A Química da Morte

A Qu mica da Morte Simon Beckett um autor que rapidamente mobilizou a aten o de um p blico internacional com este seu primeiro thriller protagonizado por um especialista em antropologia forense Ap s a perda da mulher e

  • Title: A Química da Morte
  • Author: Simon Beckett
  • ISBN: 9789722336536
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Simon Beckett um autor que rapidamente mobilizou a aten o de um p blico internacional com este seu primeiro thriller protagonizado por um especialista em antropologia forense Ap s a perda da mulher e da filha de seis anos, David Hunter escolhe refugiar se numa aldeia isolada de Norfolk, a tratar dos vivos, tentando esquecer a sua trag dia pessoal Mas, mesmo a , o destSimon Beckett um autor que rapidamente mobilizou a aten o de um p blico internacional com este seu primeiro thriller protagonizado por um especialista em antropologia forense Ap s a perda da mulher e da filha de seis anos, David Hunter escolhe refugiar se numa aldeia isolada de Norfolk, a tratar dos vivos, tentando esquecer a sua trag dia pessoal Mas, mesmo a , o destino obriga o a lidar com aquilo de que ele pretende fugir A Qu mica da Morte foi finalista do mais importante pr mio deste g nero liter rio, o Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award de 2006.Ao fim de trinta segundos, a sua pele come a a arrepiar se.Ao fim de um minuto, o bater do seu cora o ter se tornado aud vel.Ao virar a ltima p gina, dar gra as por se tratar de uma obra de fic o.

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    1. Simon Beckett

      After an MA in English, Simon Beckett spent several years as a property repairer before a stint teaching in Spain Back in the UK, he played percussion in several bands He has been a freelance journalist since 1992, writing for The Times, The Independent on Sunday Review, The Daily Telegraph, The Observer and other major British publications In 2002, as part of an article on the National Forensic Academy, he visited the Body Farm in Tennessee This last commission was the inspiration behind the internationally bestselling The Chemistry of Death, which was shortlisted for the CWA s Duncan Lawrie Dagger and has been translated into 21 languages Simon Beckett is married and lives in Sheffield The author of six novels, his second David Hunter thriller, Written in Bone, is published as a Bantam paperback in April 2008.

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    1. 4,5 SterneEin wirklich guter Thriller! Ich muss ja schon wirklich Lust auf einen Thriller haben und selbst dann ist das bei mir immer so ne Sache, aber Simon Beckett konnte mich hier total mit seinem Protagonisten David Hunter und einer durchweg spannenden Story überzeugen. Ich wusste wirklich bis zuletzt nicht wer der Mörder ist und habe während dem lesen auch zigtausendmal meine Theorie geändert. Auch mit den Plottwists am Ende hatte ich nicht mehr gerechnet, da wurde noch das ein oder and [...]

    2. Today I found my limit. Please don't laugh. DNF because of maggots. (I really wanted to add a maggot gif, but then I thought : googling that shit? Fuck no. Cats are safer)See, I have a problem with maggots - and every fucking thing hovering around a dead body - I won't jump crying if I see one, but plural? I can't deal with this shit. Flies, larvae, chrysalis. Welcome to my nightmare. No matter how good and compelling the writing is.No matter how daunting and oppressive the atmosphere is. None o [...]

    3. Given the unadulterated dreck that's so often foisted on fans of thriller/detective/murder mysteries - especially in the case of POD and self-published novels whose authors often have barely enough talent to write a check - *The Chemistry of Death* has one very important thing going for it: Beckett actually understands how to craft a decent English sentence. Unfortunately, two faults bog it down and keep it from being a star in the genre. First, no one has ever taught Beckett to murder his darli [...]

    4. Okay Simon Beckett, you win. I just adored this book!The setting, the characters all brought it to a grand conclusion. Will read more from this author.

    5. Rating: 4.5 starsThis book grabbed me from the first page and never released its hold. Full of suspense, forensics and macabre rituals, it kept me guessing right till the end - I actually gasped at the reveal! It’s gory in places, shocking too, but it’s also warm (if that’s not too bizarre), intelligent and user-friendly - a thriller that makes you think and feel, rather than a straight forward chilling frenzy.This is the first in a series, and I hope the next book Written in Bone is as co [...]

    6. Three years ago Dr. David Hunter left London leaving behind the city, his job as a forensic pathologist, and the tragedy of losing his wife and daughter in a fatal car accident. Now he works alongside his partner Dr. Henry Maitland as a local GP in the rural village of Manham, Norfolk, his life is simple and quiet. Then on a scorchingly hot summer in July 11 year old Niel and his younger brother Sam, age 8, were headed to the local pond to for some relief from the searing sun and heat when they [...]

    7. I loved every second of it. And despite having read the book a few years ago, I did not remember who the killer was. Only when a certain situation occurred, it came back to me^^ I have to say its probably the same page when I figured out the killer the first time too. Which is far into the last third. That's pretty late for me. Therefore it gets five stars because I couldn't figure it our too early :-DI love Beckett's scientific explanations. They are sometimes gross but that's the job. I'm fasc [...]

    8. Was habe ich überlegt, wer in diesem Buch der Mörder ist und zumindest lag ich am Ende nicht völlig daneben, wobei der Schluss mich doch ziemlich überrascht hat. Dabei waren die Anzeichen schon viel früher da, aber wie David Hunter im Buch, habe ich sie auch schlichtweg überlesen. Klasse gemacht und darum auch volle Punktzahl wert.Aber zurück zum Anfang. Die Chemie des Todes ist als Thriller eingeordnet und das passt auch, obwohl der Autor sich viel Zeit für die Gestaltung seiner Charakt [...]

    9. This is another of my vacation reads that I am finally getting around to reviewing. Saved by a big Finish - 2 Stars It has taken me a while to get around to reviewing this one. The main reason is that I have been trying to think of something interesting to say about my experience. Problem is, there is not much interesting content to discuss.The Plot In this story we have David Hunter, a forensic anthropologist who tries to escape a painful past by taking the position of a small town family docto [...]

    10. Lettura ideale per amanti del thriller non facilmente impressionabili.La trama, originale e ben congegnata, è ricca di risvolti inattesi e riesce a mantenere vivi l'interesse e l'attenzione anche del lettore più disincantato.Macabre ma interessanti le digressioni tecniche di antropologia forense, che orientano verso il piano scientifico la descrizione dei particolari più efferati dei delitti, scongiurando in tal modo il fastidio che deriverebbe dall'inserimento di effetti cruenti unicamente a [...]

    11. Αρκετά καλό βιβλίο, με ενδιαφέρουσα και πρωτότυπη ιδιότητα του πρωταγωνιστή (γιατρός του οποίου η ειδικότητα είναι να υπολογίζει το χρόνο θανάτου ενός πτώματος, ακόμα και με βάση μη κλασικών ιατροδικαστικών μεθόδων - τα έντομα που βρέθηκαν σε αυτό, τα σημάδια που άφησε στο [...]

    12. The first in Beckett’s David Hunter series, this is a fast-paced thriller set in rural Norfolk. It tells the story of Dr David Hunter, who has left his career as a forensic anthropologist in London following a personal tragedy and works as a general practitioner in a small village. When the mutilated body of a local woman is discovered, he is reluctantly drawn into the police investigation. This novel has some attractive features. Beckett can write decent prose, his grasp of the technicalities [...]

    13. This used to be a bestseller. I am very sceptical about bestsellers, because they were written for the masses. And if it's written for everybody to understand, it's usually stupid, generic and predictable. But even though this books had many flaws I actually enjoyed it, because it was written really well. The idea, the setting and the characters were shallow to be honest, but the atmosphere of the book was its major quality. Whenever you opened the book, you could dive in into Manham, the place [...]

    14. Das war das erste Buch was ich von Simon Beckett gelesen habe. Habe die Reihe um Dr. David Hunter bereits schon länger im Regal stehen, bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt aber nicht wirklich interessiert. Aber dank des Hörbuches habe ich jetzt den ersten Teil dieser Reihe gelesen, denn im Hörbuch-status konnte ich besser der Geschichte folgen als ich sie selbst gelesen hätte.

    15. Following the tragic death of his wife and daughter David Hunter lands in a remote village of Manham in Norfolk as a partner to the resident doctor. The villagers are, as those in tight-knit communities tend to be, slow to take to him and still prefer Doctor Henry Maitland to tend to their ills, despite the fact that he has been badly disabled by a car accident. The two doctors initially share the house as well as the surgery but as David Hunter is slowly tolerated, if not accepted, he decides t [...]

    16. Endlich habe ich auch mal einen Simon Beckett gelesen. Das kann ich nun von mir behaupten. Immerhin.Ich will nicht sagen, dass mir das Buch nicht gefallen hat, das kann man bei 4 Sternen nun wirklich nicht behaupten. Aber es hat mich schon sehr enttäuscht. Mal wieder ein Indiz dafür, dass man Bestsellerlisten nicht vertrauen sollte.Alles in allem war das Buch nicht schlecht, gerade das rasante Ende hat mir dann doch gut gefallen und die letzten 50 Seiten vergingen wie im Flug. Die vorherigen 2 [...]

    17. Guter Stoff - ich habe sehr viel über Larven und Fliegen gelernt ;-). Der berühmte antroplogische Forensiker David Hunter igelt sich nach einem persönlichen Schicksalsschlag irgendwo in England auf dem Land ein und will fortan nur noch praktischer Arzt sein. Dabei holen ihn sein Ruf und seine berufliche Vergangenheit ein.Wunderbar wird die verschworene Dorfgemeinschaft beschrieben, die sich verbissen und mit vollem Mißtrauen gegen alles Fremde und die Zugezogenen wehrt. Der Krimi weist sehr [...]

    18. Assim que li as primeiras páginas, vi logo que iria adora esta minha última leitura de 2014E não me enganei, o personagem principal cativa o leitor com todo aquele mistério em torno da sua vida privada, levando a que seja até julgado E o final, simplesmente genial Mais um escritor que certamente irei acompanhar com muito gosto Fico muito contente de ter começado o meu ano de 2014 com excelentes leituras e de o ter terminado igualmente maravilhada Venha 2015, com muitas mais surpresas desta [...]

    19. Took me two days to read this! Yes, and it wasn't the only thing I did! The story of a young doctor gone to live and work in rural England following the death of his wife and child. Yeah, a trope, but it's always in thewaya writer handles a trope that defines a book. (If not for tropes we'd have no mysteries at all, romance would be nil, and no little boys would be going off to boarding schools and learn about monsters, magic and those-who-must-not-be-named.) Anyhow, this doctor, David Hunter, w [...]

    20. Pleasingly twisty, with all the requisite red herrings and an ending thirty pages before the real one; a first person narrative that keeps you hooked with some nice grisly touches - corpses replete with swan wings or a bellyful of baby rabbits. Yet I would've liked a little more time with the killer, would have preferred my grisly more close to the bone. Good, but something missing.

    21. Beckett takes the reader on a fabulous journey to the quaint English town of Manham, where tranquility appears to be the name of the game. With one General Practitioner, the town seems to be functioning fairly well, but a freak accident forces new blood to solve Manham's medical quandary. The arrival of a new doctor is not the only change in town, as dead animals and fowl begin to appear, coinciding with the new GP. When a body surfaces, our seemingly innocent GP reveals (to a select few) his se [...]

    22. Четенето на трилъри явно се отразява ползотворно върху дедуктивните ми способности, щото отрано заподозрях кой е лошият чиляк :) Иначе книгата тръгна страхотно (едно от най-яките начала* от доста време насам), към средата поизгуби инерция, краят ле-еко претупан ми дойде, но т [...]

    23. Chemistry of Death of the first book in the Dr. David Hunter series. Hunter is a forensic expert who left his job in London after a tragedy forced him to make a change to his life. He's currently working in the small Norfolk village of Manham as a General Practitioner. While he can't stop dreaming of his dead family, he's as content as he can be under the circumstances. When the savagely mutilated body of Sally Palmer is found, Hunter knows he needs to help the police find the killer, despite hi [...]

    24. I recently read Mr. Beckett's third book in this series, Whispers of the Dead, & enjoyed it enormously which inspired me to go back & grab the first two.The Chemistry of Death is the first in the series starring David Hunter, British forensic anthropologist. I love books with forensic detail & these are right up my alley.I love the fact that this book starts out with one of my favorite beginnings in literature: Our hero (or heroine), escaping from a tragedy & into a new life acce [...]

    25. Há livros que lemos porque fomos influenciadas por opiniões e não porque conhecemos o autor. Este foi um deles. Li pela net várias opiniões positivas e juntamente com a sinopse, decidi que talvez fossem uma boa escolha.Quem me conhece sabe que os Policiasi ou Thrillers não são o meu género de leitura, mas confesso que ultimamente tenho descoberto muitos e bons livros.Neste livro, logo desde inicio, que passamos a nutrir uma simpatia especial por David Hunter, que traz dentro de si a tris [...]

    26. Petica za originalnost! Originalno i svježe štivo,pršti od novih trilerskih ideja.Liječnik udovac dolazi u englesku provinciju pomoći starom liječniku - u invalidskim kolicima, u njegovoj privatnoj praksi.Ubrzo se u mjestu počinju događati ubojstva žena,a ubojica je među njima.Mladi liječnik David,inače forenzični patolog,pomaže u radu lokalnoj policiji.Puno zanimljivih obrata u priči,zanimljiva objašnjenja o procesima koji uzrokuju raspadanje tijela i sve ono vezano za forenziku [...]

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