River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones that Didn't Get Away

River Monsters True Stories of the Ones that Didn t Get Away I m Jeremy Wade biologist and fishing detective For twenty five years I ve explored our planet s remotest rivers and lakes hunting for monster sized fish It s become something of an obsession for m

  • Title: River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones that Didn't Get Away
  • Author: Jeremy Wade
  • ISBN: 9780306819544
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I m Jeremy Wade, biologist and fishing detective For twenty five years, I ve explored our planet s remotest rivers and lakes, hunting for monster sized fish It s become something of an obsession for me Called the greatest angling explorer of his generation Independent on Sunday , Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet s wildly popular TV series River Monsters, takeI m Jeremy Wade, biologist and fishing detective For twenty five years, I ve explored our planet s remotest rivers and lakes, hunting for monster sized fish It s become something of an obsession for me Called the greatest angling explorer of his generation Independent on Sunday , Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet s wildly popular TV series River Monsters, takes viewers where no wildlife program has gone before, revealing the creatures that lurk in the murky depths of our planet s inland waterways Now, Wade goes truly beneath the surface, disclosing full details of how he tracks down and catches each species while also recounting the off camera highlights of his extraordinary life From his arrest as a suspected spy in Southeast Asia to a plane crash in the , every page of River Monsters is packed with adventure Each chapter unfolds an enthralling detective story, where fishermen s tales of underwater man eaters and aquatic killers are subjected to scientific scrutiny Follow Wade step by step as, armed with just a fishing line, he closes in on his prey and separates fact from fiction From the heart of the Congo, where he wrestles with supernatural goliath tigerfish, to the depths of the , where the most feared creature is one that could fit in your palm, the results are fish of staggering proportions and terrifying demeanor Wade also reveals monsters from upcoming episodes, including deadly electric eels, a giant described as a cross between a shark and a chainsaw, and a snake like beast that truly is the stuff of legend In the tradition of the most gripping adventure writing, River Monsters shows that there s to this world than what s visible on the surface As Wade says, with a fishing line anything is possible sometimes it can even reveal the future, or at least one possible version of it In similar fashion, Wade s writings are much than exhilarating stories they reveal a vision of the world awe inspiring than any individual myth made flesh Ultimately, River Monsters explores the real mysteries that still exist, capturing the story of one man s obsession and his relentless pursuit of the truth.

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    1. Jeremy Wade

      Jeremy Wade is a writer and TV presenter with a special interest in rivers and freshwater fish, who has been travelling mostly solo to the world s remoter rivers for over 25 years.He has a degree in zoology from Bristol University and a postgrad teaching certificate in biological sciences from the University of Kent, and has worked as a secondary school biology teacher.He grew up in south east England, on the banks of the Suffolk Stour, where his fascination with the underwater world began and the desire to always see what s around the next bend His first overseas trip was to the mountain rivers of India in 1982, and since then he has increasingly spent his time tracking down large and little known fish in rivers around the world particularly in the Congo and rainforests I don t see myself as a particularly expert angler, he says But what I am able to do is get into the kinds of places where outsiders don t normally go, with enough energy left to put a line in the water Teaming up with local fishermen is vital to success, and what s great about this approach is that you get to see beneath the surface of diverse human cultures too In between catching fish or, on some journeys, not catching fish , he has also caught malaria, been detained as a suspected spy, narrowly escaped drowning, been threatened at gunpoint, and survived a plane crash.In 1992 he co wrote with Paul Boote Somewhere Down The Crazy River a book that is considered to be one of the classics of angling literature He has also written on travel and natural history for publications including The Times, Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, The Field and BBC Wildlife magazine.During his career he has achieved a number of notable firsts These include filming a large mystery creature in an lake dubbed the Nessie by BBC Wildlife magazine , and getting the first underwater footage with cameraman Rick Rosenthal of the Giant Devil Catfish in India.His first TV series, Jungle Hooks, filmed in 2002 for Discovery Europe, was one of the most watched shows on multichannel TV when it was released, and has since been seen by audiences around the world River Monsters, his most recent series, has achieved the highest ever audience figures in the history of Animal Planet A third season of River Monsters will be broadcast in 2011.When not camped beside a remote river, Jeremy lives in Somerset, England, in the countryside near Bath.

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    1. I have to admit that I’ve become a little obsessed with Animal Planet’s TV show “River Monsters.” I found it by accident one day while surfing through the channels. I was desperately trying to find some decent entertainment to help me get through a mountain of laundry that had been waiting (way too long) to be folded. I was amazed that not only is there a great story line woven through each episode, but the scenery and geography are amazing as well. The host educates the audience in such [...]

    2. First, I should mention I'm going to marry Jeremy Wade, so I'm entirely biased and adore every word out of his mouth. I did the audiobook version read by him, so all the better. I enjoy fishing, though I'm no good at it, and I love good monster stories that lean toward folk legend. That all said, fun book. He revisits his River Monsters haunts and offers more background into what went into his amazing catches.What really stands out is the heart Wade exposes regarding his life and his work. The i [...]

    3. I really love how he has written this book. I am not a fisherman and have never found fishing or fishing shows interesting, but he brings this pastime to life in a way that makes the reader want to find out next. The detail with which he chronicles his life both current and in the past will keep readers enthralled. If you like audiobooks better he is the narrator of this audiobook.

    4. First I should admit that I love the River Monsters television program, partly because of the many fishing trips in my childhood - ah, fishing nostalgia. I also studied documentary film in grad school, so I'm always up for an animal/travel documentary. Those are my biases right up front, and so I was predisposed to enjoy the book. I read River Monsters hoping for more background on what it was like to film in such difficult situations, and the book definitely provided many interesting stories, s [...]

    5. I'm actually afraid of fish and have been since I was young. I could use the show and this book as proof that my fears are well-founded, but instead, I've found both theraputic. I always thought I was wimpy. Who fears fish? And people made fun of me for it. Yet I can deal with most snakes and even hold some of them, and I don't flee the room when I see a spider on the wall. So when my mom first started watching River Monsters, I wasn't sure I could stand to be in the room. I hurried out of the l [...]

    6. We've all heard a fisherman’s tale before – those far-fetched stories concerning ‘the ones that got away’ shared in the corner of dimly lit pubs by liquor-soaked men with missing teeth. Well, oddly enough, it turns out some of them were true.Of course, zoologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade has known this for a long time and, for the past twenty-five years, he’s been travelling the world collecting the stories of ferocious freshwater attacks previously written off as folklore by the [...]

    7. I really love Jeremy Wade's "River Monsters" show on tv. In fact, it's become a bit of a weekly event for me and my three children (14, 11, 8-years old). So I was pretty psyched when I first saw that Wade was taking advantage of a new medium to further explore his very unique world and existence. His book is good, but it's uneven and disappointing relative to the high bar he's set for himself.What makes Wade's show so special is not actually the fishing itself, but rather the integrated approach [...]

    8. Englishman Wade is the craggy-faced host of Animal Planet’s River Monsters whose motto is that "there is more to this world than what’s visible on the surface." Where you and I wake up groggy on Opening Day and try for a trophy perch, Wade travels to far-away places like the Himalayas looking for, say, the human-eating goonch. After his six-year investigation of the “mythic fifteen-foot air-breather” arapaima got him some notoriety, Wade took it further with this“series of such investi [...]

    9. I'm a sucker for passionate, obsessive men and one that writes as well as Jeremy Wade is not to be overloooked. ahem. Having seen most of his tv series, I was pleasantly surprised to find he's an excellent writer, the sort who throws in enough details to make you "see" the distant countries and people (and fish) he writes of. There's far more background in his book and honest accounting of his life and characterI admire him. I dont know whether it was a better travel book, fishing book, or adven [...]

    10. Better written than I was expecting, Jeremy Wade's fascinating look at big fresh-water fish has the enjoyable fright factor fans will want but also a deep and abiding love of the fish, which are respected as more than just something to catch. When the last river monster dies, the river will too . . . well said, Mr. Wade.

    11. I love the River Monsters show so I picked up the book. It was enjoyable, but I think it is ideally for people who have not seen the show since a lot is repeated if you have already watched. Some interesting insights though. Would recommend if it's your thing.

    12. This book is full of info about fish and tells you all about his adventures. But I have to say this book can be boring at times because it's full of info but after reading it I loved it. Over all great read, I highly recommend it.

    13. Love JeremyLove River Monsters on TVHAD to read this bookfun and entertaining and informative storiesa must read

    14. Every bit as entertaining as the shows! And it's about so much more than just fishing stories. I wish he'd write another book!

    15. the tv show was an overdramatic understatement to Jeremy, wouldve been amazing if he spoke his true thoughts, like this book.

    16. River Monsters True Stories of the Ones That Didn’t Get Away: A Book That Proves That Jeremy Wade is Boss At Everything!A Review By: Amelia Interested in more book reviews? Check out my blog Bookworms Unite!(bookwormsunitebookreviews)Before accidentally stumbling upon the nature/fishing documentary show River Monsters on the channel Animal Planet I had no idea that I should be so scared to go into fresh water lakes, nor that there was as perfect a human as the show’s host Jeremy Wade! Each e [...]

    17. "The rod creaks in pain, it's Kevlar and carbon-fiber sinews surely about to transform into splinters. The line sings a high, tinny note as a tail like a black flag breaks the surface"My grandfather fished his entire life. He taught me how to fish and how to paddle a canoe (both of which I sucked at, but that's besides the point). I haven't held a rod in years, but I still have a fascination with life under the depths. I watch all the documentaries about sharks I can get my hot little hands on [...]

    18. I read River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn't Get Away by Jeremy Wade was a great book. Jeremy Wade is a biologist, fishing detective and explorer all over the world.Jeremy Wade is a real person not a fictional character. He was educated in Zoology and received Postgraduate Certificate in Education. He worked as a teacher, news paper reporter and wrote for publications. He wrote a few books and worked on a few documentaries series. He lives in Southern England. He loves fishing and [...]

    19. REAL LIFE MONSTERS. WITH PHOTOGRAPHS. WRITTEN BY AN EXPERIENCED ANGLER. SPANNING SOME OF THE STRANGEST AND MOST MYSTERIOUS PLACES IN THE WORLD. THE QUESTION IS: WHY HAVEN'T YOU READ THIS??There are some books that grab you and drag you into their depths, and you don't struggle. You just let it take you along, because the journey is so breathtaking, the writing so vivid that just for a moment, some part of you is out there in the hot, steamy jungles of the ; some part of you is casting out into t [...]

    20. I’m a big fan of the River Monsters show, so when I saw this in the discount pile at Half Price Books, I snapped it up. I love monster stories and monster legends, which is why I originally started watching this show.I went into this book with expectations, which were only partially met. The first half of the book focuses on his early life and travel before the River Monsters TV show, delving into the reasons, in part, for his philosophy on travel and catch and release fishing. The first half [...]

    21. After watching every episode of River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, it was actually enjoyable to read the back stories to all of his adventures. I think I have watched every episode at least twice including all of the unhooked episodes where they insert popups that give additional info about what is going on.This book actually took a bit longer to read than expected. I started it weeks ago, but with all the scientific prose, history and stories within the story, I really wanted to take my time.Sinc [...]

    22. My friend Tom watches this show, which airs on Cable Tv's Animal Planet. Wade is a biologist/zoologist that goes to 3rd world countries, or even parts of the US to catch big fish I mean big He caught a 350 pound grouper. But the thing that is most interesting about his show on tv, is not his fish stories, but the people and places where he visits. One tv episode had him visiting Chernobyl, to catch a fish, the name of which escapes me. Some of the places he visits, like in India, consider their [...]

    23. The audio version of River Monsters is enhanced by the narration provided by its author, TV celebrity Jeremy Wade. I felt like Mr Wade was actually accompanying me to work each morning, describing his various fishing adventures around the world. The drawback, however, is that as a television star, Mr. Wade is used to a visual medium. There is only so far that he can go to describe his surroundings, team, and the creatures he is attempting to catch. On television, you can see the fish he catches. [...]

    24. I'm a sucker for River Monsters. I long ago stopped swimming in fresh water, because I live in North Carolina and there aren't many rivers or lakes, not even a stretch of ocean, that is clear enough to see what you might be swimming with. Watching River Monsters, though, was an amazing reminder that we know so little about the fauna in our waterways. This book is an extension of that. I imagine that it would be a great read for any fisherman, but it was also a good read for me, and I haven't a c [...]

    25. I got something that I did not expect from this book. I thought it would simply be a written inside scoop to behind the scenes of the tv show River Monsters. instead I got a fascinating read of behind the scenes, autobiography, zoology and travel all in one book. It was astounding. It was not purely autobiographical but Jeremy would occasionally drop in personal information at very appropriate times. It also was simply about the tv show but instead a history of Jeremy's experience with each fish [...]

    26. River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn't Get Away by Jeremy Wade (Da Capo Press 2011)(799.1). I have a confession - c'mere so I can whisper - "I love fishing shows." The author has a hit tv series on the Animal Planet network. Guess what this book is? It's a written report of what is seen on the show each week. The tv show "River Monsters" is in its second year on Animal Planet, right? Well I've seen every episode. Yup, you heard me. I didn't know t'was true until I ran across this b [...]

    27. For anyone who is a fan of the TV series, the book goes a little deeper, exploring the backstory behind each episode, and offering glimpses into the personal history of the author before he became a TV personality. I agree with another reviewer that this is actually more interesting than the actual technicalities of catching each type of fish, which he does go into at length but I suppose is fascinating only for true anglers. Rather, the adventure of traveling on a budget to exotic locales like [...]

    28. omigod jeremy waaaadeeeI liked his writing style a lot, and I learned even more about fish!! He added way more info than we could have ever gotten from the show, and basically it made me love him even moreI think the only real problem I had with it was that the temporal scale was kind of confusing, I sort of with there was more context of that because I got confused a lot about when certain things happened in his life but honestly it doesn't really matter too much for the book, since it's mostly [...]

    29. You can either somehow make Jeremy Wade come to your home, grab beer and tell you stories while you laze around on your couch, or you could read this book. This book is not just about catching big fish, but its about one man's passion, almost bordering on obsession. And traveling to far off places, on a shoestring budget.I have always liked the TV show, and it was definitely the reason why I got into fishing. But this book takes you where the show doesn't. Into Wade's mind, where you can see wha [...]

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