To Darkness and to Death

To Darkness and to Death Saturday November A M In the small Adirondack town of Millers Kill an old lumberman sits in the dark with his gun across his knees Not far away an unemployed logger sleeps off his bender f

  • Title: To Darkness and to Death
  • Author: Julia Spencer-Fleming
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Saturday, November 14, 5 00 A.M In the small Adirondack town of Millers Kill, an old lumberman sits in the dark with his gun across his knees Not far away, an unemployed logger sleeps off his bender from the night before The owner of the town s last paper mill tosses in his bed And a young woman, one of three heirs to the 250,000 acre Great Camp, wakes alone in darknesSaturday, November 14, 5 00 A.M In the small Adirondack town of Millers Kill, an old lumberman sits in the dark with his gun across his knees Not far away, an unemployed logger sleeps off his bender from the night before The owner of the town s last paper mill tosses in his bed And a young woman, one of three heirs to the 250,000 acre Great Camp, wakes alone in darkness, bound and gagged.Chief of Police Russ Van Alstyne wants nothing than a quiet day of hunting in the mountains on his fiftieth birthday His wife needs to have the town s new luxury resort ready for its gala opening night The Reverend Clare Fergusson expects to spend the day getting St Alban s Church ready for the bishop s annual visit Her long distance suitor from New York expects some answers about their relationship during his weekend in town In Millers Kill, where everyone knows everyone and all are part of an interconnected web of blood or acquaintance, one person s troubles have a way of ensnaring others What begins as a simple case of a woman lost in the woods leads to a tangle of revenge, blackmail, assault, kidnapping, and murder As the hours tick by, Russ and Clare struggle to make sense of their town s plunge into chaos and their own chaotic emotions Something terrible waits in the ice rimed mountains cradling Millers Kill Something that won t be content with just one death or two Julia Spencer Fleming continues her moving story of the way a small town, as well as a great city, can harbor evil, and the struggle of two honest people to deal with the ever present threat of their feelings for one another.

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      Wednesday, September 7Work In Progress Wednesday at my Reader Space We re up to the fifth part of the second chapter of my eighth book, which has some numerological meaning, I m sure bit p2QwJa

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    1. Russ: I love you, but we can't do anything about it. I'm married, and you're a priest.Clare: I know. All we can do is make eyes at each other when we think nobody is looking. It's exciting and frustrating at the same time. But wait! Here we are alone in my living room! Maybe . . . .Russ: Maybe . . . but no! I can't!Clare: Whoops! Sorry!Russ: I still love you, Clare.Clare: I love you, too.Russ: OK then. Let's enjoy the limited contact we have while we have it.Clare: [This relationship is doomed.: [...]

    2. I'm almost ashamed to admit that there were large sections of this book that I found deeply amusing. The villains did so much scrambling to try to cover up their sins that had that scrambling not resulted in death and battery, it really would have been the stuff of slapstick. I had some trouble with the idea that it all took place over a period of one very long day, just because there was so much activity crammed into it (not even a full 24 hours, even), but when I stopped looking at the timesta [...]

    3. To Darkness and to Death starts out with a bang and more potential than the first three I've read in this series. Somewhere, though, the mystery and plot get bogged down and I found myself just wanting it all to wrap up and get on with it. Spoiler AlertThough not truly a spoiler I don't want these comments to ruin the story for anyone. One of the things I've always liked about this series is the romantic tension between the two main characters, the Rev and the Sheriff. It's definitely still here [...]

    4. That's a three for the story overall, which I liked a lot less than the earlier books in the series, but it's a three with bonus points galore for the author's timing wrt the Clare-and-Russ story arc. If you haven't read up to this point in the series, you'll be safe with the following paragraph, and I'll pinpoint where there'll be a degree of spoiling for the slow relationship development but nothing more than what you'd get from the blurb. Proper spoilers will be hidden.The reason I didn't lik [...]

    5. I am not normally a fast reader. However, I am in danger of a speeding ticket in Julia Spencer-Fleming's Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series. The action at points gets so intense that I can't help but hit soar through the intensity to the other side. Not to say that there is ever quite a lull in the action. Im the culminating action of To Darkness and to Death, I literally felt my pulse quicken. I believe that is a clear indication of a well-written story. In this latest addition to the seri [...]

    6. This could have been a good book. I was expecting to enjoy a fun, relatively uncomplicated mystery. What I got was a domestic abuse soap opera. The moral of the story appears to be "under enough pressure, any nice man can be pushed to beat, kidnap, or kill a woman." The first time the author presented a man beating a woman almost to death as an "accident," an "understandable mistake," it was disgusting and disturbing. The second time, when another "nice, normal" man kidnapped another woman, agai [...]

    7. I have enjoyed all of the books in this series, so far, but I found this one to be the most gripping. The overall tone of the book feels a little darker in some ways, and yet some of the plot twists seemed almost farcical. the love affair between Rev. Claire and Russ is becoming more open, too, with a startling declaration at the end of the book. . . .

    8. This one was really tight and fast paced. Took place in 24 hours and it helped that I read it in about the same amount of time. Might be the best of the series so far.

    9. The format of this entry in the Rev. Clare series makes it unique among the four that I've read so far: it takes place in less than 24 hours, and is organized first by the offices of prayer in a Christian religious community (beginning with Morning Prayer at 5:00am and ending with Compline at 2:00am) and then by time, jumping as little as five minutes between elements from different characters' points of view. I'm very far from a Christian but I happen to absolutely love the choral music associa [...]

    10. All the events in this story take place in a single day, and there is all kinds of intrigue going on. I had to make notes at first to keep track of how everyone was connected to everyone else. It definitely has the "six degrees of separation" thing going on! The ending was surprising, and I am eager to get my hands on book 5 to see where it goes from there.The series gets better with each book!

    11. This fourth book in Spencer-Fleming's series with Clare Ferguson, rector of the Episcopal Church in Millers Kill, N.Y all takes place in one day. Clare is called to help search for missing woman who is believed lost in the large estate owned by her family. Spencer-Fleming interweaves this search with several other subplots that make for exciting reading. And Clare and Russ face the reality of there mutual attraction to each other. I really like this series and Spencer-Fleming's writing.

    12. Wow. While the events of the third book of this series spanned generations and the narrative shifted between past and present, this fourth book involves just one extremely busy day, through the perspectives of many characters besides Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne (whose birthday it happens to be). Linda Van Alstyne and Clare finally meet, and Linda is more developed than in the previous books, though she still doesn’t focalize. Current issues underlie much of the (sometimes intense) act [...]

    13. So I started off enjoying this was one less than the others. It's different. It takes place all in one day and there are so many plotlines and point of view characters that I felt like Clare and Russ were barely there--separately or together. And there's so much going on and it's just all about people making the wrong choices and ohhh. That was so hard to read. But I ended up really liking and appreciating it by the end.(view spoiler)[When Jeremy did the right thing, I mentally stood up and chee [...]

    14. "To Darkness and to Death".who writes these titles? How about "Slow Motion Train Wreck" or "Tick-Tock" or "Minute by Minute" or best yet "Countdown"--they would be more descriptive if less poetic. Julia Spencer-Fleming as she deviated from her previous novels in her third, using the flash back, in her fourth deviates yet again, effortlessly employing a minute by minute countdown and multiple POV thriller. By confining all the action to a single 24 hour period, weaving together the tragic threads [...]

    15. This one was very different than the usual mystery. It takes place in the town of Miller's Kill, NY in the Adirondack mountain area. The largest landowner family, 3 siblings, are selling their land to a global company. Much of the land will be dedicated to preservation by a local conservancy corporation, but it means the long-established family run logging business will have to close, and the long-established family run pulp and paper mill will go have to sell out. Lots of people out of work whi [...]

    16. Getting the 24 television show treatment, the entire book takes place in one day. While some of the plot twists are stretching things a bit far, and there are way too many characters to keep track of, Spencer-Fleming kept me on the edge of my chair with the continuing dance of Russ and Clare. I've got a very very bad feeling about their relationship -- something's going to give and give big. I've been immersed in her books for a few weeks now, devouring each one faster than the previous and I ca [...]

    17. The author does it again, but this time she attacks the story over one day. It works pretty well, although there were many characters and events jammed into the one day. I wonder what the Statistical Abstract would say about all the violence in this small Vermont town? Suspension of disbelief aside, Spencer-Fleming has a way of showing how ordinary people can do extraordinarily bad things when put in situations that are harmful to themselves or their way of life. There were characters who were r [...]

    18. Millicent van der Hoeven has disappeared. And, once again, Millers Kill has welcomed me back.Reverend Clare was trained in survival skills and becomes part of the search and rescue effort to locate Millie. As a former Army helicopter pilot, Clare's experience is necessary. Hopefully, to find Millie alive.And police chief Russ Van Alstyne has returned to the scene of a most-likely crime. Aagh! There still is that enormous 'elephant in the room': unbearable sexual tension.I love the suspense Ms. S [...]

    19. this was the weakest of the clare fergusson/russ van alstyne series to date, with an overwrought plot, credulity-straining coincidences, and characters who made bafflingly horrible decisions more because it seemed to serve the plot than to make any actual sense.even so, the rich partnership between clare and russ deepens beautifully and delicately. clare's iconoclasm chafing against the rigid expectations of the episcopal priesthood is an especially rewarding subplot. and just as spencer-fleming [...]

    20. Compelling but unpleasant reading due the the plethora of selfish, obsessed, and delusional characters whose actions set off a chain of tragic events like a line of dominos falling.I no longer have much respect for Clare or Russ; and since there were almost no sympathetic characters in this novel, I did not find this book at all fun to read. I'm starting to feel manipulated as a reader and feel that this author is too gleeful in torturing her characters. (Yes, I know they're not real, but I feel [...]

    21. This one is about the chaos desperate people can create, and how it is often connected chaos-to-chaos. It's about environment v. economy, about jobs and companies and relationships and how everything is connected, and we can't ever tell what the tipping point will be for any one person.I liked this--and yet, it kinda depressed me. Also I didn't think there was enough of Russ and Clare, not necessarily together, but them, as people. I think I've been reading too many mysteries too close together. [...]

    22. Ok, I love this series! I know I shouldn't. I'm completely against adultery. He has a good wife who he still loves, she is a priest who should really be up on the ten commandments. Almost every character has faults that should make me not like them, but, I do. Why?? Must be the absolutely terrific writing. Even though I figured out what was waiting in the end, I couldn't jump into the book and stop it. And, I really wanted to.

    23. This book is the first book I have read in the series and it has nothing to recommend itself. Many of the characters start out as normal people and then suddenly they are killing people for flimsy reasons. I can see this happening once, but multiple times? There is not one person with any kind of moral base including the "heroes" who are a church priest and police chief. Also there isn't even a mystery. This book is almost unreadable.

    24. It is rare that I don't finish a book after I start it but in this instance I decided enough is enough half way through. There are way too many implausible things occurring in a very short period of time. There are a lot of characters seemingly unconnected and the two main characters have bit parts. This was my first attempt at reading Julia Spencer-Fleming and unfortunately it will be my last.

    25. Much better on this one - started off with a kidnapping and once the engine of the train wrecked, all the cars just piled up behind it. Horrible to say, but that was much more fun than the last.Train wreck 2.0 is the Clare/Russ dynamic. Good lord.

    26. The characters continue to develop and the plot had twists and turns that kept me eagerly reading. Mysteries resolved but a bomb dropped on Clare and Russ's relation ship on the last two pages left me feeling What the?

    27. Somehow I missed this entry in the series when it came out, which is certainly a shame, because it may be the best in the series, a wonderful combination of plot and characters and an interesting structure that told a complex and suspense-filled story in 24 hours. There is, of course, the continuing series issue of the attraction between combat helicopter pilot veteran/Episcopal priest Clare Ferguson and married police chief Russ Van Alstyne, but in addition this book did a masterful job of expl [...]

    28. Russ' wife Linda is the decorator for the new Algonquin Waters Resort, so she is keeping busy with draperies, bedspreads, and throw pillows. Russ is out deer hunting, celebrating his 50th birthday with an old buddy. Rev. Clare is getting ready for a visit from the bishop, and Millie van der Hoeven is getting ready to hand over 250,000 acres to the Adirondack Conservancy, which will put an end to the Miller's Kill timber industry. When Millie turns up missing, Clare and Russ are thrown together o [...]

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