Grim Tuesday

Grim Tuesday Arthur Penhaligon didn t think he would ever have to return to the strange house that nearly killed him on Monday the house that contains a fantastical and sinister realm inside But the next day bring

  • Title: Grim Tuesday
  • Author: Garth Nix
  • ISBN: 9780007175031
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arthur Penhaligon didn t think he would ever have to return to the strange house that nearly killed him on Monday the house that contains a fantastical and sinister realm inside But the next day brings new challenges in the form of an enemy named Grim Tuesday.

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      Garth Nix was born in 1963 in Melbourne, Australia, to the sound of the Salvation Army band outside playing Hail the Conquering Hero Comes or possibly Roll Out the Barrel Garth left Melbourne at an early age for Canberra the federal capital and stayed there till he was nineteen, when he left to drive around the UK in a beat up Austin with a boot full of books and a Silver Reed typewriter.Despite a wheel literally falling off the Austin, Garth survived to return to Australia and study at the University of Canberra After finishing his degree in 1986 he worked in a bookshop, then as a book publicist, a publisher s sales representative, and editor Along the way he was also a part time soldier in the Australian Army Reserve, serving in an Assault Pioneer platoon for four years Garth left publishing to work as a public relations and marketing consultant from 1994 1997, till he became a full time writer in 1998 He did that for a year before joining Curtis Brown Australia as a part time literary agent in 1999 In January 2002 Garth went back to dedicated writer again, despite his belief that full time writing explains the strange behaviour of many authors.He now lives in Sydney with his wife, two sons and lots of books.

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    1. Garth Nix just never lets us down, does he?Grim Tuesday, the second (as one might expect) in the Keys to the Kingdom series, is as solid a fantasy as its predecessor, Mister Monday. It was, in fact, almost better - but unfortunately its primary strength was counterbalanced by a weakness, so it gets the same four as the first.That strength was this: the first book had little in the way of consequences. No one got seriously injured who didn't deserve it. (view spoiler)[Arthur's asthma was even par [...]

    2. After _Mister Monday_, I was hoping the author would take _Grim Tuesday_ a step further and really draw the readers into the story. I wanted to know more about the House and the Will, and see Arthur and Suzy really grow as characters. Unfortunately, none of those things happened. Arthur and Suzy seem exactly the same as before, the drive behind the story is exactly the same (Arthur needs to get the Keys in order to save his family), and that made the story very predictable and boring. Disappoint [...]

    3. This series is really cute and especially designed for boys under the teen level. It just has so many creative elements and events that would appeal to the younger set. That being said, I loved it as it's rather different from what I usually read and great for listening in the car.Arthur Penhaligan, a normal person in the 7th grade, was somehow selected to become the rightful heir to the Keys to the Kingdom (a universe adjacent to Earth that can be accessed through a monstrous house that only Ar [...]

    4. Reading this series back to back is definitely better than the piecemeal way I was reading them when I read them as they came out (briefly as that lasted). There's no space between the books -- minutes at best between the end of Mister Monday and the beginning of Grim Tuesday. So it's nice to read them in one go. (It's also nice to read them on the appropriate days. I'll be greatly amused if I can keep that up all week.)I didn't remember this book as well as Mister Monday, but I'm pretty sure I [...]

    5. The book "Grim Tuesday" is a truly amazing I was fortunate enough to find and read after finishing the first book of this amazing series. "Grim Tuesday" is a book like no other, with the features of every fantasy book like magic, and friendship, but still uniquely its own. The book is about a boy named Arthur who happens to be in an outside gym class one day. He is phsically weak, and gets an asthma attack which proves to be almost fatal. He is abot to die, but a man appears in front of hi and h [...]

    6. The second installment in the Keys to the Kingdom series, Grim Tuesday picks up right where Mister Monday left off, mere hours after Arthur has returned home for what he thought would be a five or six-year break. Unfortunately, time in his realm does not equate to time in the House. To top it all off, the phone call warning him of mischief afoot gets cut off, leaving him only half in the know. Talk about a lot of creativity. Garth Nix has loads of imagination in this hero journey. I was tickled [...]

    7. The second installment in the Keys to the Kingdom series, Grim Tuesday picks up right where Mister Monday left off, mere hours after Arthur has returned home for what he thought would be a five or six-year break. Unfortunately, time in his realm does not equate to time in the House. To top it all off, the phone call warning him of mischief afoot gets cut off, leaving him only half in the know.When mysterious men appear across the street with a Sold sign, and his father receives a call that he ow [...]

    8. In the midst of a fatal asthma attack, Arthur was given a smidgen of magical power. Using it, he was able to not only survive the attack, but also stage a revolution against the languid Mister Monday. After claiming Monday's powers for his own, Arthur granted them to a Steward so he could return to the mortal world to continue living life as a child. But the second Monday ended, Tuesday began--and Grim Tuesday was fearful that Arthur would do to him what he'd already done to Mister Monday. And s [...]

    9. Reading this the first time, I got confused a lot about the House and of the Far Reaches despite that it is already the second book of the series. Arthur was yet again hauled into another adventure, with Suzy to help him and this time his enemy was the Grim Tuesday. He bled and broke his legs, he met with the snobbish Will, fought Nothings, defeated the villain but it didn't get through to me emotionally and for that I must say that I didn't enjoy the book as much as I hoped it wouldI'm ready fo [...]

    10. Fun and light, but also pretty creative with the worlds and the magic, but not with any kind of coherent magic system. Fairly straightforward and predictable, and very little character development. I was disappointed that Arthur once again gave the key (the second one) over to Dame Primus, which is so obviously going to go very badly at some point. Why doesn't he give it to Suzy, who has been nothing but loyal, smart, and resourceful? Still, it's decent enough fantasy aimed at children, and I pr [...]

    11. Grim Tuesday is the second book in a series of seven known as the Keys to the Kingdom series each book named after a day of the week. The first book Mister Monday was a book I reviewed a long while ago. I had a desire to go through and finish the series but needed to re-read the first two and a half books in order to do so. In my review of Mister Monday I expressed that I was bored and kept tying to remember the events of this book as the events of that book. Coming to this book I knew there was [...]

    12. Personal Response: I really enjoyed this book. Garth Nix did a good job putting it together and making it close to unpredictable. Most of the book just made me not want to put it down. He also did a good job making it visual so it was easy for me to follow it and make a picture of what is going on in my head. I also really enjoyed this book because it’s not slow and it flows nicely. The only thing I didn’t really mind was earlier in the book and a little way through the book it was a little [...]

    13. I liked that this book assumed you had read Mister Monday. Mister Monday felt like all set up, and it would have been irritating if the author had rehashed all that information again.This also means the plot and story line were much more straight forward in Grim Tuesday. Grim Tuesday is very greedy. He has enslaved the denizens of the house and brought the Far Reaches, and the rest of the House, to the point of ecological disaster with over mining of Nothing from which everything is made. Grim T [...]

    14. I'm not a huge fan of the series all in all, but I am the type of reader that if I start a series I must usually finish it unless it has *bad* content in it. I think there is a good underlying story of a young boy picked to be a hero and must face obstacles in order to--basically--save the world. However, I feel that the author, Nix, tends to be a tad bit boring. Arthur's world is our own except a little further into the future. I find myself a little confused because Nix doesn't always describe [...]

    15. This book is like a catchy tune you heard on the radio that one likes without knowing why and while being full aware that there are better pieces of art. At least I can tell what I disliked about the books. It's Arthur. I feel no connection to him whatsoever, although I used to have asthma when I was younger – how can that be?Well, it's a fact that Arthur Penhaligon is not the most complex main character that a book can have. Not the worst one, but there is not much to look at, to be honest. H [...]

    16. Arthur Penhaligon is an ordinary boy whose life changes when he has a near-fatal asthma attack while running during PE. Just as he is about to lose consciousness he is given a key by a mysterious man. The man, Mr. Monday, has determined that Arthur is about to die, but with the benefits of modern medicine and his inhaler, Arthur survives and sets off an adventure quest to search for 7 keys of a mysterious house. Each quest involves battling 7 Morrow Days who are the trustees of the house and rep [...]

    17. Recently I read Grim Tuesday, Book #2 of The Keys to the Kingdom series. It is extremely interesting. First off, Arthur Penhaligon's family is being taxed to the maximum level by Grim's Grotesques, for example, there house is being "sold" to the grotesques. Second of all, Arthur has to go back to the house and defeat Grim Tuesday in order to save his family! Then he gives both keys to the will! If I had to go through the whole story You would be reading forever!I am currently reading Drowned Wed [...]

    18. Another great book in the Series. I like how Garth Nix introduces new characters as each day proceeds and yet there aren't to many characters to keep track of. The stories finish themselves and yet you know that Arthur is going to have to go back to the House to help put it back in order. Each book builds upon the previous building to a climax that will end with Sunday. The story uses allies, friends and cunning to get the will that has been misused. Can't wait to get into the next book. I am gl [...]

    19. I love the characters in this, from Arthur to Suzy Turquoise Blue and Dame Primus. And the new characters for this one: The Second Part of the Will and Captain Tom were great. If these books have a flaw, it's that the title characters (Mr. Monday, and Grim Tuesday in this one) barely have a presence. They are talked about, but only show up briefly in the actual narrative. The books would be more menacing if we had more time with the Days.

    20. SUPER!!!Úplne skvelé je na tom to, že aj keď má kniha rovnakú zápletku a základnú osnovu - ARthura utorok vyzve, artur sa musi branit, artur musi dostat kluc - kniha vyznieva uplne inak ako pondelok. A za to Nixovi kvitujem. Mám úplne taký pocit, akoby Nix za tie roky nazbieral nenormálne množstvo nápadov, a teraz to sem všetko dáva Čo je najlepšie - nepôsobí to ako nepodarený zlepenec, ale všetko dokopy úžasne zapadá:) A Artura práve pozvala Lady Streda na lančon! Č [...]

    21. [Quick review from memory until I re-read and re-review at a later date:The whole series is probably my favourite Garth Nix series, but after my Abhorsen re-read I'm worried I'll find this series too childish for my adult tastes. I don't recall the exact book, but the series as a whole is quite a vivid memory.]

    22. 3.5I really love all the little quirks Nix's put into this series. The seven deadly sins. The nods to history. It's just fun. Like a bundle of Easter eggs that you can't help smiling at.

    23. When I first picked up this book I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t know if it was going to be a book I thoroughly enjoyed or a book I abandoned because it was boring. Friends had recommended this book to me and honestly, I was sceptical. I didn’t know if it was going to be another one of those popular “young adult series books” that have the same format and plot that other books did. Even though it was the second book, the writing style could’ve changed drastically. But [...]

    24. It took me a long time to get to Mister Monday’s sequel – partly because I got distracted by other series, and partly because I got halfway through it and then got distracted the first time around. But, that doesn’t mean that this wasn’t a thoroughly enjoyable book, just back when I read this for the first time, it wasn’t quite fast paced and racy enough for me.Less than twenty-four hours after his adventures in Mister Monday, Arthur is again required to go into the house and fight one [...]

    25. To add to the comments on Mr Monday, a stand out for me is the way in which Arthur exemplifies that response is a choice. Nix is very deliberate, it seems to me, in present a range of challenges to which Arthur's initial response is to allow whatever is happening to determine his fate, only to more-or-less immediately recognise that he has a choice and that he must exercise it in order to achieve desired outcomes. And when he does make a positive choice, other factors and character appear to aid [...]

    26. Well that was something I read. I'm really not sure about this book. This hesitant hero is getting annoying fast. The action was confusing as was all the names. I'm starting to not feel sorry for Arthur. It was a wild ride, very interesting, definitely could have been fun though I didn't enjoy it. I can see why younger kids would love this book.Not sure if this series is for me, I may wait a bit before deciding whether or not I want to pick up the rest of the series

    27. I am currently re-reading this series as I haven't yet managed to finish it, I vaguely remember reading Superior Saturday but haven't read Lord Sunday.You can find my full review for Grim Tuesday here: abhorsenslibrary.tumblr/p.

    28. This series continues to be lovely. I really like that so far each morrow day is caught up in one of the seven deadly sins. Grim Tuesday as an avaricious capitalist was a perfect villian, but also he just mines and builds and collects treasures because he likes it. It's possible to see one's self in him, which is appropriately damning, I think.

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