Mona Lisa Blossoming

Mona Lisa Blossoming As Mona Lisa learns the erotic and savage customs of the Mon re elite some of her new subjects chafe at being ruled by one whose lineage is diluted with human blood

  • Title: Mona Lisa Blossoming
  • Author: Sunny
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As Mona Lisa learns the erotic and savage customs of the Mon re elite, some of her new subjects chafe at being ruled by one whose lineage is diluted with human blood.

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      A family practice physician and Vassar graduate, Sunny was finally pushed into picking up her pen by the success of the rest of her family Much to her amazement, she found that, by golly, she actually could write a book, and that it was much fun than being a doctor.As an author, Sunny has been featured on Geraldo at Large and CNBC, and has won many awards including the prestigious PRISM Award When she is not busy reading and writing, Sunny is editing her husband s books, literary novelist Da Chen, and being a happy stage mom for her young actor son.

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    1. Before I begin, let me just say that I bought this book and its predecessor, Mona Lisa Awakening, back in the summer. They were being sold at Barnes and Noble online for $1.99 each, so I figured “Hey, why not buy this. I have no idea what its about, but that’s okay.” Oops, probably shouldn’t do that again. Let’s just say I was pretty suprised when I actually started reading the first book a few months ago. This is most definitely under the erotica category. Expect in-depth sex scenes e [...]

    2. MONA LISA NO LONGER SMILES!!!Let me say this, the series of the Monere (children of the moon) is a gem so unlike many works in the category of paranormal/supernatural etc. This was the second book in a series of four and I am just hanging on barely by my excitement.Mona Lisa has always felt different from those around her. Not completely fitting in with the people surrounding her, she always knew she was something more, something more than human. Her answer comes in the form of the breathtaking [...]

    3. Mona Lisa Blossoming is a major step up from the first book, Mona Lisa Awakening, so anyone who (understandably) stopped after that one might want to consider giving the series another try.The protagonist, Mona Lisa, is a completely different character. So much so that it was like she had been written by a different author. And in this instance, that's a really good thing. I loved the new Mona Lisa. She was gritty and far more authentic than in the previous books.Rather than the overwrought and [...]

    4. This was the second book in Sunny’s Monere series, about a race of shape shifters that have been exiled from the moon and force to live on earth. I wish I would have paid more attention before starting this one, and started with the first, as I was a bit lost thru the first two thirds of the book, as I fumbled through learning the cultural aspects of the Monere race, and how Mona Lisa became the queen of a US territory, even though she is only half Monere.All in all the book has a great balanc [...]

    5. With Mona Lisa finally taking over a territory and becoming a queen, this book really takes an interesting change of pace. First off, with her being completely lost on how being a Queen works, and then having to figure out who is loyal to her in this territory and who may still belong to Queen Louisa just makes this a very tense and a little uncomfortably amusing addition to the series. I say uncomfortable because Lisa stumbles through the introductions and has her people really unsure what to e [...]

    6. **spoiler alert** Ok, I like this series, I really do, even though there are some things about it that I DO NOT like. And I knew that this second book would be better than the first. There are a lot of avenues that I knew she could explore and in the second book she did just that. However. I was so upset with the way she ended it. She killed off the man who had the biggest place in Mona Lisa's heart and sent the other man in heart off to another state. Obviously I will read the third book to see [...]

    7. I picked this up because I needed something to read at work, and it looked like a swift mind-candy urban fantasy. Awkward Let's be clear: this is porn. I have nothing against porn (in book form). In fact, if you're looking for good smut this will likely fit the bill. It is about one third sex, one third ZOMG Crisis!, and one third odd transitions between the two. To me it read as straight up Anita Blake fanfic. It was sort of weird actually. I kept waiting for characters from that series to show [...]

    8. I love Sunny. She is probably one of the most brain stimulating writers I have red in a long time. The only thing i didn't like about this was the way they took out Gryphon. Also, Amber is my favorite male in this book (makes me wish he was real. All big and manly-like hahahaha) and now they've totally lessen his role. Hopefully he'll make a comeback in the later books.Halcyon's scene with Mona Lisa in the Suburban after he was bitten was breathtaking, mind-blowing, and extremely tasty. EVERYONE [...]

    9. Okay, I really like this seriesSunny has done an excellent job in creating this world. I love her characters like Mona Lisa, and her merry mend of course I hate the evil, ill, and sick bastards that appear. Mona Lisa is a compassionate, loving and strong women with way to much responsibility dropped in her lapbut she does not let her men and family down, no matter the cost to herThis book made me happy and sad and made we want more. Highly recommend this book. And yest the characters carry over [...]

    10. Another great delve into the Monere world. Sunny takes you for a ride right from the beginning as Mona Lisa is welcomed into her knew territory.A couple things about this bookI wonder about Wiley. What purpose will he eventually serve in future novels, since there is a good bit devoted to him. Interesting that he is 3/4 Monere as well -- 3 in one household, now.I was happy that Gryphon died. Maybe I'm the only one, but he had too many character flaws.

    11. Spicy & hot sex. Tragic violence. Great book.Favorite quote: "She'd said that revenge was not sweet, that it was bloody. She was wrong. It *was* sweet. For one fleeting, glorious moment you felt incredible satisfaction. Then it was gone, empty, and you had to go on living. The power high that filled me with her light had faded, and all I tasted now were bitter ashes."

    12. I absolutely loved this book. I love Amber and I love the High Prince of Hell. They are characters I would love to be stranded on a desert island with :)I cannot wait to read the third book. They keep getting better and better.

    13. You can't write a sex scene and use the words tree and rod to describe the male interests penis. Oh wait Apparently you can. And it's awful. Also, Mona Lisa is getting really annoying. We get it, you're not like a regular queen, you're a cool queen. The combination of bad sex scenes and annoying has thrown me off this series. Later, queenie

    14. Love this series! It's just too bad that the author has discontinued being a writer, so the series was left hanging. I was rather upset that one of the male love interest got killed. Good thing he didn't stay dead for long, though! The last arch of the series was fantastic!

    15. In broad terms, there are three types of "reminds me of". The weakest level is when you don't think about another story while reading, but you see comparisons when trying to review the book. Of my recent reads, comparing Ann Aguirre's "Grimspace" series with Sara Creasy's "Scarabaeus" series would fall into that level.The middle level is when you see elements of one story in the other story. If the writing is good, this level of "reminds me of" tends to fade as you read the books. Linda Robertso [...]

    16. was disappointed with this book :( I was hoping for a lot more than Sunny gave to us. the book started good and I thought goody straight into the story like in the first and it seemed like the characters were growing more. but the story didnt really take off and get to the point until almost 3/4ths into it. but at least in this book she seems like a new queen unlike in book 1 where she's told she's a queen and just starts acting like she's been one her whole life. I have some qualms with this st [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Monere: Children of Moon series by Sunny. I didn't think the first book was all that great, it seemed to be echoing the Meredith Gentry series too much. But I borrowed this book from a friend so I thought why not give it a read. Luckily I actually liked it.Mona Lisa is going to lay claim and move into her new territory. She has to deal with her enemy from the first book, who is now her neighbor and the existing Monere in her territory. If the premise sounds straigh [...]

    18. This is the second title in the Monere Mona Lisa titles and I am liking this story more now that I have finished the second book. My biggest complaint is how Mona Lisa adapts so quickly to her new powers as a Monere Queen- except for being able to wield her healing powers without the use of sex. That she can't learn to do overnight like everything else. I mean, really, how many 21st century 20something ER nurses would become adept sword and hand-to-hand combat in a matter of weeks? And the love. [...]

    19. This book is ttly ridonkulous, but if sex-vampires from the moon sounds good to you, then presumably you won't mind. It's smut, and nothing but, with a slight veneer of plot.On the matter of the plot, and to grant it far more attention than it's due, in the world of this book, the afore-mentioned sex vampire women can gain power and ability from the people they sleep with, like STDs which use their powers for good instead of evil, and the people they sleep with will gain the same. Obviously, the [...]

    20. I read Mona Lisa Awakening just yesterday and so my memory is very fresh with the scenes that played out in book #1. This was an overall good book, but I will admit I skimmed through the parts where Sunny recites what happened in book 1. About a week has passed and Mona Lisa is now recognized as a queen to her society and has been given a territory to rule. She is followed by her loyal lovers, Gryphan and Amber and the rest of her home. Mona Lisa embraces her new home and the people who are new [...]

    21. This is the 3rd story of the Monere series and I have really enjoyed this series. However, It is so dark and violent that I may take a break before reading the next book and read something light hearted. Mona Lisa is a strong Queen leader that is just arriving to take over her new territory of Louisiana . There are constant struggles and attacks on Mona Lisa and her people. This series must be read in order to even begin to understand what is going on or who the characters are. This story was fa [...]

    22. All I can say is that I think this one was a little bit better than the first book. No over abundance of rape mentioned, still the suddenness of sex happening between the main character and her men or men that are interested in her. And still the sense of a Laurell K. Hamilton feel to the writing. But all in all it is good to see the Main character Mona Lisa come into her own in the world of Monere. And although I didn't initially like the suddenness of Mona Lisa meeting and having sex with Gryp [...]

    23. Well, there was a lot less rape in this book. What was up with that??I still don't like Gryphon and I still don't understand how she accepts a back-stabber so easily. I'm glad he's gone. Well, for now. I hope he's better as a deomn dead than he was alive.I still LOVE Amber! And Halcyon makes my mouth water. I was SO happy when she finally made moves to accet him!I'm a little ticked because at the very end I read a bit of the next one. How the hell does she just sweep on over to Dontaine so easil [...]

    24. In this installment in the Monere series, Mona Lisa is finally claiming her territory in Louisiana. She has to face her new people with no idea who is loyal to her and who is still loyal to her enemies. This one was interesting to me. I'm I liked it. More than I want to admit to myself. Have you ever read a book that was overly verbose with flowery and overly poetic sex scenes and still couldn't seem to stop yourself from picking up the next one? Then I guess you've read this series. [...]

    25. so-sould have been better, could have been worse.I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Excited to get this bookd really there isn't much of a plot. Mostly, Lust, sex, fighting, death, lust, sex, fighting, death, revenge, sex, fighting, death. until the next installment.Ok, so aside from that: Mona Lisa (a Monere) and her entourage; Gryphon, Amber, Thaddeus, Tersa, Chami, Aquila, et. al. arrive at their new new home in New Orleans (which was once the home of rival Monere Queen Mona Louisa). Immedia [...]

    26. Highly addictive! This series is truly unique. I can't quite put my finger on it but it is highly entertaining and addictive. It's also the kinkiest book I've read. It has a few erotic scenes where it had me blushing and I am not new to erotic reading. What I found lacking in her first book continues in "Mona Lisa Bloosoming". I wasn't quite fond of Gryphon. He is suppose to be the love of her life but I never felt that. I always felt more of a connection with Amber and Mona Lisa. (WARNING BIG S [...]

    27. seguimos con la historia de Mona Lisa, llegando a su nuevo territorio en donde tiene que velar por su pueblo, mejor dicho los que eran de la otra reina pero las cosas no son tan sencillas y una reina nunca olvida lo que paso mucho menos el bajo de rango.Mona Louisa no esta contenta con el pedazo de territorio que le toco y por eso quiere venganza, este libro es mas sangriento, las cosas que pasan lo que hacen lo que tienen que ver para destruirla es inimaginable.el final a pesar de por fin haber [...]

    28. A lot happens with Mona Lisa in this book. Her love life takes a truly dramatic turn--shocking. Seriously shocking. Entrée growing love interest, Demon Prince, Halcyon. Against all odds, being the "demon" Prince, he is a serious contender as a romantic interest.Mona Lisa confronts Mona Louisa and gets a little more than she bargains for--another interesting turn of events.I love this series-love Sunny's take on the supernatural world as a whole. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a twisti [...]

    29. This book picks up where Mona Lisa Awakening left off, with Mona Lisa arriving to her new home and base of her kingdom as the new and only Mixed Blood Monère Queen.It's a fast read with ups and downs, and familiar and new characters. Mona Lisa manages to combine prudishness with tricks belonging in a skilled courtesan's arsenal. She is still growing into herself and her new role, developing her abilities and learning to control them.I'm looking forward to reading how Mona Lisa deals with (view [...]

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