Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are

Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are For the millions of home cooks who swear by the ease and convenience of the slow cooker this book provides a whole new array of healthy delicious recipes that don t rely on canned soup for flavor An

  • Title: Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are
  • Author: Robin G. Robertson
  • ISBN: 9781558322561
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • For the millions of home cooks who swear by the ease and convenience of the slow cooker, this book provides a whole new array of healthy, delicious recipes that don t rely on canned soup for flavor And for the millions of vegetarians looking for simple, hearty fare, this book introduces them to the magic of slow cooking.Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker proves thatFor the millions of home cooks who swear by the ease and convenience of the slow cooker, this book provides a whole new array of healthy, delicious recipes that don t rely on canned soup for flavor And for the millions of vegetarians looking for simple, hearty fare, this book introduces them to the magic of slow cooking.Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker proves that slow cookers can be used for much than just tough, inexpensive cuts of meat They are perfect for vegetarian and healthy cooking because slow cooking is a foolproof way to make beans, grains, and root vegetables, in preparations such as Spicy White Bean and Sweet Potato Stew with Collards, Balsamic Glazed Carrots and Parsnips, and Boston Brown Bread Stuffed vegetables, such as Bell Peppers Stuffed with Couscous and Lentils, are moist and tender, with none of the oven s dryness Even desserts, such as Chocolate Fantasy Fondue and Brandy Laced Pear Brown Betty, are sensational Chapters on appetizers, soups, stews, beans, vegetables, condiments, breakfasts, desserts, and beverages ensure that nothing is overlooked A complete introduction provides information on all the latest advances in slow cooker models and accessories By now the remarkable convenience of the slow cooker is no secret it s practically a miracle to come home after a long day out and have dinner ready and waiting It can be left unattended it keeps the kitchen cool on warm days and it s inexpensive and durable At last, vegetarians and anyone looking for healthy meal alternatives can take full advantage of this amazing appliance.

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    • ô Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are || ↠ PDF Download by ☆ Robin G. Robertson
      395 Robin G. Robertson
    • thumbnail Title: ô Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are || ↠ PDF Download by ☆ Robin G. Robertson
      Posted by:Robin G. Robertson
      Published :2019-02-08T08:12:14+00:00

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    1. Robin G. Robertson

      An experienced chef and consultant, Robin Robertson worked for many years in restaurants and catering in northeastern Pennsylvania and Charleston, South Carolina before she began writing cookbooks In 1988, she left the restaurant business and became vegan for ethical reasons She then rededicated her life to writing and teaching gourmet vegan cooking.Over the years, she has fine tuned her plant based diet into an eclectic and healthful cooking style which she thinks of as a creative adventure with an emphasis on the vibrant flavors of global cuisines and fresh ingredients.The author of than 20 cookbooks, including the bestselling Vegan Planet, 1,000 Vegan Recipes, Vegan Fire and Spice, Vegan on the Cheap, and Quick Fix Vegan, Robin also writes The Global Vegan column for VegNews Magazine and was a contributing editor and columnist for Vegetarian Times She has also written for Cooking Light, Natural Health, Better Nutrition, Restaurant Business, and other magazines.Robin Robertson has the professional experience in classic, contemporary, international cuisines to show you how to use plant based ingredients to make the family favorites you grew up with and learn the secrets of exotic international cuisines, too.Robin lives in Virginia s Shenandoah Valley with her husband Jon and their cats Gary and Mitzi Source robinrobertson about me

    321 thoughts on “Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are”

    1. I use this book constantly during the winter, when my Crockpot is my best friend. Most slow-cooker books focus a lot on meat, so an all veggie book is a must have for us vegetarians. The results are often so-so, but then crockpots don't make the most exciting food, just the most convenient. I also like the breakfast section in the back, because waking up to fresh oatmeal makes winter bearable.

    2. Bland, easy to prepare recipes, many of which require fake meat. I have it so I use it, but I really want to find a (veg) crockpot cookbook with recipes that are more tasty than "hearty". Seems aimed more at people who are transitioning or experimenting with vegetarianism than people who've been veg for a long time.

    3. My slow cooker is my absolute favorite kitchen appliance. I have a great one from West Bend that I have to plug here: It has a 6 qt pot that sits on a heating base. You can put the pot in the oven (to roast veggies to make stock) or on the stovetop (to saute onions or other things before the slow cooking process). It works great (only downside is that it does not have a timer). In any case, as a mostly vegetarian / pescatarian, I thought it would be hard to find vegetarian recipes to use in the [...]

    4. Despite the "vegetarian" title, most of the recipes are vegan or easily veganizable. There are so many delicious, hearty, thick soups, stews and chowders waiting for your slow cooker. A lot of veggies & spices open up whole new levels of flavor when slow-cooking, and this cookbook exploits those properties to the fullest. There are chilis and legumes galore, recipes to please party-goers, and classics made into slow-cooked recipes for convenience in the kitchen. I haven't had a chance to exp [...]

    5. Great cookbook! Although I was disappointed by its complete lack of pictures and expected, because of that, not to like this cookbook very muchI was pleasantly surprised by how many recipes I found myself bookmarking! Lots of great ideas and fresh new ways to cook vegetarian meals. I'm not vegetarian myself, but do try to limit my intake of meat, so I found quite a few awesome recipes that I can't wait to try out with my slow cooker!

    6. It is cold outside and I'm working long hours. Seems like a crockpot of veggie goodness could help, right? This book, however, assumes I'll wake up even earlier to saute some onions and other things to dump in a crockpot before leaving for work and I have to manage to be home 6-8 hours later to stop the cooking. Maybe morning people could do this. Maybe part-timers could do this. Not me. Disappointing.

    7. Not entirely sold yetexciting idea, but a lot of the recipes call for sauteeing stuff first as part of the prep, and that seems like a whole lot of work and dishes to dirty in the AMwondering if it's entirely worth it and I'll probably be experimenting. Most of the recipes are vegan, which is nice. I love the idea of dumplings/biscuit crust cooked right on top of a stew, and I'm excited to see how that works.

    8. I *love* this book! I'm not a strict vegetarian, but I do like the emphasis on using vegetables more. Hint: if you, like me, don't like the thought of using "fake meat," it does just as well with the real stuff. Making stuffing, cheesecakes and even condiments (my favorite recipe from this book is Cranberry Cabernet Conserve-I rejoice when cranberry season arrives!) with a slow cooker makes things much easier. There is a certain amount of prep involved as with all cooking but the results are wel [...]

    9. Fall is the perfect season for this wonderful cookbook when I really want a warm and hearty meal. A table of contents at the beginning of the book directs readers to individual sections divided by food type where the reader finds additional contents pages to direct them to individual recipes. I have had bad luck with recipe books in the past because when I make the food it often doesn't turn out as well as the recipes promise, but this slow cooker book is the HUGE exception. The four recipes I h [...]

    10. Slow beans bourguignon: I was disappointed to discover that I forgot to add the sauteed mushrooms to this dish at the end, but nonetheless, it was a hit -- by far the best of the three recipes I've tried from this cookbook so far! No leftovers from this dish. I will definitely make it again.No hurry vegetable curry: I have no idea if this curry was intended to be of the Indian or Thai variety. The veggies said Indian, while the addition of coconut milk at the end said Thai. Either way, it was pr [...]

    11. When I first considered becoming a vegetarian, one sticking point was the idea that I would have to give up my beloved slow cooker, and the magic of putting a $5.00 roast and a bottle of beer into it in the morning and having a mound of wonderful shredded beef at night. I can pass up meat but could I pass up a good deal? I am CHEAP!Luckily I found this book. Little did I know, slow cookers are wonderful for vegetables. And I now make killer black bean soup, wild mushroom polenta, vegetarian fren [...]

    12. Read this book if: You like vegetables, are a vegetarian/vegan, are trying to eat healthy, are lazy, are a bad cook, are too busy to spend lots of time in the kitchen, or own a slow-cookerThis book has an excellent blend of recipes for slow-cookers, aka crock pots. The recipes vary from traditional crock pot recipes such as stews (Almost Irish Stew), soups (French Onion Soup), and potpies (Cornbread Topped Southwestern Potpie) but also include nontraditional assortments from drinks (Mulled Wine) [...]

    13. A really good slow-cooker compilation with recipes across a wide variety of cuisines. The recipes I've made out of here have been filling and flavorful, and are pretty cost effective if your pantry is properly stocked.Do plan ahead when you decide to make something out of here, especially if you're like me and throwing together supper happens in the five minutes before you leave the house in the morning. My only caveat with this cookbook is that there's often about 10-15 minutes of prep work bef [...]

    14. Okay, I admit it, I didn't try a damn recipe out of this book before I turned it back in (late). Nothing struck me as something I just couldn't resist getting the crockpot out for. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure the recipes are great, I just need someone to steer me toward one b/c I wasn't responding on my own. Many of the ingredient lists were very long too. Sigh. Complain, complain. Perhaps it's the new baby but I just want food to be easy right now - I'm sure these are easier than making them w [...]

    15. This cookbook is a surprising hit--its selection of recipes is more diverse and creatively conceived than I'd have thought from its somewhat humdrum cover (for what that's worth!). I certainly would not have ever imagined making vegetarian haggis in my slow cooker, but it turned out great! There's a lot of tastiness and utility to be found here.My one major complaint is that the book overuses white beans, which I find to be a bit bland, and which often do not complement the flavor of the respect [...]

    16. This book has the most mundane cover and title. Marketing dropped the ball on it, its a miracle I even bought it but Dont get it confused with other boring slow cooker cookbooks, it houses some of the most creative/world friendly recipes for the slow cooker I've ever come across. I love the sloppy lentils, today we had the exoctic morroccan-inspired chickpea stew complete with imported olives, dried apricots and plums, and meditterean spices. I cant wait to try the indian kidney bean stew with c [...]

    17. I didn't know this, but every time you lift the lid of your slow cooker, you lose between 15 to 20 minutes of cooking time. Good to note, as I am very inclined to want to peak & stir!I also never quite understood that tofu in the refrigerated section (in tubs) is regular tofu or Chinese bean curd, whereas the tofu in 12-oz aseptic containers is silken tofu. There is quite a big difference, especially in textures. Turns out I like Chinese bean curd way better than silken tofu. Might try: Ench [...]

    18. This is a good to great book. I like that the author is a true vegetarian and knows about being a vegetarian. You will find no receipes using meat or fish (what no chicken broth?). Being a vegetarian myself, there is a refreshing relaxation that comes from knowing the author is not trying to capture a market but doesn't walk the talk. Robin walks the talk. The book itself is well organized and has many tips for cooking using slow cookers, a medium i am just exploring. I originally checked the bo [...]

    19. I didn't finish this book because almost all of the recipes involved some cooking BEFORE using the slow cooker (i.e. stir-frying vegetables, and then putting them in the slow cooker for a soup, etc.) Since I was interested more in convenience, this book wasn't the best choice for me. However, the recipes sounded good. If saving time isn't your top priority, this would probably still be a good vegetarian cookbook for you.

    20. Alhtough there are some recipes in here that would come along with the instructions for a slow cooker (beans, oatmeal), there are some interesting ones such as vegetarian haggis, and pot-au-few. This isn't a gourmet cookbook, and I like it because it is everyday, therefore easy to use when the day is such that you pull out the slow cooker and say, "What can I make in this today without going out to buy groceries?"

    21. Picked this up on a recommendation from a coworker and I absolutely adore it so far. I have only made two recipes, but they have been amazing successes. It would be pretty easy to take these vegetarian recipes and substitute an item with meat, if need be. However, I love them how they are, and the beans a lot of them have add lots of protein. I can't wait to try out more recipes!There's also a dessert and a DRINK section in the back. mmmm mulled wine sooo tasty.

    22. A definite go to book of mine. Love the recipes in this book, but more importantly so does my husband who is not typically fond of my meatless meals. I probably use the section on soups and stews the most as I like being able to throw the recipe togther quickly in the evening, let it cook overnight, and have fresh meals for lunch the next day.

    23. I love to use my slow cooker and I am not a cook at all. So the fact that I have been able to successfully accomplish any of the recipes entirely on my own without help from the hubby is a nice book. The only thing is I found a lot of the recipes a bit bland ,which I have found in the other book that I have by RObin G. Robertson as well.

    24. This is the best cookbook I read that intersects both vegetarian cooking and using a slow cooker.The recipes are very good, not complicated and low in fat (one vegetarian cookbook for the slow cooker has recipes that include cream of whatever soupst here).I have bookmarks next to all the recipes I want to tryd the book is loaded with them.

    25. "As a married mother of 6 with a full-time job and a prediliction for vegan dinners, I love this book. It's the only one I've found devoted to this subtopic. There are a number of recipes we've tried and enjoyed. The recipes are well-written, with timing and ingredients details well specified. There is a variety of soups, stews, potpies and other meals offered."

    26. most of these recipes use a slow cooker for reasons I will never understandI thought it would be a bunch of dump and simmer recipes but its nots like making cake and baking bread.t my fortayill some good recipes in herejust too much work for me.e point of a slow cooker in my mind is NOT to work.

    27. I first borrowed this book from my local library. After trying one recipe and absolutely loving it, I went out and bought a copy straight away! I have to admit, I have only tried 2 recipes from the book over the years, but they are so delicious, I just can't bring myself to try anything else. I will, someday!

    28. I made a few recipes like the maple baked beans which was good. However, FRESH is not how I would describe the recipes in here. Lots of beans and it calls for canned beansally? Soak over night & let them cook all dayans & a slow cooker - that's a pair made in heaven. I checked this out from the library and I certainly wouldn't purchase it.

    29. i guess we'll have to see, after making more. this was the highest rated veggie slow cooker book i could find, but i'm not as impressed as i wanted to be. some of it just takes too much work for a slow cooker; isn't ease the point? i might as well make things on the stove. however, the tiramisu cheesecake was a big hit.

    30. I just got a slow cooker and am trying this book out before I buy it (it's on loan from the library). I'll be making a few recipes this week.I'll buy this book because it's one of the better vegetarian slow cooker cookbooks but the lack of pictures is pointless to me. Many of the recipes won't be in my heavy rotation but it's always great to have options!

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