Midori: La niña de las camelias

Midori La ni a de las camelias Adaptaci n libre de una vieja historia del folclore japon s Una chica llamada Midori es adoptada por una feria de monstruos tras perder a sus padres y en tan grotesco ambiente encontrar el amor y pro

  • Title: Midori: La niña de las camelias
  • Author: Suehiro Maruo
  • ISBN: 9788484494232
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adaptaci n libre de una vieja historia del folclore japon s Una chica llamada Midori es adoptada por una feria de monstruos tras perder a sus padres, y en tan grotesco ambiente encontrar el amor y protecci n de un misterioso mago La pesadilla est servida.

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      266 Suehiro Maruo
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    1. Suehiro Maruo

      Maruo graduated from junior high school in March 1972 but dropped out of senior high school At the age of 15 he moved to Tokyo and began working for a bookbinder At 17, he made his first manga submission to Weekly Sh nen Jump, but it was considered by the editors to be too graphic for the magazine s format and was subsequently rejected Maruo temporarily removed himself from manga until November 1980 when he made his official debut as a manga artist in Ribon no Kishi at the age of 24 It was at this stage that the young artist was finally able to pursue his artistic vision without such stringent restrictions over the visual content of his work Two years later, his first stand alone anthology, Barairo no Kaibutsu Rose Colored Monster was published.Maruo was a frequent contributor to the legendary underground manga magazine Garo .Like many manga artists, Maruo sometimes makes cameo appearances in his own stories When photographed, he seldom appears without his trademark sunglasses.Though most prominently known for his work as a manga artist, Maruo has also produced illustrations for concert posters, CD Jackets, magazines, novels, and various other media Some of his characters have been made into figures as well.Though relatively few of Maruo s manga have been published outside of Japan, his work enjoys a cult following abroad.His book Sh jo Tsubaki aka Mr Arashi s Amazing Freak Show has been adapted into an animated film Midori by Hiroshi Harada with a soundtrack by J.A Seazer, but it has received very little release.Source

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    1. Que pedazo de libro, dentro de la literatura de horror.Un terror gore dentro de un circo o show de fenómenos. Donde un romance se vuelve perturbador y te lleva a un desenlace sin esperanza y lleno de locura. ¿Para que leer La niña de las camelias?1. Por que Suehiro Maruo te llena de diálogos feroces y llenos de maldad, donde va a llegar un momento que dirás esto es verdad o es una pesadilla literaria. 2. Los personajes están llenos de maldad y deformidades. Hay momentos que es demasiada ex [...]

    2. If you know what ero-guro is, you know what you're getting into with Suehiro Maruo's work. He's one of the most well-known artists working in this area - the nexus of violence and beauty (or eroticism) - and it's pretty much a given that if you can't handle splatter films you shouldn't really be looking here. No, I'm serious. I've seen some pretty terrible horror films, and the art on display here is fairly heinous, even by those standards. It's fetishistic and violent, and it takes cute puppy-l [...]

    3. There's manga and then there's uber-weird MANGA. Suehiro Maruo is a genius as far as I can tell. Super sexual, super violent, and super weird with a very retro style of drawing and coloring, Maruo lets his imagination go wild - and it's scary at times. But one has to buckle in their seat and just go on the wild ride.And everytime I go to Japan I try to locate more of his books. He's a fantastic artist and it would be great if there was some sort of a retrospective of his work. Either in book for [...]

    4. Masterpiece, I love this book. Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show contains some of the most beautiful and detailed illustrations I've seen in any book, I adore the backgrounds and atmospheric settings, the massive half page/page illustrations of Midori and co. are just spellbinding, I stopped for around a minute each one just to take it all in. A giant Midori spinning around after being thrown in the air turns into a giant in this psychedelic big top like tent, all the freaks are looking up at her, [...]

    5. Há duas coisas que me fascinam no manga de horror japonês: a estranheza absurda e surreal do conceito nipónico de terror, tão diferente da nossa sensibilidade, e o espantoso grafismo com que este é ilustrado, normalmente reminiscente do melhor da arte japonesa tradicional.Este Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show mergulha-nos num circo especializado em aberrações humanas, que vive da curiosidade mórbida que desperta nas populações. Midori, uma jovem orfã e a menos aberrante das personagens [...]

    6. As a horror story, this is completely unstoppable--there are no "misunderstood monsters", no solution, no outcome with a brighter tomorrow. Even when things are going well, they're kind of fucked. The story, of an orphaned 12 year old girl named Midori in a freakshow in the Japanese countryside, is a bludgeoning tale of abuse heaped upon abuse. Any attempts Midori makes to stand up for herself are only met with more brutal treatment. She finds some respite in the form of a love affair with a dwa [...]

    7. What a pleasant surprise. I was a fan of Maruo's art before buying this, without realizing he is also a mangaka. Turns out Midori, the Ultra-controversial anime film, is an adaptation of this book.So, I gave Maruo a shot to see how good he is comics wise, and turns out he's great!I think that not saying anything about the story is the best in this case, as I myself knew some details of the overall story (because I've seen some scenes from Midori), and it spoiled some of the fun.All in all, a gre [...]

    8. This was so twisted. Loved it. Made my guts crawl inwards and my brain shudder in skull-shattering quakes. Doesn't get a 5 because the plot was pretty much pointless. The artwork and grotesqueness made up for it though. Recommended to anyone that wants to undergo severe mental strain."I just want to go home."

    9. Shōjo Tsubaki is probably Maruo-sensei's most famous work. It is more toned down than his other works and goes much more in depth than the 1992 movie. It follows a young girl Midori, who has the most horrible life imaginable. She joins a traveling freak show and is subjected to abhorrent treatment from the other members. Her savior, a dwarf magician, stops this horrible treatment of Midori and "rescues " her. In the end, it turns out that he is just as wicked as the rest of the troupe. This boo [...]

    10. I REALLY enjoyed most the artwork, but man, the sexualization of a 12 year old was difficult to stomach. The tone of the work itself was weird, and I LOVE manga weird, but combining that with the relationship between a midget and a twelve year old made me a bit nauseous. I tried to ignore it and concentrate on the artwork, but when she is constantly about to get raped and shown being stripped and beaten it became pretty evident that I didn't want it in my permanent collection. Which sucks, becau [...]

    11. I need several months to prepare my mental for reading this manga. I accidentally found Shoujo Tsubaki live action online and some of the footages were kind of disturbing. I didn't even dare to see the images on google searching. However, it also made me curious about the whole story!To describe Shoujo Tsubaki, I would choose these words: horror + psychedelic + surrealism + tragic. The drawing style is impressive and also it reminds me of Junji Ito's works. I am unsure giving the 4-star rating, [...]

    12. Puntos positivos: - Los dibujos son extremadamente graficos.- la lectura es rapida,no se puede soltar.- La historia de Midori es triste, siempre intentanto buscar ser feliz pero siempre encontrando razones para perder toda esperanza.- Los personajes son originales y geniales, cada uno muy curioso y muy cruel.Puntos negativos:- No cualquier persona puede disfrutar esta historia debido a sus fuertes y graficos momentos.- El final, no es malo, pero es demasiado abierto, por lo general no me gustan [...]

    13. Midori: la niña de las camelias (1984), por Suehiro Maruo„Cosas extrañas suceden durante la noche. Durante el día vuelan flechas. Una enfermedad contagiosa inunda las sombras. Por la tarde se vuelve fatal. Pero no tienes nada que temer. Y eso es todo. ¿Entendiste?„Masamitsu, La maravilla embotellada.Midori: la niña de las camelias en un manga basado en una historia del teatro yamishibai del siglo XII. En el año 1992 se realizó una adaptación bastante fiel.Esta historia, aparentemente [...]

    14. Maybe this had been too exuberantly recommended. It also makes me realize that even when reading manga or graphic novels I am expecting as much in the way of narrative as I am visuals. Is there a story here? Sure. Midori is an orphaned child taken up by the owner of a failing freak show,. She is sexually and physically abused. When she takes in three abandoned puppies, one of the performers, a woman whose talent appears to involve nothing more than sitting naked in a bucket of snakes, discovers [...]

    15. Probably the very best of Maruo's works. The plot isn't much to gloat to for, it's very simple, circling around Midori, a little girl who ends up joining a freak circus where she is abused in various physical and emotional ways for the sheer joy of her abusers, until a magician dwarf joins the ensemble and takes her under his wing. Really felt less like erotic grotesque, and more like a disturbing, tragic tale of romance (I feel awkward calling it "love").To be honest, the story couldn't matter [...]

    16. Pretty weird. Not bad. Not the best horror or guro style manga I've read. It was just a bit thin. Maybe too short, maybe excessively atmospheric with many panels going by with little or no dialogue. but there is something to be said for this approach. It is less reliant on gore and is more psychological, "trippy" and dream-like. The art is well done, and seems imitative of older manga styles, which goes with the Meiji era setting. The plot is easy enough to describe (slight spoiler ahead), a gir [...]

    17. Suehiro Maruo became an instant inspirational artist when I first discovered him. I soon became the proud owner of this manga and was completely blown away by this crazed surreal and bizarre story. After scrambling through many horror mangas, Maruo stands before me as my ultimate favorite. His style is lewd yet mesmerizing. When you think of a freak show, you think of human beings with deformities, tattooed ladies, or wolf man. Maruo steps further and brings a very unrealistic, yet realistic rep [...]

    18. Esta es la historia de una niña huerfana de 13 años que es adoptada por un grupo de fenómenos de circo que le hacen la vida imposible. Las ilustraciones no fueron de mi agrado y la historia me pareció simplemente entretenida. Para destacar que la novela gráfica tiene un estilo propio, es algo surrealista, muy grotesca y pesimista. Debido a lo anterior, no se puede recomendar esta obra a cualquier persona, es dirigida solo para cierto público, ya que a algunas personas les puede parecer rep [...]

    19. As was mentioned below, there is some artwork in this book that is somewhat difficult to ingest due to its creepy/graphic nature (particularly disturbing for some reason was the caterpillar going into an ear); however, interspersed throughout are these lovely, surreal images, breathtaking in their intricacy, that transform this book into something more than a lurid study of "freaks" and the multiple ways they torture a young girl.

    20. Maruo is an amazing artist and his stories range from the sinister and surreal to the fullbore bizzaro, replete with eyeball licking and coprophilia. This work is his masterpiece, a comparatively subdued tale of an orphan trapped in a bizarre circus. Taking his cues more from wartime propaganda than other manga artists, his distinct style blends perfectly with the plot to create a haunting and memorable work of art.

    21. All you need to know about this is it's ero-guro, or erotic-grotesque, a surrealistic Japanese genre. And it's about circus freaks. And the main character is a teenage girl.Basically, imagine the Perils of Pauline as directed by David Lynch, with H.R. Giger and Salvador Dali as the production designers. Then throw that out, because it's not nearly demented enough.

    22. F*ck%d up. Still don't know what to say. At some point is this stuff just wrong? I guess if you're trying to visualize the worst nightmare of how to grow up, this would be it. Well drawn. Scary. But it's voyeuristic rather than sympathetic or instructive. Once again, Japan, can you leave the young children, especially girls, out of this?

    23. little girls and sadistic megalomaniacal dwarves can make oddly endearing couples. very brutal and nearly made me puke, but some of the individual still images are some of the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

    24. This was my first guro manga I ever read. The story was very enticing and bittersweet. Poor is forced to grow up at such a young age, witness and endure so many horrible things in her young life that when she finally tastes happiness it almost seems too good to be true. And it is.

    25. This book is really sexy if you are into old men and eyeball licking. If not, this book is a beautifully uncomfortable retelling of a classic story I have never read. The art is pleasing and the story flows nicely.

    26. A little more explicit than The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, and this certainly an example of Maruo's ero-guro predilections. But it's not near as erotic/grotesque as Ultra-Gash Inferno. I love the surreal, even carnivalesque nature of this story.

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