The Truth of Valor

The Truth of Valor The rousing military adventure Locus continues with a brand new Valor novel Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is attempting to build a new life with salvage operator Craig Ryder on his ship t

  • Title: The Truth of Valor
  • Author: Tanya Huff
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The rousing military adventure Locus continues with a brand new Valor novel Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is attempting to build a new life with salvage operator Craig Ryder on his ship, the Promise Turns out civilian life is a lot rougher than she d imagined salvage operators are losing both cargo and lives to pirates And when they attack the Promise,The rousing military adventure Locus continues with a brand new Valor novel Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is attempting to build a new life with salvage operator Craig Ryder on his ship, the Promise Turns out civilian life is a lot rougher than she d imagined salvage operators are losing both cargo and lives to pirates And when they attack the Promise, Craig is taken prisoner and Torin is left for dead When Torin finds out why the pirates needed Craig, she calls in the Marines to get him back and to stop the pirates from changing the balance of power in known space.

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      Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia Although I haven t actually lived down east since just before my fourth birthday, I still consider myself a Maritimer I think it s something to do with being born in sight of the ocean Or possibly with the fact that almost no one admits to being from Ontario Raised, for the most part, in Kingston, Ontario It was the late sixties, early to mid seventies Enough said for those of us who lived through it and those who didn t seem to be getting another chance to fall off platform shoes.Spent three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve I was a cook They d just opened it up to women and I figured it would be the first trade that would send women to sea I was right Unfortunately it happened a year after I left No tattoos.Received a degree in RADIO AND TELEVISION ARTS B.A.A from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute The year I graduated was the year that the CBC laid off 750 employees in Toronto alone We were competing for jobs with people who had up to five years experience The cat threw up on my degree.Spent eight years working at Bakka, North America s oldest surviving science fiction book store Change Of Hobbit in California was actually a very little bit older but unfortunately it was a casualty of the recession in 91 During those eight years, while working full time, I wrote seven books the first seven, except for the original draft of CHILD , and nine short stories.In 1992, after living in downtown Toronto, a city of nearly three million, for thirteen years, I moved with two large cats, one small psychotic cat, and my partner out to a rented house in the middle of nowhere In the years since, we ve purchased the house, buried two of the original cats, replaced them with three felines and, unintentionally, acquired a Chihuahua You re probably wondering how two reasonably intelligent adults can unintentionally acquire a Chihuahua Please don t ask.I love living in the country, writing full time, anything by Charles de Lint, Xena, Hercules, and email I dislike telephones, electric blankets, and bathroom renovations.I always expect catastrophe as a result, I m usually pleasantly surprised Huff lives with her wife, Fiona Patton.

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    1. I really had no idea what to expect from this book, since book 4 had seemed to really tie up the story arc. But Ms. Huff did a fantastic job of pulling us back into Torin's world and investing us in what happens next. Let me start by saying that if you're a fan of space opera, kick ass heroines and you're looking for something new to read, I encourage you to pick up book one of this series. You may also want to skip reading my review, because it's impossible to write about this particular book w [...]

    2. 3.5 stars after a re-read in 2015, enjoyed this.I'm glad there was a break (mostly) from the series story arc that bugs me so much, but I have to admit that I liked the way Torin and Craig are constantly, automatically, checking any little bit of (view spoiler)[gray plastic (hide spoiler)] they come across.Original 2010 review:This fifth Valor book is a bit of a departure from the series, since our heroine is now a former marine taking on evil space pirates without the Corps to back her up. She' [...]

    3. Tanya Huff isn't done with ex-gunnery sergeant Torin Kerr yet even though the last novel wrapped up the on going story arc. Torin is out of the Marines and currently working salvage with her salvage op boyfriend in a tiny ship. Not much plot to this one. You get the feeling Huff wanted to boil the pot a while in the hopes that something would come together. The Peacekeeper series kicks off in the next book so we'll see if the plan worked. Meanwhile Torin has some space pirates, a deadlocked cach [...]

    4. Another edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, which sets out the prove the axiom, "there is no such thing as an ex gunnery sergeant." This story pits our heroine against SPACE PIRATES!!!! who unlike the version popularized by Johnny Depp, are legitimately awful and frightening. The book also brings together some favorite characters from the previous books to help Torin in her quest to eradicate the piratical scourge and hopefully set up a future series of crusading ex-marines.

    5. This one just didn't grip me as much as the other books in this series. Once you get Sergeant Kerr out of uniform you are losing a major part of what makes this series so entertaining.So, Torin and the few survivors of her company have quit the Marine Corps after discovering in the last book that the war they had been fighting was based on a lie, one perpetuated by a hive mind of intelligent plastic. Shacking up with her salvage contractor lover Craig, she tries to settle in to civilian life. It [...]

    6. Torin Kerr is no longer in the marines. She is now a Civilian Salvage Operator, with Craig Ryder, her main squeeze. What kind of trouble could she possibly get into now? PIRATES! Pirates attack and kidnap Craig. And now Torin will pull out all the stops to get him back.Change of pace from the first 4 Confederation books. She opens this book up to all new directions that I am incredibly excited about! I really hope she writes more.

    7. Arhhhh what joy to get back into the lives of Gunnery Sargent Kerr and Craig RyderI have missed them. I thought this would be the last book in this series but Tanya Huff has twisted this story to allow for more and not in at half hearted manner either. The possible new stories have a great story line going for them and now I am going to be on tender hoooksfor the next one.well done Tanyarereading and I had forgotten the ending of this one. What a doosy! I'm ready for the next.12Sep15

    8. 3.5 stars.After retiring from the Marines, Torin joined Ryder in his salvage business. But when Ryder was kidnapped by pirates and Torin and their ship left for dead in space, Torin contacted some of her ex-Marines to mount a rescue mission. It's interesting to see Torin without the support of the military and having to make all her own decisions. I actually liked that it's no longer purely a military series and the author can expand into different scenarios. Also, I'm hoping that the team Torin [...]

    9. This is my least favourite of the series I think. Probably not even a full 4 stars but series continuity gives leeway. Plus it's claerly a transition novel - those who don't want to read The Peacekeeper series will be able to leave it here happy while those who do can view it as a sort of long prequel, especially as An Ancient Peace has first book syndrome all over it!So, Torin Kerr has left the military for a romantic ever after with claustrophobic Craig in his teeny spaceship collecting scrap. [...]

    10. It took me a long time to finish this book off, because, after getting about a third of the way thru, I gave up on it because it just didn't have what I liked about the first three books: The interplay between Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr and her fellow marines. I liked Torin Kerr as an ass-kicking marine. Now she was doing salvage work with boyfriend Craig. Yippee. Now, I knew that when pirates grabbed boyfriend Craig and left her for dead, that eventually she was going to be kicking some pirate [...]

    11. Possible spoilers to earlier books in the series, though I'll try not to.When you've got a great universe, a great character, and a great premise, you can write an infinite number of books that are just variations on the same theme, and people will gobble them up. Or, you can decide that character development is more important than sticking to the successful formula and take your character in an entirely new direction. Jim Butcher did it with Harry Dresden (took him 12 books to get there; but he [...]

    12. I read this book by listening to the audible version, and in the beginning, I was wondering just who it was doing the editing for this version. Bad chapter endings (words cut off) repeated sentences, and some background noises made this one of the worse audible books I've ever had the misfortune of listening to. Fortunately, the second half of the book was considerably better, so that's something at least. Otherwise, this was an excellent book. It seemed a bit childish at first, (foul language u [...]

    13. The Truth of Valor is the fifth novel in the Confederation series. It's militaristic, driving, tense, and dark. There’s plenty of action and danger, as well as a plethora of fight scenes that never feel repetitive or dull. Huff’s sense of pacing is deft and skilled, winding up the tension repeatedly, delivering on promised climaxes, and lightening the mood here and there as appropriate.The characterization is one of my favorite aspects of the writing. Torin’s intensity and her spiral into [...]

    14. Right so in the last book we learned that plastic aliens are behind everything, and I mean everything. There is no real war in a sense, just a bunch of plastic aliens watching and monitoring. So no wonder that Torin quits her job and becomes a civilian.Most of this is a space book or a space station book, and I must confess that I do prefer when she is on land to to say. More things seem to happen then, like the prison planet and the escape from it. Anyway Torin and Craig is a team, salvaging st [...]

    15. Ex-Marine Sergeant Tobin Kerr has to go against a nest of space pirates in this 5th in the "Valor" series (tagged "Confereration"). In this universe, three spacefaring species are allowed by the etherial "Elder Races" to make a confederation and serve as proxies or study subjects for territorial wars. This novel has a lot of interesting intrigue and slants on competitive and cooperative relations among the species (even interspecies sex and cannibalism), all with doses of good humor. However, fo [...]

    16. Damn you, Tanya HuffThere hasn't been a single book written by TH that I would be able to put away halfway through. The Valor series were slightly different from the wild magic stuff I have read before, but not any worse for it. Ending on a kind of cliffhanger note as usual, I'm curious to see if anything else will be added, and I'm sure I'll get it and read it in one sitting and feel oddly connected to the heroes, as usual. Damn you, Tanya Huff.

    17. I like this series and I don't know if there will ever be more in it so I had held off reading this one. The books can stand on their own but it does help to have read the previous ones in the series. Torin is now a retired space marine and is now making a go of it as a miner with her boyfriend. Pirates attack and take her boyfriend and leave her for dead. Of course that doesn't last and she calls her retired marine friends to help get him back. Good solid story line and a fun read.

    18. If you liked the rest of the series there's just more to like here. Not perfect, but way better than average on the story telling and the characters. If you're looking for a good transition from one type of story into another, you've got one here. The later books are a separate series for a good reason.

    19. Damn, that was a good book. All of the Confederation Series was good, but this, this book was one of the best that I've read in awhile.

    20. This book was my favorite. The book ended at a good stopping point but left room for her to continue on. At the moment I'm a bit suspicious of plastic. Read the series to find out why.

    21. Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr has mustered out of the Marines and is becoming a salvage operator along with her boyfriend Craig Ryder. They have met both the families and Torin is making big adjustments. When a couple of Craig's fellow salvage operators are discovered spaced with their cargoes missing, Torin is surprised to hear that pirates are making a resurgence. The pirates have stolen an armory and need a salvage operator's codes to get in. The pirates attack Craig and Torin's ship, kidnap Cr [...]

    22. So in this series, the main character has just discovered that the massive, galaxy spanning war her and her allies' species have been fighting against a mysterious alien group for decades has all been masterminded by some sentient alien plastic in order to study the lot of them. Well instead of exploring how amazingly cool that shocking twist was, this book is just a run of the mill adventure with the main character and her boyfriend fighting off space pilots. Its frustrating because this book s [...]

    23. With the war effectively over, Torin Kerr has left the military and attempts to build a life as a civilian salvage operator (CSO) with her lover, Craig Ryder. It's a rough and dangerous living, with pirates to contend with. One particular pirate has stolen a military weapons locker from the CSO team who found it. Because the CSOs are killed, the pirates now have find another CSO to crack the lock codes in order to access the weapons without blowing them up, and of course they kidnap Craig. Unfor [...]

    24. Every book in this series is good which makes this series exceptional. Here Gunnery Sargent Torin has left the marines to take up salvage operations with her SO. Pirates have taken a container of marine weapons from another salvage vessel but killed its crew. Now those pirates are looking for another salvage ship to take to help them get through the booby-traps set by the original salvage vessel. Torin and Craig are ambushed and Craig is taken while Torin is left for dead. Torin manages to survi [...]

    25. I put this book down and up again more times than I care to count due to lost interest. It felt a lot slower than previous installments, probably due to the scale of action going way down. It was still good, because Gunny evolved a little and we see a different side of her without losing her badassity but the author definitely went overboard with too much emphasis on Craig and Gunny's romantic intensity. So it gets a middle-of-the-road 3 stars.

    26. An OK yarn about a strong female character; ex-military sergeant, whose boyfriend is kidnapped by space pirates. She sets off to rescue him, and being "invincible" predictably defeats everybody and every obstacle put in her way.

    27. Space pirates. This is a great addition to the Confederation series. It deals with a lot of Torin not dealing well with the aftermath of book 4's revelations. And it has space pirates who do horrible things.

    28. Truth of Valor was a satisfying adventure. I had been curious as to what Torin would be up to after completing her military service. I look forward to the next book.

    29. Not as gripping as the first four in the series. Kerr is out of the military and fighting space pirates with a little help. Still fun; 3.5 stars

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