The Map Across Time

The Map Across Time An ancient curse plagues the kingdom of Sherbourne and unless it is stopped all will fall to ruin The King obsessed with greed cannot see the danger But his teenage twin children Aletha and Adin

  • Title: The Map Across Time
  • Author: C.S. Lakin
  • ISBN: 9780899578897
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ancient curse plagues the kingdom of Sherbourne, and unless it is stopped, all will fall to ruin The King, obsessed with greed, cannot see the danger But his teenage twin children, Aletha and Adin, know they must act A hermit leads Adin to a magical map that will send him back in time to discover the origin of the curse Once back, Adin must find the Keeper, who protAn ancient curse plagues the kingdom of Sherbourne, and unless it is stopped, all will fall to ruin The King, obsessed with greed, cannot see the danger But his teenage twin children, Aletha and Adin, know they must act A hermit leads Adin to a magical map that will send him back in time to discover the origin of the curse Once back, Adin must find the Keeper, who protects the Gate of Heaven, but all he has is a symbol as a clue to guide him Unbeknown to Adin, Aletha follows her brother, but they both arrive in Sherbourne s past at the precipice of a great war, and there is little time to discover how to counteract the curse.One unexpected disaster after another forces the twins to make difficult choices Adin s only hope to correct the past is to return to the future to manipulate events so his quest can succeed Through his trials and failures, Adin learns that nothing can stop heaven from accomplishing its goal, and that all events work for the good of those who trust heaven An epic fairy tale with surprising twists, embracing the enduring power of love and faith.

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      C.S. Lakin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Map Across Time book, this is one of the most wanted C.S. Lakin author readers around the world.

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    1. I’m adding Lakin’s Gates of Heaven series to my all time favorites list and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of future additions to this series.I can’t recall ever reading a fairy tale intertwined with scripture and that may be one of the primary reasons I fell in love with this book. Well that and the fact that it was really a great tale. The Map Across Time is a tale of twins who unbeknownst to their father, the king, to free their townsfolk from the evil that has enveloped it. Lakin do [...]

    2. Book 2, The Gates of Heaven SeriesRelease date: January 14, 2011Honored. That’s how I felt when C.S. Lakin asked me to review her book, The Map Across Time. It wasn’t scheduled on the offical blog tour run by CSFF and this book isn’t scheduled for publication until mid-January.Most series usually use prior characters. It’s a way to continue a story from the first book like Terri Blackstock’s suspense series. You always meet the characters in the prior book before they become the subjec [...]

    3. A woven masterpiece of true inspiration heavenly sent and well explicated by the introspect of Lakins.This is the first book from the author C.S. Lakin I have ever read and I love how the bible is intermingled with her tale. It is a beautiful story of twin siblings, children of royalty, who risk their lives in search of answers to why their father, the King and their kingdom seem to be falling apart before their eyes. Aletha and Adin are very close as are most twins in real life. Adin who at one [...]

    4. Book Blurb:The next installment in C.S. Lakin’s multi-part “Gates of Heaven” series, “The Map Across Time” introduces readers to Sherbourne, a fairy tale land of mystic and wonder. The king’s teenage children, Adin and Aletha, use a magical map to travel back in time and find the cure for an ancient curse plaguing the kingdom. A sweeping epic of God’s unfailing love and trust, “The Map Across Time” shows how those who feel they are insignificant and unworthy have merit and serv [...]

    5. The ‘Crown of East’ , Sherbourne is falling apart under the greed and compassionless reign of their ruler. Adin and Aletha, the teenaged twins of the King, wish for some miracle to save their beloved kingdom from destruction. Reya, their nursemaid tells them about a curse that was set in motion at the very beginning of Sherbourne under the rule of the first regent of Sherbourne. It is because of the curse that every King of Sherbourne falls prey to evil. Now, guided by the enigmatic hermit, [...]

    6. This second book in C.S. Lakin’s “The Gates of Heaven” series follows The Wolf of Tebron with an adventure tale that echoes the tone and tropes of many a classic fairy tale—with a lot of ancient Hebrew and a little Dr. Who thrown in for good measure.The kingdom of Sherbourne is under a curse. Its broken walls, crumbling since the days of the ancient battle for which they were first built, are an appropriate symbol for what is happening on the inside: the queen is dead, withered away by a [...]

    7. I enjoyed the first book in C.S. Lakin's Gates of Heaven Series, The Wolf of Tebron . I'd read Grace Bridges' review and it sounded like something right up my alley--"a fairy tale for adults." It's a great story.I liked The Map Across Time even better, though!The Gates of Heaven series isn't a real series in that the books can be read out of order. They take place in the same world, but aren't necessarily chronological.The Map Across Time is the story of twins, Adin and Aletha. Their mother the [...]

    8. TheMap Across Time:Gates of Heaven Series is a fairy tale of the finest kind- full of adventure, intrigue and don't forget to throw in a little time travel! Map Across time is C.S. Lakin's second offering in her "Gates of Heaven series". Her first being the Wolf of Tebron. Those who have read the first book will appreciate a lot of the background given in this book on the history of how the town of Tebron came to be, but you really can enjoy The Map Across time without having read The Wolf of Te [...]

    9. I loved this book: The Map Across Time. It was very imaginative and yet relatable. I loved the two protagonist, and at first I thought Aletha was the main one, but it turned out to be her twin brother. One of my favorite characters, besides Aletha and Adin was Reya. She could influence Aletha and Adin without them realizing she was. The mother's part-Queen- turned firebird was brilliant. The entire book was filled with adventure. From the enchanted pig, to the wonderful creative maze to the map, [...]

    10. Long ago, the fate of the kingdom of Sherbourne was sealed. Somehow, a darkness was let loose and like a plague it continues to spread in the present day. It was this darkness that killed the queen. It is also this darkness that urges the king to foolishly focus on finding treasure completely ignoring his people’s needs. Eventually, the darkness will consume the entire kingdom and Sherbourne will be forever forgotten. Something must be done to save the kingdom. With the king on the brink of in [...]

    11. I can't remember being so dazzled by a fantasy series since the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings. This complex and enthralling tale kept me up late and has satiated my imagination. I think I'll move on to book 3 right away, because I'm not ready for it to end yet. :-) I love the Hebrew and Scriptural elements woven into a fairytale world. The plot was full of surprises, yet they were all compelling in the best possible way. The time travel was mind-boggling yet graspable (as much a [...]

    12. THE MAP ACROSS TIME is an awesome book for creativity and enjoyment. I loved it so much. It was kind of confusing at first when Adin is going back and forth in time and saw himself doing something he already did then he goes back in time again and . kind of weird. A lot of it I didn't understand, but it was fun. And it was a fairy tale and they are always hard to understand, right? I received a copy free. All opinions are my own.

    13. The writer takes you into a fantasy world and will take you back through time to find a curse that changed the world. Adin and Aletha, are fraternal twins and are the prince and princess of Sherborne. They have to travel through time to find the curse that changed the world. This is a wonderful fairy tale of evil and good. It is also the second book of the series. The first book is Wolf of Tebron. The book cover is awesome. It lets your imagination conjure all kinds of things. Do Aletha dnd Adin [...]

    14. The Map Across Time by C.S. LakinReview by Kara GrantAn ancient curse plagues the kingdom of Sherbourne, and unless it is stopped, all will fall to ruin. The King, obsessed with greed, cannot see the danger. But his teenage twin children, Aletha and Adin, know they must act. A hermit leads Adin to a magical map that will send him back in time to discover the origin of the curse. Once back, Adin must find the Keeper, who protects the Gate of Heaven, but all he has is a symbol as a clue to guide h [...]

    15. Evil hovers over the kingdom of Sherbourne as its dying queen summons her children to her bedside for the last time. She gives her son Adin and his twin sister Aletha matching lockets, inscribed with mysterious words written in a lost language.The next day, a strange man emerges from the shadows of the royal garden to offer comfort–and an incredible message: “Your mother lives!”The twins aren’t sure how to interpret this, but they press on with their lives and try to cope with the grief [...]

    16. The kingdom of Sherbourne is in dire straits. The King is consumed with greed and self-centeredness. The councilors are well aware of the King's status and are using it, feeding it, and perverting it to their own nefarious ends, and meanwhile, the citizens are suffering through worsening conditions with uncaring counselors and an oblivious monarch. But not all of the King's family is oblivious. His twin children, Princess Aletha and Prince Adin are heartbroken by the state of the kingdom. They t [...]

    17. First, you can’t help but love an author who writes under the initials C.S. especially when they have the fortuitous last name of Lakin. But while that might earn the book a grin and maybe even get you to pick up a copy, it is the quality of the books themselves that will keep you coming back to The Gates of Heaven series.The Gates of Heaven are probably best described as mythic faerie tales. Events tend to take place at a high spiritual level than most faerie tales, but there is definitely a [...]

    18. I've read and enjoyed quite a bit of juvenile and adult fantasy over the years, including both excellent and adequate Christian fantasy.Any good fantasy (Christian or otherwise) must be true: people (and other characters) may have unusual, other-worldly appearances or qualities, but their motives and reactions and personalities will be recognizable and traceable. People act in certain ways for a reason, and the best authors of any world view show a keen understanding of people as they write abou [...]

    19. This truly is a "modern" fairy tale (not in the sense that it takes place in modern times, but that it is a modern book). Don't go into it expecting any more, or any less. C.S. Lakin weaves a wonderful tale that deepens as the story progresses. Bear with the beginning--there's a bit of "information dumping" at times, but this dissipates as you delve farther into the story. Adin and Aletha are both wonderful characters that I grew to love by the end. Although I was disappointed that a couple ques [...]

    20. C.S. Lakin’s fantasy adventure of siblings racing back and forth through time to save their kingdom was more than just an enjoyable ride. It was fun, fascinating, and a highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys fantasy or time travel for that matter. With plot lines that twist, turn, do loop de loops and characters that are delightfully tromping through past, present and future all at once, this book was reminiscent of some of the adventures one might find in Narnia. Bible verses firmly pl [...]

    21. I think this book was a great installment to the Gates of Heaven series, continuing the strong pace set forth by the first installment, The Wolf of Trebron. However, there were a few miscellaneous things that added up to it being knocked down a star.There was some major editing flaws, which is not the fault of the writer, but of the editor. However, they did get rather annoying and because I felt the compulsion to fix them, they took me out of the stream of the narrative and messed with my enjoy [...]

    22. This series has become one of my all-time favorites. The world of these books is guarded at key locations by gatekeepers who protect gateways to heaven. In each book, a gateway is threatened by evil forces that want to destroy all that is good and beautiful. The characters change in each book, but this theme ties the books together. This story has a fascinating device, a map which leads the main character through time as he walks the path set before him. I found myself breathless as I waited to [...]

    23. A very enjoyable tale with more twists and turns than your small intestine. Okay, that's a little graphic, but you get the picture! A classic fantasy romp through a kingdom - and through time - involving all the usual elements of wizardry, good-vs-evil, men swinging swords, and at least one pretty princess. Some rather unusual elements make their way into this one as well, like a talking pig and a map that pulls the holder through time.The characters are good and diverse, some an open book, othe [...]

    24. I enjoyed this story. It was slow at the beginning, and the constant Hebrew-ish words thrown in, while they were interesting in a way, became distracting and occasionally irritating. However, once I got about a third of the way into the book, I was hooked and kept reading in every spare moment. The intricacy of the plot is excellent. . ough I still can't wrap my mind around the very odd resolution. It seemed more Dr. Who than fairytale (I don't want to write a spoiler, but read the book and you' [...]

    25. Pretty good storyI enjoyed reading this adventure story. The characters are interesting and the plot moves along at a good pace.It got a little confusing toward the end - the story kept going and going, beyond what you'd expect. It made me wonder if the author was unsure how to end the story or was perhaps considering a sequel. It might have been easier to read if the last several chapters were made into a second book.Overall it was enjoyable.

    26. mixed feelings on what I think of this book. There are times when I thought the writing was very trite but other times when I thought it was compelling enough for me to not want to put it down. Some interesting twists and interesting insights. Wouldn't necessary recommend this as a Bible study book even though there is a suggested study in the back.

    27. We (myself and my 15yo) LOVED this book! It is Christian fantasy of the highest level, excellent for jr high up. We ordered the other 2 books in this series (out so far, hopefully more to come!) for Christmas--15yo read them that day, but I am reading the other book I received, first--I know when I pick them up, I will not be able to put them down. :)

    28. As a Christian based book, it was truly awe-inspiring and caused me to think differently about some things. What surprised me the most was that the plot was similar to most of the popular novels I had read. There was romanace, tons of drama, and a little action. Overall, a very good book.

    29. I bought this book for my granddaughter for Easter. I also downloaded this to my kindle so I could read this along with her. This book was well written. Faith, hope, goodness and evil was so well woven into the story. This book is a good read for any age.

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