The Blessings Of Abraham: Becoming A Zion People

The Blessings Of Abraham Becoming A Zion People The Blessings of Abraham E Douglas Clark Why study the life of Abraham What does a man who died nearly four thousand years ago have to do with Latter day Saints today In a word everything Abraham is

  • Title: The Blessings Of Abraham: Becoming A Zion People
  • Author: E. Douglas Clark
  • ISBN: 9781591569190
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Blessings of Abraham E Douglas Clark Why study the life of Abraham What does a man who died nearly four thousand years ago have to do with Latter day Saints today In a word, everything Abraham is our forefather whose covenant we have inherited Therefore, we are heirs to the abundant blessings of protection and exaltation given him Abraham s mission is our missionThe Blessings of Abraham E Douglas Clark Why study the life of Abraham What does a man who died nearly four thousand years ago have to do with Latter day Saints today In a word, everything Abraham is our forefather whose covenant we have inherited Therefore, we are heirs to the abundant blessings of protection and exaltation given him Abraham s mission is our mission His life is truly a powerful pattern and invitation for us to come unto Christ Abraham s life is a story of high drama, set in a dark and decadent world much like our own It s a tale of grave danger and divine deliverance, deep anguish and overwhelming joy It s also one of the world s greatest love stories To tell Abraham s story, it is essential to include Sarah Together Abraham and Sarah built Zion, and together they should be remembered by their righteous posterity who aspire to build Zion Drawing on rich sources, including restored scripture, the words of modern prophets, ancient and modern scholars, rabbinic texts, the Qu ran, early Christian writings, and , this important volume tells the story of Abraham in a way that will be both meaningful and inspiring to Latter day Saints Here is his story and ours 6 X 9 , 332 pages ISBN 978 1 59811 867 4

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      487 E. Douglas Clark
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      E. Douglas Clark Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Blessings Of Abraham: Becoming A Zion People book, this is one of the most wanted E. Douglas Clark author readers around the world.

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    1. I have studied much about Abraham before, and I have studied and written much about Zion before - but never have I studied and pondered about the great patriarch in context of the great city of God in the way that E. Douglas Clark brings them together in this book. I am very glad I read this book (at the recommendation of a good friend) because it gave me a deeper appreciation and understanding of the great role Abraham has, does, and will yet play in the redemption of Zion in the world through [...]

    2. This is among the most enlightening, well-written books I have ever read. I would describe it as "eye-opening" and hopefully "life-changing". The author has presented, in surprising detail, the life and character of this great man and his equally great wife, Sarah, drawing on Scripture and historical apocryphal sources. Because Abraham is such a key figure in three major world religions -- Christianity, Islam and Judaism, there is a wealth of ancient writings from all three religious sources dea [...]

    3. If you really want to know about the life of Abraham and Sarah read this book! It includes much old information not available to the public but only to skilled researchers. You will admire this great prophet even more after this book is finished. It is excellent. Sue Maxwell

    4. Overall, it's a great book! I enjoyed learning more about who Abraham was as an individual. Pros: Coming in as someone who grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I'd heard a lot about Abraham, but hadn't studied his life yet. I was thinking of reading Hugh Nibley's book about Abraham, but settled on this one. It Opened my eyes to his whole life story, which is what I was really interested in. I also don't really know a lot about the author, Clark, but you can tell he knows a [...]

    5. This book is incredibly well researched. I appreciate the author’s tenacity in using all available resources to shed light on Abraham. What an amazing book. It is fascinating to read the reverence paid to Abraham in different religions and in the culture of some countries. I have a greater appreciation of him now in my own faith and a greater understanding of his role in the faith of others. To the author I’d would say it’s apparent this has been a life pursuit and passion. This book will [...]

    6. This book reminded me of the First 2,000 years by Cleon Skousen. It takes the life of an ancient figure and brings it to life in a way that a modern reader can relate with. The author has spent vast amounts of time researching all that has come to light about Abraham and is time in apocryphal, Islamic and Judaic texts, as well as drawing from modern revelation. It is amazing to read excerpts from so many varied religious texts while sensing in them the same familiar voice.I thought I might gain [...]

    7. In my opinion, outside of the Savior, Abraham is arguably the greatest historical figure of all time. This is best captured in a quote from Reverend W.F.P. Noble, "There is no quarter of the globe to which it [the name of Abraham] has not been carried, and it is the only one which is venerated alike by Jews and Christians and [Muslims]; for whatever be their differences, all of them claim an equal relationship with this distinguished patriarch, saying "We have Abraham to our father." Indeed, wha [...]

    8. This book was not only very well written, but also both explanatory and concise. The book appeals to men and women in the LDS Church, focusing on the incredible attributes of both Abraham and Sarah.It tells the eye-opening story of Abraham and Sarah, taking great care not to exclude Sarah at all. In fact, it often highlights Sarah, often stating that Abraham and Sarah were a team, a couple building Zion together, two people in perfect harmony.The book even refers to Sarah as a prophetess, whose [...]

    9. If you've ever wondered "What's the big deal about Abraham?"; "Why Abraham?"; "Just what is Zion?" this is a MUST READ book. The probem is, it's out of print and you're going to have a hard time finding it. Maybe if enough people call Covenant Communications, Inc. and ask about it, they'll re-print it. In the mean time look for a used copy, but expect it to be heavily marked. This book explains so many things and really makes the Abrahamic Covenant, Zion, the request for Isaac's sacrifice, and s [...]

    10. Very interesting account of Abraham's history. Nearly half of the book is taken up by citings and references--i.e. the author is extremely well-researched and brought in many apocryphal texts and books by rabbis, etc. This also makes it slow to get through but well worth the effort. It is astounding how well these accounts coincide with the Pearl of Great Price and add great additional insight. I now understand more of why we, Moslems, and Jews revere Abraham and Sarah as much as we do. The acco [...]

    11. I had never really considered who Abraham was and why he has been so revered through the centuries. I found this book to be very interesting to the point that I had a hard time putting it down. The author was able to refer to books and ancient manuscripts that most of us can never access or read. I have a profound appreciation of Abraham and his wife Sarah. Their life together has now become something I can emulate and admire. A book that I can now say I have added to my home library because I w [...]

    12. This is a heartfelt, in-depth, look at the great patriarch. Clark demonstrates substantial knowledge of ancient Abrahamic sources and weaves the fragmentary accounts of Abraham’s life seamlessly and with great insight. The book's main weakness in my mind is that I didn't feel like I became acquainted with the primary literature from which he pieced together the bits of Abraham's life. However, I left with a greater love and appreciation of Abraham and Sarah and my responsibility as a part of t [...]

    13. Fascinating book about the life of the Prophet Abraham. Written by an LDS author it uses all of the standard sources, and hundreds of other sources from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim history. This will definitely be my go-to book for all things "Abraham" in the future. I especially appreciated the section on the covenant God made with Abraham and which He makes with all of us if we are willing. Worth the time it takes to read.

    14. Amazing that there is so much extra-Biblical source material to build such a complete picture of the prophet Abraham. This is a very dense book - very interesting and inspiring - and actually ties in very well with our lives today. The message for me is that it's never too late to follow a good example and try to be as good as you can be.

    15. I just started this book, based on very high recommendations from my Dad and brother. I have always been VERY interested in Abraham and the Abrahamic Covenant. I'm enjoying this book so far very much.

    16. This book gave me much to consider, with insights into the biblical Abraham from many extra-biblical sources that fleshed out the stories and supported the LDS Book of Abraham. I can highly recommend this book to those who want to understand Father Abraham better.

    17. I learned so much about Abraham and Sarah based on Jewish and Islamic traditions, apocrophon, and better translations of biblical texts. Some common misconceptions about his life were cleared up for me.

    18. This book was fascinating. I didn't know there were so many sources in existence on the life of Abraham. However, unless you're really into Abraham and biblical stories and culture it's not something you can sit and read cover to cover.

    19. Very informative book on the life of Abraham. Synthesizes information from the LDS Book of Abraham, JST Genesis, Apocalypse of Abraham, Book of Jubilees, and other non-canonical sources.

    20. Abraham was one of the greatest prophets and patriarchs on earth, and I knew very little about him until I read this book - his life and relationship with God has blessed all of us.

    21. Very enlightening collection of materials regarding Abraham. The impressive breadth of information used in this book was very helpful in creating an insightful overview of Abraham's life.

    22. I've been particularly interested in the life of Abraham the prophet lately and picked up this book at the library. It was very well researched and had some good insights into his life and deeds.

    23. This is a hard read. Probably harder than reading Nibley but a considerable amount of good material on Abraham and Sarah.

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