books on both subjects Trained as a theatrical costume designer, she took a circuitous route through various costume shops in New York, on to a New York theatrical book publishing house, and then to Interweave Press in Colorado, where she was book editor and one of the founding editors of Interweave Knits.Judith is currently a freelance writer, editor, designer, and teacher based in Massachusetts She has than 25 years of experience in publishing and a wealth of experience in many crafts Judith can help you with editorial project management, design development and pattern writing, and technical and copy editing Judith is also available to teach workshops at your shop or guild meeting.

    373 thoughts on “101 Designer One-Skein Wonders”

    1. BOTTOM LINE: Nicely put together book filled with interesting, if a mite cute for my taste, patterns, well illustrated and explained. I loved Ms. Durant's later book in this series (Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders) and looked forward to this one. While it wasn't as good - or useful for me - as this earlier book, it was still interesting to look at and likely to be a very good book to keep in your library if you tend to make a lot of things for your home (not my sort of thing) or baby clothes (nope.) [...]

    2. This was a huge disappointment, especially since the "101 one skein wonders" was so well done. I was looking forward to making several of the patterns. Unfortunately I found multiple errors in every pattern that I attempted. I have been knitting for 30+ years and have never been so frustrated with a pattern book. I finally found errata on the following website. (search for errata) storey/correct_bookThere are corrections for 32 out of the 101 patterns and several of the patterns have multiple co [...]

    3. Not for meI thought I'd enjoy this book - but it's not as well laid out as other knitting books I've read. Example: I like to see the image of the item before the pattern starts. The ebook version does not show the item before the pattern which I find annoying because the image is before the book writing starts. It's kind of weird.

    4. I don't like the format (Pictures at the front, hard to find what you're referring to) but the designs were varied and interesting, with very few super tacky 80's vibe things.

    5. Like every knitting book in my library (I have many), this book has errors. My advice for anyone buying any knitting book, first thing you do is research the book's title and "errors" online. I have never met a book that didn't have at least one error. With that said this book is a great stash buster. The patterns are different and easy enough that experienced knitters can change patterns but the simplicity of the patterns allow some easy knitting days. I would not consider this a beginners knit [...]

    6. From the beginning this book was well planed because there is a photo of each project finished in a tiled format so that you can see what you're interested in making and then jump straight away to your project page because it is very clear. Thank you editor and authors for making it easy to choose a project! The patterns are divided by yarn weight (once again, very well organized for when you have a left over ball of yarn from a big project and you can make up some matching socks or a hat!)I do [...]

    7. I knit the garter stitch Loop-through scarf from this book and it went pretty well. The thing I don't like about this book as that all the patterns are from different designers - so you have to really read the pattern before you dig in so you know what is going on. I feel like when a book is all by one designer you get a feel for how they work a pattern and it is easier to do other patterns. All that said I still love thumbing through the book and reading the patterns and I think they have cleve [...]

    8. Let me preface my review by saying I have been crocheting for over 30 years and have crocheted everything from the easiest patterns to what are considered advanced or intermediate.If you crochet but don't knit, you might want to skip this book. Unless you just want to look at pretty pictures.Out of 95 patterns, I found 4 or 5 that were crochet only. One or two additional were knitted and crocheted.The one pattern I attempted was a simple one. However it was written incorrectly and despite severa [...]

    9. Unfortunately this volume follows the same design as the first book and lists the patterns by yarn weight but with no sense or reason in each category. The only difference being that the project photos are at the start of the book and not the centre.I was happy to see a few more fun and elegant designs and less of the standard baby and scarf items. Although some of the scarves are more sophisticated looking. I once again found that I'd already done similar projects that I'd found at various knit [...]

    10. The 3-star rating I've given this book is temporary. The reason why is I need to knit more from this book. I have tons of knitting pattern books and have yet to make a dent in them!I've only knitted one pattern and that was a few years ago. I made the kid mohair, silk cowl/snood. The lace pattern is great. It was just difficult to work with that type of yarn for the first time, something highly frustrating where I wanted to burn it. But I trudged through and made a nice FO for my mortgage broker [...]

    11. Nice patterns ranging from simple to complex. Some details of how to do certain parts of the patterns aren't explained so even though many of the patterns aren't too difficult, I wouldn't recommend this book for novice knitters unless you're comfortable looking some techniques up as you go. I like the pictures of the finished works at the front acting as the table of contents, but I wish there were pictures with the patterns as well. All in all though, some really nice patterns!

    12. I bought this book because it featured great patterns that only used one skein of yarn each. The book gives me a lot of inspiration when designing my own patterns. I like how the photos of the projects are featured in the front of the book, unlike those in the original One-Skein Wonders book, which are featured in the middle. They are more accessible this way. The design of the book (the integration of the colors and fonts) is very appealing.

    13. I LOVE this book as a between-projects fix. I've made multiple ruffled neckwarmers out of really different yarns. What to do with that odd ball of Noro Kureyon? No problem! And I love that it's arranged by yarn weight. SO helpful--what an intuitive way to organize the book, since you're most likely looking at something in your stash. Some of the patterns are a little on the boring side but I'll probably wind up knitting everything in it before I die.

    14. Great book. I'm a new knitter and found a ton of patterns in this book that I want to try. There are patterns that range from very easy to very difficult and everything in between. Also, since the patterns only call for one skein, I can splurge and get some high-quality yarn for each project :-) All in all, a great book. I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys knitting and looking for different patterns.

    15. Good book of patterns ranging from basic to more skilled. I've knit a couple of patterns from this book. As other reviewers mention - you can get knitting patterns online for free - but I prefer buying knitting books (just like cookbooks) and having some for reference. Which is exactly the purpose this book serves for me. :)

    16. There are some cool projects, some ugly ones, and some plain ones. The book isn't overly well organised, and the title is somewhat misleading because some of the skeins listed are giant bulk ones that are more equivalent to two or three regular commercial skeins. Planning on knitting a shawl for a friend from one of the patterns.

    17. quick review: I'm disappointed in the formatting and can't get past that to see the designs (even though there is the goldmine of ravelry/flickr/google to show what they really look like). I admire many of the shop owners and designers who contributed, but find the organization of this book so terrible I just can't get into it.

    18. I won this book in a competition; flipping through the patterns, I see a few I would love to attempt, but others seem fairly basic/ugly. The patterns that I'm interested in seem fairly clearly written, but the book's altogether formatting is not especially intuitive, though the photography is lovely.

    19. A few nice patterns in here that use Manos del Uruguay, and a few interesting looking hats and tidbits. nothing world-changing, but for quick knits that still look like they took some effort, I'd recommend it.

    20. There are some good patterns in this book including the beaded necklace Missy has on her Etsy shop. I wouldn't buy the book for the one or two patterns I liked, but enjoyed looking at the library copy.

    21. I love the organization of this book! If you have an orphan skein, then just look up under it's weight (lace, sock, bulky, ect) and boom! you have a variety of projects to work on from easy to advanced. Then, your stash will slowly deplete until the next trip to the yarn store.

    22. Adult nonfiction; knitting/needlework. Some cute ideas for using up a single skein, and a bunch of less-inspired ideas too. If you are looking for a pattern for a basic hat, scarf, mitten, etc you'll likely find it here.

    23. I am just getting into the world of knitting and have done some projects in crocheting in the past. This has been a fun place to get ideas and starting points for things to make. Gives me some challenges since I am generally speaking, a beginning.

    24. This book has some great patterns, but some of them are too complicated or random for me. I can't wait to make the baby squash hat for my little boy. ;)

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