This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind

This House of Sky Landscapes of a Western Mind None

  • Title: This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind
  • Author: Ivan Doig
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  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Ivan Doig

      Ivan Doig was born in White Sulphur Springs, Montana to a family of homesteaders and ranch hands After the death of his mother Berneta, on his sixth birthday, he was raised by his father Charles Charlie Doig and his grandmother Elizabeth Bessie Ringer After several stints on ranches, they moved to Dupuyer, Pondera County, Montana in the north to herd sheep close to the Rocky Mountain Front.After his graduation from Valier high school, Doig attended Northwestern University, where he received a bachelor s degree and a master s degree in journalism He later earned a Ph.D in American history at the University of Washington, writing his dissertation about John J McGilvra 1827 1903 He now lives with his wife Carol Doig, n e Muller, a university professor of English, in Seattle, Washington.Before Ivan Doig became a novelist, he wrote for newspapers and magazines as a free lancer and worked for the United States Forest Service.Much of his fiction is set in the Montana country of his youth His major theme is family life in the past, mixing personal memory and regional history As the western landscape and people play an important role in his fiction, he has been hailed as the new dean of western literature, a worthy successor to Wallace Stegner.BibliographyHis works includes both fictional and non fictional writings They can be divided into four groups Early WorksNews A Consumer s Guide 1972 a media textbook coauthored by Carol DoigStreets We Have Come Down Literature of the City 1975 an anthology edited by Ivan DoigUtopian America Dreams and Realities 1976 an anthology edited by Ivan DoigAutobiographical BooksThis House of Sky Landscapes of a Western Mind 1979 memoirs based on the author s life with his father and grandmother nominated for National Book Award Heart Earth 1993 memoirs based on his mother s letters to her brother WallyRegional WorksWinter Brothers A Season at the Edge of America 1980 an essayistic dialog with James G SwanThe Sea Runners 1982 an adventure novel about four Swedes escaping from New Archangel, today s Sitka, AlaskaHistorical NovelsEnglish Creek 1984 Dancing at the Rascal Fair 1987 Ride with Me, Mariah Montana 1990 Bucking the Sun A Novel 1996 Mountain Time A Novel 1999 Prairie Nocturne A Novel 2003 The Whistling Season A Novel 2006 The Eleventh Man A Novel 2008 The first three Montana novels form the so called McCaskill trilogy, covering the first centennial of Montana s statehood from 1889 to 1989om enpedia wiki Ivan_Doig

    617 thoughts on “This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind”

    1. This book is exceptional. It's slow, and needs to be read patiently. Preferably in chapters over many days. And there is description excellence far beyond my poorer degrees of explaining in succinct reaction. The language used, the names appointed, the locales are exquisitely placed. Sometimes in wordy and anecdotal flourish, but ironically also accomplished in a way in which there are actually no extra words. Each verbal phrase or dialect nuance for the sheep and cattle herding country drills a [...]

    2. I do have relatives in some remote places and when I talked to this one about discovering Ivan Doig, she said that he was a great writer, known far beyond his native Montana, and that she had read several of his books and was glad I was finally starting to catch up.This House of Sky is a memoir that begins with a very young Ivan and his father Charlie’s loss of (respectively) mother and wife and Ivan’s growing up in some of the most remote country in the lower states during the post-World Wa [...]

    3. I had a previous introduction to Ivan Doig with his wonderfully well-written book "Last Bus to Wisdom". At the time, it was just what I wanted. From beginning to end the book did not fail to entertain. When I found an earlier book this same author had written, much earlier, namely "This House of Sky", I jumped on it. Not always but on many occasion I had come to learn that an author's first book had been many a time a learning experience. There is no Golden Rule. That's just been my observation. [...]

    4. Have your read the novels of Ivan Doig – those, such as The Whistling Season and/or Dancing at the Rascal Fair? If you have and enjoyed his writing, then I believe you will enjoy this too. I would recommend reading the novels first. These novels are really not novels! One comes to understand as one reads about Doig’s and his father’s and his maternal grandmother’s life, as they are presented in this biography, that his fiction talks of his own true life experiences. In his novels you get [...]

    5. Ivan Doig is my wife's favorite author. I'm certain she's read every one of his books, and there have been several. And since he lives in our area, she has taken me along several times to listen to him read from his new work as it came out. As a result, I tried to read one of his fictional books some time back and immediately ran into what seems a trait of Doig, a trait of starting the reader out with an avalanche of descriptive text. To me, it feels like a lifetime to work through a single para [...]

    6. An absolutely beautiful and prosaic account of rural Montana, family, carving an identity for oneself, and the process of acceptance. This is the first Doig I have read- after hearing praise for years from my father and others. If ever there was a memoir to read, this is it. As a semi-native Idahoan familiar with rural lifestyles and landscapes, I was moved to tears and beyond with his painful and glorious story.

    7. One of the best reads I've had in a long time. Touching, brilliantly and vividly descriptive. Ivan Doig's words are textures, fabrics. You are transported through time and place to his memories, his fantastically detailed memories, reaching back to six years old, his mother's tragic early death. Doig and his father and grandmother are a somewhat unlikely trio, but their lives are filled to the brim with Montana, ranching, growing up, and endless copious amounts of love and tolerance.This story t [...]

    8. “On that ranch where dreams were trapped in rock”This is a wonderful memoir about Doig's life growing up, in the rugged wilderness of western Montana. It captures a time and place that seem so distant now and his incredible recollections of working as a sheepherder and the brutal struggles, of living on a ranch, are poignant and unflinching. The true heroes of the story are his father, Charlie and his grandmother, Bessie. Pioneers, with big hearts and thick skins. I love this description of [...]

    9. Diane C: This House of Sky is a memoir written by Ivan Doig. It is a book to be savored, read slowly and then reread to fully absorb his beautiful language. It reads very much like a novel and covers Doig's life in Montana after his mother's death when Doig was only six years old. It's a hard-scrabble life but rich with imagination, grueling work and love. This is also a story of family, particularly fathers and sons. The surrounding characters on the ranch and in the neighboring town are like y [...]

    10. I did not want it to end! I absolutely love Ivan Doig's language and to have it grace his memoir was wonderful. I was in Montana in the early 1900's - I could feel the characters and touch the landscape. His description of his father's death is incredibly moving. I saw the genesis of his fiction that I so enjoy. I think I enjoyed this as much as The Whistling Season - and that's saying a lot!

    11. Elegant and yawning narrative of growing up in the west at a time when to be literate meant knowing how to tame the challenges that animals, land and weather brought. He imparts a simple communion among his extended family that is articulated in few words but an unflinching understanding of their mutual love. Doig writes about his somewhat fractured childhood, how his father tried raising him alone after his wife's death. Doig deeply respects his father's Montana roots. The ties to that way of l [...]

    12. This House of Sky:Landscapes of a Western Mind By Ivan Doig I was intrigued by this book because Ivan Doig is a writer from Montana. I think this is his best book so-far. I read it I few years ago. Where he grew up was a place I was familiar with. He grew up with the land. It dictated their lives. He learned responsibility at a young age. At the time of his youth there were many characters in the small local towns. He brought out the scenes of times that were simipler. This is one of the best bo [...]

    13. I couldn't agree more with the review given:This haunting, magnificently written memoir introduced an important American writer. Now, in its Fifteenth Anniversary Edition, Ivan Doig's preface provides stirring details of the making of this memorable book. Ivan Doig grew up in the rugged, elemental Montana wilderness with his father, Charlie, and his grandmother, Bessie Ringer. His life was formed among the sheepherders and characters of small-town saloons and valley ranches as he wandered beside [...]

    14. This House of Sky: Landscapes of a Western Mind paints the history of the Doig and Ringer families amidst the taming of the wild Montana hills. This isn't only a story of battling the elements but cobbling together a family for young Ivan after the death of his mother. This meant Grandmother Ringer and his father, Charlie, drawing a truce after years of harsh words and stony walls of resentment towards one another. What I liked:*Doig is a gifted, polished writer not content with using a basic vo [...]

    15. Ivan Doig's memoir of his young life in Montana is one of the best books I have read. I am traveling to Montana soon and thought I would read this before I go. Doig is one of my favorite authors and I wanted to visit some of the sites and see scenery found in his books. His characters are always complex, interesting and "salt of the earth". In Sky, Doig writes of his father and Grandmoher who raised him. His Dad was a ranch hand and Grandma was a crew cook. My Dad, Mom and Grandparents were farm [...]

    16. I've read some of Ivan Doig's later novels but had never taken the time to read This House of Sky, a memoir of his years growing up in Montana in the 1940s and 50s. Doig's death this past week (April 9, 2015) made me turn to his 1977 memoir, and I'm so glad I did. Beautifully written descriptive of the Montana landscape and the characters who formed his early world, especially a tribute in part to his father and maternal grandmother.

    17. Just beautiful. I can't even remember the different reactions I had when I read this book. I just remember being captivated by the writing, and I went on to recommend this (and Doig's fiction) to book-loving friends.

    18. One of the best books I have ever read. His prose is incredible! I would recommend this to anyone interested in pioneers or Montana.

    19. This summer some friends and I planned a trip out to Montana. Why? Simply because we've never been and we wanted to see what it was like. In researching what there was to do out there, I found a website that said that This House of Sky is a must-read for anyone wanting to know what Montana is really like. It is a memoir by Ivan Doig, who was born in White Sulphur Springs and grew up with his widowed and devoted father. Doig's writing style can take a little getting used to, but I've never read a [...]

    20. I have read almost all of Ivan Doig's fiction, but had never read his autobiography. What a great writer of the American West. I am so sorry that he is gone.

    21. I don't know how I haven't heard of Ivan Doig until now, because he is certainly one of the best writers of my generation. This book is his autobiography of his childhood and early adulthood, and is a masterpiece. I feel a kinship to him, we were both only children from the same era, raised in small towns, altho his town was in Montana, and like him I was boarded out to family members for schooling, but I had both parents while his mother had died when he was very young, and of course he had a v [...]

    22. Ivan's Doig's first book is a careful examination of growing up in Montana. Raised by his father and grandmother (his mother died when he was six), he sees them both as relics. (Definition: an object whose original cultural environmental has disappeared.) The memoir is about Doig's childhood as he grew up in Montana's hardscrabble terrain, but takes the reader through his success as a writer. Ranch work is a major theme--sheepherding and cattle herding are dangerous and all encompassing. Doig's [...]

    23. Although I’ve read many of Ivan Doig’s novels which in turn has made him one of my favorite authors, nothing made me feel closer to the man himself than reading This House Of Sky. Yes, I know it’s a true story of his life, yet it was way past real. I felt as if I was right there beside him all the way. His beautiful descriptive language not only helped me see the landscape, but it made me feel a wide range of emotions from sadness to anger to elation to frustration to hope.I did not want t [...]

    24. Ivan Doig grew up in Montana. In this book, he talks about his experience growing up there. He tells about the severity of life there in general, and, more specifically, about the severity of his life growing up. Of course, having graduated from a college in the same Big Sky Athletic Conference as are the Montana universities, I was familiar with the terminology, big sky. And I was familiar with Big Sky Country. That, of course, was Montana. His title --- this house of sky --- relates, I think, [...]

    25. Sometimes the most breathtaking books are the hardest ones for me to review. Such a one is This House of Sky, Ivan Doig's memoir of his growing up years in 1930-40s Montana. Few authors manage to sustain the pure language of poetry for over 300 pages, but Doig does. In 1975, after spending half the day reworking the opening sentence of his manuscript, he confides in his journal: "It would be magnificent to do the entire book with this slow care, writing it all as highly charged as poetry--but wi [...]

    26. What an amazing memoir! This son of a Scottish immigrant growing up working the fields of Montana is rich in family and place. The family relationships are fluid, diverse, and adaptable. Ivan's mother dies when he is six, and his gruff, tough, and humane father does what it takes to provide. We meet two women in his life -- Ruth, through a brief misfit marriage to his father; and his grandmother (mother's side) who appears also to be a misfit with an antagonistic relationship with his father, bu [...]

    27. I had never heard of Ivan Doig. I came across his name on when I was reading reviews of other books. Occasionally people mentioned his name when talking about great western writers. Mostly though they were mentioning this memoir about his childhood more so than his novels. So I decided to get it and read it.The author's mother died when he was only six and from then on he was raised by first his father and then his father and maternal grandmother together. He grew up in western Montana. His fat [...]

    28. Memoirs can be problematic, as there is often too sacred of a belief that consummate answers are to be gleaned from the examination of family, history, and lineage. And when this ancestral journey unfolds across the grand, unforgiving western landscape it is commonly assumed that the adventures and answers therein will be even more dramatic and profound. In This House of Sky, Ivan Doig has written an eloquent and moving memoir, one that is equal parts story and tenacious investigation. But it’ [...]

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