The Year of the Hare

The Year of the Hare Suddenly realizing what s important in life with the help of a bunny a man quits his job and heads to the countryside in this internationally bestselling comic novel Which of us has not had that won

  • Title: The Year of the Hare
  • Author: Arto Paasilinna Pico Iyer
  • ISBN: 9781101478134
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • Suddenly realizing what s important in life with the help of a bunny , a man quits his job and heads to the countryside in this internationally bestselling comic novel Which of us has not had that wonderfully seditious idea to play hooky for a while from life as we know it With these words from his foreword, Pico Iyer puts his finger on the exhilaratingly anarchic aSuddenly realizing what s important in life with the help of a bunny , a man quits his job and heads to the countryside in this internationally bestselling comic novel Which of us has not had that wonderfully seditious idea to play hooky for a while from life as we know it With these words from his foreword, Pico Iyer puts his finger on the exhilaratingly anarchic appeal of The Year of the Hare While out on assignment, a journalist hits a hare with his car This small incident becomes life changing he decides to quit his job, leave his wife, sell his possessions, and spend a year wandering the wilds of Finland with the bunny as his boon companion.

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      199 Arto Paasilinna Pico Iyer
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    1. Arto Paasilinna Pico Iyer

      Arto Tapio Paasilinna is a Finnish writer, being a former journalist turned comic novelist One of Finland s most successful novelists, he has won a broad readership outside of Finland in a way few other Finnish authors have before Translated into 27 languages, over seven million copies of his books have been sold worldwide, and he has been claimed as instrumental in generating the current level of interest in books from Finland.

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    1. ENGLISH (The Year of the Hare) / ITALIANOVatanen, a Finnish journalist, is in conflict with his life. The dissatisfaction comes out one day after hitting a hare. After rescue the wild animal, inexplicably Vatanen running through the woods together with his new friend. He starts down a path of inner purification across the Finland. He plays the part of a veterinary, a fugitive, a fisherman, a fireman, a cowhand, a wrecker, a bear hunter, a drunkard. He learns to make do with what he has, he puts [...]

    2. A fun romp: the “comic misadventures” of a young Finnish male journalist who hits a hare and injures it with his car. He chases the hare into the forest and begins an off-the-grid adventure.He decides to quit his job, divorce his wife of his loveless marriage and spend a year wandering the wilds and small rural towns of Finland with the hare as companion.His craziness is infectious; his care for the hare becomes a catalyst to bring others out of their dull routines. So a game warden becomes [...]

    3. This book made me reflect on my sense of humour (as far as it exists) and my pre-conceived ideas (not to be taken seriously) on my Scandinavian heritage. After all, most of the time, we laugh at the stereotypical patterns we recognise in ourselves and our environment?Paasilinna is advertised as one of the funniest Scandinavian authors - at least in Sweden, where sense of humour in general unfortunately fell victim to a budget cut in the 1970s. It has never been reintroduced since then, so maybe [...]

    4. I gave this 5 stars because I enjoyed reading Vatanen's adventures with his companion hare. I was even imagining how it feels like to be Vatanen who abandoned his wife, career, and life in the city just to explore the rurals. This book made me realize that for once, I want to break free from all the responsibilities and obligations in the city. I wonder how many of those who read this have envisioned themselves on Vatanen's shoes and envied him for having the guts to get away.

    5. Has a time ever come into your life when you thought of just walking away and leave everything behind? It had never crossed my mind until when I was reading this book. I think it could not totally be a bad idea. No, I am neither thinking about killing myself nor leaving my wife and my daughter. I just cannot live without them. This is about that spur-of-the-moment decision that you had enough and you want to pursue another life. You pick you bag, check your wallet and just go the opposite direct [...]

    6. A charming 70s fable about a man and his hare who leave the modern world behind them, hit the open road, and rethink what life is all about. It's basically Zen and the Art of Lagomorph Maintenance.The story is told in a gently ironic, detached voice that's pitched somewhere between Lewis Carroll and the Voltaire of Candide, with Vatanen, our ingénu protagonist, blundering amiably from one episode to the next, hare in tow. This being Finland, it involves snow, reindeer herdsmen, pagan sacrifice, [...]

    7. Humorous story of a man who abandons his life in the city to live in the Finnish wilderness with a wild hare. Manages to talk about how charming and pleasant this way of life is without being overly pedantic. Sweet and earnest, but not cloying.

    8. Over Christmas I met a Swedish woman at a dinner party – we got talking about Scandinavian literature, a recently acquired passion of mine. She suggested Paasilinna's The Year of the Hare – which is apparently a classic in Finland, where it was first published in 1975.What a marvelous book! It perfectly captures the spirit of the 70s, and the Finnish setting gives it a kind of magic. It starts off in with an accident – in fact, the whole book is nothing but a series of accidents, but not t [...]

    9. Do not bother, amigos. Even if you fancy rabbits.Its pretty much insipid sketches of Finnish rural life. Rudimentary to a most disagreeably laughable degree!This strange, dull and dimwitted collection of feeble fables may possibly be analogies or legends of Finnish culture. In which case, yikes. Finland, do not let thus represent your national character. It paints you all as ski bunnies with neurons firing laoky in some sauna of a collective brain.

    10. 'The Year of the Hare' is a Finnish book that has been translated into English. In it, Vatanen picks up an injured hare and walks away from his life to just hang out for a year. Interesting premise but I think it loses something in the translation.The most endearing character in the book is, without doubt, the hare who heals from his injuries and becomes unfailingly loyal to Vatanen. The book would have benefited from being told from the hare's perspective. As it is, Vatanen comes off as boring [...]

    11. U realnosti, kolebam se između tri i četiri zvezdice ali pošto sa ocenjivanjem generalno loše stojim, knjiga je nekako topla i prijatna a i na godišnjem sam, nek bude četiri , za zeca kao simbol divljine koji pokazuje više humanosti i vaspitanja nego civilizovani građani. Nek ide život.Nemoguće je ne povući paralelu sa Doplerom, tematika je slična. Beg od civilizacije, traženje sebe kroz povratak prirodi, kritika modernog društva.Ne preterano prefinjeno poređenje s moje strane ali [...]

    12. An impulse buy from a secondhand bookshop in London, based on the cover and description; I read a third of it on the train home. It was originally published in Finnish in 1975. Vatanen, a journalist, is out on assignment with his photographer colleague: “two dissatisfied, cynical men, approaching middle age. The hopes of their youth had not been realized, far from it. They were husbands, deceiving and deceived; stomach ulcers were on the way for both of them; and many other worries filled thei [...]

    13. Meravigliosa Scandinavia!Alzi la mano chi, almeno una volta nella vita, anche solo per mezzo secondo, non abbia mai pensato di mollare tutto, lavoro, famiglia, obblighi e responsabilità, e scappare via di punto in bianco. Del resto, un momento di (sana) follia può capitare a tutti.A Vatanen, giornalista quarantenne, accade in una fase cruciale della propria esistenza, quando si sente deluso, amareggiato, stanco di tutto ciò che ha, matrimonio incluso, e coglie al balzo l’occasione di “per [...]

    14. (view spoiler)[Bettie's BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book. (hide spoiler)]

    15. 3.8Ne pitajte kako sam do tog broja došla. :DSem nekih zamerki, koje sam imala, najviše u vezi kraja, dopala mi se knjiga, a što je bitnije, zadržala mi se u mislima i još neko duže vreme nakon čitanja.Recenzija je na bloguestuffdreamsaremadeof21

    16. A couple of years ago I came upon a Norwegian bestseller just translated into English called Doppler by Erlend Loe. I loved that book and belly-laughed through much of it. A GR friend pointed out this earlier book published in Finland in 1975 and thought the themes were similar. They are, and Loe undoubtedly knew of Paasilinna and copied the idea but Loe also made it more outrageous. A man, tired of his job and his wife and his life in general decides to leave everything behind and not return ho [...]

    17. Paasilinna e il suo potere balsamico.Arto mi fa un effetto agrodolce.Il suo stile è più didascalico dei sottotitoli di un Tg, eppre le storie che racconta sono come le caramelle balsamiche. Le succhi distrattamente, ma alla fine ti pizzica il naso.L'uomo che abbandona la frenetica vita cittadina, preferendole una salubre esistenza silvestre, non sarebbe di per sé neanche un tema particolarmente originale, se non fosse che la semplicità spartana con cui Paasilinna descrive il ritorno alla nat [...]

    18. Kaarlo Vatanen is unhappy with his life. Vatanen, a journalist, is traveling to a meeting in a colleague’s automobile. They accidently hit a hare and Vatanen get out to find the injured animal. He finds it but his colleague has gone on without him. Vatanen decides not to return to his life. He sells his possessions and goes to live in the Finnish countryside with the hare.This is an escape-from-civilization, back-to-nature type story. Vatanen takes odd jobs in secluded places and fixes up a lo [...]

    19. De joyeuses retrouvailles avec Vatanen et son lièvre ; un livre que j'avais lu il y a déjà une dizaine d'années, et que j'ai eu le plaisir de me remémorer petit à petit, au fil des pages ! Vatanen, marié, journaliste, s'ennuyait peut-être dans sa vie Helsinki, lorsqu'un soir, en rentrant d'un voyage à Heinola avec son collègue photographe, il percute un lièvre. Blessé, la patte brisée, l'animal n'a pas pu s'éloigner, et Vatanen s'enfonce dans les bois pour le rejoindre, ignorant le [...]

    20. Ilustração de Arthur GironKaarlo Vatanen é um jornalista com cerca de 40 anos, cínico e infeliz, que viaja de carro na companhia de um fotógrafo. Numa estrada arenosa no meio de uma floresta finlandesa uma lebre jovem exercitava-se a pular nas patas traseiras. O fotógrafo condutor, com a mente entorpecida, não foi capaz de reagir a tempo atropelando o animal. Vatanen em pânico sai do carro e entra na floresta onde encontra a lebre com a pata traseira partida. O jornalista pegou na lebre [...]

    21. My first Finnish novel was quite enjoyable, I liked the way the author describes the passing from the city life to the wilderness and the main character's difficulty to re-adjust to the "normal" life. Also, beautiful scenes of country life, a way of life already in extinction even in Finland of the '70s. The upcoming industrialization, the growth of the cities, even the final (symbolic to me) pursue of the bear across the borders are all well-drawn elements of the plot. A good and well-written n [...]

    22. When I saw that this little book was a bestseller in the author’s Finnish homeland, that it had been translated into umpteen languages, and that it had even been selected for the UNESCO Collection of Works I thought that I might just be on to a winner.It all starts so simply. It is late in the day and a journalist and his photographer are driving home across country, They pull up when they hit and injure a young hare. Vatanen, the journalist pursues the hare into the forest. And he doesn’t c [...]

    23. A lovely tale. Really reminded me Paasilinna`s other workThe Howling Miller which I really liked (and was published several years after this novel). It didn't felt like he was using the same formula, more like he has a unique style. Will probably try more of his work.

    24. A quick read about a journalist who rescues a hare and spends a year wandering into whatever life has for him. I think it is supposed to be funny, except for me I don't think the humor really translates. I did like all the Finnish names and some of the characters, and it gave some insight into a government I don't know anything about."Even in an agreeable village, one can't hang around doing nothing forever.""Loving animals can be a heavy load."

    25. Šī ir iespējams pirmā grāmata, ko lasu no somu literatūras (bet varbūt arī nē, jo pirms Goodreadiem un interneta bija vienkārši grāmatas, un kas to vairs visu lai atceras). Šī ir arī iespējams viena no tām grāmatām, kas ir vienkārši jāizlasa, lai nonāktu līdz savai atziņai par to visu, ko šai darbā var atrast. Un jā, iespējams, ka ceļot un meklēt kaut kādu dzīves jēgu Somijā ir daudz labāk un interesantāk kopā ar savvaļas zaķi.

    26. Translated from the work of the Finnish author, I picked up this book as a short book intermission that looked fun. The basic idea is a reporter in Finland is in a car that hits a young hare, he gets out to help the hare and decides to leave his life behind and wander the countryside with his rabbity friend.It was fun sometimes, in the way that any novel about someone leaving behind life and successfully vagabonding around with no responsibilities or cares will be fun. But it wasn't as comical o [...]

    27. Questa è la storia di Vatanen, un giornalista che dopo aver investito un cucciolo di lepre decide di cambiare vita e lasciarsi alle spalle Helsinki, la moglie e i colleghi.Inizia un viaggio verso nord, in mezzo ai boschi, al freddo, alle tempeste di neve e agli orsi.Vive un sacco di avventure tra residui bellici da recuperare, incendi da spegnere e sbronze colossali che gli fanno dimenticare tutto.E' un inno alla libertà e all'avventura, al piacere di mollare tutto per ritrovarsi diversi. In c [...]

    28. Още в началото ме погълна, без да имам никакви очаквания. Интересно ми беше да стигна с героя чак до Лапландия. Написана увлекателно, вади чувства и търсения на повърхността, но с един духовит тон. Естествено ме впечатли идеята в средата на живота си да зарежеш всичко и да тр [...]

    29. This was a pretty good read about a journalist who saves a hare after hitting it with his car and travels through Finland with it. It was a great animal story. Definitely check it out.

    30. Dans de ce roman sur les périples à travers la Finlande sylvestre d'un homme et son lapin l'auteur atteint brillament tous ses objectifs. Il faut reconnaitre que ce livre charmant qui fait rire a des objectifs bien modestes. Deux étoiles. Je préfére quand meme que les auteurs visent un plus haut.

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