Murder Unleashed

Murder Unleashed Helen Hawthorne has no choice but to take on a series of dead end jobs to make ends meet Unfortunately they re exposing her to a lot of people who end up dead Her latest gig at the Pampered Pet Bouti

  • Title: Murder Unleashed
  • Author: Elaine Viets
  • ISBN: 9780451221087
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Helen Hawthorne has no choice but to take on a series of dead end jobs to make ends meet Unfortunately, they re exposing her to a lot of people who end up dead Her latest gig at the Pampered Pet Boutique isn t proving to be a warm and furry exception and now she s got a murder to solve and a kidnapped pup to find, all before a Category 3 hurricane hits.

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    1. Elaine Viets

      As a young girl, Elaine Viets was taught the virtues of South St Louis the importance of hard work, housecleaning, and paying cash She managed to forget almost everything she learned, which is why she turned to mystery writing.Living in South Florida has not improved her character But it has given her the bestselling Dead End Job series Like her amateur detective, Helen Hawthorne, Elaine actually works those rotten jobs Perhaps her early training has given her a lifelong fascination with jobs She and Helen both know working for a living can be murder.To research her novels, Elaine has been everything from a salesclerk to a survey taker Her first book in the series is SHOP TILL YOU DROP, a novel of sex, murder and plastic surgery It s set at a fashionable dress shop that caters to kept women Book two, MURDER BETWEEN THE COVERS, takes place at a bookstore Elaine worked at a Barnes Noble in Hollywood, Florida, for a year.For the third, DYING TO CALL YOU, Helen works as a telemarketer Elaine sold septic tank cleaner and did telephone surveys She actually asked women if they shaved their armpits In the fourth Dead End Job mystery, JUST MURDERED, Elaine and Helen explore big money matrimony for better or worse Elaine did her research in Zola Keller s posh bridal salon in Fort Lauderdale.For the fifth novel, Elaine and Helen go to the dogs MURDER UNLEASHED is set at a high end dog boutique, where people spend two hundred dollars for canine cuisine, women sneak illegal pets into condos using high priced designer purses, and the dogs at the store have bigger wardrobes than the salesclerks MURDER UNLEASHED is Elaine s first hardcover mystery Publishers Weekly calls it wry social commentary Although Elaine lives in Fort Lauderdale, her heart and her viewpoint remain in the Midwest Like Helen Hawthorne, another transplanted St Louisan, she observes the outrageously rich Florida culture and lack thereof with wide eyed fascination.Elaine s second series takes her back to work in St Louis It features Josie Marcus, a mystery shopper and single mom The debut novel, DYING IN STYLE, tied with Stephen King on the bestseller list for the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.Elaine won both the Agatha and the Anthony Awards for her short story, Wedding Knife, in CHESAPEAKE CRIMES.Some honors don t come with plaques and award banquets Elaine was thrilled when her short story, After the Fall, was featured on the same cover of the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine as the master, Ed Hoch.Her short story, Red Meat, is in BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, the Mystery Writers of America anthology edited by Lawrence Block Blonde Moment is in the MWA anthology, SHOW BUSINESS IS MURDER, edited by Stuart Kaminsky Sex and Bingo is featured in the HIGH STAKES gambling anthology And if you ve ever wondered about the early life of purple loving landlady Margery Flax, read Killer Blonde in DROP DEAD BLONDE.Elaine has served on the national boards of the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her husband, actor Don Crinklaw, where they collect speeding tickets.Please buy her novels so she can pay her MasterCard Series Dead End Job Mystery Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Francesca Vierling Mystery

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    1. I started this author's series out of order because I didn't want to wait for the first book to come in (I ordered them from my local library) and got hooked! I read all her books in the series in just 2 weeks! I just loved them all!I wanted to read books set in Florida, where I live, but in an area where I don't live (I live in the Tampa Bay area and these are set in South Florida, Broward county, Fort Lauderdale area). They are SO entertaining, especially when she interlaces tidbits that apply [...]

    2. I was a little disappointed in this book for reasons I'm not sure about. Normally when I start a Dead End Job book I can't put it down but I could put this one down. It was still good, just missing something.

    3. I'm glad I stuck with this - I always gave up after reading the first 50 pages, but it is a light read so I kept going. It was entertaining; not sure if I will read any others in the series, but this was good for a light weekend of reading!

    4. Wow! Great plot twists and turns in this one! Loved the grocery store scene near the end! Remind me not to shoot my mouth off about "crazy old ladies" in the produce section!

    5. Just a mindless, fun read.Enjoyed it taking place in Ft. Lauderdale and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL (some details changed)

    6. This book was very good. It did have some swear words in it. The characters are great and this book. There is a lot of twist in this book. The character Helen in this book gets into some strange things like somebody is trying to murder her after finding out something. The landlady Margery is hilarious. She always rents out one apartment building to crooks. There is some sex but not detailed too much. So far this is probably the least favorite book of hers so far. This book took me either two wee [...]

    7. Another installment in the Dead End Mystery series with most likeable heroine Helen. Nothing wrong with this book. It's a fun read. Not so sure about the hurricane part and why the residents didn't evacuate but it's fiction and hopefully people know not to risk their lives in real life. Loved the pet shop setting and all the canines in the book.

    8. In ‘Murder Unleashed’, Helen works at Pamper Pet Boutique. Her hectic days of running around while the customers’ dogs are treated like kings and queens are numbered when a demanding client (Tammie) ends up dead. Helen becomes the top suspect for her murder and has to figure out the identity of the murderer before she winds up behind bars.Initially, this case was quite interesting. How could it not be? A woman is found naked by the pool except that she’s not sunbathing or enjoying the be [...]

    9. Murder Unleashed: A Dead-End Job Mystery, is the 5th book in the Dead-End Job mystery series. In this series, Helen is on the run and takes a series of dead end jobs to make ends meet.In this instalment, Helen is employed at Barker Brothers Pampered Pet Boutique. When she delivers a dog to one of the clients, she finds that client dead by the pool with a pair of scissors sticking out of her chest. Because of her past, Helen’s afraid to call the police and runs away instead. Later that afternoo [...]

    10. I finished Murder Unleashed by Elaine Viets this morning. This is about the 3rd book I've read in this series so I am well acquainted with the characters.In this mystery Helen Hawthorne is working at the Barker Brothers Pampered Pet Boutique by the upper crust members of Lauderdale, Florida. Jeff is the owner and manager of the Boutique with Jonathan and Todd as the groomers. Helen has continued to reside at the Coronado apts. with Margery as her landlady (and then some) and Phil as her neighbor [...]

    11. Helen Hawthorn is forced to work dead end jobs to escape spending the rest of her life paying alimony to her cheating house-husband. She goes on the run, finding a permanent home and good friends in Fort Lauderdale, but her dead end jobs keep getting her in trouble. Her latest is at Pampered Pets Boutique where the furry clients have better lives than most humans.Helen is not having a good week. First, one of the pet owners comes on to her, next she finds a body, and last, she allows a high earn [...]

    12. Good mystery and plot.Having lived in central FL for several years, I can say without a doubt that hurricane parties exist and people get super-excited about themch like the snow-loving Northerners get excited about a blizzard getting ready to hit. Both are nuts, in my opinion.I figured half of it out right away and the other half later on. Still a couple f-bombs and I don't like that at all. Phil has a language problem. Think of some less crude expletives, please. Thanks.This book wasn't as fun [...]

    13. I so enjoy Viets' Dead-End Job Mysteries. As one well known author says, "I wish I'd have thought of that!" In Murder Unleashed, Helen's stuck in an upscale dog grooming shop, with bitches on all sides. Helen Hawthorn's down to earth, down and out life never fails to amuse and engage - the players are almost always just horrible. Publishers Weekly says of Viet's work, "Wry social commentary" and it's true when you think about the jobs.Viets writes of friendship too, friends that almost always ha [...]

    14. #5 in the Dead End Job series. Helen's dead-beat ex-husband, with the aid of a crooked judge, has a court order for Helen to pay him 50% of her salary as alimony. She has sworn never to pay him a cent and has moved from St. Louis to Florida and begun to work off-the-books jobs to stay below the legal radar. A fun series but some jobs and entries are more entertaining than others. Dead End Job series - Helen is working off the books at a pet boutique. A valuable dog is picked up by an estranged h [...]

    15. I am amazed that you can turn any job into an amateur private investigator. "Dead End Job mystery" tagline caught my eye. This time, Helen works as a clerk/receptionist at a high-end pet boutique. I was pleased with the book. The mystery, the characters, the actions, were believable. The pace was great. I could not put the book down. In the end, I reflected on the high class portrayed in the book. Everyone has a secret, and everyone want to be loved, or at least accepted. I am thankful for those [...]

    16. Nice light read. The story gets a little tangled but if you pay attention you can figure it out before Helen does. Looking forward to seeing what will happen with Phil in the next book.

    17. I've been reading the Dead-End Job Mystery series by Elaine Viets in order, which is actually sort of a rarity for me. (I usually start with whichever title I happen to buy first, then jump around based on what I get next). I'm pleased to say "Murder Unleashed" may be my favorite book in the series so far. Helen and her friends at the Coronado are quirky and quite fun. I adore Phil, too. This story had some wacky, very "Florida" characters, and being a fan of dogs helped too. However, I found th [...]

    18. Another fun and lighthearted dead end job mystery. I really enjoyed the series a great deal. Not to give too much away but it was really nice to see Helen actually quit one of these jobs voluntarily rather then be forced out by circumstances or a nasty boss. I have to admit that I didn't see this one coming… Wasn't sure who the killer might be but I think I pegged wrong. Lots of interesting twists and amusing ones as well. I'm a very big animal lover so I appreciated a focus in a pet store. Th [...]

    19. This mystery is entertaining and fun, which is just how I like them. I appreciate that Helen is learning and growing from her experiences. I can not identify with how people treat their pets better than most people treat other people. I am more of a people person. I could identify with some of the characters at the pet store and Helen's apartment complex. This was interesting and I look forward to reading more of this series.

    20. In the fifth installment of Elaine Viets's Helen Hawthorne series, we found Helen into another pickle of hers in Murder Unleashed. She now worked in the Pampered Pet Boutique. Every time she worked at a dead-end job, it had exposed her to a lot of dead people. At her latest job, it would be no exception. When someone wound up dead, she had a new murder to solve and find a kidnapped pup, all before the Category 3 hurricane hits Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    21. Loved this book so much it earned my coveted 5 star rating Published 10 years ago as the cozy genre as we know it today was emerging, this book is a wonderful example of what a great cozy should be Great mystery, many re-herrings, continuing character development of Helen, with her romance to Phil important and developing, but not at the expense of the pace of the mystery A quick but very engaging read; I could barely put it down! Looking forward to the next one in the series

    22. I met Elaine Viets recently in NC where she was doing a book tour. Her personal story was so interesting I decided to try one of her dead-end jobs series. I started with Murder Unleashed because it features dogs, one of my favorite animals. While working at a pet boutique in her new South Florida location, our protagonist Helen becomes involved in the murder investigation of two of the boutique's clients, a hurricane, and her new lover. Never a dull moment. Next I may try the cat novel.

    23. Is it me or do the police in the surrounding districts not talk to one another?Each book has new detectives and it amazes me that none of them have ever heard of someone like Helen?I think I figured out the killer at the beginning but I wasn't sure. And I swore something was up with Jeff but not what he was up to. Did that make sense to anyone other than me?Phil. Phil, Phil, Phil.White Hair, White Knight? Hmmmm!

    24. I think this is the last one this series I'll spend my time on. They are cute-ish, but how many times can one woman really find a dead body / be an innocent involved in a crime. It's like Angela Landsbury on "Murder She Wrote" - wouldn't people just stop inviting her anywhere after a while. Meh . . . feeling crabby. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it.

    25. Hmm. It is getting slightly annoying that the main character (or I guess the author) has memory lapses from one book to the next - either that, or the author likes repeating herself. I guess I shouldn't read more than one from the series at once.

    26. This was cute but there was a weird leap in the middle of the book that connected some characters that I didn't see coming. Sure, it made the mystery come together, but it seemed to come from out of nowhere. I'll probably read more of these Dead-End job stories. Nice, light and fun.

    27. This series is a hoot! I did read 3 books out of order, by accident, but it was okay, each book is great as a stand alone and when I realized it and went back, it wasn't rehashing everything that had happened before.

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